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 Author Thread: Why do women go nuts for guys on motorcycles?
Joined: 6/11/2005
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Why do women go nuts for guys on motorcycles?
Posted: 10/11/2011 6:03:16 AM
Because its fun ?
Joined: 6/11/2005
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South Korea
Posted: 11/28/2010 8:09:01 AM
Oh Yeah !

Nows the time to be traveling over to South Korea,...

I heard things are "BOOMING" over there, and Real Estate deals will soon be easy to find.
Joined: 6/11/2005
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Obama fires General
Posted: 10/30/2010 11:00:57 PM
Just to point out another General that was forced to retire after voicing his opinion after the Ft Hood incident, is General Boykin.

Army General Reveals Shocking Truth Behind Fort Hood Shooting Rampage

Retired Army Lt. General Jerry Boykin speaks boldly on CBN. He says the leadership knew Major Nidal Hassan was a terrorist but couldn't do anything about it because of the politics coming from the top. The shooting was avoidable, but intervention would not have been politically expedient.

Listen as this Christian Lt. General spills the beans. He was forced to retire from the Army for speaking the truth too boldly.

As he, ..a "Christian" says,..its OK for the US to persecuite Christians, but not offend Muslims.
Joined: 6/11/2005
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Bully for Omar Khadr
Posted: 10/30/2010 3:27:29 PM
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."
********************************************** Henry Kissinger


The Video the US Military doesn’t want you to see!
Joined: 6/11/2005
Msg: 12 (view)
Obama fires General
Posted: 10/30/2010 9:15:40 AM

And above all! ~this “illusion ” of winning” the war ~ totally absurd and always was.

Can anyone say,..."1984" - "BIG BROTHER"

Our Government perpetuates WAR, the name of WAR,..and makes it look like their worried about our Safety,....because of GREED !

When we realize that,..its already too late,..the damage is done.

"We has met the enemy,..and he is us"

Because of companies like "Halliburton", and their close ties to our elected officals, there will allways be WAR.


When a General decides he has had enough and openly critizes our Militarys involvement, and policies,..he must be squashed, silenced, or be found on a grassy knoll.
Joined: 6/11/2005
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Can a White person be African American?
Posted: 10/30/2010 8:48:42 AM

Whats "Good for the Goose, is Good for the Gander"

If,..just if,..

a "White" person from Africa,...moved to America and became a US Citizen,..

and wanted to describe himself as an "African American", can NOT deny him that right of expression,..

in fact,..he is just being "Politicaly Correct" in this upside down world.

To DENY him that "RIGHT",..considering the facts,...would in itself be RACIST !
Joined: 6/11/2005
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The real reasons behind Arizona's Immigration Law?
Posted: 9/9/2010 2:52:35 PM
I have no problem presenting my ID when asked.

Now,..its a law in Indiana that you have to show your ID to buy Alcohol, and its anoying, but, I have no problem.

If I ask for a copy of my Utility Bill, I get asked for my ID,...I got no problem with that.

If I lived in Arizona, and was faced with the huge onslaught with the illegals flowing over the border, I'd be glad that something was being done about it, instead of crying that its infringing on someones rights.

If your NOT an illegal, then ya got nothing to worry about, right ?

If you lived in Arizona, would you allow all the illegals to cross the border with no laws to stop them ?

Only in America.
Joined: 6/11/2005
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Obama spells doom for America
Posted: 7/14/2010 3:13:15 PM
Excuse me,....

John McCain was born in Panama, thats correct,..while his father was stationed there in the US MILITARY,

John McCains parents were both UNITED STATES CITIZENS.

Obamas were not.

John McCain was requested to show proof as to his citizenship when asked, and he obliged.

Obama is still under the public eye as to where he was truly born,..even elected officials are now asking that Obama prove his citizenship once and for all.

If Obama has nothing to hide,...why is he ?

Why are officials now saying there is no official registry of Obama being born in Hawaii ?

It make me wonder why Obama refuses to release any info about his longform birth document, or his school and College records,..if he has nothing to hide, why is he hiding it ?

Just wondering why Obama is being accused of having several different Social Security numbers ??????

Theres just too many questions that have been asked, and NOT been answered, for me to even respect the guy, let alone like him,...and now he has shown that he is just continuing to lead our country down the road of despair and debt.

There has been a continuation of doom since Obama took office, you can praise him all you want, but our country is no better of now, then we were before he took office.
Joined: 6/11/2005
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Support broad in U.S. for public healthcare option
Posted: 5/28/2010 8:47:42 AM
Hey ^^^

Instead of asking,...

"Who should be paying for them?"

Lets ask

"Why, should the working class taxpayer be paying the way for benifits of illegals and or non working people on Social programs that continue to abuse the system, and further the decline and erosion of the fabric of our society ?"

First,...look at all the illegals that pay nothing into our society, only take, take, take,

and Im not pointing the finger at "Hispanics",..thats just part of the problem associated with the illigals crossing the borders,....finally the truth has came out that illegals from other countries that means the USA, great harm are sneeking into our country via mexico.

Look at all the illeagls from Asia,..and I've even read about the vast amount of illegal Irish, that abound in the NYC area,....

WHY, should the working class taxpayers not only be paying for their own, and their familys health and welfare,.....but even the people who contribute nothing to society,
except creating more debt and burden ?

With the new healthcare reform, hopefully we might see a change,...but with so much unemployment, and illegals,..I believe the working class taxpayer will still continue to pay the way for those non employed, and illegals.

I've got my Health Care, like millions of others, and feel the working class shouldnt have to pay the way for others that are unemployed, either through no fault of their own, or just too lazy to work, and abusing the already over burdened system.

If the government had been run, the way it should of been run, Social Security would still be there, secure, for those on it,..instead of being robbed by Peter to Pay Paul,...

If the government had invested, and metted out the money it raises through taxes, we would have a surplus, insted of a deficet thats spiriled out of control to the point of our country becoming bankrupt,.....

Our government sets a poor example for others to follow,...all at the expense of the working class taxpayer,....and this new "Heathcare Bill",..lost a lot of momentum and support, before it was passed,...and guess who will end up footing the bill for the governments mis-management,....the working class citizens, always.
Joined: 6/11/2005
Msg: 110 (view)
Support broad in U.S. for public healthcare option
Posted: 5/12/2010 3:01:46 PM
I keep saying it, to anyone that listens,....

When states battle the federal government, it's "We, the People" who get to pick up the tab, no matter who wins in the end.

It always ends up that "We The People" are the ones that have to come up with the money to foot any bill, or legislature that gets passed.

Anytime any elected offical comes forward with a "New, and Improved, Sure Fire Way,... to make life better,..Improve Our School System, Health Care System,..Lower the cost of Utilities, Gasoline,...Produce,...and build the best roads that $Money $ can buy, can bet your azz that their talking about YOUR $MONEY$,...not theirs !

Who pays for any of these so called Improvements ?

The working class Taxpayer.

OK, say that The Federal Reserve promises to Print up new, fresh money, to pay for what ever it is, just puts the working class taxpayer, deeper in DEBT !

I dont care if they sell bonds,..or promise to only add 1 Cent Tax to help build a new Super Dome, still comes out of the Working Taxpayers Pockets, and devalues the dollar even more, and continues to add debt to every American.

At last,....Finally,....the bean counters have done the "Long Math", checked, and double checked, and have came to the truth of the matter concerning the Health Care Reform Bill will NOT,.......SAVE $ MONEY $,...instead, it is going to end up costing us each and everyone, and putting the burden on generations yet to come.

And we still have people that "Support" a Health Care Bill,..with or without Public Option, thats going to burden our nation possiably to its collapse.

Do we, as a nation, have to hit the bottom of the barrel, before people will open their eyes and say,...."We should of been more worried about restoring our Economy, instead of Health Care Reform."

What good is a Health Care Bill, with, or with out Public Option, if the public cant afford to buy into it.

How is the "Proposed" $750 Dollar Fine for not having Health Care Coverage going to matter, to people who cant afford it in the first place.

Our Economy should of been addressed first, and then if and when Americans could afford a fair, decent Health Care Package, there could of been plenty of time to address the issue, and iron out all the problems we've encountered in this crazy mess.
Joined: 6/11/2005
Msg: 50 (view)
obama declares national emergency
Posted: 5/9/2010 9:51:28 AM
If any of you remember "The COLD WAR",..and/or, were an Instructor that taught the basics of "NBC Warfare",...(like I was),... to our Military, then you would know about things like this.

You can "Poo Poo" and "Nay Say" anything you want, but it is a proving fact that our Government has created, and tested Nuclear Biological Chemical agents here in the United States, on unsuspecting military personal, and civilians alike, and one of the favorites is creating a "New Flu" every few years.

IF,...just if, some of you Nay Sayers, would do your own research, and look into these matters, then you just might realize that our Government is just as guilty of using its citizens as Guinea Pigs, as Germany was under Hitlers regime.

