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 Author Thread: Can Canadians ever be trusted again???
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Can Canadians ever be trusted again???
Posted: 10/14/2015 11:25:46 PM
f course you can trust Canadians ....
I've read the tourist pamphlet that states Canadians are the politiest people on the planet.... so I imagine if you get mugged there as opposed to New York, They might let you keep $5 in case you need bus fare..I'd trust Canadians better than I would walking in New York.
And who could the blame em (Canadians) if they were tempted by a bit of global warming, it looks fooking cold in the pictures.
humans are only human and the thought of saving a little bit on the heating bill ...hmmm... well who wouldn't be tempted by that when you practically live in an igloo. or have to dig your car out just to get to work..

The cheery news is this....... and if you are suicidal you are gunna love this fact..... we are all going to die ... no one is promised any length of time ..babies die.. old people die and every age in between we deal with death and fear of death mostly in western worlds... is largely swept under the carpet... but I digressed...

Can we trust Canadians? yes .... it's the politicians that might be a bit suss..... ???? or unless you mistake the Canadian accent as an American one.. then watch how you get.... politely ripped a new one... you only do that once..

I reckon .... do people trust politicians ?????? whatever country they come from not so much...
I could wake up tommorrow and bill shorten might be the head of the liberal party... nothing would surprise me.. they are running out of people to knife,

The bottom line is the earth will probably outlive humans...
and dying is inevitable and on such a positive cheery note... here's to mother earth .. and the Canadians..
I'd love to go to Canada and I reckon I'd trust em more than most populations... maybe I will go ....when it's a bit warmer.
ohh ps.. I read a few posts and it's good to see the grammatical dots ........ are being well utilised..
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Have you ever been attracted to somebody because of what they post.
Posted: 5/25/2013 3:43:38 AM
There are a lot of intelligent...amusing people in forums... wit is always attractive .. and the written word a character in a book .. can add intrigue.. but it's really only one aspect.. so the attraction can be short lived..
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Do you want to fall in love again ?
Posted: 5/25/2013 3:09:32 AM
Yes.. but as I say that.. (my heart)..
my brain would counter.. it is highly improbable.. for a myriad of reasons...

I'd like to thank all the forum posters whom have provided laughter...wit and entertainment.. and good hearts... much appreciated..
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Famous Movie Lines Of All Times
Posted: 5/25/2013 2:48:43 AM
Quote: As Good As It Gets
Jackie: How do you write women so well?
Melvin Udall: I think of a man. And I take away reason and accountability.

Melvin Udall: I might be the only person on the face of the earth that knows you're the greatest woman on Earth. I might be the only one who appreciates how amazing you are in every single thing that you do, and how you are with Spencer, 'Spence,' and in every single thought that you have, and how you say what you mean, and how you almost always mean something that's all about being straight and good. I think most people miss that about you, and I watch them, wondering how they can watch you bring their food, and clear their tables and never get that they just met the greatest woman alive. And the fact that I get it makes me feel good, about me.
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Bruce and Denise...
Posted: 5/25/2013 2:15:53 AM
I think not knowing if your child was alive or dead, would be one of the worst things you would have to live through... Seeing your child in a morgue...
and outliving them would be up there too I reckon..
Some images and experiences I reckon you just wouldn't get over..
I'm glad they have some closure... in knowing...such a sad ..sad... reality regardless...
one they will never get over.. just live through..
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No Luck
Posted: 11/23/2012 7:06:18 PM
If Meatloaf can get laid.. then I reckon anyone could..... it's all about attitude
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Is this the normal grieving process?
Posted: 10/6/2010 3:37:09 PM
EVery person and relationship is different, and so is every greiving.. your dad will be greiving differently to you .... for.. eg

What you are feeling/experiencing is normal... if there is such a definition..
There are apparently stages of grief.. and sometimes we feel we are through the anger stage.. or the acceptance stage.. then WHAM... we are back on our butts in the non acceptance stage for eg..

you have a big experience, that makes life never able to go back to how it used to be...
so its up to you how you move forward.. with this new life... changes..differences..
you cannot change it... but it might take time to accept it..
be patient with yourself.. in one day accepting it, (Like you thought when your mom was alive, you accepted her disease and eventual death... but as you see. .. your going through that needing to accept again stage).. perfectly normal.. so they say..

2 things I'd suggest to you..
1. there is a book called "on death and dying".. by Elizabeth Kubler -Ross.
It might help you understand a terminally ill patient and the greiving process
and how even maybe its possible your taking your anger stage out on your boyfriend..
(im not saying you are.. but.. alot of people do.. unconciously..)
Im sure your library would have the book for free..

2ndly.. I would try and find other people to talk to about your greiving.. and not put it all on your boyfriend. it sounds like he has been there for you through alot.. (you say you were depressed for years, and when you met him.. Id say he is probably trying to do his best, in standing by you, showing he cares etc.. but even people older than him and more qualified or have even known you/family longer.. would have trouble... coping with depression/grief etc.. just because he dosent know how to help you 100%
doesnt mean he dosent care.. he just isnt qualified.. I hope that makes sense?
and sometimes our resentment/anger/expectations.. can push people away .. when we actually just want them to love us..hold us..
you see..?
Id just hate for you to lose someone you care for and cares for you.. when most people usually need a counselor/grief support group for terminally ill. or alzeimers etc..
there are groups out there for you.. even online.. for free.
if you can get experienced support/knowledge... then your relationship..
wont be under pressure... you can then just ask your boyfriend to maybe hold you and simply say thank you..
greiving isnt easy.. Id imagined having someone to just hold or hug you.. would be heaven on earth through the process. rather than doing it fully alone

sometimes when we are depressed.. sad.. greiving.. its good to look for the positive things in life to give the soul/heart strength..
some girlfriends told me once.. (some have been married over 20 years)... dont expect any man to be your 100% support/confidant.. you need your girlfriends.. to chat too.
I imagine.. the lesson is.. men/women think differently.. so .. we might react differently etc.. anyhoo. IM not saying they were right.. but.. I think they probably are..
go to your girlfriends for lots of words and emotions.... and maybe just let your man know what you need from him..
they dont read minds.. either.. and they usually distant themselves .. if they get critised or feel they are failing their woman..

May I also suggest.. doing something to remember your mom by.. like a scrap book.. of photos..memories.. and maybe a journal.. writing down things you remember as you remember them..
then you have something to look at/ record your relationship with mom
or plant a tree.. or write a song.. or a poem..
I think a jounal would be good for you.. and finding 5 things to be grateful for each day.. (a relationship to yourself joournal).. some days.. might just say breathing/water/food..
play some music.. try to smile once a day..

but I reckon you are sooo blessed to have someone to hold you.. if you dont push him away.. be much worse all alone... going through the greiving process..
Id love a hug..
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Travelling and one night stands
Posted: 4/17/2010 11:27:07 PM
There is not enough alcohol in the worldddddddddd.. to answer that .. in a politically correct way..
so reverting to smartarsedness... (it's a hobby)...
aren't guys alwayssssssss looking to get laid? ..hahahaha..
so therefore location/country.. etc is a mute point..

Do women feel that guys that travel just naturally look for a quickie?

see ^^^^ above..
the question would be.. would a guy turn down a quickie.. because he happened to be in a country.... where he feel's it wont be known?
IN... fact is a guy looking for a quickie.. cos..... he went to the.....coles ...baked beans aisle?..
or to the local rsl?

The fact is.. I've probally known more guys.. who are interested in meeting/connecting.. with a women.. than just wanting a 'quick route.'. outta whatever.. situation..he finds himself in...
so I can't stereotype..
my experience are..... men.. are far deeper.. more committed.. once in love/connected.. than the women I've met.... so far...
IF your lady friend.. is expressing insecurity.. because you are in another country..
and thinks.. this lack of being in Australia.. is more tempting than.. looking for a quickie at the workers club..
Then.. the issue is within the mans character and/orher assessment of it?
regardless of who they are..where they are..etc..
or perhaps.. its just a way of communicating..(as in finding out your intent.. by saying.. so your on the town looking for a usa root?....and pauses for your response..)in finding agendas..
I don't know I have more important things to consider.. like..
grapes or squash?
edit... unless os course he specifically went to one of those sextour countries..
I remember a guy telling me.. he was off to a certain country with(name bleeped out for privacy issues).. that the guy taking him had gone before(to said country)... for copious amounts of viagra/sex for weeks.... (yes this where I live/choice.. in some guys).... in that case.. his total honesty of his express purpose/intent.. was in fact for many quickies..
america?.. is not a known sex country.. although statistically.. stds.. and aids.. in the usa.. would not be worth the risk..
just sayin..

and see.. really .. you don't come across as the type of guy.. who.. would waste his time.. connecting with a women.. just to go and decieve her trust.. but thats purely.. my impression.. and I have nothing to prove that..
BUt.. the fact is in forums.. quite afew posts get started involving subjects...
that are so entwined with personal essence.. that it becomes a personal thing .. in responding..
sorry IM poiting that out on your thread.. but there are a few.. I would of liked to give a impartial opinion on.. but because they make .. the issue a personal one..
then I can't .. so.. I hope you dont take what I'm saying personally..

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Posted: 4/17/2010 1:21:28 AM
Well, ....up until 3 weeks ago.... I would not have been able to...even name.... any online game.. nadda..

Growing up in the city... when a dog ...died.. we got told... it went to live on a farm...

It got me thinking.. are all the old forum posters... now living on farms?

IT would make me happy, think that.. rather than the alternative.....
anyhoo.. that is wayyyyyyyyy on topic.. if you know the farm...
otherwise.. knowing someone with a farm addiction.. or online gaming..addiction.. could possibly be annoying..
I don't know.. none.... of my friends...well they... no longer talk to me... hahahahah

Only cause they think they are real..
ok.. any one who knows games.. knows what im talking about..
gotta go.. tractor needs.. an oil change..
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Quack Get Rich Cults.
Posted: 4/10/2010 8:24:04 PM
Well I have not read all the posts..
BUt check consumer affairs.. because there are legal... cool off periods.. that are legally binding..
regardless of whether they say so... or not..
know your rights..
but a fool and his money are soon parted..
I know I bought a LG fridge..
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AIDS in Australia
Posted: 3/26/2010 10:44:13 PM
Well..... I haven't heard of anyone dying from aids this year.. but it is only march.
Hiv orginally entered Australia... in Sydney n.sw.. from a new yorker?.. (testing the memory here).... anyhoo a gay yank...
He ended up in kings cross.. partied hard.. and the rest is history..
I can't remember his name.. but do remember the doco... last year? on hiv/remberance ....
It instigated changes in the sex working industry at the cross..for eg..

There are certain areas in Australia with a higher HIV, demographic than other areas..
I think you might find nsw has had a higher.. statistics...
in contracting..funding..death etc..

I was just wondering if anyone else has had closer experience, lost anyone, wants to comment at all, just thinking out loud really but would appreciate your thoughts

well...yer.. indirectly.. of course..... I know people who know people who have died from aids..
far north coast of nsw has one of the highest populations with this virus....
(probably because its such a beautiful area to live and die in)..
anyhoo... yes probably most people wouldn't mention it..
one mates.. step brother.. contracted it through.. blood transfusion... dunno if it ever eventuated to aids..
But mainly it's the gay community.. that I'm more aware of...
one guy I know ... is gay.. his brother was gay and died from it..(sydney)
He also had a tenant die from aids.. plus his good mate.. has hiv.. but has no symptoms.. so his partner died... but he is ok.. ... im not sure if he can spread it.. but he dose'nt seem to be personally effected by it..
also a dyke chick I know..(that is an affectionate term.. for those who don't get it)... had a mate dying of it.. (gay male)...I say that cause.. I don't know of any lesbians that have died from aids..

