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 Author Thread: Guys, do you find you attract younger women out than online?
Joined: 12/9/2007
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Guys, do you find you attract younger women out than online?
Posted: 11/27/2017 2:31:47 PM
Online it is harder to meet younger women because they usually have their lists of what is in their interests and weed out what ever is not, including age difference.

In real life out there, if you are an active guy always meeting people, inviting and getting invited to gatherings and activities, you will meet younger women, who at first meets you and sees you as a activity buddy of what is going on, later they get to know you and things spark off, online it is not like that, for them it is to sort out the bottom of the barrel and choose what meets their expectations.

If you are not interesting in real life you will have a tall hill to climb though, be active hone your personality.
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never gotten head
Posted: 11/27/2017 2:10:07 PM
Weird question, hahaha, I was a virgin till I was 30 during my honeymoon, saw pornos during those, "hump" days
and requested what I saw done to me and vice versa, she was a virgin too, after that it was normal to have morning wood relieved on a daily bases...

Not weird, I think most women would not care just the guy, but a lot of women would care if you were a virgin that is why I had my first GF in my mid 20's and married her, she asked though ...

Do not worry, just accept the "outcome" .
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The Older the Guy The More they Are Jerks or is it Me?
Posted: 11/27/2017 1:56:16 PM
I have found this to be true for a lot of people men and women, men get grumpy and old and lose their "limiter" and say offensive things like it was normal, women do it too, once sweet and fun may be angry and bitter , not all but it seems like a trend, grumpy old man grumpy old women, I guess it is about how much and the quality of emotional baggage. I could be wrong , maybe they were always that way and faked it otherwise.
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Men height vs women weight
Posted: 11/27/2017 1:38:00 PM
I was sincere on what I wrote, still friends with a lot of them that rejected me and put me as a friend, I d not rule anything out but people cannot believe a person can be sincere and a real friend, some of those I introduced guys to them , some I have gotten out with so she can be my wing girl and point out ones that would say yes she will dance, others became my surfer buddy and a couple have become my girl friend's best friends mostly for drinking and doing make up together, one friend is my karaoke partner, like songs , phantom of the opera and so on... I do not understand the judging and negativity out here, so much pain inside people so you could project that to others, ..." I do not believe you, you gotta be the devil ," hehehehe, naw I am just a guy who likes peace and fun, love people and helping others, one of my best friends rejected me years ago and we are still friends, we are dog rescuers as a hobby, I have 18 dogs she has 22, I am currently trying to adopt out a formally abused Chihuahua, My present GF does not like her for some reason but she seems to love the dogs more than I.

Live life to give good example, help one another in life, make friends , good memories, show a good direction to others, have fun ,accept what is not in your control, make uncomfortable into good ones, for example when rejected I usually keep on talking and buy the table a round of drinks and tell stories, in the end I get even more friends and I hope they think I am the most interesting man in the world.... " Last year when I was on a work trip to Columbia, my helicopter pilot had to make an emergency landing... stories like that , wont tell you here what my job is about but it creates a lot of fun stories and fills my Facebook with stuff.

In fact I am usually celibate and tell them unless I get cornered which happens... different story.

I lived with my wife for 11 years until she passed away, we never had a fight, not even a small one, other than my family , no one believes this, they think I am lying, it is possible to be a good honest person you know, I never cheated on her or on anyone, I leave my profile here because I have never been contacted for the last 3 years , I do not care, just for the forums.

Wow you write a lot to try to convince everyone I am deceptive, good for you I guess, I write a lot to rebuttal, its fun I guess...
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What was yout longest relationship?
Posted: 11/27/2017 12:19:24 PM
11 years, she asked me to be her BF and asked me to marry her hehehe, I learned that beautiful, peaceful, fun relationships can exist for a lifetime ( too bad she passed away), that they are very rare and only for those rare peace loving mature dedicated people, I miss her and found out she was 1 in a million during all my searching.
Joined: 12/9/2007
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Has my partner created unrealistic boundaries with the opposite sex?
Posted: 11/27/2017 11:42:12 AM
That seems like a very short boundary that no guy could handle. I had GF that had me quit surfing for a while because I saw most of my female friends almost naked on a daily bases at 530 am during our "dawn patrol", bikinis or underwear and getting into wet suits was normal before work, even friends in the church choir where I sung was off limits, sometimes after church she would give the women a talk... was too much for me had to break up off with her. People should be free during relationships, control is due to insecure about the other, when insecure, relationships may not last. She had guy friends she went out for drinks sometimes and cheated on me 3 times, I knew the guys and they did not know we were dating she did not tell... they told me, even apologized, they are still my friends.
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Men height vs women weight
Posted: 11/27/2017 11:30:01 AM
No not becoming friends just to reject them later, I actually become their friend for reals, I like to have many friends, even with women that rejected me, that is how I am, invite them to parties, surfing, have them meet my friends and I meet theirs, they become friends for not months, more than that, I help fix their cars and stuff around the house and they help me out when I get sick, you know real friends, a friend of their families, even become best friends of the guy she dates, you know that is being a friend not a red flag, I met my present GF during one of my friends party at my house (one who rejected me a year before), for some strange reason that friend had a big fight with my future GF (recorded the cat fight on my security system) , I guess she did not want me dating her friend, later she confessed that she decided she wanted me that I met all of her items on the check list, by then ... things changed I did not want to be with her anymore, no longer attracted, she unchecked items on my check list with time.

I needed to clarify before having other people think I had diabolical plans, I never became friends just to reject later, I just became friends, I like to have friends, at that time I had more female friends than male, I dated a lot of their friends, kind of how the "diabolical" plan worked you know... Be friends with the queen bee and date their drones buahahahah!!
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Men height vs women weight
Posted: 11/27/2017 10:44:19 AM
I was always rejected point blank or even laughed at in my face and was told they would feel ridiculous walking hand in hand with me, even when they were way shorter than me; like I had no feelings and could understand how she felt, she was the only thing that matters... money and swag was the equalizer, work hard to gain resources and build the up the personality (fake , BS or not) really works, since I got older after my wife passed away I have had no problem, point at a woman and the target will be acquired with no issues, hehehe, I guess that makes me a pick up artist, the only difference for me is that I actually want a relationship , my current GF looks like a Victoria secret model and is very jealous, I push her buttons to verify her jealous capacity.