If you refuse to believe so, then I hope your one of the first "Lambs Led To The Slaughter",.....I myself keep a weary eye on any, and everything, it never hurts to be cautious.

There has been numerous articles written about the actual "Cure" for some of these "Flu" Strains being more deadly than the actual Flu Virus itself,.....if your memory is so frail that you don't remember,..well guess what,...step to the head of the line !

Just do a simple engine search with the title,....

flu shot more deadly than flu

and it will provide you with more than enough information to make you scratch your fuzzy head, and go,..."Hummmmm?"

If it doesn't, then your just another one of the sheeple being led to the next FEMA Concentration camps.

Just a few of the 1St's things that popped up during the engine search,...

Doctor Admits Vaccine Is More Deadly Than Swine Flu Itself & Will Not Give It To His Kids

Girl took (swine) flu shot and ended up getting Dystonia ( Disease)

Swine flu vaccine could have major medical side effects

Doctor says FLU VACCINE will cause 60,000 deaths in France alone

Makers Of Vaccine Refuse To Take H1N1

Mandatory H1N1 Swine Flu Forced Vaccinations - NWO Depopulation Program COMING SOON

14 of the 28 flu vaccines ("swine" & "seasonal") that they are pushing on USA, contain the mercury-compound, Thimerosal. Have you taken any of these flu vaccines?
Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine
(made by 5 different manufacturers)
All of these flu vaccines contain the mercury-compound, Thimerosal, which has been BANNED in Russia, Japan, all the Scandinavian countries, Canada, and the United Kingdom

Before you brush someone off as being a "Kook",..why dont you do some research on your own instead of demanding a link provided to back up a claim,.....either you look it up, and "Agree",..or you disprove it yourself.

This links provided above,...dont even cover the prior flu shots that actually killed more people than it cured, dig deep enough and you can find them,...but if your too lazy to find out the truth, then Im too lazy to find it for you.
Joined: 6/11/2005
Msg: 49 (view)
obama declares national emergency
Posted: 4/17/2010 6:31:32 AM
The thing about the Internet is you can always find articles that support both side of any subject,...

YET,...I still have NOT seen an "Emergency" situation of said "Flu",..and Flu season has came and went, and still no major problems, even for people that havent taken the Flu shot.

What happenned to the hype ?

Did someone let the air out of the balloon, and not tell anyone.

Or just another case of blowing things out of porportions in order for a Chemical Manufacturing Company to profit from such a so called "Emergency'?
Joined: 6/11/2005
Msg: 10 (view)
Sleep Tight...don't let the bed bugs...
Posted: 3/1/2010 5:01:14 PM
Bed Bugs,....

After a 40 year hiatus have returned with a vengance.

And,..if you do your research, you'll find out they can live over a year without a "Blood Meal",...

Bed Bugs are NOT a "Wanderer" like the C ockroach,...Bed Bugs normaly dont travel more than 15 feet,..they only come out to feed every 4 or 5 days,...females normaly only give birth to 5 offspring at a time, if you catch them in the early stages, it is so much easier to get rid of them.

What to do when you find out YOU have BED BUGS,...

Wash and dry all clothes on the highest Heat setting you have,..then store all clean clothes in clear containers,..and put half a dozen Fabric Softner sheets in each Container,..and a layer of Diatomacious Earth on the bottom of Containers,...

Kids plush cloth stuffed animals,....
either put them in clear containers,..or heavy duty Trash Bags,...use at least 6 Scented Fabric Softner Sheets,..with a liberal amount of Diatomacious Earth in each container or bags,..and store at least a month or two,..the longer the better.

Bed Bugs HATE Scented Fabric Softner Sheets !...use them liberaly,...I even put them between my Mattress and Box Springs.(still)

Vaccume,..Vaccume,..Vaccume everything including the mattresses and Boxsprings.
Use a brush to scrub the Matterss and Boxsprings along all edges, and Vaccume Vaccume Vaccume everything throughly.

Dump the contents of the Vaccume in a Trash Bag, put in a handfull of Diatomacious Eart in each bag, seal tight, and set out for trash.

Buy a 60 inch "Rubbermaid" zip up portable closet at MENARDS for $30, store the everyday clothes you wear,...powder a layer of "DE" in the bottom , and spread a dozen Scented Fabric Softner sheets across the bottom and now you have a place to store your shoes.

Buy several zippered Vinyl Coat Protectors, to store your coats and clothes in,...
you can buy them CHEAP,..$1 Dollar,.... at "EVERYTHING FOR A DOLLAR", so buy as many as you need, your clothes and coats in these sealed up protectors,..and its wise to put in a couple of Scented Fabric Softner sheets on the bottom, and in the coats pockets,..and a small amount of "DE".

Buy a zip up Vinal Matteress cover, and Box Springs cover, at K-MART,..about $17/$20 Dollars at WALL MART / K-MART,...and buy zip up Vinal Pillow Covers for your pillows,..about $5 to $7 Dollars.

Use Duct Tape on the bottom of you Bed Frame post,...wrap it once, then reverse it so the "Sticky" side is on the outside, as to catch any of theose pest as the try to crawl onto your bed,......remember to Keep all BEDDING from touching the floor.....

Do NOT let your cats or dogs sleep with you in your bed !

Locate you PERMA GUARD distributor for the state your in, and buy a 50LB bag of Diatomacious Earth,..for $23 Dollars,........

Diatomacious Earth is a 100% SAFE.....FOOD GRADE Product, that is NON TOXIC,...
SAFE around Children and Pets,..and is to be used the same as Boric Powder,.....

How Diatomacious Earth works, sticks the the pest ecoskeltel shell,..and the bugs dehydrate within 48 hours (or so),..I know,....I tested it myself,..I "Borrowed" 4 Adult Bed Bugs from a friend that had an infestation,..placed them in a jar, and a small ammount of "DE", preciesly 11am,...and 2 days later at 11am,..3 of the bugs were DEAD, as a door nail, and the 4th bug was in his last stages.

To apply Diatomacious Earth,
Just go around every base board in all rooms , closets, pantrys,,..dust shelves with the powder,..any cracks and crevices where BED BUGS can and do hide,..your Porch,...
your Basement,..the entire house,......any place any pest can crawl or hide , even inside electrical plug in outlets,..just remove the plug in face plate, and toss in a little "DE", and be sure to put the face plate back on, so no one get electrocuted !

Do a good powder on all cloth Furniture,...powder under all pillows,..on arms,....
then brush the powder into the exposed arms,...for carpet,.you can softly brush the powder into the carpet,..but I like to leave a coat of it visable, I know its there, and doing its job !

Do NOT believe that BED BUGS do NOT live on Pets, is stated again and again that Bed Bugs do not live on animals,...DONT BELIEVE IT !

Our 2 cats were ate up by Bed Bugs,..and were one huge festering scab from head to tail untill we put the Diatomacious Earth Powder on them, and worked it into their coats, they do not scream out in pain, nor run through the house acting as if the devil was chasing them,..or lay down and chew/scratch them selves raw,......
(Do NOT get the "DE" powder in the animals eyes.)
Now our cats have gained weight,.....their coats are shiney and luxiourius, they dont act crazy anymore, and no sores.
After any scabs on the cats (or dogs) have healed, buy a shampoo thats for ,...
"Ticks Flees and Bed Bugs",..and wash the pest,..then apply the "Flee-Tick" (Bed Bug)
controll product on the back of their neck, and your pets will be bug free,...
(I like to use a Flea Collar too, even tho some Vets say their not very effictive,..I know they work for my Pets)

Vets,...recomend Diatomacious Earth, for Cats/Dogs that have Worms,..and to Breeders who have Show Animals, to help improve their health, and the luster of their coats.

Medical Drs used to recomend Diatomacious Earth for Humans who had Intestional Parisites.

We found out we had Bed Bugs after my daughter moved back home, and brought her old Mattress and Boxsprings,...and a stray cat that had been left by her ex room mate.

No wonder the ex room mate didnt want to take her cat with her, was ate up with sores from Bed Bug bites,....

After doing my research on how to get rid of the dreaded Bed Bugs,..we located the only Distributor for PERMA GUARD,..DIATOMACIOUS EARTH,..and bought a 50 pound bag for $23 bucks,...we cleaned the house,..vaccumed everything several times
did all the Laundry,..washed all our bedding,..then I applied a nice layer of "DE" all along the edge of our Base Boards, carpet/cracks/crevices,....and let it do its work.

Then,..I dusted both Our cars,..and my Van, case any bugs were in our vehicles that we used to move my daughters stuff back home, remember to dust your cars, vans, and trucks too,...just in case !

I used a wide edge,.from 3 to 4 inches wide,..and have left it their for the past 2 months far so good,...we have found several dead Bed Bugs,..and myself, and the cats have not had a problem since,...I plan on leaving the powder down there for another month.

Id say I didnt use 1 pound of powder, to dust the whole house,....I probably have 49
pounds of this stuff left over, case I need to re-apply,..or if I find someone that has a Bed Bug problem that needs some help to get rid of them too.