So.. I go to ...his place..... to try help him fix settings on his pc.... he is more wanting to show me.. this new guy he met on a dating site.. (don't ask me..which one...but it was gay orietated... and had wayyyyyyyyyyyy more guys on it for the area.. than ive even seen around here.. in this year....
it was quite a few years ago.. I was'nt really aware of dating sites)..... anyhoo.. he could'nt find the page of his new love interest..
I was amazed at how many gay guys were on this site.. (local area say within an hour)....
I said to him.. no wonder .. women are single.. look at how many gay guys there are?.. are they married?.. bisexual?..etc... anyhoo.. my point.. (refer to man drought thread).
this area has a high gay population...).
anyhoo. so he points out his love interest..
tells me.. he has hiv.... (im a worrier.. and instantly I said.. what are you doing? your brother died of aids.. Im thinking your mum won't handle two dead sons..i'm very direct with mates...).. but at least I admire your new love interest you...)
well. it didnt work out.. after a couple months..... cause the guy was .. I quote my friend .. a slut.. and he had hep c and didnt tell him..he was .. upset ... about the fact he was a slut commitment phobe..and I said well he was honest re HIV
but he didnt tell him about the hepititis C..
mind you he had gone bareback.... with him..
A casual aquaintance I know.. says to me.. do you know..********.. I say nope.. she says well. ive been ..************* him.. I Say ok.. she says.. then I find out he has been ********* at least 3 or 4 random guys every month..
I say ok...( i didnt ask if protection was used)..
I get Asked.. from a male friend...can you catch herpes from someone with it but no sores?(after talking bout who theyve had sex with.. .)
then next sentence.. is ya wanna have sex?
me?...umm no ...
or.. yer.... a guy says to me....' chick I slept with..... she had hep c... but its ok.. I never contract anything unless im mean't to learn a lesson from it..'
YOu wanna have sex?...
me umm nope.....
... I actually think hep c.. is quite prevelant..and if you have it
no I won't judge you.. but I can't exchange body fluids with you.. such is life...

Well, personally.. IM not against sex... but I do have a compromised immune system..
I got to be careful...
because can look at a picture of a kid with a snotty nose and get the flu..
yer sucks to be me..
I just can't risk.. it..
**** don't even sneeze near me..
But yer.. having family.. involved in the medical community.. that.. is aware of the diseases.. Im always aware../...

you reckon Hiv is a bad virus..... it is.. but there is drugs helping hiv not develop into aids as fast.. so prolonging life.. and probably why..
not mentioned as much..

Get any virus.. in fact I was reading about head/cancer today and the oral sexual transmission of it... from hpv....
virus=immune enemy...= cancer potentially.. virus /bacteria.. inflammation long term.. can give you cancer,....
I had ross river virus.. (mosquito).... virus compromise the immune system..
IVe had chronic fatigue etc...

THe thought of hep c.. freaks me out.. because its very prevelant.. and I like alcohol.. I dont want that.. ever...
love da liver..I like beer..
Im celebate... not spiritually at the moment..
just not having sex,...celebate..
if you were aware of who slept with who.. who slept with who before.. hand... it sorta can make casual sex less appealing..
But hear this.. in noway is that a judgement on the person.. ... what you do I dont care.. good luck to ya..
IF you have a great immune system..... then.. your probably ok..
I can't risk.. it..

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Bathroom etiquette
Posted: 3/26/2010 9:59:14 PM
When I walked in I saw a open toilet and sink, so I locked the main door behind me

That sounds like a wheel chair access toilet?
It would be mandatory in my country.. for wheelchair access...
People in wheelchairs.... still need to use toilets..
ok some don't ,... but a
why would you change restaurants because they are considerate enough to look after the disabled?
In Australia.. most disabled toilets... are seperate.... so its a big open room with a sink/toilet..
maybe some business.. can't afford to remodel to cater for wheelies.. and include it all in one.. as long as they have wheelchair access/measurements...
it's all good right?
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Has anyone stayed in the hospital for two days?
Posted: 3/26/2010 8:59:32 PM

I am set to have this procedure next Monday with a two day stay in the hospital.

How are you OP?... I have been thinking about you.. and hoping everything went well
and that it turned out to be as you hoped for..

Are you ok?...... sending thoughts/blessings to you as you heal...
be well.. and happy..
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Panic Attacks
Posted: 3/26/2010 8:14:13 PM
I noticed this a few years ago when I was trying to be real quiet when a cougar was near my car and thinking if I was real still he wouldnt see me, but while remaining still of forgot to breath and soon felt a panic attack coming on. Once I breathed and then sat in the car and closed my mind and relaxed I was ok

In Australia cougars are usually women.. and yes some can be down right scary....

otherwise I think you described adrenaline?..flight or flight ..perfectly normal reaction.. to fear
sounds like you were trapped.. so no flight.. nor fight ability..
fear is a perfectly normal reaction , when imminent danger is apparent..
I think the anxiety or panic attacks are when there is no perceived imminent danger.. yet the biology/body reacts as if there is..
I take my hat off to you.. I mean I live with all Australian critters..
some ....come inside.. because I live in the bush.. rural/....
snakes/goannas..spiders.. etc... none of them phase me..
I love looking outside seeing them all...
but the sheer size of a big cat.. would cause adrenaline response in me.. for sure...
I reckon Id freak.. respond....
respect.. zenbeth..... in handling fear....
and I learn't next time I see a scary women sporting leopard skin stilletos..
Ill use the don't breathe....... pretend im not here method.. as she latches onto the young cub next to me...hahaha

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Neighbours in my building are smoking pot and driving me NUTS.
Posted: 3/26/2010 12:33:43 AM
Suggestions, anyone?

Yer.. inhale deeply
if you inhale deeply enough.. you will be so apathetic.. it will no longer bother you..
at least this is what the drug proganda ......we studied teaches...

other than that.. I personally can't be around smoke..
so I'd knock on their doors.. asking if they could bake cookies instead.. cause the smoke was getting to me..
otherwise... find yourself a non smoking.. similiar lifestyle condo..
I dunoo mate... seriously.. if you can't exhaust fan?
yer or ... towel under the door gap..
would nicotene piss you off as much?
light incense.. and let it drift through the hallway...
edit..VVVVV this is why its important, to deal with them.. cordially..
so they dont feel judged.. and you get an agreeable outcome..
neighbours suck.. ... and go ask for a toke.. that way you will know who it is..
read how to win friends and influence people...
by the time you finish that...
you might out making money..hahaha
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Religion and Politics
Posted: 3/25/2010 6:23:29 PM
Well with not reading one damn post on this thread. **** religion. Weren’t we born free? We can go by what ever rules we want and **** who ever we want? Who cares about social norms or religious norms and what not else. Why can't everyone do what the **** they want?

Well....hmmmm.let's see.. some people like ****ing 6 week old babies...
some may say.. we have higher self and a lower self..
essentially that equates to..
some people are selfish ****s.. whatever desire they have.. they believe should be catered too. regardless of the others or society as a whole...
IE empathy.. (so their desire takes away the inherent right for the 6 week old baby......this view point is sociopath in responsbility.. no feeling.. for their victim... etc).. quite straight forward really.. if one can think outside of their own selfish consiousness.
but then some others dont want to **** 6 week old babies .. they would much prefer to just use them, to take young genetic material from .. for their vanity in pursuit of everlasting youth...
others might use a 6 week old baby much like.. a baked dinner.. because cannibals would also.. have the right to pursue their desire under the **** everyone else.. ITS ALL ABOUT ME>> LAW..
others.. would just do online gaming.. leaving the 6 week old to die from lack of nurturing.. food/water etc..
but who cares right?... as long as you are not the 6 week old baby.... you can kill. crush destroy/torture..rape..molest... eat... etc.. anyone you like .. under a psychopathetic ruling..

And for me... I rather a leader that believes in something (don't care what/whom) so long as he/she doesn't believe that her/his actions will not be judged by a highter power. I may be wrong and I'm happy to acknowlege that!

ok.. so we know Hitler... was voted in....(by the people)...So your theory would say.. because Hitler believed he was accountable to GOD...... his actions in politics were ok... .. cause he was pleasing........ HIS GOD>.... he believed he was doing the right thing.. that his GOD would be very pleased with him...? yes?.......

He had a religious leaning.. towards catholicsm.... (back then and until ... well ....I remember seeing an interview in the last few years (yes seriously only the last few years.. holding catholic teaching accountable for the helping kill jews and their dogma.. I mean theology.. in regards to a jews status)pointing out one catholic text still had racist refferals to jews in it... ie no jew would get to heaven... in this interview it was stated that that catholic text.. was being changed.. because it was ascertained as racist)...)..
so of course everyone realises.. most religions.. believe (except for the Bahai'.. im sure theres more im not aware of)..well actually IM not.. but hope there are more..
believe that only they are SAVED
So let's get back to the hitler example... he from history reports believed he was doing GOd's will.. not only killing all Jews.. but jehovah witness.. homeosexuals....
mentally impaired... (hey considering 1 in 3.... are now declared mentally ill.. one would think.. advocvating.... this.. with computers now apparent in keeping your status on record..)..
Put simply.. if another person decided they....... also were accountable to.... God like Hitler.. (im sure he believed he would be rewarded.. only catholics are going to heaven after all..(sacasm)..... the rest are useless?.. (im being sacastic for those who dont get that... cause usually they don't on other threads..)..

Then most people would be farked.. cause your all on computer now.. your dna is slowly getting recorded.. your dna is slowly getting destroyed also.... (If your not sure how or why.. maybe investigate that .. before dismissing that knowledge)
your kids etc..

So ive left off on satanists..
if you unaware satanists exist and have a religion... then please study.... cause im pretty sure they believe their God will reward them also..

Even George bush.. believed he was doing GOds will in shock/awe.. bomb the people in the middle east..(no matter what anyone says.. I have never heard him recant this.. so...... won't he be rewared by his GOD?.. )

Wont the people killing infidels.. and getting reawrds in their afterlife.. be accountable to their GOD..
you cannot legislate 1 religion.. saying only those in moderate belief who .. god is remotely.. appeasable... in consequence.. can be in parliment..
No.. it must be fair,....once legislation is in..
which means.. if you rule for religion.. you rule for all religion.. no picking and choosing...
including those who believe the aliens will be by to pick them up.. soon.. cause the world is ending... Or JEsus.. or whoever.. the list is mind boggling...

Going.. back to when liberal got in last time.. the preferences were family/first=liberal vote... (alot of legislation got in.. because the parliment seats were predominately liberal/associate based... ).. please try and vote to keep parliment... at least able to question legislation.. didn't we watch.. bill after bill get passed... cause there was nooone to refute it?.. all the votes were pro....
(from my studies/knowledge.. family first is based in AOG.. which is Assemblies OF GOd..)
pentecoastal.. non denominational religious group.. origins amercia..
as Ive stated in previous posts on this thread... (this is the same religion as PALIN)...
my experience of AOG in aust is nothing like gun toteing PALIN nor amercia.. nor bush..
but then we don't have those gun laws.. ans Ive never personally seen UP FRONT OF HOUSE>. this attitude in AOG...
IF it is in the administration.. as the yank posted on here earlier..
then they are not giving that a decade ago to the parishioners.. up front...
IM hoping we don't have the same lack of mentality in our our version as PAlin either...
nor bush.. although he was a different religion than aog?yes of course he was...
be careful.. what god you are trusting in judging those..
dellusion is ripe/manifest in many beliefs... besides that one..
innocence isn't always innocence..

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Four dead after cop chase ends in crash
Posted: 3/25/2010 3:15:50 PM
post 40... was offering no personal opinion.. on what the protocol would ideally be..
( I do have some thoughts.. but more on prevention.. rather than.. pursuit as such)

I read alot.... and I usually try to read around media hype.. designed to manipulate and ellicit...emotional responses...

So post 40.. was to simply.. add some...supposed reported facts facts..
that seemed.... unknown,..when assumptions were being made about a certain crime.. a certain.. thief's cognitive and intellectual abilities....which would argue.. without basis.. or fact..
against this.. security suggestion..

