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 Author Thread: Women with multiple cats - sign of mental illness?
Joined: 11/28/2007
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Women with multiple cats - sign of mental illness?
Posted: 8/6/2009 10:36:54 PM
Are we really comparing a farmer who has a farm of cows to a crazy lady who had too many cats to care for?

Really? We're comparing cats with farm animals? When is the last time we used the milk of cats for nutritional benefits? When's the last time you've enjoyed a ribeye of cat or buffalo cat wings? When's the last time a cat has done anything productive (farm animals can at least plow fields, although even farmers have moved on to mechanized ways of accomplishing this.)

Cat people do not raise cats for food (but if that's what you're suggesting, you've pretty much proven my point.) I know of nobody who owns cats who's trying to "improve the breed." This happens often with dog owners, but nobody who owns 20 cats is actually trying to genetically improve the feline genome. Google "domesticated feline genetics research" and then google "domesticated canine genetics research." Nobody is improving the feline genome because they really don't do anything. Dog breeds are typically hybridized because there are useful traits to bring out in dog breeds. There's no such thing as a seeing eye cat, a bomb sniffing cat, a guard cat, or a cat that does anything useful at all.

You can't compare farm animals to felines. You can't compare the breeding programs of canines to that of felines. Its like comparing apples with rotten nonsense.

This will be my last post here. I think the last 15 posts have pretty much substantiated the point of the original thread.
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Women with multiple cats - sign of mental illness?
Posted: 8/4/2009 9:01:16 PM
Just a few things., contrary to popular belief is not a very well respected publisher of scientific disease research, but thank you for posting. Regardless, cats are the primary reservoir of toxoplasmosis, and yes, normal, domesticated cats get it and it does cause health problems. Its transmitted by dead animals...just how do you think that dead bird ended up on your doorstep?

Second, yes, it is possible for cats to be potty trained. But, its also possible to teach cats to play piano.

Third: yes, some cat owners do empty the litter box every day.

But, lets all think: how many of the cat owners that you know empty the litter box every day? Mmm hmm, very few. The smell gives it away everytime.

Fourth: ladies who own more than 3 of any pet are pretty much certifiably crazy. Plus, if they do, there's no possible way they care for all of those pets the way that responsible pet owners would.

Fifth: I never said that dogs were cleaner than cats. I did say that my dog does not walk on the kitchen counter tops, does not sleep in my bed, and does not walk on the furniture. Your cat does walk in poop and does all of the things listed above. That's nasty! And, you KNOW you don't clean the litter box everyday. Lets be honest.

Sixth: Your cat does clean itself for 3 hrs per day, but not for no reason, its because it is filthy. Its redistributing its dirtiness from its fur to its tongue back to its fur. Ever wonder why dog owners wash their dogs weekly? When is the last time you've washed your cat?
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Women with multiple cats - sign of mental illness?
Posted: 8/2/2009 10:16:46 PM
They walk on a 1 ft by 1ft area where they poop and pee. Then they lick their feet. Then they lick their bodies with the same tongue.

Its the same thing. Poop in the litter box, poop on the feet, poop on the cat. You sleep in a bed that is covered with cat poop fragments. Tell me how that's not gross? Would you go number 2, not wipe, then go jump in bed sans clothing, and then squirm around?

Its just not sanitary. "My cat magically doesn't touch any previously touched portion of the catbox" but what when he drags his butt across the carpet to scratch himself?
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Women with multiple cats - sign of mental illness?
Posted: 8/2/2009 9:21:53 PM
Lets say somebody defecates in the backyard and covers it with a small layer of sand. They later go to that exact same square foot of space to go again later. A small layer of sand "burying" the poop is not very sanitary. Think about it. A couple rocks of kitty litter, is not the same thing as just not walking in poop.

Cats are dirty. And for those who say they are not, look up "toxoplasmosis." Its a parasite that lives in feline feces. Cats walk in their own feces every single day. Still think cats are clean? Look up "cat scratch fever." Its not just a song. Its a disease that can cause meningitis. Name one disease you can catch from a dog that will: a) cause aborted pregnancy like toxo, or b) cause meningitis like cat scratch fever.

And to let them walk on places where you prepare food, or sleep. Ugh.
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Women with multiple cats - sign of mental illness?
Posted: 8/2/2009 9:16:42 PM

Do indoor cats use the litterbox everyday?
Do they go to the bathroom in the litterbox everyday?