I checked with local Exterminators, and they charge from $600 to $1500, and up, to treat a single house for Bed Bugs,..they use TOXIC Chemicles that leave behind dangerious unsafe residue for months till it wears off,..or they use intense heat from a Propane Furnace, run Duct work in your Windows, and litterly peal the paint off your walls, ruin Pictures, Photo Albums, and can cause costly damage that you dont see, untill its too late,.....and there is no assurance the Bed Bugs wont come back.

Diatomacious Earth is a 100% Safe, NON TOXIC - FOOD GRADE Product,..that is a
CHEAP Alternative, to spending Hundreds, or even Thousands of Dollars, try and get rid of a Bed Bug Problem.

We saved Hundreds of Dollars doing it ourselves,..and now I can sleep in my bed without waking up in the morning with bed Bug bites that leave welts and sores that last for days.

Heres what you'll need

Diatomacious Earth........................................$23 X 1 = $23
Scented Fabric Softner Sheets..........................$2 X 2 = $ 4
Rubbermaid 60 Inch Portable zip up closet,....$30 X 2 = $60
Clear Plastic Containers.....................................$7 X 6 = $42
Clear Vinyl Coat Storage wraps..........................$1 X10 = $10
ruff total $139

Add another $40 to $50 Dollers for every Bed you have,....for each Mattress /Box Spring set,..
The Vinyl zip up covers cost around $20+, do both the Mattress, and the Box Spring with these covers and add a little "DE" inside both for peace of mind.

So for about $140+ Dollars you can take care of this problem yourself,...that is unlless youd rather pay an Exterminator around a thousand dollers to do it for you.

Diatomacious Earth will kill all kinds of house hold, and outdoor pest,...
it kills C oackroaches, Fleas, Ticks, BED BUGS, Silverfish, Centipedes, ANTS,....FLYS,
Ear Wigs, name it,..if its a pest,.."DE" will probably kill it within 48 Hours.

Any questions,..send me a message,...Id be glad to answer any questions, in order to help others out.....I know what its like to of had to go through this Bed Bug problem.
Joined: 6/11/2005
Msg: 77 (view)
The New USA War.....Illegals....
Posted: 2/14/2010 10:08:04 AM
Im glad to see that a lot of people understand and agree that our nations laws should be upheld, and that Employers who Hire Illegals should face harsh punishment by implimenting arrest, convictions, and $FINES$ to the highest degree.

I have advocated arresting Illegals by the bus loads and still do,.yet that doesnt mean Im against people wanting a better life for themselves and their familys and loved ones,...

But compassion must be met with understanding.

Understanding that the previous 7 Amnesties had zero effect on stopping more Illegals from entering our country, in fact, its had an exact opposit effect, encourging more Illegals to venture the journey to our country, because we DONT met out the Punishment to Illegals the way we should.

Now with Obama and others still pushing an Amnesty for Illegals its just going to continue to make matters worse by over burdening our system,...then here will come a flood of more Illegals.

See where Im going with this ?

I dont think opening the borders is going to do anything to help our Economy one bit.
The only thing it will do is make matters worse.

So YES,..lets start busting these Employers that Hire Illegals, and make an example of them.

Hopefully that will set an example, and hopefully it would start the turning of the tides as far as Illegals expecting to get jobs here in the US.

Just think how unfare it is to the people that have filled out the proper paperwork to get Visas to come to our country, and apply for citizenship,...only to be over run by the Illegals that will be granted citizenship before them , if Obama and followers have their way?

Common Sense, seems to be in very short supply these days.

I've been called out, as inhumane, insensitive, a bigot, a racist, among other things,
yet I love my friends, my neighbors, of all colors,...and I love my family, of different colors,...

I strive to continue my efforts in my community to ensure we all have the same rights, and the ability to live in, and walk our streets in safety, and help to make sure that our laws are enforced, even if it means someone must go to jail, a place I dont wish on anyone.

But if you break the Law,..Our Law,..and you are caught, you have to face the courts decision, be that what it may.

It saddens me to see one side of the Law trying to do its best to controll this Illegal problem, then see the other side of the law trying to stop the efforts of the others.

When we all get behind our Laws, and apply them equily, the way they should be, then maybe we could solve our problems without punishing the ones thats only offence is trying to build a better life for them and their familys.

Its time we all get on the same page, and encourage our leaders to do the same.

Instead of worrying about Health care, Obama should be worried about our Economy,
Our Troops, Creating Jobs, that more people may WORK,..then address the issue of Illegals, and figure out a way to solve the Illegal problem by adding a "Fast track" to approving applicatiants already waiting in line, then figure out exactly how many Visas we can approve, per year, to allow more people to come to America, in "Legal" status,..instead of as Illegals.
Joined: 6/11/2005
Msg: 58 (view)
Support broad in U.S. for public healthcare option
Posted: 2/2/2010 8:28:32 AM
It seems that there is always a WIDE margin of error, because most people dont know how to add up a bunch of 9's, and dont know or care what a "Public Option" really is,..
let alone that Obama's Heath Care Bill is actually a subsidy,...NOT Insurance.

Guess 1.2 trillion is not too much money to spend on the health of our nation.

Ouch if their record holds out that means we could end up with another 3 Trillion to 8.5 Trillion dollar debt.

You know its all this wastefull spending that continues to block America from being all it can be, and from providing Americans the things they really need and deserve.

I remember all the LIES we were told when we considered the LOTTERY,...
We were promised,
The FINEST Roads
The Best Education System
Lower Taxes
A Surplus of Monies to go towards making our lives less complicated and a better quailty of living for all.


Now just imagine if, that "Extra" money would of been put to good use, to provide the things we were promised.

Just imagine if someone had the nerve to question Bush's involvement in this Iraq War, and demanded we put a STOP to it before it bankrupted out country, and lost thousands of our troops their lives.

If we had not got involved in an illegal, imoral, and unjust war, and not spent trillions of dollars, and borrowed all these billions from China,..just to keep our Country afloat, imagine how that money could of been spent going towards a real Health Care Program ?

What would happen if we suddenly found our economy strong, and we were able to take the time to draft a Bill that would give all Americans a "Choice" of the kind of Health Coverage that suited them best ?

For Get It !

Your dreaming,...the "Powers That Be" dont give a rats behind what YOU want !

They are driven by Cooperate Greed and Insurance Companies that do NOT care what you or I want as far as Health Insurance and Public Options go.

Why did Obama go back on his statement that he had MORE Important things to do first as President before he could tackle the Health Care situation,..he said on his own Web Site that he probaly couldnt get to it till his second term.

What happenned,...did the Economy suddenly take a turn and repair itself, so that Obama might go ahead and address the issue of Heath Care ?

Did the War suddenly end with the odds in our favor, and our troops return home ?

No,..Obama lied to us from the get go,..he knew he was going to push hard for a Health Care Bill, so that he may bask in the glory of our misfortune, regardless the cost or who wants what.

Tisk Tisk Tisk,...just another empty suit making false promises and lieing to us time and again.

Believe me, matters not if the American people want a Public Health Care Option,..

It only matters if the Health Insurance Companies want a Public Option, and it looks like they dont.

They,..just like Congress and the President, just want to keep shoving their agenda down our throats, regardless what we want.
Joined: 6/11/2005
Msg: 43 (view)
Political bribes/Vote buying and health care reform
Posted: 1/22/2010 8:37:32 AM
Exactly !^^^^^

too bad he has waited over a year to focus his attention on Economy....his arrogance and desire to achieve milestones outweighs his concern for the welfare of the American people...One Year wasted...during which time close to 5,000.000 Americans lost their jobs

I have been saying all along that our Economy was the first thing Obama, and Congress should address.

How can you FORCE a Health Care Bill down peoples throats, and threaten them with a $750 Fine for NOT having Health Care, and collectable by the IRS,...when a lot of people can NOT afford it in the first place ?

Restore the Economy first,...reduce Unemployment,...create new jobs and encourage new business's through tax cuts and other incentives,...

Why not,...others that are NOT American are given these oppertunities ????

Then after our Economy is in better shape,..then you can address the issue of Health Care.

If everything was handled right, and looking out for the best interest of the American people, instead of Big Business and Special Interest groups, pork barrel spending and earmarks,..we might actually have a real chance to restore Americas Economy and increase the chance that more people could actually Afford Health Care.
Joined: 6/11/2005
Msg: 14 (view)
Fiddling while Haiti burns?
Posted: 1/19/2010 6:11:47 AM
Just for a little clarification,

you can't sort the mess in a few weeks... or do that much in the first few weeks .... history has shown us that....

Its actually the first 48 Hours that matter most, and saves the most lives, the people trapped, have a very short life span, compared to those that are able to walk away from this kind of tragedy.

If help were not to arrive till after 48 Hours,..let alone a week,...the chances of the death toll increases dramatically.