5000 less, that's quite a big drop and seems to indicate that increased security is the best measure. Perhaps we need to make it mandatory for all new vehicles to be fitted with imobilisers. Sure this wouldn't stop the smart thieves, but then joy riders, who I'm sure account for most of the fatalities, are pretty dumb.

security is important...

So what do we attribute to the joy riders who stole the $250,000 MG sports car that was supposedly anti theft, being too dumb to realise that the car they stole should not have had the intelligence to steal the car was unstealable or did someone hand them the keys?

No .....If you read the supposed police facts.. the thief stole the keys...
This does not show intelligence nor lack of...

The car was supposed to be unstealable but the joy rider who was eventually caught had somehow managed to bypass all the security systems that the car had built in, so one can only guess that this joy rider wasn't dumb.

And as far as we know, that has not been proven, not to be true...

This was part of the article.....I saw no reason to include the young mans character/reputation, in discussing facts.. like car apparent security.....
but.. if.. the character assessment given to him in this article is true...
and as his name can not be used.. there is no risk of slander... than I personally feel.. his long term apparent crimes should be addressed..

The youth is listed by police as being a "top 10" offender along Sydney's eastern beaches, with an extensive criminal history. Police claimed he showed no remorse for his actions, even laughing about the fact that he had "made the news".

^^^^^^^what will deter him from his accussed.. habitual behaviour?
I have a few ideas..
obviously there are different reasons why cars are stolen..
Until recently I would of thought more modern cars.. would be the main target...
but I was reading this week, with scrap metal prices rising..
car theft is also in the 'old car ' demographics...

Society, .. usually relies upon statistics/projections etc, to try and develop strategies for the future...
As we know public funding money..can be wasted quite often....
As far As I know the projected statistics for our society... dosen't look good...
for eg.. 1 in 3 will be obese.. (children)...
1 in 3 will be mentally ill?... (that is already happening)..
preschoolers put on antidepressants.. now.. (so whats that going to be like in 20 years?).. not to mention what's the statistics of the mental illness labelled adhd..
what will society be like in 20 years?.. I"m not judging any group here..
simply.. .. an eg....funding/statistics.. etc.. projections..
someone was talking about responsibility... for actions..
that includes everyone .. right..
unless clinically insane? and you are not legally responsible.. for your actions..

My point is.. thieves.... seem to have existed since .. 'ownership' has.. so therefore, one would assume that car theft.. as long as we have personal.. cars... will continue to be stolen...??.... and setup.. funding that deals.. with it at its root cause.. and try and stop it there.. rather than.. deal with it later... after deaths/etc..

I remember seeing a doco on Canada a few years back, in how they deal with (long term strategy)... addressing this in their society...
They had cars setup.. across a city... to catch the theif... and once it had been stolen,
the cops were able to stop it through computers...(the car would lose power)
the doors locked and the car theif was trapped... (bit like a big human mouse trap, humane trap)... there was no getting off..... by being in the car.. you were guilty... so you were charged/sentenced....(same for those who were a passenger).
I personally think that sort of thing is worth the intial investment.... and one of the biggest... effects.. is this.. by not knowing which cars.. were cartraps
it changed.. the perception.. made any car stealing risky.. to a theif..
ie.. it dealt with(or at the very least.. penetrated..that conciousness)
the' I won't get caught'........ thinking..
anyhoo. its a long term.. investment.. dealing with a long term crime..
then I have my own personal..... thoughts on dealing with a theif once caught.. and determined .....definite guilt....(although I havent checked finances/projections on this... )
I don't like the way our society is going in a lot of ways/.....this is just one of them..

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Four dead after cop chase ends in crash
Posted: 3/25/2010 1:49:00 AM
excerpt from full story

With Clarke flying out yesterday to rejoin teammates in New Zealand, it may be that his police statement about the incident will be tendered in lieu of testimony. Documents say that Bingle has not yet given a statement to police.

"Inside the glove box of the black Land Rover was a spare key to the Aston Martin," police will allege. "It is alleged (the 14-year-old) and unknown persons have unlawfully entered the Land Rover, taken the spare key to the Aston Martin, and used it to steal."

Police say the Aston Martin was locked, secured and had run out of petrol when it was found on New Year's Eve. Fingerprints allegedly belonging to or consistent with those of the teen were found on the vehicle, police will allege.

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Msg: 2 (view)
Fish oil capsule question
Posted: 3/22/2010 11:21:56 PM

Impact of Cooking, Storage and Processing

How do cooking, storage, or processing affect omega-3 fatty acids?

Polyunsaturated oils, including the omega-3 fats, are extremely susceptible to damage from heat, light, and oxygen. When exposed to these elements for too long, the fatty acids in the oil become oxidized, a scientific term that simply means that the oil becomes rancid.

Rancidity not only alters the flavor and smell of the oil, but it also diminishes the nutritional value. More importantly, the oxidation of fatty acids produces free radicals, which are believed to play a role in the development of cancer and other degenerative diseases.

Under most circumstances, the problem of rancidity only arises when the oils are removed from their natural food package. For example, the hard shell of the flaxseed protects the oil inside the seed from heat, light, and oxygen. Flaxseeds also contain antioxidant compounds, such as vitamin E, that provide additional protection against oxidation. But, when the seed is pressed to isolate the oil, the oil becomes vulnerable to the elements.

As a result, oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids should be stored in dark glass, tightly closed containers in the refrigerator or freezer. In addition, these oils should never be heated on the stove. So, instead of sautéing your vegetables in flaxseed or walnut oil, make a salad dressing using these oils.

Although less a problem with whole foods than processed oils, some foods containing omega-3 fatty acids appear to lose some of their health benefits (like heart protection) when the foods are fried. Fried fish is a good example in this area, since fried fish containing omega-3s have been shown to provide less heart protection than baked or broiled fish containing the same amount of omega-3s.

Salmon, flax seeds and walnuts are excellent food sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Research indicates that omega-3s may be better absorbed from food than supplements. Norwegian researchers compared 71 volunteers' absorption of omega-3s (EPA and DHA) from salmon, smoked salmon, cod (14 ounces of fish per week) or cod liver oil (3 teaspoons per day). Cooked salmon provided 1.2 grams of omega-3s daily, while cod liver oil provided more than twice as much: 3 grams of omega-3s per day.

Despite the fact that the salmon group got less than half the amount of omega-3s as the cod liver oil group, blood levels of omega-3s increased quite a bit more in those eating salmon than those taking cod liver oil. After 8 weeks, EPA levels had risen 129% and DHA rose 45% in those eating cooked salmon compared to 106% and 25%, respectively, in those taking cod liver oil.

In the group eating smoked salmon, blood levels of omega-3s rose about one-third less than in the salmon group. In those eating cod, the rise in omega-3s was very small.

Concurrent with the rise in omega-3s in those eating salmon, a drop was seen in blood levels of a number of pro-inflammatory chemicals (TNFalpha, IL-8, leukotriene B4, and thromboxane B2). Researchers think omega-3s may be better absorbed from fish because fish contains these fats in the form of triglycerides, while the omega-3s in almost all refined fish oils are in the ethyl ester form. Once absorbed, omega-3s are converted by the body from their triglyceride to ester forms as needed. Lipids. 2006 Dec;41(12):1109-14.

Polyunsaturated fats, unlike saturated fats, are liquid at room temperature and remain liquid when refrigerated or frozen. Monounsaturated fats, found in olive oil, are liquid at room temperature, but harden when refrigerated. When eaten in appropriate amounts, each type of fat can contribute to health. However, the importance of omega-3 fatty acids in health promotion and disease prevention cannot be overstated.

The three most nutritionally important omega-3 fatty acids are alpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA).

The body converts alpha-linolenic acid into two important omega-3 fats, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA). These fats can also be derived directly from certain foods, most notably cold-water fish including salmon, tuna, halibut, and herring. In addition, certain types of algae contain DHA. EPA is believed to play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, while DHA is the necessary for proper brain and nerve development.

What are the functions of omega-3 fatty acids?

Every cell in our body is surrounded by a cell membrane composed mainly of fatty acids. The cell membrane allows the proper amounts of necessary nutrients to enter the cell, and ensures that waste products are quickly removed from the cell.

Promoting Healthy Cell Membranes

To perform these functions optimally, however, the cell membrane must maintain its integrity and fluidity. Cells without a healthy membrane lose their ability to hold water and vital nutrients. They also lose their ability to communicate with other cells. Researchers believe that loss of cell to cell communication is one of the physiological events that leads to growth of cancerous tumors.

To increase the activity of your desaturase enzymes, be sure that your diet includes a sufficient amount of vitamin B6, vitamin B3, vitamin C, magnesium and zinc. In addition, limit your intake of saturated fat and partially hydrogenated fat, as these fats are known to decrease the activity of delta-6 desaturase. Also, to be on the safe side, consider including a direct source of EPA and DHA if your diet, such as wild-caught salmon, halibut, or tuna.

I Think reading this whole page.. @(all quotes are excerpts from this cited page)
might help you decide whether actually eating/plus adding enzymes... and synergy of other nutrients needed to process (omega 3's) ....
might be more economical and valuable... in the long term.. rather than storage?.... of fish oil...?
IT also has a table.. showing what foods to include and their general value...of a omega 3's..
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Four dead after cop chase ends in crash
Posted: 3/21/2010 5:01:57 PM

The unlicensed driver who killed a family of three in Canberra at the weekend had been in a coma only 10 months ago after crashing another stolen car.

Justin Williams was killed on Saturday night when the speeding car he was driving slammed into the vehicle containing Scott Oppelaar, 33, his partner Samantha Ford, 33 and their three-month-old son Brody.

Williams, 23, smashed into the car with such force that it slammed into a tree and split in two.

His passenger and girlfriend of two months, 18-year-old Skye Webbe, was airlifted to hospital and placed in an induced coma.

Now it has emerged Williams was already facing charges over another crash on May 14 last year where he wound up in a coma, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Ms Webbe’s mother Debbie yesterday said she was angry at authorities.

"I'm devastated — I want the police to pay for what has happened," she was quoted as saying.

Mr Oppelaar’s three other children — Tamika, 16, Blake, 14, and Tori, 12 — wept as they laid flowers at the scene of the crash on the Monaro Highway in the ACT yesterday.

"There are no words that could say how I feel ... I loved him so much," Tamika said.

"The police should have stopped it — my father wasn't doing anything wrong."

NSW police stopped chasing the stolen car moments before the horror collision happened.

The pursuit began in Queanbeyan shortly after 10pm (AEDT) after the stolen car sped past police conducting a traffic stop.

The chase continued across the border into Canberra but was called off when the stolen car ran a red light.

A short time later it ran another red light and struck the other car at the intersection of Canberra Avenue and the Monaro Highway exit ramp at Narrabundah.

Police will not say if the chase stopped at a set of lights just 50m from the crash scene, or a set of lights further up the road.

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A Chocoholic Needs Help
Posted: 3/19/2010 2:44:56 PM
Another thing I noticed is that chocolate becomes such a craving 2 weeks prior to your menstrual cycle.

You might like to check out..low levels of iron and/or magnesium.... that
cause sugar cravings....
very important to your bodys health... and the sugar cravings will stop once you are eating food with magnesium for eg...... in them..

Blackstrap mollasses, has many benefits.. and a teaspoon a day.. will offer alot of benefits.. in beating sugar cravings... and build your iron up.. (until sugar cravings pass)... I started on 1 teaspoon a day.. but now only need 1 teaspoon every now and again)

but.. check this stuff out for yourself..
even lack of water has been linked to sugar cravings...

every cell has magnesium in it.. you need it to live.. essentially. so if your body is telling you it needs it.. then it will improve your health/ and keep cells healthy... protecting them ..from a lot of diseases
lemon juice in water... (lemon has magnesium).. every morning.. (you can google this as well..these days..)...
IF you drink it first thing.. it will kick start your body.. give the liver enzymes.. and your metabolism will also improve.... it will feed your cells and..
although .....I've never been overweight.. nor counted calories etc,.....
friends I know whom Ive told this years ago,,, swear they noticed the weight going ...
for eg.. .. without doing exercise or changing their fatty diets...
simply by giving your body the nutrition.. ...its asking for..
But of course.. everyone should research this stuff for themselves... (thats also good because knowledge helps the understanding/healing process ) and if it's suitable for you..
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Has anyone stayed in the hospital for two days?
Posted: 3/17/2010 7:37:12 PM
Has anyone had the surgery? If so, did it help you?