I have had very large GFs in the past, did not have to ask her weight I can see by the size, for a man a woman is either attractive or not, almost all guys do not care about upper education , her money , her job or even if she has a car, she has to be pleasant in and out. By the way, I found my big GF attractive in and out but not when we were horizontal, it took a lot of inspiration so I could not stay with them; with smaller body types no problem.

My present GF is has no assets like woman desire in a man but she is very pleasant on the inside and on the outside that is all that counts.

When a woman has rejected me because of height, I usually try to become their friend, I hit the friend zone but they pursue me afterwards when their life changes due to bad relationships arrival of children or job loss, then I friend zone them and let them know they had a chance but they are not the same lady I knew then. When men is attracted to a woman they usually do not want her to change too much from what they are like, when change happens attraction diminishes, usually for me when weight and personality changes negatively.
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Dating Someone That Has Nothing
Posted: 8/17/2016 2:21:07 PM
I met (in Mexico ) and married a girl that had nothing, much less than anyone, she was an orphan girl, she lived alone since 14, one of the side notes that were written off by society. I met her as a friend. She had NO money and was anorexic due to lack of food, she did not know how to cook or drive or do anything that most people knew, atms and bank accounts were alien to her... those things were for everyone else in the world. She could not have children due to a past illness.

You are worried about how much you are worth or worth it to someone, each one of us has worth and potential negatively or positively.

What matters is peace love and potential, if the person that does not have potential and gives nothing to the relationship but burden then that is not worth it, what matters to the other person is and what should really matter is" am I better off with this person, will my life be enriched and more pleasant with this person....?"

Every time I fall in love with a woman I go through similar questions.

My marriage ended with her death (RIP), in the years we were married, never had a fight, she did not burden me but lifted any burden that stressed me out, She proactively influenced me to follow my dreams like I did for her, I was a virgin when I met her and lost it during the honeymoon. we had sex three times a day from day one, never burdened with the "urge", when I needed more money for both of us, she though of a little home business of making wedding dresses, she ended up making more money than I, always cooked for me, she bought her own car, bought me a classic car for my birthday.

She was my first relationship, never had a GF before her, what counts is potential if you want to know what you or the other person can do for you to make your life better for each other. Lazy burdensome people with no ambition to help the other person are not worth any ones time, only leads to stress and eventual breakup, my life was very enriched by her. I thought there were more women that I would meet like her, I think I was wrong since I met many women and I find the opposite most of the time, I am expected to serve and give to them convince them that I deserve them, with my wife it was mutual giving.

It is all about potential to give and love.
Joined: 12/9/2007
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Women with Guarded Hearts. Can you make it work?
Posted: 8/27/2015 2:49:41 PM
To me if a woman is too difficult because of emotional issues or says I have to be able to handle her because she is a real woman well I will not pursue. Pursuing someone who is difficult will probably or most likely be very difficult during a relationship. I ran into too many of them have been introduced to them by friends and when they tell me she is a bit closed and guarded and proves to be too difficult, I let it go. Too many women that I have known I have tried to fix, most cannot be fixed and the ones who do recover usually do not see me as the "one" just a good friend that could be counted on.

Let them go and let them heal on their own, one's presence actions could complicate their emotions and healing process and may affect you negatively.
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Women who usually wear heels and men who lie about their height
Posted: 2/2/2015 1:16:07 PM
Yes I understand, women are horrified when the know that I am 5ft 5in, not that good looking and do not make at least 300k a year, oh the horror, no wonder after all these years and hundreds of introduction e-mails I have never had a date here. Oh the horror as the op said, I must be lower than the bug Quazimoto stepped on, oh no so shallow people....
Just being sarcastic towards the horrified comment no one seems to be fazed by it but if a guy mentioned that word for a woman's attribute, mostly women would destroy the guy on this site, I was torched a few times for expressing an attribute I did not like.

Wearing heals and how they look next to a man is the most important attribute I have found in all internet dating sites.
Joined: 12/9/2007
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How should I answer this?
Posted: 1/15/2015 12:55:05 PM
Hahaha "she looks peaceful when she sleeps" as I nakedly watch you every night through your bedroom window , I am being diligent with hope... hehehe then she will feel convinced of you as a her man.

Dude she rejected you nicely, next time in the meet up act "normal" and do not give her special treatment just move on, it may creep her out if you acted diligently as some women here have advised you, some women here like to play the hard to get game and enjoy and encourage it. It only works for guys when the woman is actually interested, otherwise you will get an emotional beating if you insist. Women have beaten the "no means no" in our culture otherwise face the consequences. Been there done that many times, learned my lesson.
Joined: 12/9/2007
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Upgrading membership and its effects on dating
Posted: 1/15/2015 12:33:41 PM
Upgraded, now I get 1000's of daily e-mails from interested females instead 1 a year, my house is now full of women fawning over me.... Wakes up with two latex lovers...
Joined: 12/9/2007
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Men's Frustrations in Online Dating
Posted: 12/22/2014 11:22:53 AM
Yes frustrated with online dating from different sites, living in southern California where millions of people live, after
100's of good introduction e-mails, people reviewing my profile several times, I do not think I am as
ugly as Quazimoto, I even read and comment on their profiles... I can say I have never even had a
real date or much less have any women initially contact me for one. I have female friends even really big ones 300+ lbs,
some not as good looking as average and I can say, any site they get into, they get e-mails daily and have dates on a weekly basis if they choose to and I have been here years.
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older women younger men
Posted: 11/13/2014 12:48:34 PM

I like how this thread had degraded into sex talk and what they want and how they want it in bed.
Basically The OP is asking the what if contacts... with younger men happened , what of it.

I have a lot of friends and I know a few female surfers that are into their late 50's to 60's, they have
contacts with younger guys and a couple have BF with guys in their early 20's and up to their 30's,
no one bats an eye about it, why? they are usually best friends with the same hobbies and conversations, things in
common, I do not know about sex they do not talk too much about that but they seem to enjoy each
other in that subject heck during a beach campout one of the women made a curtain door made of condoms for their tent hahaha. By the way, all this surfing gave these women a smoking body that people would give second looks over a lot of younger women.