Now I know that when tragedy strikes like this, most people are in Shock, wandering around in a daze,....the clear headed people, or lets say the trained professional just shakes it off and immediately and starts rescue efforts, by gathering as much Help as they can to coordinate their efforts to maximum potential.

A group of 4 or 5 can do so much more than a person alone.

A person with any training at all knows that you do NOT go rushing in, until you've accessed the situation because a dead person can not help anyone, you need back up, and someone there, to help you, if you get into trouble.

Here in the United States, we have the advantage that we are somewhat prepared to tackle disasters with a better understanding, and better equipped with trained professionals that have trained dogs to help locate people both alive and dead, and know that if you find someone dead, trapped, your to mark the area, inform the others, and continue the search for the living, and those that have a chance.

The people of Haiti have not prepared themselves, even tho they know that the potential for a disaster like this was eminent,..their Building Codes were NOT stringent enough for facing Earthquake tremors, and thats exactly why practically all buildings were flattened.

It doesn't help when relief efforts are slowed down by rioters and looters blocking the roads,... some of the first reports werew of Criminals from the destroyed Prison running the roads, Rioting, and making the efforts more chaotic.

Having the people block the efforts of the UN Food and Water supplies by destroying them by throwing it in the road as claiming it POISON,..doesn't help either.

That's why I say, people too stupid to help themselves don't deserve help, its just a shame that the antics of a small hand full, reflect so badly on the helpless and innocent.

It was reported that The Coast Guard were the first to arrive, a few days before even the first Naval vessel got there, these Military men deserve all the Thanks, they can get, without them being First On The Scene in most every disaster, there would be hundreds, maybe thousands added to the death tolls.

For the lives of many, the first 48 Hours are crucial, a matter of Life of Death,...after that it does take weeks, and months to clean up the mess, in this case I believe barges will be brought in to load the rubble, and will be deposited some where at sea, to build a new reef.
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Msg: 3 (view)
Fiddling while Haiti burns?
Posted: 1/18/2010 11:16:48 AM
Nobody is "Fiddling while Haiti burns",

its exactly this kind of misconception that spreads what you perfer the term as "bullschit"

The truth of the matter is, there is always one group of people who do NOT sit around waiting for someone to tell them what to do.


Look what happenned in New Orleans during Katrina.
It took the Governor, and the President, a WEEK, to make any decision as what to do.
There is your , "Fiddling while Haiti burns",

But did you know, that The Coast Guard did NOT sit around waiting ?

The Coast Guard "piggy backed" Choppers all the way from Alaska to New Orleans to evacuate, and help stranded, injured residents.

And you know one of the first thing that happened as soon as the Coast Guard arrived?

They got SHOT AT, by the looters,a nd vandals in the streets and atop buildings.

Did that stop the Coast Guard ? No. They continued their mission before the Governor, or the President even decided what course of action to take.

Now, I might take a grim look at how the WORLD expects the United States to handle any and all disasters, but thats because I've "been there - done that", and after its all said and done,..about the only recognition you get, is from the people who worked beside you, NOT the people you helped, and NOT from the Elected Officials in their Position of Power.

I hate to see anyone suffer, injured, or any loss of life, but I've become jaded, and feel that every Disaster is NOT the United States FAULT, and we should NOT be held responciable for providing Help and Funds, for people that refuse to help themselves, and that we as a nation should start taking better care of our own.

Now, the first people off the butts to help these people in Haiti was The United States Coast Guard,..they are there, basically by themselves doing what they do best, and I applaud them for not just this action, but for all their efforts through their entire history.

Check out this link of the Coast Guard at work in Haiti.

The Coast Guard, like always, is First On The Scene !
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Msg: 96 (view)
no sex for 15 months
Posted: 1/17/2010 11:51:58 AM
Considering that SEX used to be a regular part of my life, and I thought one of the BEST parts of my life,...I have now slowed down, and dont have the "Urge" as often as I used to.

Sure,..I would like to be able to enjoy a nice normal sex life again,

But its going to have to be for the right reasons,....not just SEX for SEX sake,

Not just so I can obtain "Sexual Release"

Not just with someone I find attractive,

Its is going to be for the best reasons of all,


Sex is just that,...Sex.

I want the ability to be able to lay beside my partner, and just bask in the sheer pleasure of knowing that the person Im with is shareing more than just sex,
their shareing their LOVE,..their Soul,..their Passion.

When two souls entwine and become as one, it is a Beautiful thing.

Its been years since I've had "Sex",...or "Love"

It might be years more, who knows ?

I figure I've had my fair share, and now its time for me sit this dance out.

Maybe I'll get Lucky, and some Lady will be able to help me change this situation.

But it isnt going to be just anyone, its going to take a very Special Lady.

Doing with out sex is easy, might NOT be Fun, but.

Sharing yourself with someone you LOVE, sooooooooooo much more satisfying.

So I think I'll wait.
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Msg: 177 (view)
Obama's latest approval ratings.
Posted: 1/17/2010 10:38:35 AM
I found a clear, and concise report on Obama, that exemplifies my thoughts very well.
Check it out, this "Reporter" is talking about Obamas failed Policies.

.......................'Even Charles Manson could beat him now'...................................
Gary Younge in Prestonsburg
The Guardian,
Saturday 16 January 2010
Article history

One year after his election, Barack Obama's approval rating is lower at this stage than for any US president since Eisenhower. So why has the optimism surrounding his victory disappeared so suddenly?

Every Wednesday at 4.30pm they come: a small steady human trickle rolling down a ravine in Prestonsburg, western Kentucky ­towards the Town Branch church. They come in pick-ups, on foot, alone and with families. Some stop for just a few minutes. Others linger. They come for food and warm second-hand clothes. They come because desperation in this part of America has become a routine part of life.

More than a quarter of the families in Prestonsburg live in poverty; half of the children in Floyd County, where it is situated, are on food stamps. This ­Appalachian coal mining area has never been rich. But no one can remember when it has ever been this poor either. It sits on the old Route 23 – the country music highway of which Dwight Yoakam (a Floyd Country native) sang in Readin', Rightin', Route 23. It was the road that took people north to factory jobs in places such as Detroit and Cleveland and "the good life they had never seen". Now those cities are broke and there's nowhere left to go.

"We're getting more and more ­people coming here as time goes by," says Tom Price, who helps administer the church's Feed My Sheep pantry. "The bottom's just fallen out of it all." He blames it on Barack Obama. "Is there a direct correlation [between Obama's victory and the region's bad times]? I don't know. But I do know a lot of people are hurting."

A week may be a long time in politics. But a year has not been enough for the Democratic president to meet the expectations of his candidacy, deal with the situation he inherited or defuse the barbed charges of his detractors. For many the change that Obama promised when he was inaugurated a year on Wednesday has ended up being a change for the worse. Unemployment is rising, houses prices are falling, unpopular wars are still raging. After 100 days only Ronald Reagan had higher approval ratings for his first few months in office than Obama. But as his first year draws to a close nobody has had lower ratings at this stage since Dwight Eisenhower.

Keith Bartley, Floyd County's Democratic chairman, says one key reason why Obama's such a tough sell here is because of the effect of his cap and trade policy on the coal industry. Lt Governor Daniel Mongiardo, the Democratic frontrunner in Kentucky's senatorial race later this year, says he would not want Obama to come and stump for him on the campaign trail, particularly because of his environmental policies. "With some of the positions he has taken, especially on coal, no. He certainly can't come into eastern or western Kentucky and help. Nor would I want him to."

But the disenchantment goes beyond one region or one industry. The official narrative of Obama's inauguration – the fairytale most of the US media told itself and that the international community wanted to believe – was that after a ­rancourous campaign a divided country came together to celebrate the historic election of its first African-American president. The reality was always quite different. The editor of the Grayson County News Gazette in Leitchfield, a small town 230 miles west of Prestonsburg, recalls that the day after the election much of the area wore sombre faces. The week he was elected gun sales across the country leapt about 50% compared with the same period the year before.

For all of his aspirations for bipartisanship, after the first three months Obama had the most polarised early job approval ratings of any president in the past four decades. The gap between how Democrats and Republicans rated him at this stage was greater than George Bush Jr's in 2001 and twice as high as Richard Nixon's during the height of the Vietnam war in 1969. This was partly because Democrats loved him so much – but it was also because so few Republicans were willing to give him a hearing. Obama didn't create that partisan divide, he inherited it. Not only has he not been able to cure it, but his presence seems to have exacerbated it.

Truth be told they never really liked Obama much in Floyd County. He won only 5% of the vote against Hillary Clinton's 94% in the primaries. But until recently they did love Democrats. In the 2004 election John Kerry won the county with a 25-point margin. In 2008, John McCain took it by 2 points – the first time a Republican had won Floyd in living memory. That's to say following hurricane Katrina, the failure in Iraq, the collapse of the economy and the unravelling in Afghanistan, a sizeable portion of Floyd's voters took a look at Obama and decided that this time, for the first time, they would turn their back on the Democrats.