Okay, unless they levitate, they walk in poop/pee every single day.
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Women with multiple cats - sign of mental illness?
Posted: 8/2/2009 7:37:00 PM
Somehow this discussion has taken a wrong turn and I think a few clarifying remarks are in order:

-Just because somebody doesn't like cats, does not mean "they are mean to animals." Cats are 1 type of animal. Disliking cats but LOVING every other animal on earth, does not make me an animal hater
-Cats walk in their own poop, every single day. That means everything a cat walks on is like a poop/pee trail. Therefore, cats are gross when they walk on things such as couches, beds (I don't enjoy sleeping on cat poo/pee), kitchen counters (might as well dip your silverware in the litter box), etc. Cats are cute, but their feet are nasty dirty...look up taxoplasmosis.

But to claim as some have here, that just because someone does not like cats, that they hate animals or treat people badly is a gross distortion of the facts.

Cats are gross. If you own one, you need to understand that everywhere it walks is a poo/pee trail. And for many people that's gross. Does that mean we are anti-pets or anti-animals: not at all. I'm just anti poo.
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The price of the spice?
Posted: 8/1/2009 12:42:50 AM
Saffron is the most expensive spice I've purchased. Also, real vanilla extract can get pretty pricey too.

But, during one of my moves, my spice box was missing in action after unpacking at the new place.

I spent almost 300 dollars refilling my spice rack. 4 dollars here, 6 dollars there. It all added up pretty fast.
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Cast IRon Skillets
Posted: 8/1/2009 12:37:13 AM
Never use detergents to clean a cast iron pot. Clean by boiling a small amount of water in it and clean with a soft bristle brush.

Before you put it away, set it on the stove on low so all the moisture is evaporated (I have an electric stove, so after I'm done cooking and cleaning, i sit it on the warm burner to let all the moisture evaporate.)

Before you put it away, lightly spray all surfaces with pam. If you have a lid, spray the lid too and store it by sitting the lid on top and a thick piece of paper towel folded between the lid and the pan to allow circulation.

Please never throw them out! I've always said that if my house ever burns down, I'm taking my dog and my cast iron skillet. Its the perfect cooking utensil.

Also, try not to cook anything acidic in it. Cast iron is not something you'd want to cook spaghetti sauce in or anything else corrosive (like vinegar.)
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Long hair?
Posted: 7/31/2009 11:44:52 PM
I find having long hair is just too much of a hassle on a day to day basis.

I do grow mine out, typically in 2 year bursts as an incentive to achieve goals, ie: i'm not cutting my hair shorter until I reach the next stage in my education.

My hair gets curly and frizzy though. If I had hair that were straight and easy to maintain (asian type hair comes to mind) I'd have no problem growing it out all the time.

But, with the type of hair I have, I grow it out as a visual reminder of what I'm trying to accomplish. My next goal is 3 years away, so its going to get pretty unruly here soon!

To answer your question though, I think its a laziness thing. Its just easier for guys to look professional and clean to have short hair because it takes less time and effort to keep it short. Plus, haircuts become more expensive and you really have to go to a stylist when it reaches a certain length to avoid looking unkempt.

That's my two cents though.
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HELP! I need an easy Appetizer!
Posted: 8/26/2008 11:47:16 AM
I didn't see this posted, but, try spinach artichoke dip.

1 box of frozen chopped spinach (boil it to cook it then let it cool down)
1 small jar of artichokes (I like to chop them up so they're smaller)
1 package of cream cheese

Just mix all the ingredient together so everything is evenly distributed.
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The Elusive $4 Bottle of Wine
Posted: 8/10/2008 9:01:15 PM
Ummm, I saw a few people reply that you should get wine in a box.

Don't subject yourself to that.

Spam is to organic ribeye as to boxed wine is to ANYTHING DRINKABLE.

Friends don't let friends drink wine from a box.
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Meat Preparation With a Smoker: Help out a newbie!
Posted: 8/9/2008 9:08:51 PM
Congratulations! And welcome to the dark side. Smoking meat is one of my favorite things to do. It smells good while cooking and tastes even better.

1) The two types of wood I use are Mesquite and Hickory. You can buy "chips" or "chunks" in most grocery stores. I wouldn't pay for some super exotic tree. I wouldn't buy these chips at Wal Mart though. I have had stunning results using the bag of chips from the grocery store.