Geee all this age does not matter no matter how grossed out other people would say they are, it is their life and most people do not care. If you have something in common, like each other have the same goals what is the problem? they are not from a different species or aliens from another planet ( well I am partial to a 3 breasted alien girl, hehehehe )
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how hard is it to find romantic men?
Posted: 11/4/2014 12:08:31 PM
I used to be very romantic, sang songs songs to their ears, wrote poems, flowers out of the blue candlelit dinner at the end of a pier in the summer etc... women did not appreciate that, they killed it, being a**** dikk seems to be much more effective in courting women for some reason, at least in San Diego. I guess they see it as weird creepy or gay so I was told.
Whenever I tried that in Mexico, women there turned to putty.
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What's The Most George Constanza-esque Reason You've Broken Up With Someone?
Posted: 11/4/2014 11:56:47 AM
- One woman was a hippie did not beleive in baths, after a while I could not stand all the different aromas she

- The gypsy girl who would spit on the floor and blow her nose in her hand at the Cheese Cake Factory, that one
event destroyed all the cute memories.

- At Applebees, the girl I was dating for a while... found out when she picked her nose she ate them, lost my
appetite for the relationship.

- The Psichiatrist, she had an S and M fetish, when she pulled out the NUT/BALL crusher/clamp it was over.

-The dog lover... her house had weeks or months of dog mess... so over

-The snobby rich girl, had to bring her dinner wear to every restaurante, was so embarrassing.

- The girl with the giant dildo collection and the sex chair ... cannot compete with that.

I have many more but these are most memoreable.
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What does she want from me?
Posted: 11/4/2014 11:39:46 AM
Most women would tell you to hang in there, keep seeing her as a friend, beacuse maybe these women felt special in having a friend being in love with them.

Do not listen to them, they do not how man feels being friendzoned and rejected in a romantic fashion. Some may have experienced that but for men and boys it is almost chronic and normal, see all the funny videos in you tube about guys being friendzoned it is rare to see those about women being friendzoned, happens less since women normally do not initiate...

Drop her like a rock , do yourself a favor, do not torture yourself everytime you see her, it is a waste of emotional
effort and feeling in your part, it makes the other uncomfortable when you try and try. Never see or call her again, she just likes to use you for some company, you will end up being the third wheel when she has a relationship with another man and will use you as her confidaunt; she will use you to talk about her issues with other relationships, you will be the good guy that will be supportive with a shoulder to cry on.

Screw that, I have been there over more times than I can count my fingers in both hands, best thing that I have ever done was to turn around and live my life seperate and continue to date and meet other women. No more contact, no more calls , no more facebook means no more emotional torture.

Later as years pass and I are over with it, they tend to actually want me then after a breakup or frustration with other men for rebound action, I turn that down, never accept being settled, I and other men lose when accepting that fate.
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The reason why a man wont take you on a date and just want to chill at the house.
Posted: 11/4/2014 11:22:17 AM
For me,

lack of money that day, stay home and watch a movie while I give her a
massage and cook for her, what is wrong with that? I think the massage turns on
her oven...

Usually it is the woman who wants to stay in and have sex that I do not initiate, then it turns
into shower together, part 2 of sex, then sleep together wakes me up at 3 am for sex then sex before
breakfast while I am still asleep and soldier is at attention, (technically that is rape).

Every woman I have dated and had sex with usually want to stay in for that over and over
they do not let me see the movie I brought hehehehe.

If staying over and not going out on a date, doing nothing especially if the woman is
bored and not given attention.

That would be a minus, sweaty flatuent Fat guy on a couch with
his gut hanging out wearing just boxer shorts, hairy skin of a gorilla beer in hand, watching a game ....
Awesome date for her... handing next beer .... hearing burps and other stuff.
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POF is a waste of time and effort.
Posted: 11/4/2014 10:38:47 AM
Time has past, yup need to update that.
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older women have more competition and fewer men to chose from???
Posted: 11/4/2014 10:36:39 AM
I do not know the veracity of the statement, at my work, women over 50 do date arouynd in my organization and cause rumors hehehe, well there are like 1000 men per each woman, military command.

In my personal view based on my experience, I have dated alot of women over 45 to mid 50's
I have found attitudes about issues and outlooks in life pretty different from younger women, some
to me are pretty much at odds on what I like or what attracts me to a woman. Most older women are pretty intelligent and know what they beleive and want and are pretty inflexible about it, this causes some of my dating experiences to have debates and conflicts, some have older chidren and have stress and issues that they show it or pass on to me. Some have had issues about my likes and station in life, they say i can be more so they see me as inferioir if I have less education, money or social economic power than they do, they have told me this directly without holding punches; I am very happy and satisfied where I am, I have worked to get what I have and have reached a good spot for me in my professional life. If she is successful and "independent", she has very little time for a relationship due to the supermom successful status.

They tend to be more pickier, have more inflexible requirements and demands. Some hold everything a guy does with suspicion due to their past experiences, sense of humor is much more touchy in other words happy go lucky attitude is a bit rarer in this age group.

These are not complaints, just somecof my experiences. Maybe it is my city or the places I meet them or the type of women I date in the age group. All of these attitudes are very similar to my sister's , they are in the age group.

I guess like most guys, we want to keep it simple and pleasant, something pleasant to look at, sweet, easygoing, supportive, to make us guys feel important and loved. Homeless attractive girl living behind a dumpster with a pleasant personality and attitude is more desired, everything else she may have or posses in and out of her life is just extra.

I married one like that, too bad she is gone to a better place.

Ok go ahead and call me a pig, need mental help or something like that.
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POF is a waste of time and effort.
Posted: 11/4/2014 9:47:50 AM
This is an answer on another thread: HEHEHE

I have as much success as Quazimoto with lepr0cy wearing a adult diaper full of prizes and with a hat made from rotting meat. HAHAHA.

Out of hundreds of custom introduction messages consisting of several sentences and or paragraphs, I got two dates out of it, one had mental issues, she could see and talk to dead people and she seemed to have intellectually stimulating conversations with cats, this was during the date, another was a beautiful neurotic, verbally violent,
narcissistic woman... I made the mistake of not recognizing who she was on the cellphone due to a bad connection, I said"who is calling?" she yelled so loud that people around me could hear her say "who is Calleen, who is that woman?", She then proceeded to come to my place of work and confronted me to find out who was Calleen. She tried to slap me and called me a man whore. That was after two coffee dates.