Back at the Feed My Sheep food ­pantry Cindy Hernandez has just picked up her groceries and is rifling through the secondhand clothes. She has no doubts about why Obama struggled in a county that is 98% white.

"That's because Obama was black. Let's get real," she says with a laugh.

"You mean people are prejudiced in eastern Kentucky?" asks Tom Nelson, the church's pastor who seems genuinely upset by what she said.

"You do not believe that?" replies Hernandez.

"I know some are, but not altogether," says Nelson. Fearing I should get the wrong impression Nelson suggested I talk to Price.

"I voted for McCain," says Price. "Because, well I voted for the old white guy. At least he's American." A few days earlier, the chairman of the Republican party in Jackson County, Arkansas, insisted electing Obama is destroying America in the same way electing Nelson Mandela destroyed South Africa. "Handing it over to the wrong people."

To ask where racism ends and politics begins in all of this is to set up a false dichotomy – America's politics has always been steeped in race and racism is a political force. The psychic scars of centuries are not removed in one election or as a result of one person. Indeed they may be deepened and made even more raw as a result of them.

The movement that has emerged to oppose him is almost exclusively white. In Little Rock, Arkansas, a city that is 40% black in a state that is 80% white, an anti-tax Tea party rally of several hundred had not one black attendee – apart from an anti-abortion speaker. The doubts they have cast about his Christianity and his birthplace (some claim Obama wasn't born in America) are really proxies for race – a bid to cast him as the ultimate "other". At an anti-healthcare reform rally in Washington in September several racist placards were spotted. One bore a picture a lion and the words, "The zoo has an African lion and the White House has a lyin' African"; another said "'Cap' Congress and 'trade' Obama back to Kenya".

But while racism might inform the intensity and shape the nature of the attacks on Obama they do not drive them. Obama's administration has raised taxes on the rich, expanded public spending, pledged to withdraw troops from Iraq and argued – if only halfheartedly – for universal healthcare. Conservatives have good reasons to be against him that have nothing to do with race.

"It's hard to specify a single source for the opposition," says Rev Wendell Griffin, a Baptist pastor and judge in Arkansas. "Part of the opposition to Obama is philosophical. There is in every society a strand of thought that glories in the myth of rugged individualism [and] he challenges that notion. He believes that the idea of a government is to have a concern not just for the individual but for the society as a whole. Some people don't like that." Griffin went on to list racism, economic desperation and the fact that he is no longer an underdog as other reasons.

His rightwing dissenters may be eccentric and racially exclusive but they have also proved highly effective. They have a populist message that excoriates Bush and the bank bailouts as well as Obama and a TV channel – Fox News – to which they are devoted and which is happy to promote their work. A recent poll showed that if the Tea party – a ­protest movement set up earlier this year to rally opposition to the stimulus bill and "big government" – were a party it would beat the Republican party.

Every week a "9/12" group meet at the non-alcoholic All Bar None in Lexington, Kentucky. This was an initiative started by Fox presenter Glenn Beck, in order to return America to the values of patriotism and godliness that he says America embraced the day after 11 September. Fourteen showed up the night I was there. A straw poll revealed that none of them blamed Obama exclusively for America heading in the wrong direction, with all preferring to blame the entire political establishment. Half believed Obama is a Muslim, just one thought he's a Christian and the overwhelming majority thought he was a communist, socialist and Marxist. None believe that he was born in America; most said they did not know.

"A lot of information about Obama's background is missing," says Abigail Billings. "The media in America is not doing any research. They're not asking any questions. They're not reporting any longer. They're now opinionated talk shows. They're no longer offering factual news coverage." They all watch Fox News.

Many on America's left are also ­disgruntled with Obama. They believe the healthcare reform, without a public option, will be inadequate, that the war in Afghanistan will unravel, the stimulus bill was insufficient to kick-start the economy and that his economic team is being run by Wall Street. But unlike the right they have so far failed to turn their disillusionment into a potent political force.

"I'd have thought in the past that if Charles Manson ran against a Republican in Floyd County he would win," says Bartley. "But Charles Manson could beat Barack Obama here right now. Thousands of miners out of work, the entire local economy in the tank. But he's got a couple of years where he could turn this round. If he does that he could win. If he doesn't, Charles Manson could come in and win."

Part one of Gary Younge's documentary Opposing Obama will air 1 February on BBC World Service at 10am, 3pm and 8pm GMT

I couldn't of said it better myself !

Obama has failed in his attempt to hold onto his followers, the tide,...has turned.
Every oppertunity Obama has had, he has messed up.
Instead of taking the Bull by the Horns, and STOPPING it,.. He has mearly grabbed the Bull by the tail, and is holding on for dear life.

One LIE after another, no wonder he ranks as the least popular President of our time.

Wheres the HOPE ?
Wheres the CHANGE ?
Why hasnt this illegal, unjust, and Imorral WAR been STOPPED ?
Why hasnt an EXIT STRAGITY been approved, and Implimented to bring our Troops home ?
Why are were going to send More Troops, in a NO WIN WAR ?

We are clearly in a NO WIN SITUATION, our Military personal are still coming home in BODY BAGS,....for WHAT ???

TAX CHEAT Charles Rangle, in charge of the IRS Collecting Taxes ?????

HELLO,......does anyone else see the wrongs that are being committed, and NOTHING being done about it ?

Obama has divided thia nation, instead of pulling it together.

America,..You asked for it,.....YOU GOT IT !
Now you dont like it.

Maybe next Election, you will vote in someone that is going to STOP this runaway Train.

Maybe,...thats a pretty big "Maybe".

The caliber of Presidential material is getting closer and closer to the bottom of the barrel each Election.

The only real man for the Job was RON PAUL,..and he was Black Balled by the Main Stream Media because the "Powers That Be" did NOT want a REAL MAN running away with the Election.

Obama,..will very likely be the main reason, America will NEVER vote another person of "Color" into the Presidential Office again, matter how quailified.
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Msg: 74 (view)
The New USA War.....Illegals....
Posted: 1/8/2010 4:06:41 PM
I just wanted to respond to the article that states that,...

“If any local law enforcement agency in the nation were involved in these types of widespread constitutional violations it would prompt a federal investigation,” said Lawrence W. Mulvey, the Nassau police commissioner, who led a panel that guided the Cardozo report. “Federal immigration agents simply need to play by the same rules as every other law enforcement officer.”

Law Enforcement Agencys across the nation, has went above and beyond peoples Constituional Rights, and Legal Rights, probably Hundreds of Thousands of times,..its just that you dont hear about it often,.....

Our Civil and Constitutional rights have become meaningless, unless you happen to have a Lawyer present,..or capture it on Video,..then you still have to prove you case in court....either way its gonna cost you.

But for all the "Abuse Of Power" that some of the Law Enforcement have used, still is the best defence we have against Criminals.

Its just too bad we have so many Bleeding Heart Liberals that insist that Criminals have more Rights, then their Victims.

Now as far as "Illegals" go,..they should have NO RIGHTS,..and not be subject to the
provisions that American Citizens are protected by,...but still should be treeted Civil, as Im sure most are.

If Illegals do not want to be rousted out of bed at pre dawn hours, then they should NOT be here as an Illegal.

What part of "ILLEGAL" do people NOT Understand ?

These people are Law Breakers, and a lot of times they are repeat Law Breakers.

The first Offence is NOT a Felony,...but after being Deported once, and returning, it becomes a FELONY,..yet most get a slap on the wrist, and Deported,...Again.

Most Illegals are Repeat Offenders,..Drug Runners,...Criminals,...and Sex Offenders.

Do YOU still what to whine about ILLEGALS RIGHTS ???

Try going to some other Countries as an Illegal, and see how YOU get treeted.
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Msg: 173 (view)
Obama's latest approval ratings.
Posted: 1/8/2010 3:42:13 PM
I just heard on the Radio that Obamas approval rating has dropped to 44%, and that they are considering replacing him with Jay Leno !

Thats RIGHT,...the Motto could be,...

Lets put a real CLOWN in Office !
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Msg: 4 (view)
Where do people hang out on the weekends
Posted: 1/3/2010 9:13:35 AM
The man said "INDIANAPOLIS"

What part of his question do you NOT understand ?

In "Indianapolis" your choice is very very Limited, as far as trying to find a spot that doesnt cater to the younger crowd, no matter where you go, they seem to take over a place once it gets well known.

The City Officials here in Indianapolis like to tout that we are a Cutural City,...a Sports Capitol, and a place for "The Arts",.......

Hogwash !

Indianapolis is nothing more than a "One Horse Hick Town",...

Now, far as finding a nice place to hang out in Indianapolis,..youd be better off to Join The American Legion,.. the drinks are NOT watered down,...Thursday at the Legion is $1 Dollar Mixed Drink Nite,...and KARAOKE, at Post 64, off Holt and Washington St.