2) Wood is obviously better. Here's the thing though, and you'll notice this once you start: Smoking meat is a very involved affair. Buying the meat, soaking the chips, keeping the fire going, drinking bourbon with family and friends. Using charcoal provides a more "reliable" heat source. Sometimes wood gets wet, doesn't burn as well. Once you get that smoke going, you HAVE to keep the fire at a certain hotness so the cooking is consistent.

3) When is it done? Well, its all timing and depends on how thick the meat is and how much stuff you're smoking. If I were you, i would find an internet source that lists meat weights with smoking times. The good thing about smoking though, is since the cooler smoke is cooking the food and not the fire, you have a little bit of wiggle room. Its very hard to overcook something when you're smoking it.

I will say that sometimes it may not look done when it actually is. Smoking imparts a redish/pinkish color to the meat so it may not look done even though it already is done.
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The PORK CHOP thread
Posted: 8/9/2008 8:55:53 PM
Funyons are a processed snack food made to taste like and resemble deep fried onion rings.

They are crunchy, shaped like onion rings, and are GUARANTEED to give you breath that will wake the dead.

Consider them an inferior imitation of deep fried onions.
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What adds flavor to Chicken & Rice?
Posted: 8/9/2008 6:50:14 PM
Saffron, recaito, sofrito all add great flavor to anything involving rice or chicken or both.
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The PORK CHOP thread
Posted: 8/8/2008 11:33:47 AM
Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, BUT:

My favorite way to have pork chops is to season both sides of the chops with salt, pepper, and a generous amount of garlic powder.

Then, pour half a jar of apple sauce in the bottom of a glass baking dish, place the pork chops on top, and bake them at about 350 F until done (depends on how thick the chops are.)

Apples and pork chops go together like and

You'll have to mess around with the cooking times though. Sometimes I like little skinny pork chops, other times I want 2" thick chops. Depends!

Joined: 11/28/2007
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The Elusive $4 Bottle of Wine
Posted: 8/8/2008 8:21:53 AM
There's a phrase: All bourbons are whiskeys but not all whiskeys are bourbons (Bourbon is a specialized type of whiskey.)

The same can be said of Champagne: All Champagnes are sparkling wines, but not all sparkling wines are champagnes. To be "champagne" it has to be produced in the champagne region in France.
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The Elusive $4 Bottle of Wine
Posted: 8/7/2008 10:03:17 AM
Not sure about $4 bottles of wine. I try to buy wine in the $5-$8 dollar range.

For reds, I'd suggest anything from Chile. Doesn't exactly answer your question, but I would suggest upping the amount. You can get really good wines if you're willing to pay $6 or above.

There's lots of good wines from California that are in that range.
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Mistakes evolutionists make.
Posted: 8/2/2008 6:46:24 PM
Who is Fraud and what is a tuff shed?

Are you saying that working for a company is synonymous with getting BEAT TO DEATH AS A SLAVE?

Jesus christ! I would just like to thank you for so eloquently....typing such nonsense.

The world needs people like you selling ID. The world needs people like you selling Roman Catholicism (he wasn't raping little boys, in some places in the world its NORMAL to rape children. And better yet, it removes the child's choice in who they choose.)

You've done all the work for me.

Please post again. Speak in public as often as you can. It'll make it easier for the normal people.
Joined: 11/28/2007
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Mistakes evolutionists make.
Posted: 8/2/2008 5:32:52 PM
Wow....I cannot BELIEVE you just said "the only thing you could do to them was HIT THEM." You also said that had your parents sold you into sexual slavery "you would not be on this site looking for a man."

I'd like to thank you for proving my point.

Oh, and please show me (book, chapter, verse) ANYWHERE in the bible that shows scientific experiments.

I know the bible and look forward to SCORCHING your next reply.

While you're working on that reply, I'd LOVE for you to share with us more about your support for selling your daughters into sexual slavery and how beating slaves to death (or slavery at all) is a good thing.

Please do. I beg you.
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Mistakes evolutionists make.
Posted: 8/2/2008 3:28:02 PM

You are making the mistake of calling Evolutionism and Creationism "theories." In science, the word "theory" is not the same thing as the word "theory" in layman's language.