Those were the only two successful contacts (actually met) I have had in this site after 5 years.

Women who complain in just getting 100's or one or two messages a week from guys ... imagine getting none in years HAHAHAHA.
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Has anyone had success on here?
Posted: 11/4/2014 9:32:51 AM
I have as much success as Quazimoto with lepr0cy wearing a adult diaper full of prizes and with a hat made from rotting meat. HAHAHA.

Out of hundreds of custom introduction messages consisting of several sentences and or paragraphs, I got two dates out of it, one had mental issues, she could see and talk to dead people and she seemed to have intellectually stimulating conversations with cats, this was during the date, another was a beautiful neurotic, verbally violent,
narcissistic woman... I made the mistake of not recognizing who she was on the cellphone due to a bad connection, I said"who is calling?" she yelled so loud that people around me could hear her say "who is Calleen, who is that woman?", She then proceeded to come to my place of work and confronted me to find out who was Calleen. She tried to slap me and called me a man whore. That was after two coffee dates.

Those were the only two successful contacts (actually met) I have had in this site after 5 years.

Women who complain in just getting 100's or one or two messages a week from guys ... imagine getting none in years HAHAHAHA.
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most people are just average in appearance
Posted: 11/4/2014 8:53:12 AM
I am average, short at 5ft 5in, have all my hair and teeth, good weight ratio, active no physical or mental issues,
on this site not even crickets can be heard hahahah, average for a guy to me normally means less than 1 percent success rate in dating sites. The short part kills it even if everything else inside and out is outstanding.
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Msg: 503 (view)
Posted: 9/30/2014 10:39:52 AM

We short people are losers, we are nothing but toilet paper for their boodies. We get sent to the end of the line
and end up getting the left over jobs and relationships with the women of Walmart ...

Get over it guys, you know the truth, no conversation needed, it is known how women perceive us here especially and in the real world, they see us as the runts of the wolf pack, the chihuahua ( the Taco Bell dog) who has to compete with the Rotweiler for those little poodles. Too bad.

If you just whine, people, especially women will see you as a whiney little girly man, if a big guy complains and whines, he is seen as an object to compassion, they something really wrong with him and has to be fixed.

Yes guys it is uphill, I was in that rut, you just have to be better in every way than you are now, just whining does not get you anywhere, dating sites like these are very bad ego crushers for all guys here, reguardless what women says about answering dozens of e-mails and claiming in actually initiating contact, kind of like the miracle rarity of a normal looking woman hitting on a normal looking guy in a bar, happens rarely and even more rarely on these dating sites, and for short guys it is like being a dogs turd in a basket of apples, hahaha.

I am 5ft 5in, I had my hang ups in the past, I had to work my personality and guy mojo beyond most guys in the real world, get me in a bar and I will be the "interesting man" controlling the table full of women when I just came all by myself. I used to not have any luck with women, my first kiss was at 21 on a girls dare, to her it might of been discusting to kiss the short geeky nerd but to me it was a dream come true hahaha.

The marines and navy sels I help train do not see me as a runt, just a smart little cookie that can keep up.

You have to work your body soul and personality so you would not look like the turd in the basket of apples, just a shinier apple. I will not tell you what I do, it is not a method of scanning but you have to recreate yourself so even the tall guys can figuratively look up to you, you look down on yourself so other people do.

On a dating site it is murder for any good guy, short guy etc... women have the control many many e-mails received versus none received or answered for guys. Do not depend on here for attention compassion and dates, women are not looking for what they can accept, they are here to get what they are looking for exactly, guys look for who says yes for the most part (after hundreds of e-mails, hehehe, guilty).

Make yourself up for the real world, approach, talk, get rejected, find another way to know them after that, after they know you, they may get stuck on you, if they insist on you not being in thier lives, move on; usually in my case rejection after a real good try with a good amount of time used, I disapear and the followup is them looking for me because they miss me.

You have to make the effort to be the most interesting fun funniest guy they will ever know, if you are a boring little fat Chihuahua with mange, you have to settle for jubba the huts and quazimotos, hehehehe.
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Msg: 27 (view)
Not giving up, but Wow!
Posted: 9/16/2014 12:38:28 PM

yes to her your are unacceptably short, It is common to see women profiles in different sites that are less than 5ft3in
only wanting e-mails from men who are over 6ft tall. To her you have just joined the undisreable short guy club haha, you are tall as an average anyhow.

I am 5ft 5in, in most sites I am considered defective to most women, especially here but no big deal in the real world.
In the real world if I put my sights on any women even if she is over 6ft, I can charm her for a date even if her desire score is pretty high. On dating sites, women have the veto power, the volume the inconvenience to choose among 100's of emails, or the little trickle they can complain about if they get just one a day. guys may get one a month or one every year like me.

No worry dude, they will categorize you by their expectations no matter how awesome of a guy you really are, in the real world they can see that.

It is just how it is, you persue they choose or veto.
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single and over 30 do people still go for looks
Posted: 8/29/2014 2:22:46 PM
Of course looks always matters, that is why alot of guys complain that their messages here get deleted
and not read, pics get looked at, women gross out and delete messages , women complain that they only get 5 messages a day instead of 50 a day like hotties do or that guys disappear after sex one time.

If a women is 90 and has a hot face and body, go to my room and if she is 18 and looks like a Sumo wrestler with the face of quazimoto, no paper bag or full glad bag can hide what I do not like...I will not be attracted ... age does not matter, it is how one takes care of themselves and the genes you are given.

Guys pant for victoria secret models and women pant over guys like THOR or the guys on 300, they do not mention while panting, "it whats inside that counts". Looks count.

The physical is always a factor no matter what men and women say here, it's the inside what counts etc... it is always a big factor.
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Msg: 896 (view)
People over 30 that are not taken - something wrong with them?
Posted: 8/29/2014 2:06:15 PM
For a man , I have never heard that from either gender, unless you are a hermit still living with mom and palying video games in the basement 24/7.

