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 Author Thread: Do Men Really Bring Up Sex?
Joined: 11/13/2007
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Do Men Really Bring Up Sex?
Posted: 11/23/2007 9:39:26 AM
well its sad to say but yes we do bring it up and way to soon
why who knows
but women do it to
theres also a difference in what is brought up and what is talked about i have chated with some ladies on here and we have talked about sex but not about what we like or want to do to each other
but missing sex and not want just sex but a real realtionship
so again its all about whats being said and why

now as far as some of the things i have seen you ladies post on here that you have gotten in emails thats nuts
i dont know why some men are like that if i said something like that and you responded in a positive manner well i wouldnt really want anything to do with to be honest cause well who knows how many other ppl you have been this way with
and these men are not looking for anything other then sex or at least it would seem that way

and as far as it being different with age i dont think that really changes much at all
and lets not forget the double standerd the more women a man sleeps with the biger man he is , hes a stud or a god
but if its a women well shes a slut or trash
it isnt fair but thats the way it works
Joined: 11/13/2007
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I'll review your profile, tell the truth and help you out.
Posted: 11/23/2007 8:42:56 AM
when ever you have the time take a look at mine and see if the changes i made are good or not
Joined: 11/13/2007
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single dads (not many of us i know)
Posted: 11/23/2007 12:37:46 AM
i have to say i get alot of odd looks and comments to being a single dad
and my sister and i go out alot with my son he thinks the world of her and she takes him just the two them and all the time ppl think thats mommy lol
but my ex is a good mother deep down she just made some bad mistakes and let her being mad at me ruin things with her son and that is a shame
but she does the daily phone calls and she gets to have visition so thats a good thing
shes just getting past the bitterness towards me and stoping the use of him as a weapon

when we went to court they saw what was best for him even though she didnt and she starting to see her mistakes now thank god it wasnt to late
we had problems and she had a death in her famliy that really messed her up and ruined our marriage in the end but at least it didnt cost her our son i fought to make sure that didnt happen after some of the things she did
i ask the courts to give her vistion and made sure she was a part of his life every i can
i truely belive it takes both parents
but to say a child should be with the mother just because she gave birth is crazy and should never happen that way
times are changeing and i hope they keep moveing like they are
Joined: 11/13/2007
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Deconstructing America: Family Court-Criminal Intent
Posted: 11/23/2007 12:25:42 AM
well i dont want to say the court systems in perfect because it isnt but in my case it did what was right and just and in the best intrest for my son
im an american my ex is a canadian we had been toghter for allmost 10 years and married five our son is 5
we had lived in canada and the states both neither of us ever haveing a proper visa
well my son was born here and we lived here just past his first birthday before going back to canada
i was a stay at home father for two years there and my health went down hill
couldnt work and didnt have ohip or well medical benifits there
so i moved back to the states and our son came with me
my wife stayed in canada and was to move here for good once she had the proper paper work and visas
well after a year goes by she still isnt liveing with us but comeing and going as she sees fit
she had a death in her family and at the time it happened she was here and was going to be here for good and applying for the visa here
well we couldnt afford for her to go back because me and her both were not working at that time and i still had not gotten my disablity
then she once again goes back to canada for a few months again then comes back to us
after being home two days she takes our son shopping and 9 hours later i get a phone call from her dad they are back in canada and i would never see my son again
said they had court orders allready and there wasnt anything i could do
for two months i had no contact with my son and he was being told his father was dead
after 7 more months the court there under the haugh convetion ordered my sons return
she tried everything she could went through several postponments she told the most god awful lies about me she could come up
once my son was back here we started the divorce and custody case
i was behind the 8 ball if you
she was claiming abuse
saying things about me haveing a drinking problem (stoped drinking even before i met her)
about my health dont forget i raised him for a year alone with out her
i had childrens aid all up in my house 3 differnt times while he was in canada with her how does that make sense they were even confused to get here and find out he didnt even live here
the lies went on and on
she was upset with me over the fact that she wasnt there when her grandmother died she had even told me she resented me for it
so we go to court here just knowing that a disabled out of work man asking for custody was a long shot and then her false statements on top of i was just doomed
so i went into court with my head held high i told the truth and showed where she lied when i could and i didnt get into the mud slinging and name calling that happens in most of these cases

the judge sat there in aww of her and her wittness as the went on and on just trashing me over and over and over
he saw i want some kind of monster like they wanted to make me out to be
so i won the case it was hard but it is was is best for my son she doesnt pay child support so we will end up in court for that im sure but im trying very hard to make something work so its not so hard on her and again i just keep getting lied to

so my point to this story is this not all the dads out here are dead beats and yes there are dead beat moms just as many if not more
women are more likely to use a child to get back at the father
i give your daily phone calls and she gets unsupervised visits with him 2 weeks durning the school year 2 months of the summer and every other xmas
i do my best to make sure she is part of his life even to the point of makeing him talk to her on the phone daily
and on top of it all i did the right thing over and over and the courts did there job the right way over and over

now every story is different so like i said the dead beats are on both sides but not all court officals are bad or wrong
Joined: 11/13/2007
Msg: 285 (view)
I'll review your profile, tell the truth and help you out.
Posted: 11/22/2007 9:58:55 PM
take a look at mine and let me have it lol
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