No never had that surgery....... and I did read up on it on line since you asked..
I doubt I would op for this surgery... unless I had tried for at least 3 months ..
dietary controls for gerd..

Im not liking the listed side effects of this surgery... ( i would do everything else besides this surgery) would be on deaths door................ last resort..
and Ive lived with long term effects of reflux..

I have had dueodenal ulcers... have known longgggggg term acid reflux.. have known...
the medication..
(mainly because I didnt stop smoking/drinking.. eating fatty foods etc... which stopped the ulcers healing.. and causing the reflux.. )
I"m looking at your pics.. and you have a distended abdomen....
that usually =.. digestive problems and /or a liver problem...
You did'nt say why you are getting the reflux.. ... I read about the procedure.. but...
won't you still have the same problem?.... not fixed?... that is causing the reflux?
what organ is unhealthy = causing the reflux or is it what your eating?

is this because you couldnt change your diet?
in eating non reflux food?.... did your doctor suggest you try apple cider vinegar with each meal?... (my doctor did.. she gave me a list of alkaline acid foods and high acid or ash foods).... it got rid of the reflux..

IM guessing its not ulcers.. cause if stomach.. you would be given antibiotics.. and if a dueodenal ulcer they would take a tissue.sample.. then see if its bacteria?

and guess what got me off those meds.. years ago?
because I could'nt even lay down at night without meds...

apple cider vinegar.. in a glass of water with every meal....
simple as that..... because sometimes acid reflux is because you are not making enough acid..... the right acid.... (i know that dosent make much logical sense but its true.._
you can google it..... it's true.. (theres good acidity and bad acidity)
have you tried it?

I know that I will be on a puree diet.

FOREVER?.. are you on a pureed diet?...
wowe that sucks if true.. I remember getting 4 impacted wisdom teeth out at once....
(i'm a meat eater... can't tell you how much I missed a good steak..)
I lived on baby food.. (most I couldn't even eat.. it was that disgusting.. processed horrible tasting dog wouldnt even eat it..)

The good thing is that I won't have to acid reflux medicine anymore

Well, true its.. good to be off.. meds.. all meds have side effects.. because whenever your body is out of balance... you will have side effects.. like reflux..
thats your body's way of telling you.. its unwell..... but surgery...?.....

ie you .. if you are eating the wrong foods.. you have a damaged digestive tract etc..
if you continue the wrong foods/you like.. wont the problem continue?
but you dont say why your body is making the reflux.. besides it has high acid.. which is fixed.. but eating alkaline food..
if you already.. eat 2 pieces of high fibre fruit
such as an apple and a banana.. a day.. plus at least 5 serves of vegies a day....
then maybe surgery..?.. still? why?
you eat raw grated salad.. eg.. say a subway thing? if you dont buy/make that sort of food.. (with apple cider vinegar?.. would that stop your reflux?.. have you tried it?)

all you listed was your body is very acid.. means.. your diet.. is not alkaline.. apple cider vinegar is alkaline acid... it can and would help .. get rid of your high acidity..
(dunno I'm in australia.. have never eaten subway, but have seen pics of it on tv).
a salad sandwich in my country is raw fibre..= this..
tomatoe/lettuce/onion/cucumber/grated carrot.. grated beetroot.. maybe alfalfa sprouts..
maybe pineapple.. (optional)..
the point being.. if you have digestive probs.. raw /healthy food will help clear that out.. keeping bowel healthy..long term.. (ie no bowel cancer for eg).
also helps with any immune disease such as asthma.. arthritis etc)..
another high fiber food is sweet potato.....

good luck..
if you have tried changing your diet.. and apple cider vinegar,...
a squirt of lemon juice in water .. once you wake up.. will aid your liver with enzymes.. to work better.. helping digest and loose fatty liver and weight..also with distended abdomen..
and your reflux didnt go..
then why are they not fixing the underlying disease?
from the side effects.. listed in that link.. I posted..
you won't even be able to vomit..
so.. if you can't swallow and can't vomit.. (if you have tainted food .. or an allergic reaction.).. then all those toxins will just sit in you..

IS it reversable?
or will you never swallow whole food again?

Has anyone stayed in the hospital for two days?
Message: I have been in for an overnight stay.

yes recently.. I hate hospitals..
but it motivated me to never ever want to go back again..
(although I was grateful.. for the help..)

Mate... good luck..
you do realise.. if this forces you to change your diet.. so no reflux..
that you could do that without surgery?
I dunno.. whats causing the reflux?
good luck mate... I feel sorry for ya ..
sounds like you wont ever solids again?
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Period sex......ooohhhh or eeewwww??
Posted: 3/16/2010 2:42:15 PM
ohhh Good Lord, what a topic to wake up too.... certainly put me... off my breaky

Oral? Geeez Ms.H... you ask some bloody personal questions!
Since I've already said I have no aversion to body fluids, and I think I've mentioned in the past my enthusiasm for cunnilingus, it's pretty obvious that menstrual blood is of no concern at all.

OH my... Im getting really bad visuals here... like car crashes...
silence of the lambs... slaughter house 5..
and Hannibal Lickt'er

how's that bloody Mary?... I think it needs more vodka..
and a little umbrella, aint gunna ... spruce it up... ha ha ha..
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The chickens AND the eggs
Posted: 3/14/2010 9:37:12 PM

In hindsight, if they were rich but tight pensioners im going to be really p1ssed off..........

awwww they will be thinking about you first thing in the morning for a week...
remember that nice sweet girl.. frank?.. the one who shared her eggs with us..?
ha ha ha ha..
ok.. i just woke up from my nana nap..
IM purely amusing myself..
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Is anybody else over the Bingle - Single ?
Posted: 3/14/2010 9:27:58 PM
Naahh, the ring down the loo is a rumour.. mear gossip symbolising their relationship...

Anyhoo, I would imagine the ring would be insured.. so... if it can't be found?
would'nt there be a payout?
I would imagine sooooooo..

Meanwhile the cricketer is presumably scanning for a new trophy to install in his trophy cabinet/apartment.

Naaahhh... the best trophies are the mounted type...

but if everybody has mounted the same trophy as yourself, (as in the public eye) tends to become more common, and less desirable in the common market..
let alone if the whole team, has the same mounted trophy...
IT........seems like we have a demountable trophy, who's ring is questionable...
it's all gossip...
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Attention Congress and Doctors: How to Really Fix our Health Care System
Posted: 3/13/2010 11:23:07 PM
excerpt from

The fact that we have to take vitamin C at all seems to be a sort of biological accident, probably a genetic mutation, which happened hundreds of thousands of years ago. Virtually all animals can produce ascorbate from glucose in their liver through a step-wise biochemical chain of reactions, each mediated by a specific enzyme. In humans, the last enzyme in the series is missing, and it is the loss of this unit that accounts for the vast majority of people in the world being short of acceptable amounts of vitamin C for optimal health and longevity.

Some scientists estimate that without the genetic defect, the human adult would manufacture 10.000 to 20,000 milligrams of ascorbate daily and three to five times that amount during stress. While vitamin C is plentiful throughout the plant kingdom, in light of the fact that most people are deficient in it is evidence that few people consume a well-balanced diet. Those who wish to supplement their daily intake now have a new option - esterfied vitamin C.
Vitamin C - A Necessary Nutrient

Almost anyone can recite at least two or three good reasons to take vitamin C, and new discoveries are regularly announced. Its virtues have been extolled for decades and supplements from a few milligrams to megadoses have been advocated for everything from the common cold to cancer. clinical reports supporting the diverse claims of this healthful substance are growing at an astounding rate. Below are just a few of the more recent studies conducted on vitamin C.

Because the eye contains a very high concentration of vitamin C, studies were conducted to explore the possible link between cataract development and vitamin C deficiency. In a study involving 108 cataract patients, Dr. A. Ringvold and his colleagues found that the majority of the patients lacked adequate levels of vitamin C. A study conducted at the University of Chile in Santiago demonstrated that by adding approximately 100 milligrams of vitamin C to the diet of 364 infants, their absorption of iron doubled.

The "British Journal of Clinical Practice" ran an editorial written by Dr. I. Haslock, who observed elderly patients with joint diseases also often suffered, from vitamin C deficiency.tamin C deficiency frequently leads to excess blood in the joints, which in turn leads to many forms of arthritis.

In a number of separate studies that included adults of all ages, smokers and nonsmokers, and males and females, researchers found that daily supplementation of vitamin C effectively lowered serum cholesterol by an average of 15 % over an average of 2 to 12 months.hers studies on vitamin C have concluded that daily supplementation significantly boosts the immune system, helps prevent and fight various forms of cancer, and effectively diminishes the incidence of periodontal disease.
Advantages of Esteritied C

Recently a new and different kind of vitamin C was discovered, called ester C. The excitement over this discovery is that it offers all the benefits of the current forms of vitamin C, plus a few others of its own. Ester is a chemists word to describe a particular chemical bonding configuration Esterified vitamin C means that several ascorbic acid molecules have been linked together in a certain way to form one large molecule.

The advantages of the esterfied form go far beyond simply bonding several ascorbic acid molecules together. While it is true that there are significant advantages in that alone, there are others. Nonester forms of vitamin C are quickly eliminated from the body. Supplements of vitamin C are quickly absorbed through the intestinal tract. Afterwards, excess quantities are rapidly eliminated, mostly through urination and a small amount through perspiration. Studies show that approximately 73 percent of ascorbic acid ingested is removed from the body in less than 24 hours. In contrast, only 5 percent of the ester form was eliminated during the same period. The rest was constantly being utilized for a variety of functions.

Many people who consume large doses of vitamin C complain about the uncomfortable effects of its acidity. Ascorbic acid at pH 2.4 is, in fact, quite a potent acid. Even buffered forms of vitamin C don’t always alleviate the problem. Esterfied C, on the other hand, is pH neutral - neither acidic nor alkaline. Hence, it is the most agreeable form, particularly for those with sensitive digestive systems. And, because of the unique method that goes into creating esterfied C, no chemicals are present which can lead to the production of unpleasant stomach gas.

The importance of calcium has long been established in bone building and bone maintenance. It is believed that long-term calcium shortages are responsible for the fact that, among post-meno-pausal women, one in four is afflicted with osteoporosis. Interestingly, vitamin C improves calcium absorption. In order to be properly absorbed, calcium must first be linked with an organic acid (such as ascorbic acid). It appears that this is the reason for the effectiveness of this duo. Therefore, there are compounded advantages to using a form of vitamin C in which the ascorbic acid is already naturally bonded (chelated) to calcium, as is the case of esterfied C. In using calcium-bonded vitamin C, you maximize the benefits of both nutrients and, at the same time, improve the absorption of calcium. Eserfied C is receiving world-wide recognition for its remarkable properties, and medical authorities are calling it the new "wonder vitamin".