Nothing wrong acutally I have heard women 25 and up to their 50's say it is the most desireable age bracket for men, I could be wrong.
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Msg: 31 (view)
Are pot smokers over 30 at a dating disadvantage?
Posted: 8/29/2014 2:03:01 PM
Depends if it is medicinal and used for medical reasons or just being a stoner.

I have and reciently ated and had relationships with stoners, they can be good or bad, if too stoned they are just a
lost eyed quiet zombie that will forget everything, if moderate they are just fun, it is like drinking too much bad, a little opens them up etc... not a deal breaker unless always stoned, in those cases they usually cannot work or got to school.
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Msg: 125 (view)
What has your dating experience been like in your 30's?
Posted: 8/29/2014 1:58:55 PM
Very good experience, more women to meet, more secure with myself, brush rejection easier,
know how to play the game the way women respond and want to, I make more money so they seem more interested than when I was just a janitor (those days were very hard to interest women).

I feel that I have to do less and work less to meet more women in a broader age group.

I am a prude, so sex does not happen often, usually it is them implying, asking, or in some
drunk cases demanding it.

But I am forever looking for that "good" one though, but in the real person to person world, I do meet and date
when i want. Yes I am short and average looking, I can look down (in a good way)on a tall beatiful woman and make them want me, instead of fear and being emarassing groveling fool that I was, in those days those same women thought I was like embarrassing toilet paper caught under their shoe hehehe.

I do not miss those younger days.
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Msg: 120 (view)
need to LOWER my sex drive
Posted: 8/29/2014 1:46:43 PM

go to my room I will lower it for you until you have no drive hehehehe,

I was married and widowed now, my wife was like you, i had to perform minimum 3 times a day up to 5 or 6 a day. it was the years I was married, for her, 2 times a day was a dry spell, at first being a virgin myself during the honeymoon, I felt raped hahaha, I had to work the stamina up until it was not a problem and actually normal, I never wanted her to go to a doctor to tone it down it was fun and pretty good to always be wanted.

Most women i meet in their 40's, well i do not see that sexual peak, normally it is the other way around, guys at work always boast about finally getting "lucky" by their 40 something wives or complain that sex is dead and plan on getting a prostitute while they go on a work trip so they can get "theirs".

I have full control of my urges to the point women think I am gay hahaha.

A doc may have some meds to chemically neuter your urges.
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Msg: 154 (view)
Why Does It Seem To Be Getting Harder To Date In Your Thirties?
Posted: 8/29/2014 1:34:57 PM
I find it alot easier for me and getting easier as time goes by.

I guess it is all about what sex you are and your demographics, how picky you are now
compared to the past.

When I was in my teens to early 20' s, it was impossible beacuse I was just a short dorky nerd. As time went by
my style and and feeling of self worth have grown. I am still the same guy inside but I project differently now.
Everytime I have GF and they become intolerably spoiled by my own fault, they threaten to leave me if they do not get their way and say that I will not be able to get one as good looking and as awesome as they, I tell them, go head and leave me, I can get one like you in less than a day or a better one in a couple of days, they beleive me and stick around. In my younger years I would act like a groveling idiot slave only happy to be abused by even one that I did not like because I thought she was the only girl I can get, heck I even stuc around even they were cheating with my best freind and knew it.

Now I feel more secure and that makes things easier.

It may be harder for women than guys, what do you think?
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Msg: 13 (view)
Drinking and dating, bad choice?
Posted: 8/29/2014 1:18:23 PM
I hardly drink, a beer can can last me half the night, but usually during my dates if there is drinking around
I try to control the situation but alot of times if my date gets plastered, it usually ends in embarrassment.
I am usually the designated driver and the coherent one.

Two days ago (WED), I went out with a lady who got very drunk, I tried to limit her drinking so we would have a better time at the fun bar we were at, she embarrassed herself falling over , yelling out loud that she wanted sex with me etc... in the end, all the vomit and losing bowl movemets (the runs ) peeing in my car, made it a pretty bad night, she when not drunk is pretty attractive inside and out, long story short, I had to clean up vehicle and her.
She woke up with a horrible hang over and does not remember , last night she was still agony and asked me how the date went, I made up a pleasent story, anything else might have been a bad dream.

Drinking is not good on a first date when you do not know the person, it may open up embarrassing doors.
I will see her tonight but it will be at the movies if she feels better.
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Msg: 311 (view)
Posted: 8/29/2014 12:52:43 PM
for the grammer NAZIs,sorry about not proofreading my posts.
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Msg: 310 (view)
Posted: 8/29/2014 12:50:02 PM
I am short 5FT 5IN

Hahaha VK, it is true, women reject a short guy completely on most every dating sites without even caring about the profile or pics, education etc..., in all the site forums it is the same subject most women have the same feeling about it. Even on this site answers to my responses and to other in the forums from wome were " eeeew, I would feel rediculous standing next to a short date" or " even if I am a 5 ft 1 in woman their is no way i would date a guy shorter than average perceived hieght of 5ft 8 in" or "would not be caught dead with one" or " hate them, they have the short man napolean syndrom, violent tempers..." or i dated a short man once..."
Read the short man threads, some shocking reading, hahaha

To women, a short guy is 5ft 7 in is the threshold even if they temselves are 4ft 11 in..

I have absolutely no success on any internet dating sites but in person, I have absolutely no problems like I used to, in the past I had no mojo, now the only issue is to find someone who does not overwhelm me with personal problems. In person I got it together.
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Msg: 179 (view)
Im 40, he's 27
Posted: 8/29/2014 12:39:14 PM
Someone responded to my post of 178 concerning women persuing me and I do not catch them, it is because I am attracted to women with issues, I tend to fix them or try to. I guess I overwhelm them with words, get them al hypered up like a player before a fooball game, guide them, make them feel well, and help their self worth.
I do not want to keep them in the end when they persue me and things go sour , I guess I am too nice and permissive, I end up getting cheated on, ( my fault I guess) or their lasting issues are beyond my capability or effort ,(too overwhelming).

Some people still say that too young a person is a mentally deficient person ( almost with mental retardation), seems a bit mean towards younger people, like saying they are worth less and should not have choices to be happy, maybe older persons can be classified as going down hill mentally and socially and should stay in their little world of walkers and crossword puzzels. Come on people, make sense, you know it is not true, its lile saying that all 40 year old men are full of wisdom and very educated and never act like children, same with women, I have met alot of women way older than I who acted like dum children.