For example: The theory of gravitation and the theory of relativism are both "theories" in the scientific sense. Meaning that they are experimentally testable hypotheses.

Creationism is NOT a scientific theory. Never, in any way, has it been considered as such.

Scientific theories are ideas proposed by people that help to explain happenings in the physical world. These types of theories are then tested by scientists.

Evolutionism IS science. Look it up! Creationism is NOT science because it is not a testable theory.

The layman "theory" is that some idiot thought up an idea and spreads it without scientific experiments proving its truth. I have a theory that people who believe in creationism are idiots. This is a layman's theory because there have been no experiments to test it.

Evolution is a scientific theory because it has been relentlessly tested in NUMEROUS fields of science and its results are uniform.

BTW, the bible also says that you can beat your slaves with a rod. If you beat them so badly that they die at least 2 days after you beat the hell out of them, then you are not subject to punishment. The bible also gives guidelines for selling your daughters into sexual slavery.

Are you saying we should implement the bible as law? Personally, I'm against beating people until they die.
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Overripe bananas
Posted: 8/1/2008 5:46:49 PM
Chop the bananas up, throw them in a hot skillet with a little olive oil and brown sugar.

Add a shot or two of bourbon and ignite.

Let the alcohol burn off, while that is happening, scoop a couple scoops of ice cream into a bowl.

When the flames die down, pour on top of the ice cream.

Its delicious!
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Mistakes evolutionists make.
Posted: 8/1/2008 11:44:08 AM
I have never seen so many words that add up to nothing.

You could have saved me the novel and just said "blah blah blabbity blah blah."

1) A graduate student at a university that has fallen on a research concept that could change science, is COMPLETELY unconcerned with how the new concept affects the 50 year old who presented the previous concept.

And frankly, the 50 year old scientist, being SCIENTIFIC, will accept the new idea after he has no other option than to believe it. Given a well thought out experiment, scientists have NO CHOICE but to believe that which cannot be proven false. For example: Edison tried for the entire last part of his life to prove that Alternating Current was dangerous and should not be used. Every single scientist after him disagreed and decided that A/C was better for transmission of electricity for populations.

Is anybody losing sleep over the fact that Edison was wrong? No. Do we still accept Edison's gains? Of course. But, do we realize that Tesla has some better ideas? The proof is in the powerlines you see all over every country in the world.

2) Einstein was not a revered physicist for saying "everybody behind me was right." He put forward a new theory, tested it mathematically as much as he could, then he let every other scientist after him try to disprove it. He was not a "head nodder."

3) Another bullet point I don't understand how you went into such detail. Any good scientist will perform an experiment, then publish the hypothesis, method of the experiment, and results so that anybody else can attempt to replicate the results. It isn't worth it to prove different theories? The structure of DNA was discovered in 1953 by Watson and Crick. This was revolutionary. Every other scientist fell in line. I would disagree with you that these wonderful scientists experienced any sort of financial dismay as a result of turning the world on its head.

4) True scientists are 100% committed to believing that which is unable to be proved unbelievable. I didn't use the word "truth." I said that the scientific mind will try to NOT believe something unless there's no way to prove it wrong. We don't believe the sun rises every day because god said it will. Its because, to date, nobody has proven that it will NOT rise. We're forced to believe it will.

5) I don't feel that this even deserves a response. Seriously? Who would go through their bachelor, get a masters, then study for 5-9 years on a thesis for something just to be famous? Jesus christ. First off you'd get weeded out in the first year of masters study if that didn't happen in undergraduate. BUT, if this is the career you've chosen because you enjoy it and have a natural magnetism towards it, SURELY you are going to want to be successful. You want to have research under your belt that is published. You want to have books and articles that are published. You'll do neither just by "agreeing" with what every other scientist before you has said.

I would like to offer you some advice: being concise has never been a negative trait. I could vomit words across the forums and appear to have a good opinion. But, being concise could probably get more people to agree with you.
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Mistakes evolutionists make.
Posted: 8/1/2008 10:06:40 AM
In response to: I was posting in a thread the other day, and it brought me to look up the scientific theories on why some people are homosexual and others are not. Very surprisingly, it said that homosexuality is a big problem for Darwin's theory, because it is founded on the idea of achieving as much reproductive success as possible, and animals cannot reproduce if they only have sex with the same gender, and so many species have lots of homosexual animals. Darwin's theory still has lots of issues. What is also not realised by most people, is that scientific experiments are NOT attempts to prove a theory false. Scientific experiments CAN prove a theory false, and CAN help support a theory, but they can never conclusively show a theory is true. However, scientific experiments are set up to attempt to show the hypothesis is true. I know that from doing lots of Physics and Chemistry experiments in high school and from reading up on the discussion of how science works in reality, and not how it is portrayed in the media."