Those afflicted with chronic illnesses like AIDS or cancer Ester C has been found to be extremely effective and these individuals have benefited from taking the supplements. This is an esterified vitamin C supplement. This is created by having the vitamin react with a necessary mineral like magnesium, calcium, potassium zinc, or sodium. This causes the vitamin to become nonacidic but contains the vitamin's metabolites identical to those produced by the body. It enters the body's tissues and bloodstream four times faster than the standard form of the vitamin. It also stays in the body tissues longer and moves into the blood cells more efficiently. Only one third as much is lost through the urine when vitamin C is supplemented in this esterified form.

excerpt from

Vitamin C Supplement

All synthetic vitamin C should be completely avoided. Energetic testing reveals that synethetic vitamin C differs from natural food sources. It acts like a drug on the body, suppressing healing processes and mucous eliminations. This applies to esterified forms, ascorbic acid, and all ascorbates. Any multivitamin or multinutrient complexes which contain these should also be completely avoided. Extremely short-term usage for acute toxicity (e.g. during amalgam removal) may be warranted, but needs further investigation.
Must be sourced 100% from food sources. Beware €œAcerola C€ supplements which contain only 5% acerola and are composed 95% of synthetic vitamin C.

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Msg: 8 (view)
Anyone here have epilepsy & single???
Posted: 3/13/2010 10:07:25 PM
When the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin" hit the theatres, I didn't think it was funny as I'm 46 and still a virgin.

Anybody who says "Money doesn't buy Love", doesn't know what it's like when you can't afford to take someone out for dinner, and you get judged on that.

Well..... I see you wrote this in 2009....
And I read your profile, and it says your married.. and you met her on this site...

I'm very happy/smiling for you.
see?... it can happen.
Actually IVe personally given up on love in my lifetime..
but for a moment.. you touched my heart...
with hope....
regardless thank you for the smile/joy

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Msg: 19 (view)
Is anybody else over the Bingle - Single ?
Posted: 3/11/2010 11:05:14 PM
Privacy issues are important and a human right?
what if it was you?
Id be pissed off..
otherwise.... other than a human rights aspect and lack of integrity in media.. again
Here is much more..... personally.... impacting news for anyone who.. lives in Australia..
or.. has a child.. or rents/or pays off a mortgage..(ok IM not gunna provide the financial impact.. re china economy etc)... or has a genetic disorder.. or scared of contracting(discovering) a genetic disease...?
ok so I know Ive posted nano particle stuff before.. especially in rubbing sunscreen all over ya kids... .... in the danger of it..(yuk.. there are safe alternatives.. google is there)
but now.. they are telling you.. to be proactive in protecting your kids dna.... (nano particles).. (in other words just be cause something is for sale in a capitalistic society.. means. a profit... for them........ not that is good for you..Ive posted before but was waiting for the longgggggggg answer re regulation on this..

Sunscreens could damage your health, researcher warns March 12, 2010

Nanoparticles used to make some sunscreens transparent may also be toxic, according to Australian research.

Scientists find why "sunshine" vitamin D is crucial


By Kate KellandPosted 2010/03/08 at 11:50 am EST
LONDON, Mar. 8, 2010 (Reuters) — Vitamin D is vital in activating human defences and low levels suffered by around half the world's population may mean their immune systems' killer T cells are poor at fighting infection, scientists said on Sunday.


Scientists unlock genetic code of entire family in world first
From correspondents in Washington From: AFP March 11, 2010 11:19AM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Email Share Add to Digg Add to Add to Facebook Add to Kwoff Add to Myspace Add to Newsvine What are these? AMERICAN scientists have for the first time unlocked the genetic code of an entire family, and made a startling discovery - that parents pass on fewer mutations than previously thought.

Scientists had long believed that each parent passed on some 75 genetic mutations to their children.

would'nt be great to live in a world where money did'nt dictate... an outcome/thought/belief..
wishful thinking.. and KNOW that alllllllll the available.. data/knowledge etc.. was used
towards helping mankind.. our kiddies esp... rather than milking the cows..serfs for all their worth..
besides.. thinking requires brain cell usage..... gossip.. is enticing.. cause... as long as its not about you.. right?.. requires no thinking..
perpetuating gossip... is ... hmmmmmm

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Lets Play God !!!
Posted: 3/11/2010 7:31:45 PM

Lets Play God !!!

OR ..... (how about mortally) .....Humane?.. Im reminded why I choose not to bother... with most humans...
I may ask......with much sadness.... What has society been engineered to become?.... That includes us all....
and why I smile/dance/play/.... feel joy.. when I am concious of a human.. who has inner... beauty..... and why I love the internet in searching for a rare individual here and there .. that has inner beauty....
they seem to becoming rarer....
To those of you.. with inner beauty...
and you know who you are...
(I can only try..each day..... Im not there yet..).

Humane in early use meant civil, courteous or obliging towards humans and animals. In modern times it is characterized by sympathy with or consideration, compassion and benevolence for others, especially for the suffering or distressed.

[edit] Synonyms
Some synonyms to help understand the term humane are: benignant, charitable, gentle, kind, merciful, sympathetic and tender.

[edit] Antonyms
Some antonyms to help understand the term inhumane are: appalling, atrocious, brutal, callous, cruel, heartless, merciless and sadistic.

humane [hjuːˈmeɪn]
1. characterized by kindness, mercy, sympathy, etc.
2. inflicting as little pain as possible a humane killing
3. civilizing or liberal (esp in the phrases humane studies, humane education)
[variant of human]

Adj. 1. humane - pertaining to or concerned with the humanities; "humanistic studies"; "a humane education"
humanist, humanistic
2. humane - marked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering
civilised, civilized - having a high state of culture and development both social and technological; "terrorist acts that shocked the civilized world"
compassionate - showing or having compassion; "heard the soft and compassionate voices of women"
human - having human form or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings; "human beings"; "the human body"; "human kindness"; "human frailty"
merciful - showing or giving mercy; "sought merciful treatment for the captives"; "a merciful god"
inhumane - lacking and reflecting lack of pity or compassion; "humans are innately inhumane; this explains much of the misery and suffering in the world"; "biological weapons are considered too inhumane to be used"
3. humane - showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement
civilised, civilized - having a high state of culture and development both social and technological; "terrorist acts that shocked the civilized world"
adjective kind, compassionate, good, kindly, understanding, gentle, forgiving, tender, mild, sympathetic, charitable, benign, clement, benevolent, lenient, merciful, good-natured, forbearing, kind-hearted Their aim is for a more just and humane society.
cruel, brutal, ruthless, unkind, inhuman, unsympathetic, inhumane, barbarous, uncivilized, unmerciful

What do you regard as most humane? To spare someone shame.
Friedrich Nietzsche

There is in general good reason to suppose that in several respects the gods could all benefit from instruction by us human beings. We humans are - more humane.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Are we?
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Msg: 103 (view)
Posted: 3/9/2010 8:13:31 PM
Jesus Faux! Are you trying to make the rest of us feel insecure? I was thinking they'd take it from your little toe.

your so funny.. you make my day...

I thought they used.. pullies and a chain from ( hooked ...from the penis..)
and you were suspended by that from the ceiling....
or was that for penis extension?
I imagine it could work on the skin also...
plus you get a free penis piercing as well..

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Msg: 107 (view)
Lets Play God !!!
Posted: 3/8/2010 1:53:28 AM

You're reaching. Smokers aren't saints but they do NOT have the behavioural problems/criminal propensities that heroin addicts display. "Bumming smokes" is not the same as holding up a liquor store with a blood-filled syringe or at knifepoint.

Nowhere did I justify smoking as a habit. Nowhere did I deny it was an addiction.

Nowhere did I say that smoking around your kids was healthy.

Please direct me to any heroin addicts who are holding down a job. And I don't mean some CEO making a gazillion dollars a year. I mean someone who works at Woolworths or for Centrelink or as a teacher or something ordinary like that. Because otherwise I call BS. You cannot function when you're high.

By the way, you're incredibly hard to understand, terrible spelling, grammar and punctuation ... which makes your insistence all the more ironic, frankly.

your the one making moral or distinctive judgements between addicts...

IF you know anything about drugs..
then you might understand why...
they put transplant criteria.. including smoking as thus..(smokers dont heal as well as non smokers..)
you can blame/moralise... etc as much as you want.. and critise and judge as you are me.. re my grammer etc,....
but bottom line.. and I"ll post again... the specialists... on transplant say this...

such as what your doing..
IVe given research .. facts...
youve given defensive... attack.

once again for you... here is the science criteria for getting on the organs
for transplantation list..
dont hate me.. cause you smoke...
ha ha ha...
here is why you cant get a transplant cause you smoke ! smoke a day.... addiction model.. is not mine.. its science..ok?.

Exclusion Criteria include (but not limited to):

Active malignancy- in general a 5 year disease free interval is prudent
Irreversible significant dysfunction of other organs or body systems – combined organ transplant (eg heart/lung) may be a consideration, but patients must fit Guideline eligibility requirements for both organs and have a plausible strategy for allocation
Non-curable chronic infection
Documented non-adherence, or inability to comply with complex medical therapy or office follow-up (eg untreatable psychological or psychiatric condition)
Substance addiction (eg alcohol, tobacco or illicit drug use) that is either active or within the last 6 months

While age is not by itself an absolute exclusion criterion, it is likely that the presence of multiple co-morbidities in patients more than 65 years of age would exclude the majority of such patients from consideration (Weiss ES et al, J Am Coll surg 2009;208:400-9).

Date of protocol: August 2002

Updated August 2006
Updated January 2008
Updated March 2009

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Msg: 105 (view)
Lets Play God !!!
Posted: 3/8/2010 1:29:17 AM
Last I checked, smokers were not known for robbing people for money to buy smokes. They don't hock other people's stuff to score tobacco

ok.. yep.. ... the smokers ive known... ... probably bludged?... (gawd is that an old fart term... blushes appropriately.. cause im an old fart)...or stole..
fags.. in their early addiction years...
did you read my profile? albeit boring.. im nearly 45.. ... maybe modern addict to nicotene are independantly bludge more efficently offa their relos.. than when i was a kid..

we had to steal our smokes...

Smokers do not spread AIDS around by smoking

ohh my... IVe never thought of that.....
smokers usually spread gum disease.. its highly contagious... from kissing..
and fark me.. as depressing as it was..... some.. smart guy... put in the oral sex thread ... gum disease could be spread through oral sex...
that depressed me...
sigh... but ive not researched if that is true...i prefer the cover the la la la... method on that... theory..

Smokers are capable of holding down a job

so are heroin adicts.. and other addicts...
buggar ehhh?

IM sorry you have trouble... dealing with the addiction model...
so once again.. ill post what the australian... and nsz.. website for transplant criteria.... says re addicts..... (it is human nature to blame... a learnt behaviour I believe.... )..
and god forbid a person gets pleasure from their addiction... ya dont think smokers do?
youve said you smoke... what pleasure do you get?
here it is.. dont shoot me...
the messanger of trying to be unbaised .. cause.. i smoked longer than you have breathed air.. id say fresh air.. but your from woolongong... .. i doubt you ever breathed fresh air from there..
in other words i smoked at least a decade longer than you have been alive...

so go ahead.. you justify smoking as an addiction..
as seperate.. judgemental.. morally superieor to any other addiction.. including food...
ill listen
then.. back it up with research...
once again

Substance addiction (eg alcohol, tobacco or illicit drug use) that is either active or within the last 6 months
While age is not by itself an absolute exclusion criterion, it is likely that the presence of multiple co-morbidities in patients more than 65 years of age would exclude the majority of such patients from consideration (Weiss ES et al, J Am Coll surg 2009;208:400-9).

did you check the australiasian website.. or who.. website on addiction criteria for transplant? IVe posted it...

its there...
I know brain washed... on legal drugs and illegal drugs... when I see it.../

now look into nano particles of smokers.. on passive smoking effects on babies etc..

bring it on... IM 7 weeks cold turkey from smoking nicotene...
even when I smoked.. I was still unbaised on smoking data/research,,
It has no good effects... except once you stop... and your body tries to regain balance.. you will probablly notice weight gain..
fucking huge cost to health to stay slim..
bring it on.. Im happy to deal with consistent research...
I don't bring judgement.. justy facts..
fact is.. smoking has no positive side affects on your body
besides denying it nutrition=weight..
so yer...
yer hack me.. up a goolly... thats phlegm in modern words..
cause a smokers cough is sooooooooooo farking sexy...
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Lets Play God !!!
Posted: 3/7/2010 11:34:11 PM
All for what? Some stupid druggy!