If she is an 18 year old surfer that is almost homeless with no job, I become her friend, help her find a job and a free temporay place to stay, see her daily, entertain her make her feel good etc... same with the 30,40 or 50 something.
If she is older than I, I become her emotional, physical support, I make sure all the stuff that worried her goes away and help it make it be smooth sailing, usually the ex or children problems, lack of time, or the ex in laws overwhems me, it could be her emotional issues that cannot be resolved, I break it off, That is why I do not catch them.

I am picky, I always leave them in better condition but at the same time sad. I want some situation that has alot going for me not just them.

AGE DOES NOT MATTER, people here are now talking about cosmetics, fat (hehehe, i know sailors at work who have a fattie fetish, 300 lbs (women) and above and they (sailor) are buff), wrinkles, bald, grey hair, alll the eeeew, I look younger /I look older, hers/his sags, theirs doesnt. What i syour point? Afraid of the inferiority complex, feel less appetizing? less worth as time goes by ? trying to hang on to the young that is slipping away and feel you have less choices? That is what I hear people saying about eachother and even themselves.

We are all adults we are all equal, no one is less, no one deserves less, who cares what anyone says, love is love attraction is attraction, necessities are necessities, give and receive....if the OP does the whips and chains or romatic love with a guy her age or older or younger it's her choice and happiness, anyhow any adult age does the same thing.

If a rich guy wants to drive his old pinto or Bently it is his own thing, he should not care, it's his choice ( a guy at work actually drives both hehe), same goes with people, too much thread about appearance and opinion on why people should not date eachother.
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Msg: 161 (view)
Im 40, he's 27
Posted: 8/26/2014 9:25:00 AM
Oh golly gee wiz, I cannot believe that all of you are adults, are you people living in a world of taboo? You insult eachother like 15 years old kids, eeeewww, the creeper eeeeewww old and saggy men and women eeeeewwww the old and saggy should stay away from the beautiful and youthful, almost sounds like the emotional cultural stupidity some SCIFY series aliens like the Farengy " oh I cannot see women fully clothed it makes be feel like a pervert".
Oh come one people grow up and be adults, stop the eeeewww factor , he or she can be my dad or mom or gramps eeeeewwww she or he is gross for dating him eeeeeewwww, he is older than me and banging a girl that could be my daugther, oh the horror", " She has daddy issues or she is in it for his money, she is too stupid to think for herself, she is retarded and he is taking adavantage of her" " that old hag is a cougar eeeewww and dating an innocent 20 year old, oh the horror"

Ok people calm down, as you know everyone over 18 is an adult, most people are sexually active in their teens, body parts get together, what the hell is the difference if both like eachother?

When I was 20 i dated a 35 year old woman, her beautiful daughter had a crush on me but I still liked the women
much more, we had alot of conversations and ideas in common even though we had a big age difference, I could not persue her because people and her family pressure, the eeeeewwww gross factor of my female friends, saying damn she could be your mom, eeeewww etc.. , guys would say the typical thing " bet she is good in bed and cooks good?" I did like her for her cooking and conversation and our hobbie but we never had sex, ( I hoped for it).

My uncle was 45 in the Army in Norhtern California when a single mom who was19 years old persued him
insassantly while he was taking college courses in the same class, a year later they got married, I asked her why she went after my widowed uncle that had daughters older than her, her reply was that he was funny, was very nice, sweet, not bad looking and had his act together, she called him the perfect man, she never mentioned money, she liked him. she is now 42 and he is 69, I see them both every month when they visit my dad ( he is my dads brother).
They seems to be stuck on eachother like glue, they both tell me they cannot stand being away from eachother.

Do you guys see a problem or is there a eeeeewwww grosss nasty old giggly .... thing going, you would really love your daughters happily married to a great guy that long?; my uncle is a great decent guy, when my aunt left him for a younger guy, he never dated anyone because he said the promise was in the "good and bad", he was always there for her, even when she was dying of a tumor, he was the only one with her on a daily basis until she passed away, and a year later he was open to dating and this young woman came along. I guess people are too shallow to see beyond the blind eeeeew factor.

My mother and father (he is 11 years older than my mom) was always very strict with all 8 of us kids, we had to go to church every Sunday, respect people, work hard obey etc..., all serious dates or serious BF's/GF's would have to meet mom and dad in a dinner for "APPROVAL", I was a nerdy geek so that was no problem for me ( no dates until i was 20, first kiss too).
My sister of 19 brought a 42 year old career NAVY guy, my mom and dad did not even blink, my sister was worried they would say something, (we were not poor but had money, so sugar daddy was not the suspected issue). She asked my dad if he was worried about his age, he told her the only thing he looks for, is her happiness with a great guy that can love her like she loves him, my brothers thought he was the most interesting man in the world we told her to keep him hahaha, it did not work out for reasons... well she dumped him for a badboy her age, made two babies with that badboy, he left her for another and she remained a single mom with no dates to this day. She still laments dumping that NAVY guy.

I surf in San Diego and I meet alot of women, there is a couple of women in their late 40's who are in serious relationships with guys in their early 20', no one bats an eye except for people like the people eeeewwwing on this site, emotionally immature I guess. They make out in front of us surfers and we say eeeewww get a room, we say that to people of the same age also. No cougar comments or mommy issues are mentioned, does not seem to matter, they are adults and like/love eachother as they the both parties even mention and express, there is no gender war or generational war, it is just two adults, If he were 18 and having sex with a girl his age no eeeewww comments would be made, still two adults having fun or loving eachother. Heck I remember one surfer lady who was 63, looked pretty hot and partied with some 20 something guys in our group, no one would say anything it was just another woman having fun with the guys, the same with the younger ladies and older surfer dudes.