This is absolutely not true. First off, scientists, chemists, and physicists would love nothing more than to disprove a previously "bullet proof" theory or law.

These people want nothing more than to have the freedom to research whatever they want. By forming a scientific, well thought out, well designed experiment, and proving something WRONG, they will basically acquire the (less important) fame and (more important) funding dollars to research things they are most interested in.

There is no such thing as a famous scientist (meaning, one who has been memorialized in textbooks) who simply agreed with and nodded their head regarding the "established knowledge." They became "important" to science because they proposed a new, groundbreaking idea or because they cemented the acceptance of a previously proposed theory with greater detail.

Scientists do not WANT to blindly follow prior scientific theory. We want to test it, we DESIRE to prove it wrong. That's the difference between reading something online about homosexuality and proving/disproving things in a laboratory. The lab doesn't give you the option of blindly following or googling something. As scientists, we are FORCED to believe something when we are unable to design an experiment to DISPROVE it and no other scientist is able to design an experiment to disprove it.

When experiment upon experiment has made it impossible for us to do so, we accept this particular idea and incorporate it into our thought process.
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Mistakes evolutionists make.
Posted: 7/30/2008 9:06:14 PM
My point was simply that it'd be MUCH better if we could magically turn a gallon of water into Merlot.

I was making the point that while the bible states that water can magically be turned into wine, it is actually a process involving certain ingredients.

There's no such thing as water + POOF=Merlot.

Science wins. This is a good thing.
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Mistakes evolutionists make.
Posted: 7/30/2008 6:42:01 PM
Why didn't somebody delete this when it was first posted?

I cannot GET OVER the amount of irony of a post that is attempting to debunk science using something like the internet, computers: things all created by science.

Evolutionists have made no mistakes. Darwin published the theory and THOUSANDS of independent experiments ALL over the world have attempted to prove it false.

It has never happened.

I am so embarrassed that, as a country, we allow people like yourself to actually try to teach creationism in SCIENCE CLASSES!!

Jesus christ!

Religion is religion. Science is science. If religion was science we'd have learned how to turn water into wine by now. Unfortunately, science has shown us that it takes sugars, fermentation, and yeast.
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Would you date a NASCAR fan?
Posted: 7/27/2008 6:20:12 PM
I don't want to say that I would NEVER date a nascar fan (okay, with that out of the way), BUT:

I don't think we would have very much in common. NASCAR is mind-numbingly boring to me. The cars are low technology compared to other forms of car racing. Another poster mentioned something along the lines of "nascar isn't boring, the cars go 188mph." Well, Indy Cars regularly exceed 200 mph by leaps and bounds. Top Fuel dragsters go faster than some airplanes. THAT'S exciting. 188mph going in a circle...not so much.

I just don't see how it would work out. I can't sit and watch cars go 'round and 'round for 2 or 3 hours or however long the races take. So, she'd be sitting in front of the tube all weekend and I would be out LIVING life. Watching nascar, to me, is synonymous with watching paint dry. Given that comparison...I'd rather watch paint dry any day.

To me, the world is FULL of wonderful, enriching, and stimulating ways to spend time. Nascar is none of the three. Its just boring.
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Msg: 40 (view)
Posted: 7/27/2008 3:08:31 PM
Okra, cucumbers watermelons, cherry tomatoes, a few heirloom tomatoes, banana peppers, squash, zucchini.

Okra, cucumbers, watermelon, squash, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes have provided almost more than you can eat.

Banana peppers have provided several peppers. Have not had good luck with the other tomato plants.

Overall it was a success. Growing your own veggies really forces you to eat better. 5-6 cucumbers a week and 15 cherry tomatoes makes you become adept at making salads.

Piles of squash and zucchini forces you to get inventive so you don't waste any.

I'm very sad that the larger tomatoes haven't been so healthy though. That's what I was really looking forward to.
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Need Help with a Roast Beef Recipe
Posted: 7/26/2008 7:52:55 PM
You've got a lot of good advice here.