Are you a regular nicotine user? If so, when you look in the mirror do you see a "real" drug addict looking back? You should! Only about 15% of regular powdered cocaine users are addicted. In contrast, up to 90% of adults and 87% of youth who smoke nicotine at least once daily are chemically dependent under DSM IV mental health standards. The fact that nicotine's dopamine/adrenaline intoxication is an alert and not drunken "high" does not make it any less of a chemical addiction than alcoholism, heroin or crystal meth. Yes, you are dependent upon a drug that is six times more addictive to human's than powdered cocaine.

If drunken intoxication were the yardstick for dependency then far more regular alcohol drinkers than 10% would be addicted while almost no smoker would be hooked. Most dependency scientists now rank nicotine as earth's most addictive drug. We are "real" drug addicts! Just one puff and up to 50% of our brain's a4b2 type acetylcholine receptors will become occupied by nicotine, creating a dopamine explosion that will soon have our brain begging for more. Just one puff and it is back to square one, again and again, over and over, until death do we part with our drug.

check this site out..^^^^^^ for testimonials of living and dying with emphysema ( copd or)... some graphic pics.. on effects of smoking... and might even surprise some people...on how young some people are dying from smoking.. (i've not read... everything on the site...)

parents are told by the school teacher?... school/?
to go seek medical treatment for their child?... (dunno does anyone know why Claires parents .. took medical advice and gave this potentially damaging drug to their child?

anyhoo. I bet they regret it now... they are damned if they didnt take school /doc advice.. and damned now .. cause in hindsight their kid became an addict.. of course any parent is going to reflect and take blame.. thats what honest parents do...
take responsibilities for mistakes they make.. even the farking medical mistakes,....
yer hindsights a bytch sometimes,.... and farking heart breaking at times..
some mistakes are life threatening and cannot be fixed...

RITALIN-SR® is a federally controlled substance (CII) because it can be abused or lead to dependence.
Keep RITALIN-SR® in a safe place to prevent misuse and abuse. Selling or giving away RITALIN-SR® may
harm others, and is against the law.
Tell your doctor if you or your child have (or have a family history of) ever abused or been dependent on alcohol,
prescription medicines or street drugs.
Who should not take RITALIN-SR®?

Finally, we propose that the short isoform D2S receptor of the D2 receptors is the one controlling change in DA release induced by drugs of abuse. Indeed, the neurochemical effects of cocaine and morphine are unchanged in animals with a selective deletion of the long isoform D2L receptor. Thus, deregulated expression of D2R isoforms might be involved in the vulnerability of an individual to drug abuse.

Did you know that there are studies such as the Berkeley Study that contends that Ritalin and other stimulants further raise the risk of drug abuse? From the Wall Street Journal, Monday, May 17, 1999 by Marilyn Chase: "Nadine Lambert, a professor of education, followed almost 500 children for 26 years. She argues that exposure to Ritalin makes the brain more susceptible to the addictive power of cocaine and doubles the risk of abuse."

This study seems to never make it into the hands of parents because it doesn't support the theories of those using the diagnosis to profit off of our children

The researchers reported that rats that had access to cocaine on a daily basis took less of the drug when given compounds that selectively bind to D-3 receptors. The rats in the study were trained to self-administer a cocaine solution intravenously. After baseline rates of cocaine use were established, the researchers added various dopamine agonists, compounds that bind to and stimulate dopamine receptors, to the rats' cocaine source.

Drs. Koob and Caine found that agonists with high affinities for D-3 receptors reduced cocaine intake more effectively than did agonists with low affinities for D-3 receptors. In fact, the higher an agonist's affinity for the D-3 receptor, the more effective it was at reducing cocaine self-administration.


below......VVVVVVV transplant criteria.
all addicts are treated equal..
ya reckon cause ya a smoker.. you aint a junkie?... actually nicotene does more harm than heroine to your body..
as julian pointed out... about straight opium..
street drugs or pharmaceatical drugs damage your liver.. opium.. dosent..
I used to be brain washed about drugs.. as well..
I dont know who wrote on here re legal drugs/versus legal drugs..
your body dosent have brain washed reactions============= it will die (look at the famous)... and react .. whether its legal or not..
but natures drugs in their whole form.. are balanced.. and dont damage.. in studies.. like lab drugs.. whether legal or illegal.. manufacturered.. cut and pasted crap..
they will throw your body out of balance and make you sick..
they used to give speed to women as a weight loss drug...\\for eg

yer whatever...
your soooooooo superior to all the other addicts...aintcha..

Exclusion Criteria include (but not limited to):

Active malignancy- in general a 5 year disease free interval is prudent
Irreversible significant dysfunction of other organs or body systems – combined organ transplant (eg heart/lung) may be a consideration, but patients must fit Guideline eligibility requirements for both organs and have a plausible strategy for allocation
Non-curable chronic infection
Documented non-adherence, or inability to comply with complex medical therapy or office follow-up (eg untreatable psychological or psychiatric condition)
Substance addiction (eg alcohol, tobacco or illicit drug use) that is either active or within the last 6 months
While age is not by itself an absolute exclusion criterion, it is likely that the presence of multiple co-morbidities in patients more than 65 years of age would exclude the majority of such patients from consideration (Weiss ES et al, J Am Coll surg 2009;208:400-9).

good luck and yes I have more to say on this..

but I won't play God..(I don't know what outfit he wears?)
cause doctors and nurses are wayyyyyyyy more fun...
as long as the instruments are sterilised.. hahahaha..

If I was a god

you mean ya not?... buggar.. now IM going to have to rearrange my altar..and deities,,

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Msg: 124 (view)
The Conundrum Called The Australian Woman
Posted: 3/7/2010 10:49:36 PM
I'm older than dirt
When I was young... we used to watch Moses play football ...
There used to be a joke around..

"whats the best thing about having sex with an older.. woman?"

they're..sooooooooooo greatful...
well .....when I was in my 20's...... that was funny
When I was in my 30's...... that was funny
now I'm nearly.... 45.. Im more respectful of it...

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Msg: 75 (view)
What is your take on Mental Health?
Posted: 3/7/2010 9:37:42 PM
The fact that it may not work on one occasion does not mean it was not worthwhile. With each experience we learn a little more and while we may not saved some one in our attempt, they will have the knowledge that we cared and we may well be better equipped for another time or situation.


Every single person.... IS someones mother or father or daughter or son or brother or sister.. or cousin.. or a friend or a loved one...

Every single person ... with conscious abilities... desires to be loved... respected... accepted...
If they are not being loved.. or accepted or respected..
then it's because they do not know how to...

every word is a seed.. every kindness is a step.. we all fall short... in extending humaness.... I know I do.. ... I used to totally hate myself... I could see no good in me at all....... that was the reflection I was given from my parents/carers...
I was worthless.......
I don't like looking at people like that... passing that on.. like those that felt bad about themselves.. passed it on to makes me feel bad..
I don't like seeing people feel worthless or hopless about themselves...
eg.... suicidal.....

we have moods... stresses.. etc.. that might make us lash out at others.. or hide our fear... that it could happen to us.. or our kids.. etc..
whatever thatfear is
but we can choose..... to recoginse our own faults.. and extend humanity.. or lash out.. at others...cause well.. victims are easy hey..
much easier to kick a man on the ground... then extend a hand up...
or simply try and understand... empathy.. is a farking good thing... I reckon..

I"m feeling very sad today.. cause I just wish my grandbaby was being introduced to a world.. where (and the capacity is there).... respect/love and peace were the norm.... and quite frankly.. it's not... the norm
the higher attributes of mankind.. are possible..
if shown in every thought and action.. well. some call that heaven within ...
or utopia..
I actually feel abit embarrassed.. in showing her around da earth.. in.. I know it could be cleaner/better.. etc... humanity..
and Im inperfect.. and I'll probably make more mistakes..
or is that just me?
as we humans I can't talk.. but I'm trying to improve each day..

yer..yer... im imperfect.. .. but Ive come a long way.. ...
why do I desire peace?.... cause ive lived without it..(and seriously .. from my earlier life.. Id rather peace here with all the beautiful nature here... the birds/lizards.. goannas..snakes.. swamp hens.. etc.. etc.. rather than being around ..most humans...and a material lifestyle.. )
I"d rather have peace and love than anything in this world..
funnily enough... they seem quite rare human attributes.. not easily attained...
some may say I don't have a life.. (in their eyes).. for me.. I don't want their life..
different choices/conciousness..

every postive word.... said.. helps.. depression suicide is real..
depression is a disease of the biggest killer.... it can have a fatal outcome..
every word is a seed to them...with it..

everyone is important..
they just might not know their full potential..yet...
otherwise if you personally piss me off.. disregard all I say
cause Im human too. and I have dayze.. where I just don't give a flying... F@@@@
but each day.. I get up.. and try and do better.. hey.. and I don't hate myself...
In fact.. I like going within.. most days..
now IVe never checked this site out.. so I can't say whether it's helpful or not..
but.. it's aussies site.. for the blackdog.. especially .. men seem less likely to reach out.. once wounded/hurt.. from pain in life.. some say depression is anger turned inwards..
ie.. your angry about some occurance,... but don't know how to express it..
you can change energy,,,, ie whats under the anger?. hurt? ..rejection?... mourning? grief?.. etc..
all normal... human experiences/traits..
just in capitailism.. time is money.. so.. no time off for you,.. to deal with being human...
be good go to work.. pay tax.. and suck it up..
or know it's ok to feel pain.. perfectly normal..

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Msg: 60 (view)
What is your take on Mental Health?
Posted: 3/5/2010 10:18:10 PM
Another message from the Tasmanian Tourism Board?

I think he may be reffering to reproductive toxicity.... and blood brain barrier...
certain toxic molecules.. (size of molecule.. determining being able to break the bbb)

That could and can also change dna... onto ....upcoming generations..
studies for eg.. on Bipolar.. genetics (Or looking for a genetic link).. for eg.. twin studies
where 1 gets it(Bipolar) and the other dose'nt... of course dosen't prove a gentic link... so of course they need to keep researching.. the twin study.. might actually disprove a gentic link... its not really confirmed at this stage..... so they...also.. look at other environment... they live in... or past ..

Benzene... would be a toxic dna changing molecule... in alot of the stuff he listed..
(but thats not proof benzene causes.. or there is a synergy affect with other stuff that might cause Bipolar)..

I can't remember ..... if it breaks the bbb...(blood brain barrier) or a link between bipolar... other than possible/... and I say possible.. link between children given certain drugs.. (that looks.. like it definetly has benzene molecule in it...if you look at the structure of the medication)
though.. is the benzene active or non active?.....that went onto develop Bipolar....
but it sure gets into dna... structure... and is still in alot of products...
including some medications....(like the kids one I mentioned..)benzene in Psychotropic medication... (so if anything comes out of the toxic.. questioning raised... even being aware of the medications with it in it... won't hurt...
in being proactive in maintaining good health...

Human exposure to benzene is a global health problem. Benzene targets liver, kidney, lung, heart and the brain and can cause DNA strand breaks, chromosomal damage etc. Benzene causes cancer in both animals and humans. Benzene was first reported to induce cancer in humans in the 1920s. The chemical industry claims it wasn't until 1979 that the cancer inducing properties were determined "conclusively" in humans, despite many references to this fact in the medical literature. Industry exploited this "discrepancy" and tried to discredit animal studies which showed benzene caused cancer saying that they weren't relevant to humans. Benzene has been shown to cause cancer in both sexes of multiple species of laboratory animals exposed via various routes.[20][21]

Ive quoted that^^^^(although I know its citing cancer.. not mental illness specifically) simply for the timeline and the fact .. even when knowing stuff is harmful to humans.. dose'nt mean it won't be on the market.... it still is... and how many generations... has our dna been changed/influenced by outside stuff?...
agent orange.. was one .. from vietnam.. affected the dna.. in the offspring..