Every GF I have ever had has actually persued me, I do things that make them do that but some of them were actually very young like the one I mentioned in another post, she was 18 ( among several other receint GF that age)
I got the "she has daddy issues" (on this site) or I am a cradle robber or that I am a sugar daddy. It is all in your little minds, one of these young girls was 20, very wealty, her dad died and left her a plastics factory we dated for a year , her mom did not want the relationship because of the eeeew factor etc... she wanted to leave home and start a family with me, even offered to support me with her money, I broke up with her because she was too much of a princess and I would end up being her slave hahaha. She wanted to be the sugar mama. Last time I knew about her, her mom called me and said she has a baby from some other guy and wants to see you but does not have the courage, her mom saw the light but I still do not want to persue it.

My last GF was 18 she went to my house daily and persued me , stole kisses in public when we were just friends, we became a couple but her beliefs and her emotional problems related to that was a problem for me, we were at odds so I broke up with her.

I have dated happily with up 55 year old women, actually quite a few but family issues with their offspring and exes was too much for me excluding some emotional abandonment issues, some were great but were infexible on some issues.
Age is not the issue, loving and liking another person is the issue, two adults; people with the eeeew factor, grosss, creeper cougar etc... have the issues.
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Msg: 29 (view)
Who should send the first note after a first meeting?
Posted: 8/26/2014 8:11:31 AM
I never ever in my life had a thank you note after a good date hahaha, sounds weird, I would expect "hey baby nice date, thank you, how about going to my house, my whips and chains have nails, you'd be thanking me." hahaha...

Who cares about notes, she can just say it.
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Msg: 367 (view)
The illusion of online dating
Posted: 8/26/2014 7:56:11 AM
The illusion of online dating for me is to find that supermodel with the heart of mother Teresa that makes more money than i do, so I can stay at home and do my hobbies in the garage, she cooks and cleans and rubs my belly while she hands me my cold beer and spoon feeds me while I watch the Simpsons on tv, sex would happen 3 times a day...

The fantasy and illusion, without that, there is no hope.

The online dating thing is part of that hope for finding that one person, it is like buying tickets to win the lottery, part of hope, hope gives us that possibilty of realizing that fantsay.

Women may fantasize to meet that man that looks like the guy in the movie THOR, that plays guitar while singing sweet nothings to her ear while being forever dedicated to her existance etc... even though women end up in the end with a short, fat, bald, hygenically hadicapped, stupid guy, it is all about the hope and fantasy.

Meeting people on the street by chance is just chance you are not even hoping one way or another, men have to persue and be active in that women are just there like in online dating, men send messages and women respond if they want (women hardly send messages, but that is for another thread), in online dating hope is in operation, hope is part of that illusion and it may come true.
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Msg: 24 (view)
dating or interviewing a axe murderer
Posted: 8/26/2014 7:43:03 AM
If both perosnalities are boring, it will be a boring date, in a date like that one hour would be too long, if both
have pleasant fun personalities, I do not think a cofee date would be boring, no one hour conversations about the weather would happen.
Mybe plan what you are going to say , what fun you make it is up to you whether in action or not, usually out on dates, I make them laugh, show the best part of my personality and hide the ax murderer part in the closet for later buuuaaabuahahahaha. interview datesneed not be boring if you are not blurting out facts. After the first dates, women usually want to keep me.

It all depends how you make it and what both agree what you are going to do and know prior to the date, things maybe awkward, try to eliminate awkardness by your words and actions, not oly talk about facts but hopes and dreams, no one runs away from hearing that if they have the same hopes and dreams unless one or the other is a quazimoto.

We look for love, that is what dating is for unless you are only looking for physical action.
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Msg: 22 (view)
Why is finding a relationship so hard?
Posted: 8/26/2014 7:27:28 AM
Op you will alwys run into rejection and people you are not attracted to, that is life, just keep at it.

You do not find relationships, you make them with the person you are interested in or want to be with.
Sometimes you may find the best person in the world for a long term romatic relationship but do not persue it because there may be things you are not attracted to in that person, for women it may be he is too nice so you see him as a brother, or he is too short, not buff enough, education not high enough etc...etc... same with me, if she is too large ( fat) even if she is the greatest girl I have ever met, i do not persue a relationship, I had big GF's I was very fond of but could not go further, or women who have it so together and are perfect beautiful and all, I do not persue her for a relationship even if it s a barbies with the soul of mother teresa with a doctors degree, for some reason I am stuck in that hero mode, married the worst train wreck ever found and turned her into a diamond (RIP), or the homeless girl I turn into a spoil brat. I choose what relationship I want and with someone interested in a relationship, it does not fall in your lap.

Relationships YOU create with someone who wants a relationship, every relationship has a reason and/or cause, if you run into women who does not want a relationship move on, if you are a woman and if you are pro active about it you should have alot more success meeting guys, if you are a guy you should accept rejection as a normal consequence of being a guy and keep at it until you hit jackpot, relationships can be found but keeping it and making it work is the hard part.
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Msg: 104 (view)
Why Are All My Dates Financially Broke?
Posted: 8/20/2014 2:27:16 PM
Not all are finacially broke, it is part of the culture they grew up in, guys always pay and they are used to it and if they are very attractive, even more so and even ask for loans and cosigning. It is very rare for me to have a woman pay for me or part, when ever that happens to a guy or I, we boast about it to our buddies, makes us feel desired loved and or worth it.

I date women where I work, make the same as I do, even if they make the same, on dates their wallets are rarely opened, maybe for just the tip. Women have a list of things they desire and expect from a man, stronger, taller ,
more in control, equal or higher education, economically more superior (see profiles on many dating sites) makes them feel that they have a quality man they can boast to their friends, I know this because i have many female friends that are my confidants, ( when they met me they thought I was gay because I can cook and listen hahaha). It is no surprize even for more "enlightened" feminists, that is what they desire and expect, they can choose because they are persued, they get what they desire, many end up with the opposite in long term relationships and complain about them in the forums, cheaters and dead beats get kept but for dating, good guys are probably used for entertainment or that feeling in getting to know a hopeful one.
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Msg: 184 (view)
Posted: 8/20/2014 9:58:31 AM
Women who send e-mails and do not get responses from the one or two e-mails sent out, still get introduction
e-mails occasionally, me and most guys get very little or none in a few months, it has been years for me hahahah and I have sent 100's of e-mails in the time I have been here, no responses, some do respond turning down the offer or send some negative comments, it is normal for guys to get none, neutral, negative and very little reponses. In real life it is the same at a bar or other venue, (the none), they turn their heads as to pretend not to hear, neutral as to say like a "whatever" comment or or they look up and down and walk away if they did not say anything negative, to me it is rare to have a positive pleasant answer, let alone get to start a relationship.