The "STONE MUG",..turned into "MUG SHOTS",..and "Norm" was doing his KARAOKE Show there on Wed's,...but even that got messed up, was just a bunch of us "Old Timers" going in and doing some real GOOD ,...Classis Rock, and tunes from the 50's and 60's,...but last time I dropped in, was overun with kids in their 20's that thought getting Skunk Drunk, and Bumping Chest was the "Cool" thing to do.

Now even that place has bit the dust, and I guess Norm has went elsewhere.

IF,...YOU really wnat to get out to have a "Good Time" and KARAOKE,....visit Norms page online, and see the different "Up Scale" places he does KARAOKE.

I Love THE LIVING ROOM LOUNGE, but it too is over run with the younger crowd,
and gets jam packed at times when Norm does Karaoke,...your lucky to get to do a song once every hour,.....

Good Luck !
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Msg: 26 (view)
Eating Healthy on a low income?
Posted: 1/2/2010 8:47:50 AM
I see Lots and Lots of great suggestions,

The Oatmeal in bulk is a great ideal, and as mentioned above, there are ingredients to add to make plain old Oatmeal, delicious Oatmeal.

Im not sure if you have a Hostess Bakery Surplus Store around you,..if so, they might sell this Brand which I love, and it isnt very expensive,..


I buy a bag of,...

and I buy a Bulk Box of RASINS,...Suger Free Sweetner, (SPLENDA),..and a LARGE Container of OATMEAL,

Make your Oatmeal,...add a couple tablespoons of Sunflower Seeds, a Tablespoon of Wheat Germ, and Flax Seeds,...sprinkle a half a cup of Raisins, add the Splenda, or what ever kind of Sweetner you use, and Enjoy !

Do you like "Biscuts & Gravy" ?.....Very Inexpensive,......I like to make a RED EYE Gravy,..easy to do,...brown a small piece of Ham,..add chopped Onions, a tablespoon of Coffee,..make your drippings, then make your Gravy,.....if you make a large amount of Gravy, you have enough for several days.

Make your own Hashbrowns,..add a couple of Eggs,..and your eating Great,...Cheap.

I noticed that you stated that your not interested in Tuna,..thats ok,..but, about Sardines, and of course KIPPER SNACKS ???

Sardines are said to keep you Full,..longer than any thing else, ..and I love Sardines,
and Kippers on Plain Saltine Crackers, they make a great mid day, or late night snack.

You like Pasta, but cant use Tomatos,...use Pasta with an Alfredo Sauce,..or make your Own favorite Sause to use with Pasta,..even if its simply to add to your Chili.
Use Paste to add to Chicken instead of Rice.

Buy Chicken Breast in Bulk, and split them in two,..making your meals go twice as far.
If you have an ALDI'S near you, buy their Frozen Chicken Breast,...and a few Boxes of
Jambaylia,...and Dirty Rice,..cook seperatly, or cook them together for an added flavor, and then you have plenty to eat as Left Overs for the next few days.

Beans,.....and ,...Rice,..can extend almost any meal,..and combined together with some Cajun Seasoning to create "Beans and Rice" with a half a Chicken Breast is a tasty dish indeed.

Do you like CORNBREAD ? (Corn Bread is best made in a Cast Iron Skillit,..know how to Season a Cast Iron Skillit, and use it for all your cooking needs that you possiable can,.it adds the "Down Home" Flavor that a lot of pans dont have.)

A bowl of Beans, seasoned with some "Hog Jowl",..a fresh sliced Onion,..and some Cornbread, is pure bliss to me,....and Corn Meal is relitivly cheap, and goes a long way.

You like PIZZA ? But cant afford the high cost of a Tasty Pie ???

Make your own.

Make your Pizza dough, the night before from scratch,..totaly CHEAP to make,....

Buy your Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, Olives, etc, in Bulk, and when it comes to Cheeze,..I like the Cheap stuff,..what evers on SALE, add to my Home Made Pizza's,....I like to slice the Onion, Green Peppers, and (my Tomatos) in whole, but very thin slices to layer on top of the dough.

I buy the BEEF SUMMER SAUSAGE, and slice as thin as I can, to add on top of the Pepperoni too.

When the Dough is ready, flower the Pizza pan, spread Pizza dough, brush the Pizza dough with a coat of OLIVE OIL,...use "SALSA", as your Sauce,..add the Pepperoni,...Beef Summer Sausage,..the Green Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms, Olives (etc), then BAKE the Pizza till it starts to turn a Golden Brown,..remove Pizza,..add one layer of Sharp Chedder, then alternate with another layer of ...Pepper Jack, both different color slices are contrasting each other for a Visual appeal,..then Bake long enough to Melt the Cheeze,

I like to add sliced Jalapino Peppers on top of the Cheeze, then when its done, sprinkle the "SALT SENSE" and Black Pepper,.....some "PARMESAN & ROMANO" Cheese,..then if you like, some Crushed Red Pepper.

"SALSA PIZZA", you say ???? Myself, my Family, and friends LOVE IT !

The "PIZZA's" I make turn into a "Work of Art", and I Photograph them, and add to my Facebook, where I get loads of Compliments, and request from others to join me on "Pizza Nights"

Youll be surprised how Cheap this Pizza can be made, Heavy it will be, only a slice or two will fill you up,..and the ammount of Pizza you will have left over for a bit of Lunch, or Dinner for the next couple of days.

Yes, I know Olive Oil is not CHEAP, but used strictly for Pizza, or to Brush on a slice of Chicken Breast, it goes a long way, and makes the "Taste" well worth it.

I have a Table Top TOAST MASTER TOASTER, I can throw my Left Over Pizza in there, to warm it up, and keep the Crispy Crust, instead of soggy Microwave Pizza.

Buy a lot of Herb Seasoning, even if its only a couple at a time,..each visit to the store,....
Whole Cloves,..Ground Cloves,..Ground Sage,..Ground Cinnamon,..Basil Leaves, ..
Ground Basil,..Parsley Flakes,..and Thyme,..all come in handy for making a meal that delivers a FULL FLAVOR to your Meal,....and when you can, some BEEF BULLION CUBES, help you make your own STOCK, when needed,....

And I love to use EMERIL'S BAYOU BLAST in my Beans & Rice,..and Chicken and Rice recipes,...Im not pluggin his product, just saying it adds the flavor thats missing to a lot of meals.

Proper Seasoning can, and does make a Meal,...spend a little, it goes a LONG WAY.

I even went out and bought an 18 Quart Slow Cooker, to add to my regular table top Slow Cooker, and my Fondu Crock Pot,.....the 18 Quart Slow Cooker is amazing,....
It allows me to make very LARGE Portions, then be able to Freeze lots of Single Size Portions to use for weeks.

Buy in Bulk, Cook in Bulk, and Freeze Single Servings to use later.

Cook a Medium Size Turkey,..Season and Baste it well, and you'll be surprised how long you will have delicious left overs,.....

Same thing with a Ham,...want to make a Delicious Ham ?
Buy a Canned Ham,....cut Criss Cross Diamonds in it, remove the small cuts of meat,...
place a Whole Clove in each Diamond,..bake for 45 mins to an hour,....just to get it nice and hot,...remove,..let cool,.....leave the CLOVES,...Slice the Ham about 1/4 inch thick, or smaller if your good with a knife,...I perfer just a tad smaller,..but not Thin,...
just slice it thick enough so that you can use one slice to make a "Filling" Sandwich later on.

Lay the sliced Ham, back in the tray, exactly in the same order you sliced it, but allow it to lay down,....add the FAYGO ORANGE, sprinkle with SPLENDA SUGER FREE BROWN SUGAR,..and add Orange Slices,....cook for an hour,..Remove, drain the FAYGO,...and you should have you a Ham that is to die for, and will feed you again for a week or 10 days.

If you like Grape,..or Lemon/Lime,..use the Faygo Brand, and cook the same was as mentioned above,....I LOVE them all, but like to Orange Best !

This even works Great on basting a Whole Chicken,..use your immagination,..take what YOU like, and Season it Properly, you'll be surprised the difference it makes, and the way it seems to Fill You Up much better.
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Msg: 41 (view)
Political bribes/Vote buying and health care reform
Posted: 1/2/2010 7:11:17 AM

An old saying comes to mind when I think about this,...

...the power which has always started the greatest religious and political avalanches in history rolling has from time to immemorial been the magic of power of the spoken word, and that alone.

Particularly the broad masses of the people can be moved only by the power of speech.
- Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf.

And like I've said repetedly,..Obama is nothing more than a huskster, and it just Business as Usual in the Obama Administration.

We were PROMISED "Change",..and what did we get,.....more of the same,...just like Bush on Steroids.
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Msg: 196 (view)
Health care
Posted: 12/26/2009 10:35:58 AM
I watched the first link, by shortning the link given, this,........

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Yells at Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)

It seems as if Dylan Ratigan asked Congresswoman Schultz to answer a question concerning the Rise of Health Insurance Companies Stock Value, compairison to Government Mandated Health Care,.. only to keep inturrupting, and cutting short any reply she was trying to give, ,...and not allow her to completely answer the question asked,....