The US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) classifies benzene as a human carcinogen. Long-term exposure to excessive levels of benzene in the air causes leukemia, a potentially fatal cancer of the blood-forming organs, in susceptible individuals. In particular, Acute myeloid leukemia or acute non-lymphocytic leukaemia (AML & ANLL) is not disputed to be caused by benzene.

I have no idea...If our tasmanian friend has research with a direct link to these reproductive toxicity... showing these links to Bipolar.. or not..
Im just posting... that.... I get the jist of what he was referring too... in.... toxins that change dna.. and might result in being passed down.. that have passed.. impacted the brain barrier... and the research into nano particles.. is going forward in leaps and bounds... and might be why some get it....and some don't?... as in twins?.....(what makes one more suseptable..than the other?)
Ive not seen it disproved... in anyway...nor proved.. specifically in Bipolar..
But I hope they find a reason soon.. .. and specific help can be given.. rather than some of the harmful drugs... there is some research into mineral... balance..etc..
omega 3 apparently helps alot.. with this..... amongst other things...

anyhoo. is'nt statistics 1 in 3 have a mental illness?
the question might be..OP would you date someone with a mental illness?....
seems the odds more towards that statistically..
than not.. (well in the western world.. dont know the stats on other countries..)
I think its extremely sad...disheartening.. that .. some kids are given... drugs at age 2....
and predictions.. 1 in 3 preschoolers will be disagnosed with depression..
and 1 in 3 kids in wa will be obese... (I can't be bothered looking for the links/exact timeline on the projections/studies..).. but thats very fooking depressing.. to know .. the odds for the kiddies coming up... in world..
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Do you believe?
Posted: 3/5/2010 5:08:38 PM
Hopefully I'm not the only one that has gone to a psychic (not psychologist nor psycho) psychic.
I've recently been and have been left with too many questions that should be answered in the "near future"

rubs temples.... closes eyes.....
well, lets see... when you shuffled the cards.. your question was about heart/love... the future...
you have been feeling (although you are quite active and do alot of activities...) lonely... alone.. (when you do get time to yourself and reflect innerly)..
There..... were 3 men on your mind.... 1 was from your past... you even questioned.. whether or not you made a mistake.... in letting that relationship.. die/go...
the 2nd man you are intensely attracted too (sexually as well... well mainly sexually...)..... but you are unsure of how he sees would like to know... and to at least explore it with him... this is your questioning.. unanswered......your really wanting to know...
the 3rd guy... is a guy interested in you.... you (for want of a better description of it.. cause you probably would'nt describe it this would use different words/thoughts..)
is he is mediocre.. he leaves you neither hot.. (like the sexual guy).. nor cold....
you have wondered if maybe.. medicore is the best you can hope for.. (in your lonely moments)....this might be causing you confusion..
he is a decent bloke.... but he dose'nt make your mojo rise..

Someone you care about has a health issue..... they don't look after themselves.. as well, as you might.. think they could... (if they changed some stuff in their life, their health would improve).....but.. they don't seem strong enough to make these changes...
so you might tend to worry about them abit.. and maybe feel abit helpless about.. it.. ie.... you want to get them healthy... cause you care.. but.. they don't seem to respond.. to your suggestions... so maybe they have let you know to back off...
so abit like having to sit back.. and just watch it.. play out.. feeling helpless?..
(but your influence does help.. they feel you care.. although they cover their weakness.. so you are helping.. ... by caring.. )

you asked about money (although... you would prefer love.. so it took a backseat in your questioning.. because you feel you have enough... at this stage.. although winning lotto.. wouldnt' crush you

There is travel in your future... you have either starting saving for an overseas holiday... or you will..
it will be relaxing... and just the thing.. to help.. you... realign.. /balance.. your lifestyle/choices...
just thinking about saving towards you a relaxed feeling.. something to look forward too.. as you dust off... your delusion of romantic love...
(disclaimer.. these are not pyschic.......predictions... but throw some salt over ya shoulder anyway...)
then come on here and telllllll me how wrong I am..was..)

There is a female that frequents these forum.. that has between $26, ooo and$28,000
in savings..... the message to you is...."you can afford the help you need"...
No I don't know who you are.... and there is underlying.. on your feelings... about this.... and I wont say why.. I see that..
I just do...... throws salt over the shoulder...hahahaha

I also sell. land.. if anyone is interested in it.. and its great.. no shortage of water ... (ok some call it swamp land.. but it's all in the bullshite.. I mean marketing a capitailistic washed brained society.. ain't it..)I'll even throw in a bridge..
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Lets Play God !!!
Posted: 2/27/2010 11:27:27 PM
She went to a private school so I would guess they probably could have afforded Ritalin

possibly they could...... unless anything has changed in 20 years.. then dexamphetamine would be prescribed.. cause the govt funds it....
I don't know too many people who questioned seeing their kids.. like robots... to actually get a ritalin script?(ritalin costs money.. its the step up from dex....... seriously?
if ya kid is on ritalin? then Ill assume ya aint on govt benefits/....or you cried watching your kid so medicated..... poor people..... start on dex....
if it fixed their problem with their kids behaviour.. the kid would stay on dex... those that thought their kid.. lost their essence... would be prescribed ritalin...
( I don't know how to explain it.. there are inferior drugs... that they try you with first... if they don't work.. you get the next.. upscale of same drug type.. like amphetamine...... but..... its cleaner.. or whatever... anyhoo..
its only those that question the effects on their kids.. that go the next drug up.. on the free list...

did they start on dexamphetamine first?(thats whats mentioned in the article..)
seriously... this particular DRUG topic...
I know abit about..
not all drugs.. but the adhd drugs./. the govt.. funds..
etc.. you betcha..
just because she went to a private school... dosent mean she wouyld be on ritalin...
only a parent who said to a doctor... my kid.. dosent seem to be dealing with derxamphetamine well..
would then go up to ritalin..
but IM talking research over 20 years ago..
seriously... even seeing a 12 year old kid .. The chick(12 yearold) in the story
was given dexamphetamine... in other words... people still give that to their kids?
sigh...honestly I cannot believe... they still do.....
I only know of 1 parent whoever said./... dexamphetamine... was a harsh drug.. they were then given ritalin.... why unless... anyone was aware of drugs.... would the private school parents...... ask for ritalin?..
obviously they have never researched the long term effects..
and yes Im fully aware of what behaviour parents have to deal with.... to have a medically qualified doc... approve this drug..... but big diff between dex and rit...
I understand
But for me?
I research for the damages of ritalin.. so... what can I say.. My research..
alll goes towards the... child..
unfairly medicated and long term affects.. such as heart damage..
as long as a doctor prescribes it..... your not a drug addict...

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Lets Play God !!!
Posted: 2/27/2010 10:52:15 PM
wowe.. ignorance.. is certainly not bliss..
in fact it can be downright offensive..
I woul'nt even bother.. trying to advocate for.. those marginalised in this thread/topics..brought up...

But I will say this.. those who sought medical help.. for children.. even toddlers....
that were prescribed dexamphetamine.... (I even shudder at the words.. as studying this drug over 20 years ago... before online... but from libraries .... yer right).
It was the drug.. (that.. I could not bear to see a child on... like a robot.. is how I remember it)...
anyhoo.. it was the drug given to the lower social economical groups....
those that could not stand seeing their child on that drug.....
were given a script for ritalin... (the next drug up from dexamphetamine)
that cost over 20 years ago.. about $100 a month...

so... for me..... regardless.. of the rest of the story.. portrayed by media....
if this kids parents... could of affordded the ritalin.....?
perhaps she would of been in the class action group... against the manufactures..of ritalin in australia
if she was........ then the amount she woulda got from sueing em.. perhaps she could do medical I can dig out the barristers name... the deacde studies on ritalin.... etc..... she would have enought to pay for any liver damage.... if she took ritalin?.... dunno.. have not followed through on the law suit... (if anyone ... wants the bartristers name etc.. I"ll post it)...
regardless.... this thread has bought up a issue for me.. of one person I know...
who.. I will now encourage.. (and use my research)... to get into sueing the ritalin peeps.... (only cause the barrister who formed this group... has sooooooooooooo many social studies of the longggggggg term effect,,,
or the doc etc who contributed.. the long term effects of ritalin.. are ...disgusting...
can they change dna and go to the next gen?..
parents ... asked docs for help.. they prescribed pharms....(I have lots of research on this subject... and its very sad)
anyhoo I normally sign off peace
not on this...this makes me angry...
I"ll fight to the death...
drug ya kids cause a doc said so...
can it change dna to affect the next generation? offspring?.
to be honest IVe stuck my head in the sand re these drugs... but.. im watching a kid who was forced to take amphetamines..... (and didnt want to).... deal with some of the ritalin sideaffects.. (theyre kid had one of the heart symptons... side effects/damage from ritalin..)
I can imagine if the parents of this 24 year old.. knows any research I do... re these drugs..
theyd feel guilty.... and why it(the drug she was given at age 12)was mentioned in the .... ad/news.. details left out.

edit.... I"m fully aware for over the last 20 odd years... that those who go to a peadatcian..... staing their kid has behaviour probs..,. are prescribed these pills.. (If everything else is ruled out).... so... if at the back of your soul/mind.. you feel guilty for drugging ya kid...
feel well... assured.. ya doc told ya.. right/?... thats all ya can do.. put ya kid on dex or ritalin.... IM not trying to make you feel guiltuy.. etc.. in fact.. thats why I wouldnt talk about this normally..
you go to medical.. asking for help..... they give you a pill.. for the kid...
what can you do?
Ive researched this alot....
alll i feel is sadness.. for the kids.. cause Ive studied the long term side affects....
so if you wanna jump on me... the messenger... look at long term side effects .. of the drugs your giving ya kids.. before you jump on me.../
20 years ago? who knew..
now they know..

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Msg: 3 (view)
Is Google Making You Lonely?
Posted: 2/24/2010 2:16:41 PM

Loneliness can be contagious: study December 2, 2009

It only takes one individual in a group to begin to feel lonely for the feeling to spread to others, a US study said.

After tracking over 5,100 people and their social contacts over 10 years, researchers found that loneliness can be contagious and that lonely, disconnected people tend to move to the fringes of social networks.

"On the periphery, people have fewer friends, yet their loneliness leads them to losing the few ties they have left," said University of Chicago psychologist John Cacioppo, the study's lead author.

Before lonely people sever relationships, they transmit loneliness to their friends who then also become lonely, according to the federally-funded study published in the December issue of the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

"These reinforcing effects mean that our social fabric can fray at the edges, like a yarn that comes loose at the end of a crocheted sweater," explained Cacioppo, who was joined by University of California, San Diego and Harvard Medical School researchers.

Researchers stayed in touch with the subjects every two to four years.

Using the participants' friendship histories and information about their reported loneliness, the study uncovered a pattern of loneliness showing that lonely people "infected" those around them with the negative emotion and that lonely people moved to the edges of social networks.

The next-door neighbours of lonely people who experienced an additional day of loneliness a week caused their own neighbours and close friends to feel lonely, a pattern that escalated as the neighbours shared less time together.

The study, funded by the National Institute on Aging, also found that women were more likely to "catch" loneliness from others, in line with previous work suggesting that women rely more on emotional support than men.

As with groups of monkeys, societies tend to drive away lonely members, according to Cacioppo. Research has shown that the more people are lonely, the less they trust others, which hampers their ability to form friendships.