Men try and try until one they contacted wishes to know them. We are used to rejection we are used to paying and trying and failing, buying and paying is normal for men, men are expected to do the "work" and sometimes it is disapponting to try again and again. Most women stand by and let the action happen, that is why even for the players, the term "getting Lucky" is a normal term, even for married guys that term applies if they do the "work"
and perform the effort to intimacy.

So women if you have tried once or twice and failed, try again like us men who try daily and hundreds of times, do not be disappointed by those few failures (usually one or two), do not complain the quality of men you have relationships with, you should be aware that you have more options and power in the dating world, you are just expecting what you hope for by committing very little or no effort in your part, some rare women do give a little effort but what i have seen, that "great" effort is usually for a really crappy man.
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Msg: 57 (view)
Were you friends before you became lovers? How did it turn out?
Posted: 7/29/2014 12:06:49 PM
The only woman I married (RIP) we were like best friends for about a year saw each other almost daily, she proposed hahaha, we got married and stayed best friends while married while now having more sex than everyone else, since we knew eachother more than most people confided all of our fantasies and dreams, it was just the cherry on top.

For someother people things changes for the worsteither because one or both are not quality people or because they are not really best friends, just aquaintances.
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Msg: 44 (view)
Is it realistic?
Posted: 7/29/2014 12:01:44 PM
Yes it is realistic but you have to be the best of friends and like eachother alot. I was married and everyone told us we seemed like twins since we were rarely seen seperately, we loved eachother as lovers, super duper sex partners, shared hobbies had lots to talk about created lots of memories.

To make this real, eachother have to be like those girl/boy best friends forever types and make sure the women is not like the res,t that places guy in the friendzone forever. Women I think can make this happen if she opens up and changes the BFF status with the guy she almost spends 24/7 time with.

I was a BFF with several women that friendzoned me like that, I married the one that gave more than BFF status in the end she was my first GF (RIP). Those ex BFF now tell me that they should have taken me now and still try but I do not want them now with the new baggage they have. sorry for the ramble
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Msg: 36 (view)
she went through my phone and broke up with me
Posted: 7/29/2014 11:49:46 AM
Well you seemed like the sane person in the relationship, we all need someone to talk to, seeing personal conversations without any real smoking gun and going crazy over it, seems like she is a relationship sabatour, I have known a few of them, I have alot of female friends, all platonic never hanky panky between us, one of which became my formal GF at one time. She told me to cut off friendship with all of them since they were models and friends of hers , as a BF I always give all my passwords to every site, I never have anything to hide even if it personal stuff, that is the way I am, this crazy one looked at my phone messages daily, phones called, FB messages etc... she was going crazy seeing our pretty friends talking to me quite a bit. She never gave me access to any of her sites, I did not care, it was her privacy but I did see pictures in my camera when she went to partys with strippers ( some of her male friends are male strippers/models) she has hot comments about them and has pics grabbing their body parts, to me is all fun in the moment but she did not even want me to have male friends, she is gone now after cheating on me .

Possessive crazy people need help, do not take her back, let her fix herself and have a life away from you, get someone better.
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Msg: 80 (view)
morals vs
Posted: 7/29/2014 10:25:34 AM
tell her the truth and if she does not beleive it, then give up and say you were with 5 hookers and doing crack that is why your phone was off, that will spin her wheels, make it sound horrible then she will think you were lying about that too, hahaha, worked for me, hehehe.

if she has a reason to not trust you, then you guys have a problem or personal issues, if she is a nutcase everytime a fart clows the wrong way in this case consider moving on , too much needless stress can mess up a relationship anyhow, go for a less unstable woman unless you are the bad horny unfaithful guy that will end up with 5 hookers anyhow.
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Msg: 128 (view)
Im 40, he's 27
Posted: 7/29/2014 10:18:56 AM
Op I do not see the problem, I surf and every now and then I see in my surf group that a 50 year old woman is dating or has a bf in his mid 20' both are adults , parts still fit together, they have the same hobby, usually the older woman who can do that is a bit of a hottie with a good body, yes we guys always look at that part as the hook.

It does not matter what age or stuation, enjoy, my last GF was 19, she persued me until she got me, she was at my house daily, we had alot in common same hobbies, same subjects to talk about, too bad she was emotionally messed up from her family problems. Age is not the issue, the issue is if you like eachother and enjoy good things together.
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Msg: 181 (view)
sexless marriage
Posted: 7/29/2014 10:11:40 AM
Sexless does not mean loveless. It can be boredome or too tired or too much of a nonotonous life from one or both people, as i see it, since I work with a large group of men that constantaly move in and out of my work place, I see the same complaint that their women are not putting out either after they are married or after they have kids, every now and then one married guy will anounce he got lucky last night or the morning and we would give him a high 5.
It seems if guys do not do the work , yes work hahaha, to make his parner feel loved and interested nothing will happen, just like in dating men have to do the work to get the girls heart or "kitty" nothing will happen. Like in a bar and club scene, guys usually do the approaching and the work and in marriage it kind of stays the same, if the work is not doen then she will feel like an abandoned flower dreaming about what happened to her man's effort, Gotta do work to get the prize if both are heathly down there.
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Msg: 48 (view)
Why are so many people disillusioned with relationships?
Posted: 7/29/2014 9:07:07 AM
Yes there are alot of ridiculous standards, just read the profiles, especially women, you can detect anger issues especially among women over 35. Guys seem creepy or thuglike or needy which kind of scare off women.
I have been here for years and only do the forums, I rarely get any e-mails even though I sent hundreds with many hours of writing custom introductions, I guess i have my share of unrealistic desires too in online dating, I expect a young miss cleaver that wants children and the little house with the white picket fence and BBQs onthe weekends, hahaha, I should not expect that now days, more like childess couple both working long hours and paying bills then when she is like 42 having her first baby etc... and him dreaming when she was a younger hotties with daily sex and she dreaming when he would bring her flowers and make up fun dates, what happened to the hansome man in that fat bald beer belly, beer guzzeling.

MM rambled off a bit
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