I agree that you should sear the meat briefly, lipton soup mix is always good as well.

The only thing I would add would be to use 1/3 or 1/2 of a beer or maybe half a glass of wine instead of water. It adds some complexity, helps to tie everything together, and also helps tenderize the meat. Might I also suggest a splash or two of worcestershire (sp) sauce.

Plus, the carbohydrates in the beer will degrade and it'll add a very slight sweetness.

What happens to the other half a beer? I use it to marinate the chef. I assume it would also add some complexity and also adds sweetening effects.
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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day... do you agree... what did you have today?
Posted: 7/24/2008 12:56:18 PM
Nothing fancy.

Diced pineapple, few handfuls of almonds, energy drink.

Was still hungry so had some leftover beef stew as breakfast v 1.5.

But, this thread has me craving breakfast...might make breakfast for dinner tomorrow and go all out (eggs, bacon, grits, OJ.)
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Things I can cook with my slow cooker...
Posted: 7/22/2008 4:16:29 PM
1 roast (beef or pork) about the size of a medium to large steak
2-3 large potatoes, wash them and do a large dice
2 onions dice them large
1 bay leaf
1 can of beef broth
as much garlic as you can stand (powdered works fine)
half a can of beer (you're in college, so I'm SURE you'll find something to do with the other half)

Not sure if you have access to a grill, but briefly grilling each side of the meat gives you a better consistency.

Anyway, throw everything in the crock pot (I do it right before bed), set it to cook on low for 8 hours. The outsides of the potatoes will start to fall apart, thickening it up. When you're ready to eat, spoon some over some brown rice or egg noodles. Invite your friends over to share.

No need to set an alarm clock, your place will be filled with lovely beef stew aromas.

You could also throw in some carrots, okra, bell peppers....a cat! Get inventive with it.
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Cuban Sandwich as good as it gets -lol
Posted: 7/20/2008 5:16:35 PM
You are completely right about the 'no mayo' thing.

There's no need for it, once you press it all the delicious fat from the meat mixes with the cheese and the juice from the pickles.

No need for mayo when you've got a crunchy, yet gooey, little bite of goodness.

Its actually hard to find a good cuban. In Tampa there's places that do 'em good.

I am a huge fan of a nice Cuban sandwich.
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Favorite Desserts
Posted: 7/18/2008 3:57:40 PM
Ya'll might call it icing sugar (same thing as fries/chips, panties/knickers.)

1 ½ cups of cream (here they call it "heavy cream")
1 ½ tablespoon granulated sugar (don't use powdered or confectioner's sugar)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract (no imitation, the real stuff only)

Add the cream sugar and vanilla to a mixing bowl and mix away. I don't have any specific times, but if you whip it too much it'll turn to butter. Make sure the cream is chilled, rather than warm. Start the mixer on slow, and make it progressively faster. Stop when its fluffy and airy.

I am not good at making desserts but I learned how to make this because it is GREAT on top of fresh fruit. Makes fruit a little more fancy.


Joined: 11/28/2007
Msg: 61 (view)
Favorite Desserts
Posted: 7/18/2008 2:22:42 PM

Well, you can make cool whip with heavy whipping cream, some sugar, and a mixer (it'll be better also. Cool Whip is a cheap imitation of the real thing.)
You don't have graham crackers?! How could you make smores without graham crackers?
No canned black beans? Not even in the "ethnic" section? Some stores even in Florida don't have black beans in the "canned veggies" section but they DO have them in the ethnic section.

Its interesting the things we take for granted regarding foods available locally.
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Favorite Desserts
Posted: 7/17/2008 1:17:55 PM

Ummm, I'm going to have to plagiarize that recipe.

I wonder if it'd be good with a shot or two of espresso dumped on top?
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Strange Combos Out There??
Posted: 7/17/2008 1:14:49 PM
To whoever said "toast, melted cheese and tomato" I don't find that terribly strange. I call it GOOD!

The strangest thing that I've made (and was a little concerned it would taste bad) was sliced apples dipped in melted, extra sharp cheddar cheese.

That led me into a "what can I dip in melted cheese" phase. You'd be surprised what tastes good dipped in cheese. Grapes are DELICIOUS (but, its hard to get the cheese to stick to the grapes.) Actually, you could probably dip cheese in melted cheese and it'd taste good.