"Society may benefit by aggressively targeting the people in the periphery to help repair their social networks and to create a protective barrier against loneliness that can keep the whole network from unravelling," said Cacioppo.
So.. yes it's important, to be aware.. and if google or social sites are increasing the loneliness... ... there is still a real world out there..
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Oh Canada!
Posted: 2/13/2010 11:01:21 PM
Buggar.... If it was on aussie Tv.. I missed it..
I would of loved to have seen that......
From what I've seen of canada,in pictures/video.. IT is sooooooooo beautiful..
and the people?.... I haven't talked to one I didnt like yet...
except for that one......guy

Is there a link?.....I'd love to smile and... see....... Canada... host/pride..
Congrads... wish I was there..
sorry I missed it..
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Posted: 2/13/2010 1:44:38 PM
Or maybe it's just me??It's been closer to 9 years for me now and sometimes abstinence has me climbing the walls.Sexual appetite is a natural part of what it is to be human I guess and sometimes I start to doubt myself and my resolve.

well, i was tongue in cheek re the 8 years=sexual frustration...
there is a difference between not having sex and being a spiritual celebate...
those who choose that root.. route...take the sexual energy and use it for other stuff..
like kundalindi(sp?)energy... which comes in handy for tantric sex ... extending orgasm.. etc..
besides opening conciousness..etc..

the reasons why someone chooses their sexual choices... is personal.. and.. to thy own self be true.....whether that be sex.. not eating meat.. whatever anyone feels passionately about.... in spirituality.. nooone has the right to judge others choices.....
discern ..yes.. but ultimately....a person has to live with their choices..

Being aware of that is one thing that definitely strengthens ones resolve....but do you ever feel like you're clutching at straws???

not really.. I live in basically a free sex society/area.. I have copped judgement for my choices sure.....
but ultimately, (through spirit celebacy..)im not sexually attracted to someone easily..
So.. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything....
besides I"m more interested in a persons/heart/soul.. than their dangly bits.. and truly the guys I'm attracted to, usually a doing their own spiritual thing..
I'm looking for a kind heart/soul.. not a selfish/greedy.. self satisfying..individual...
and I do look into peoples souls..or try too. (I can be abit slow... in getting to know people)

And Ive never met anyone who wanted to be just 'used as a plaything'.. then ignored..

well, see... if 2 adults.. agree... and nooone would feel.... hurt or... used or upset.... about a sexual liason.... .. then who has the right to judge..
everyone has a different conciousness.. and some judge those.. who don't want to have casual sex.. and some judge those who do have casual sex....
I prefer , to make my choices.. as I go... and trust..myself... Ill make the best choice for my long term happiness..(and I can still become pregnant.. and I choose not to have a baby.. ID rather stick hot needles in my eyes.....)
and honestly... IM getting closer to figuring out what I want long term... the fact that I'm slow.. and wasted my own time in not making looking/searching for love a priorty..
is on me... and thats... I guess what id want to say to a youngin in reproducing age.. under 35..looking for a partner.. make that your priority....
or realise.. if it dosent happen before a certain age.. you may never reproduce.. and you may regret that..... or you may not find love/partner... cause life can go by..really quick.. in hindsight...
there is no guarrantee ..anyone will get what they want.. just cause they want it...
love cannot be bought.... in a materialistic..capitialistic society.....
love cannot be sold/bought...

Being fit/healthy is my priority..right now... im at an age if.. I want to grow older.. with someone.. I want them fit/active.. then I need to give what I want..
or be what I myself want in another... eg.. Ive always been with a smoker.. cause I smoked.... birds of a feather....etc...
I can't anymore.. (its not a moral or judgement choice on anybody....but I can't choose a smoker anymore).... so my choices.. have changed.....

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Posted: 2/12/2010 9:40:21 PM
Fvck me!! No love lost here then eh??I think it's time we all went out and got laid!(Except for you of course, Eldrida)

hmmm. well good luck with that..
I do remember being impressed. with learning about you ....through the forums and your 7 year?..was it celebacy.. by choice?
hmmm... truly I was.. it piqued my interest... for awhile...

I'll sit with Eldrida............while you go get laid.....
..(I still remember being young and having that same ideolgy... re etc...)so what can I say.... having firm beliefs is admirable.....but it does come at a cost.. and
casual sex can have some problems of its own.. that Eldrida ..might have experienced.. or not...
I would suggest to any youngin.. though.. those years can add up and go by pretty fast....
watching 8 years go by.. and not meeting.. someone you love.. can get sexually frustrating.. just ask me... but I was'nt ... about to jump some guy.. because of it..
Ive spent different times in my life spiritually celebate....
it can have its own rewards.. but its different to casual sex.. rewards...
but it can be joyous.. (guess you sorta got be spiritually inclined to get that..)

what can I say.. Id a mutually respectful/connected experience..
but.. hey.... now.. that I'm an old fart.. Im thinking falling in love.. is wayyyyyyy more challenging.. ..then the sex.. at my age...
why?.. cause surely at our age.. we can see through people.. life soooooo much quicker.. with less drama... knowing or predicting outcomes..
so step away and avoid.. what we might of jumped right into when younger...
anyhoo.. maybe..I know what I want.. in a relationship.. and yes.. sex would be part of that.. (I got alot of sextime to make up with.. with the right person).. yer I know huge fantasy.. That .. that person even exists..)but regardless.. I enjoy being single.. and..

I'm not in a hurry .. to rub body parts.. .. Id much prefer to connect with eyes./souls first..(but im not saying about falling in love..... see thats the thing with spirituality.. love.. dosent have to include sex... ... and sex dosent have to include love.. but .. healthy adults.. usually include sexual desires within a love relo..or their mates..)
mind you I am getting more oxygen to parts of my body since becoming a non smoker..
tis time.. to go look for a partner.. but.. not' just 'to get laid'..(nor use anyones body.. just to get laid..
I want to enjoy the complete person.. know their faults.. and their good points..
I must admit.. my faith/hope.. is near empty.. in this being a reality though..
and Im old enough to experience enough in life to know how I will react.. after.. wards...

I think if Eldrida dosen't want to be used as a sperm receptical.. on a saturday night.. by a drunk blow hard.... then.. thats her choice..
same as someone else.. wants to go rub dangly bits with others.... thats their choice...
whatever floats your boat...

Op/.... the thing is with age.... .. and with going without sex for some.. nearly decades...
some just want to know.. that men in certain age groups.. parts/bits still work..
now as Ive aged and not quite your age yet OP.. ive started to look for physical things about men.. differently in what might refelect his potential in being a healthy sexual partner for the next decade or 2...(Im trying to be p.o here).. so maybe the women you meet.. want to know your hydrolics etc are still working?.. just a thought..
your on a dating site.. one would assume.. a new relationship would involve sex at some stage...

sigh..... complete partnership..between two healthy adults....involves sex,....(when just meeting... as opposed to being in a relo for years and sex is no longer a viable option ..from health issues..a relo can still exist based on love/respect etc.. if that occurs.. )) otherwise its a friendship.. or.. whatever...agreed loving platonic relationship...

finding love.. ... at different ages brings different.. scenerios..
at our age we are over the.... looking for reproducing...
alot of women start coming out of themselves sexually.. once they know they can't get pregnant anymore..(they want a man who can keep up with that libido.. )
unless they have no libido.. then they won't care much)
same with guys with not much libido...
And Ive never met anyone who wanted to be just 'used as a plaything'.. then ignored..
ok well... I don't get out much.. they might exist..
oK.. im off to watch a dvd... while you all go get laid...
IM loving that aussie comedy..
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You are not allowed to contact this person... But why?
Posted: 2/12/2010 2:19:09 PM
Have you tried contacting someone else that is using the two IE filter blocks?

Umm no.. I don't really contact people..
As I said.. I don't think its even feasable/likely its a Ie filter..
if so it would be very ironic.....
Im asking if the income .. status.. might stop me from contacting someone..
eg.. if he has filled out income.. and I havent...
would that block me from contacting him..
I myself.. have the no intimate encounter thingy on..
and...... Ive only ever been friends status on here...

if your snagged by the IE filter then you would be the first woman that I personaly can remember reporting that here in the forums. I am sure many others have been snagged by it, but you would be the first female I have seen.

well... that is because I have nothing to hide.. as far as I know.. I could not have tripped that feature... so.. why not..ask?
I donot recall ever.. being contacted by nor contacting anyone with other.. or intimate encounter..
in other words.. it would be fairly improbable.. for me to be blocked by ie.. so therefore I'm logically looking for the reason why?

And no I have no reason to try and contact anyone else... he is the only person I was interested in contacting..
maybe you can look at my account and let me know?
thank you
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You are not allowed to contact this person... But why?
Posted: 2/12/2010 1:52:37 PM
g'day mod's...
I just tried to contact a guy.... as far as I can see. ... non of his restrictions apply to me... yet I got the message I cannot contact this user..
So .. I rarely contact anyone.. and usually..only correspond with friends.. occasionly on pof..... so I can't see how I could of contacted an intimate encounter person.. (or tripped that)
Im wondering... is it because.. I used to be a smoker and recently changed it to no..(for smoking)
or I heard this new income selection thingy... can block/stop... people from contact?
IE.. because I have'nt updated hidden profile for awhile.. Ive not filled in the income thingy..(maybe he has?.. I donot understand all I've heard re the income thingy.. restrictions)
could that be the reason I cannot contact... the person?
If I fill in the income thingy.. will I have more contact ability?

regardless.. I have added him as a fav.. in the hopes he can see my profile... and if he wishes to correspond../interact as a friend.. it can be his choice..(I would like to know him as a friend.. I like his intent/and his sincerity)
He is looking for long term though...
I eagerly await your answer..
I would be mortified and surprised if Id tripped the Ie filter..
because I can't imagine how I could of?
I figure you can check these things..
Thank you..
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flat belly diet
Posted: 2/8/2010 9:26:16 PM
Thank you for the link.... looks like a waste of time...
it looks like an advertising scam?

After photo based on 50 pounds lost - does not
reflect actual results of the Flat Belly Diet! program.

this is the quote..from the website..

also.. the AFTER photo.. the women looks..... wayyyyyyyyyyy overweight... and should be the before pic.. there is no flat belly ..on that women.....
she is overweight.. and unfit.. if that is the after pic.. .. why would you give them money?...
looks like a scam...
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The rise in abuse of mothers
Posted: 2/4/2010 12:27:47 PM
Well, congradulations cave and mrs cave...
My thoughts will be with you at such a monumental time ..
hoping all goes well for the birth and for the mum...

are you gettin da snip?

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Would you prefer your beloved to vacuum or buy you a gift?
Posted: 2/4/2010 3:54:10 AM
didn't think they came without the bag???????

Dyson.. is bag free or bagless.. and the filter is cleanable.. every 6 months..
its also cyclonic.. and wont lose suction..

I recently went vac shopping... I wanted a hepa.. filter.. but decided with the replacement every 6 months and the costs of bags.. on some vacs.....
the dyson.. will pay for itself.. by not needing $60 filters or bags.. )
very quickly.. (didnt get a hepa one).
I no longer hate/destest vacumning.. the fact that it never losses suction.. saves me alot of time.. and effort.. (and my plasce no longer gets dust blown all over it by the vac.. nor do I feel like i need a shower after vaccumning..
and even.... if... the Dyson was to only last me 4 years.. .. it would only be costing me $2 a week.. (roughly).. .. which considering the job/and time saved... is wayyyyyy worth more..
I wish Id bought one years ago..
IN fact if I could id make sure every kid with asthma.. household had 1...
at the very least a cyclonic vac,....
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what do you do while your searching for mr right?
Posted: 2/3/2010 4:51:05 PM

I'd hate to wind up with a 3rd parties pube in my mouth after a date.... ewwwwwww

ptui ptui!!!,,,,

.. just go first!!...
not last...
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what do you do while your searching for mr right?
Posted: 2/3/2010 12:54:46 AM

Not sure how we got to joining a debating team....

I think he was answering your question.. cryptically..(sp)

what do you do while your searching for mr right?

Take care of your own needs... I think is the implication..

Join the debating team. Become a master. Requires plenty of practice, but the rewards far outweigh the hardship.

take out the DE.. add the master and bating...

or join a debating team..
or just debate without a team.. maybe forums...

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