It seems as if he only wanted to prove his point by not shareing his "Soapbox" with her.

If Mr Ratigan would of allowed her to finish, he might of got an answer that at least addressed the question asked.

And then again,.. if Mr Ratigan would of just let her finish,..he might of gave her enough rope to allow her to hang herself.

Was there more of this conversation ? I tried the second link and it failed to produce any results .
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Msg: 195 (view)
Health care
Posted: 12/23/2009 7:10:14 PM
Well,..its just unbelieveable,..that so many people are so supportive of Obama and critical towards anyone that trys to make sense of this mess,..

We have these perfectly knowledgeable people that are brilliant minds on here,..and they have fallen for Obama "Hook Line and Stinker",...I cant believe it,.yet I read their
post and am repetedly rebuffed anytime I say I dont support his moves,...and wise person weighs their options in favor of whats best all the way around,..and so far Obama has repetedly failed to nmake any moves that would really help our Country.

Now we have Ann Coulter's views,..that make more sense to me, than most of what these "Brilliant Minds" can produce.

Coulter blows holes in liberals' 'cheap' lies

Coulter said liberals want to talk about anything but their plan to take over one-sixth of the American economy.

"Let's talk about health care!" she exclaimed.

"Instead of being honest and telling us that their plan is to make health care worse and more expensive – but fairer! – liberals have recently begun claiming that providing universal health care will actually save money."

Coulter continues: "I'm pretty sure that extending full medical benefits to 30 million people who don't currently have them – 47 million once the federal health commission rules that illegal aliens are covered – will not be less expensive than the current system."

Gee,...isnt that what I've been saying all along ?

Yet some people dont get it.
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Msg: 194 (view)
Health care
Posted: 12/22/2009 11:40:12 AM
The latest I've read is that Obama is being sued for "Behind The Door Meetings" on Health Care, with Planned Parenthood.

Obama sued for secret abortion meetings
'In haste to socialize medicine, president violated commitment to transparency'

A legal firebrand whose work fighting corruption left both Bill Clinton and****Cheney on the defensive today took on Barack Obama, suing the president for secret meetings with Planned Parenthood and other lobbyists on his plans to nationalize health care.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and, more recently, Freedom Watch USA, filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., under the Federal Advisory Committee Act. The law requires disclosure of records of meetings between the executive branch and outside industry lobbyists. It also requires access to meetings.

Klayman raised the same issues during the early years of the Clinton administration, contributing to the demise of the health care proposal championed by Hillary Clinton.

The lawsuit charges that in Obama's "haste to socialize medicine in the United States, and increase government control generally," he has "violated his commitment to transparency."



Obama "Violated his commitment to transparency."?????

This CANT be True,...Obama Promised us TRANSPARENCY !

"It is widely known that President Obama and his surrogates have been holding behind closed door meetings with health care industry lobbyists, cutting deals to win passage of his health care legislation," Klayman said.

No No No,....Obama PROMISED us CHANGE,....this is just a continuation of the
"Same Old Same Old"
and more of
"Business As Usual"

Wheres the CHANGE ???

Klayman contends the president's conduct falls within the scope of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, which "requires the president to come clean on why he has caved in to the pharmaceutical industry, preventing the importation of prescription drugs that would lower prices for consumers, why he has become the lackey of Planned Parenthood in championing government financed abortions, and why the AMA (American Medical Association) and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) are now his great friends."

As WND reported, Klayman had returned to Washington, where his efforts to bring light to the Clinton administration made him a high-profile political figure that was parodied on television in the "West Wing" character Harry Klaypool.

Klayman said after his return he was stunned by the level of corruption in the nation's capital, telling CNN's Lou Dobbs, "I've never seen it like this."

Isnt this EXACTLY hat I've been saying all along,
POLITICS is a DIRTY Business !

Klayman's new case targets "the particulars behind the secret deals the White House has been cutting with private health care concerns, such as the AMA, Pharma, Planned Parenthood, AARP, and other lobbyists seeking to feed at the trough of the government."

"Freedom Watch will not rest until the American people know all the facts about this historic and ill advised health care legislation, which most Americans – be they conservative, middle of the road or liberal – think we cannot afford and do not want as it is written," he said.

Klayman said he hand-delivered just days ago a letter to Obama under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and FACA seeking copies of all minutes and final decision documents.

His letter was accepted at the White House only after he was badgered and belittled by uniformed police officers, he said.

"Egregiously, upon hand delivering the letter to the Secret Service, agents of the president, the undersigned chairman and general counsel of Freedom Watch was illegally detained … at the front gate of The White House, while he was on the sidewalk (he had never entered The White House grounds), questioned for over an hour in below freezing temperatures, and berated, harassed and threatened by two of the president's Uniformed Secret Service agents for his public advocacy and he was investigated; that is, these two Uniformed Secret Service agents violated the exercise of First Amendment freedom of speech rights," Klayman said..

"Fortunately, after over an hour of interrogation, false imprisonment, and violation of his civil rights, a very professional female line Secret Service agent appeared and in an appropriate and very respectful and kind manner set the undersigned free," he said.

Klayman's letter said, "It has been widely reported and it is independently known that you and your agents and representatives have been communicating and meeting with, in secret and behind 'closed doors,' lobbyists from the private pharmaceutical industry (i.e. Pharma), Planned Parenthood, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the American Medical Association (AMA) and other private interests, cutting deals to attempt to assure passage of your proposed health care legislation.

Klayman said the conduct "falls squarely within the scope of the Federal Advisory Committee Act," because "these nontransparent communications and meetings with lobbyists and nongovernmental persons and groups constitute a de facto advisory committee under the letter and intent of the law."

Noting that Obama's plans would involve "one seventh of the nation's GDP," Klayman said he was demanding "on behalf of the American people … that you allow us to participate in any such communications and meetings and that you turn over all documentations, such as minutes and notes of and concerning all meetings and other records, immediately.

"Simply put, the public has the right to know what you promised to private special interests before the proposal legislation becomes law," he said.

The White House didn't respond to a request for comment.

Of course not !

Theres More to read if you want to follow the link, but the above is the bulk of the interesting parts concerning Obamas tainted Health Care Reform travisty.

Just how far has Obama gone in order to insure this Bill will pass ?
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Health care
Posted: 12/21/2009 6:29:08 AM
After reading a lot of the proposed Health Care Bill,...I am in Shock to read how much "CONTROL" the Government will have, and how little control we, and the Drs will have, in the say so of OUR HEALTH.

Anyone, that would construct such a proposal, me, not an American, and does NOT understand or cares about the general Health and Welfare of the Citizens of which their supposed to represent,..and ANY PRESIDET, that would approve any kind of Bill like it, is truly working Against helping the American People.
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Msg: 118 (view)
Obama disapproval on health care up to 52 percent
Posted: 12/19/2009 8:27:53 AM

Someone remembers "The Seat Belt Legislation",....much like todays Politics,..where they PROMISE you they will NEVER use it against you,..if you VOTE it into Law.

More BS..

I remember when the State proposed "Seat Belt Legislation",....the State of Indiana put it to a VOTE during the State Election,...and it was stated as such.

"IF, the Seat belt Law, is Passed by a margin of the Vote, the State of Indiana Law Enforcement will never pull a vehicle over, mearly for someone NOT using their Seatbelt."

It,..."Seat Belt legislation",...Passed,.......and shortly after it passed,..the Local Indiana Law Enforcement started pulling over drivers who's only offence was that they wernt wearing their Seatbelt.

In DIRECT conflict,..with the way the Bill was passed into LAW.

Now,..there are ROADSIDE SEATBELT CHECKPOINTS,...where people must pass through,..and must have their seat belts on,...that focus mainly on SEAT BELTS.

In DIRECT conflict,..with the way the Bill was passed into LAW.

So,....this was just another means of geting a Law passed, with the CONSENT of the People,...then turn around and USE IT AGAINST THEM.

So,..lets say we get a Health Care Plan,..that fills the needs of "WE THE PEOPLE",
and includes a Public Option,...and it passes Congress, the Senate,..and makes it to the President,..where he can, and probably will Over Ride any Public Option.

Or even down the road,...remove the Public Heath Care Option.

Once a Bill is passed, is so easy to change it,...and make it actually work against us.

Time and Time again, we have seen the efforts of Law Makers turn something thats supposed to be Good for the People,...against them.

I remember bein g told, if we pass the LOTTERY, that Indiana would have,...


Well Guess WHAT ?


Just like this Heath Care Bill,..that Obama himself said he was doubtfull it would even get to untill after his first Term,....

Look what Happenned,....Obama is trying to PUSH,... trying to RUSH,... this Bill,..
and SHOVE it down our Throats,..regardless the fact,..that the MAJORITY DONT LIKE THE PROPOSED HEALTH CARE REFORM BILL.

What happened to taking our time, working out all the "Bugs",..and giving the American People, the Health Care Bill, that they need, and Want ?