I love cheese like fat kids love cake (or, to go more PC, like the French love cheese.)
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Creative oatmeal dishes? Unusual but tasty combinations?
Posted: 7/17/2008 11:02:44 AM
I use oatmeal sometimes when making hamburgers. It binds the meat together, keeps it from falling apart, and hey...adds a little fiber to your sinfully delicious hamburger.

Other than that, I like oatmeal with a tiny amount of butter and brown sugar (or honey.)
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What`s on your regular grocery list that is unusual.
Posted: 7/17/2008 11:00:05 AM
Condom mints!

So, I guess this has to be longer, but I wonder how long it must be? Eeeny meeny miney moe, catch a tiger by his toe. If he hollers...
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What are your Thoughts
Posted: 7/17/2008 10:57:02 AM
I don't like him. A chef needs to be personable and be able to keep his kitchen help happy and working.

Also, a good chef will make rounds around the dining room to schmooze and make sure everybody is enjoying everything.

I understand that his show is for entertainment though. But, even just on a "recipe" level, I'm not a fan of his type of chefery.

Is he a good business man? Undoubtedly. But, I seriously doubt that he actually is a chef nowadays. A chef can be found in the kitchen, not necessarily in a board room.
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Favorite Desserts
Posted: 7/17/2008 10:52:18 AM
Desserts are not my strong point and I mostly don't have much of a sweet tooth.

When I do though, I like to go out to a small Italian restaurant and gorge on tiramisu. Mmmm.
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do ya like Bacon?
Posted: 7/17/2008 10:50:35 AM
I agree with the others. If I'm in the mood for bacon, I'd rather just eat bacon.

Its a rare treat and I would rather just have the real thing.
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banana muffins/bread
Posted: 7/13/2008 8:40:27 PM
Shouldn't this be posted in the "Sex and sexuality" section?!

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Date undertipped-what to do??!!
Posted: 7/13/2008 8:11:00 PM
I used to work in the service industry and I don't think highly of people who don't tip appropriately (ideally, restaurants would pay enough so people could live, like in Europe, but that's not the case here in the states.)

Assuming I was with a date who was paying for everything and they left a $10 tip that equaled 10%. I would just add in another 30 dollars and explain that these people work for tips, the service was SPECTACULAR, and they normally don't have health insurance or benefits. I don't normally tip 40% but I think that it would help to make the point.

No excuse for bad tipping. If people can't afford to go out, eat, and tip well, just don't go out.

These folks work their asses off, go home stinking of smelly food and sweat, and deal with some of the rudest people in the world (and, granted, party like rock stars 3 nights of the week and 2 or 3 days of the rest of the week.) The expectation is that you will tip at least a dollar per (alcoholic) drink and 20 percent on the rest. I prefer to tip 2 dollars per drink and 25 percent.

If I'm at a swanky place where its hard to get bartender attention, I'll drop $20 or $30 dollars on the first drink and introduce myself, but thats just because I hate waiting in line to get attention.

On a side note: its a VERY good idea to tip your valet when you hand him your keys.

Money talks. By tipping you are telling people you appreciate their hard work and (less so) that you don't want them to spit on your food or key your car :-)

Don't disrespect people who handle your food. For proof, watch the movie "Waiting." Its more true than false. Find a guy who isn't so stingy.
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How does one become a better cook?
Posted: 7/13/2008 2:39:09 PM
So, I just read this post about pans or pots "On the question of which pans" (sorry, I haven't learned how to make it show up in the cool yellow box.)

This is probably COMPLETELY off topic, but, my favorite pan is my 12 year old cast-iron skillet. I have cooked all kinds of things in it and have never had a problem with sticking or hot spots. I even bake stuff in it.

If I ever wake up in the middle of the night and my house is on fire, I'm going to open the door so my bulldawg can meet me outside, then I'm going to the kitchen to grab my cast-iron pan.
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How does one become a better cook?
Posted: 7/13/2008 12:24:03 PM
For me, becoming a better cook is a combination of the following:

-learning very simple recipes with few ingredients and then adding or changing small parts of them each time I make them
-learning from complete and utter FAILURE (whenever I try to make something new, I buy enough ingredients to make it twice, because typically, I will murder it the first time.)
-use timers (I have 3 different ones)
-if someone makes something you like, get the recipe for it
-cook on an almost daily basis
-stubborn persistence
-creatively finding ways to eat leftovers
-share food with others

There is no such thing as a cooking gene. If you put in enough practice, it is a self-full-filling (pun INTENDED) prophecy. The feeling you get when you FINALLY bite into a dish you've ruined 3 times before, but is now mouth-wateringly perfect is almost orgasmic.

Anyway, that's how I became a better cook.
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Comfort foods
Posted: 7/13/2008 11:39:44 AM
My favorite comfort food is baked macaroni and cheese and fried chicken (and, since comfort is needed, a nice glass of Woodford Reserve.)

Second favorite: nice big bowl of homemade chili (nice, chunky chili.)

I also like having breakfast for supper as comfort food (eggs, bacon, cheesegrits, toast.)
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Lime Herbed Pepper Cornish Game Hens
Posted: 7/11/2008 11:16:49 PM
Here's a good way to eat chicken without breaking the bank or sacrificing taste.

Buy 2 cornish game hens, one lime (or lemon), thyme, and sage.

Stuff the hens with thyme and sage (sprinkle some salt and pepper into the cavity too). Half the lime and insert half a lime into each hen so that the "skin" part of the lime is facing outside the bird and the cut/fleshy part is facing inside the bird, toward the herbs.

Coat birds with a slight sheet of olive oil. Then sprinkle/rub in some salt and fresh cracked pepper.

Bake until its done.

The lime will infuse the hens with this lovely sweet/lemony/herb/pepper flavor. If you inserted the lime correctly, it acts like a plug, forcing lime juice through the herbs and out toward the skin.

Its quick, easy, and you don't really waste anything. Its good for single people. Eat one tonight and take the other to work tomorrow or make a sandwich out of it. Or, if your POF game is on point, share with a new friend.
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Favorite drinks
Posted: 7/11/2008 11:05:35 PM
3 oz of the best bourbon you can find, juice of half a lime, ice, fill the rest of the glass with sweet iced tea. Add a few leaves of fresh, chopped mint leaves.

Not sure if there's a name for it, but it's delightful. Maybe I'll call it a Slow Southern Sweet Tea.
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I need help with vegetable recipes
Posted: 7/11/2008 11:00:45 PM
Another good one!

Dice some plum tomatoes (squeeze out the seeds, not all of them, just most)
Dice some red onion
Try to chop up some oven roasted garlic (chop the pointy part off, coat in olive oil, and bake for 15 minutes. Take it out and squeeze the lovely garlicy goodness out)
Chop up a bunch of fresh dill weed
Dice some cucumbers

Throw everything in a plastic dish that has a lid. Add some balsamic vinegar and olive oil (in a 1:3 ratio), fresh ground sea salt and fresh ground black pepper.

Throw a lid on, shake it gently for a few seconds. Let it sit for about 10 minutes.

Note: You can use the juice left over and it works as a MARVELOUS marinade for chicken or pork.
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I need help with vegetable recipes
Posted: 7/11/2008 10:53:51 PM
Veggies and grills go together like whipped cream and skin.

Zucchini/Squash: Slice in half long-ways, stir together some olive oil (extra virgin), salt, juice of half a lime, and freshly ground pepper. Roll the halves around to coat them in your dressing. Make sure the grill is HOT! Place them flat side down on the grill at an angle (so you get the lovely grill marks) for a few minutes. The grill will "let them go" when they're ready to flip. Then, just flip them over onto the round side. Grill for the same amount of time, but add an extra minute because less veggie is in contact with the grill.

Then take them off. I like to add the last few drops of the dressing on top of them.

Enjoy! This is the only way I've been able to make zuccs/squashes that have been tasty.

Note: you can do the same thing with asparagus (minus slicing them in half.)

This is outside of the original post question, but pineapple is SINFULLY good when grilled. Its so sweet and delicious the juice will literally squirt out of your mouth. No need for the olive oil dressing with the pineapples though.

Some other things that are good on the grill: half some tomatoes, roll them in dressing and grill them. You can also slice some sweet onions (then stick some toothpicks into the sides to keep them from falling apart, roll them in the olive oil dressing.

Then, I'd take the tomatoes, onions, and zuccs, dice them up and make a little fire roasted veggie salad. Mmmm, RAAAAWWWR!

Have the pineapples for dessert!
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