Its been decided that we dont matter,...their going to PUSH,...RUSH,....and FORCE this Dayum Bill through, matter what,..regardless what the people want,...just so Obama will have another "Feather In His Cap"

That kind of mentaility is exactly what has RUINED Politics, and our once Great Nation.

Do YOU, ever see a "Good Old Boy" in Politics anymore,...not really.

Dr Ron Paul,...and a couple of other good old boys from Texas,..are the last of their kind,....and our current Government does NOT want to listen to them, because they want to do what GOOD and RIGHT for this Country, and its Citizens.

Politics has been over run by RICH , FAT CATS, that are doing NOTHING for their Country, or its Citizens,..and instead are doing everything they can to improve their position in life, and another step up that Ladder to Success,....all at our expense.

This Health Care Reform Bill is just another example of them PUSHING through another worthless piece of Legislation, that in the end, going to cost us,.....the
TAX PAYERS,....through the nose,..and the debt will be passed onto our Children, and to theirs.

Regardless what they say, that it wont add any debt,.and will give coverage to those who need it,...ITS ALL A LIE !

As soon as this Health Care Reform Bill gets passed,....Obama and his Administration will grant AMNESTY to 12 to 30 Million Illegals, that will bring about a FLOOD of New "Citizens" seeking Medical Coverage,...creating more DEBT than was ever imagined, and CRUSH any hopes of a "TRUE", Health Care Reform Bill for the real Citizens of the United States of America.

Why do you think Obama is pushing so hard to get this Bill passed,..even tho the Majority of Americans are AGAINST it ????

Even after he said he probably wouldnt be able to addres the issue untill AFTER his First Term in Office ?????

Its because he realizes he isnt going to be in another Term, and wants to get the HCR Bill passed as soon as he can, then he can Grant AMNESTY to those undeserving "Illegals",..before he gets the Boot out of the White House.

Just another Lieing Politician,..doing exactly what this Country does NOT need.


You shouldnt be,...the hand writtings been on the wall, even before he decided to run for POTUS.......

This HCR Bill, just another step towards Bankrupting this Country.

Why cant we just take the system were using now,..and Improve it ?

Oh,..Thats too easy.

All we would have to do, is insure people that can PROVE they are a Natural Born Citizen,..or a Legal Immigrant,...refuse to Hire anyone that is not a NBC, or Legal Immigrant,...and tell the rest to go back home, and go through the Proper Channels, if they want to come to our Country.
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Msg: 25 (view)
Let's talk about economy cars.
Posted: 12/15/2009 10:08:45 AM
I have an 88 Dodge Caravan,..that gets 25 MPG on the Freeway,..thats Great for a Boxy Van,...

I have a 95 Saturn thats only running on 3 Cylinders, and it still gets 30MPG,....

I drove a 2005 Saturn one summer, and it got 40 MPG, and was the most comfortable car I've ever sat in,..the Ride Comfort was outstanding.

For the Moneys Value, cant beat a Saturn,..many used Saturns sell for a decent price considering the great Fuel mileage you get.

Now of course IF,...I had Deep Pockets,..Id really like to get a 2005 Toyota Corella S,
but most used ones are still in the 10K to 12 K neighborhood,...but are indeed a Classy car, gets great Fuel Mileage, holds its Resale Value,...and are still a great car even after 250K miles.
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Msg: 40 (view)
Polanski Pervski
Posted: 12/14/2009 4:04:53 PM
I tottaly agree with the Lady ^^^^^^^above.

Its all about looking after our children, cause no matter how old they are, or how mature they appear,..they are still Children, with very little experience in real life matters,..and its up to us to lok out for them, to guide and encourage them in making the best decisions in life.

And to discourage the act of sex, untill their old enough to accecpt the responsibilty that goes along with it.
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Msg: 39 (view)
Polanski Pervski
Posted: 12/14/2009 3:00:21 PM
Wow,...this kind of stuff kills me,...

Michael Jackson maintained he had committed no crime in that situation ... he was NOT tried and was NOT convicted and did NOT skip out of the country ...

Well,..DUH,...Do you honestly think Michael Jackson, would ADMIT to anything ?

And if Michael was to jump to another Country, do you think he could "Blend In" the way Roman did ?

Of course not.

The several times Michael Jackson was,.. "ACCUSED",..he paid them off Royaly,.....
as long as he had Millions to throw around, he would Never admit Guilt.

I think I would feel safer, having my child spend the night with Roman Polanski,..than Michael Jackson anyday,......

I might not end up with MILLIONS afterwards,..but I think Id have a better chance of getting my child back unharmed and untouched,...

but would I take either chance,...

No Way In Hell.
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Msg: 112 (view)
Obama disapproval on health care up to 52 percent
Posted: 12/14/2009 10:24:13 AM
If I read "The Rasmussen Reports " correctly a moment ago,..they state that,...

Overall, 44% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President's performance. That’s the lowest level yet measured for this president. Previously, his overall approval rating had fallen to 45% twice, once in early September and once in late November.

Fifty-five percent (55%) now disapprove.

Thats saying something,....55% ?

I have NEVER paid any attention to any "POLLS",..untill it was brought up here,....and now that I have,..I see that Obama has been taking a Beating,..and it says that he is scoring the WORST any President ever has.

I wonder WHY ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Obama "Promised" us CHANGE.

Yet what we see is Runaway Spending, and the Build Up of Government at an Unprecidented pace.

You call THAT Change?

They say OPbama has SPENT MORE in 10 months that The Bush Administration did in 8 years.

You call that CHANGE?

Obama thinks he can "SPEND HIS WAY OUT OF DEBT."

The craziest thing I've ever seen.

Now the idiot goes on national TV,..and ask HOW we can Create NEW JOBS ?????

I thought he was the PRESIDENT,.....and HAD A PLAN to Create NEW JOBS???

Damdest thing I've ever seen.

And you want this Idiot turning Health Care over to the Government ??????

I dont think so,...but watch them SHOVE it through anyway,...even tho the MAJORITY of Americans dissaprove.

Obama has proved one thing,..that he has been the cornerstone of DIVIDING AMERICA !...and a blithering Idiot.
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Msg: 136 (view)
Poverty and Despair and Military Veterans
Posted: 12/11/2009 12:15:49 PM
I wanted to stick my Nose in this thread, that was going Great for a while, then suddenly stopped.

What Happenned ???

Did the Economy SUDDENLY turn around, do an "About Face",.and our huge Unemployment numbers fall to next to nothing ?

Or have we just decided that their is no more to talk about because Obama is in Office now,..and has taken care of the matter, and America is once more a Leading Nation ?

I feel aiding other countries is necessary, this is how we gain allies, but even in stating this, I feel if we aid a country they basically "owe" us, if they do not return the favor, then wish them luck when they are invaded again and be done with them. :)

I feel that any Country should help out another, if were both going to benifit from it.

BUT,..from the looks of the past,..where America has went in Time and Time again, to help a countries citizens, looks like our efforts have been moot.

The Peace Corp,...and other American Org's have went in repetedly to show 3rd World Countries how to "Till The Earth" and Plant Crops, as a Food Staple to feed the needy and Hungry.

And what happenned ?????

Do you really think these people dont know how to plant crops by now ????

Of course they do,.....but as long as the Unites States, and the UN keep sending them Food Supplies,...why would they resort to hard, manual labor to till the earth and plant Crops,..that they will not see a result for Months ?

There should be a "Clause",....somthing that says we will help you in this area, soon as your self sufficiant in Crop Production,..we will help you in other Areas,.....
BUT, if YOU FAIL to plant Crops, in order to Help Yourself,....WE will cease to help you. PERIOD.

Our Military Men and Women have stood up for their Country, some have been on the Battlefield,..some have helped in other ways,...and they should be rewarded for their unselfish efforts to keep this Nation Free.

At least they have contributed to helping OUR Nation, they should never be in a Position of facing Poverty, or Despair,..even tho they do.


Because our nations Leaders consider "others" to be more "Worthy".

What did the "Others" do, be as "Worthy"?

Basicly NOTHING !...Yet we cater to them like they are a Special Intrest Group.

Its way past time, for America to Wake Up,.....and start taking care of America, and its Citizens,..and Honor our Veterans, the way their supposed to treeted.

I could NOT believe it when I read that "Illegals" and "Somolians" can go to a VA Hospitol without an Appointment,...and go to the head of the line, Front, of Vets that DO have an Appointment.

The America, that used to take care of its Vets,..has been replaced by a bunch of Morons that do NOT have a Backbone, and refuse to stand up for whats right, and respect our Veterans like their supposed to.

The way its looking,..were so in Debt to CHINA,..that pretty soon, were going to be Owned by them....regardless,..then we will surly all be in Poverty and Dispair.
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Msg: 45 (view)
Christmas is just a waste of resources ... ?
Posted: 12/9/2009 9:22:50 AM
Its just all Commerical BS anymore,...Kids are SPOILED ROTTON, and DEMAND that they only get "THE BEST" of everything.

I was looking at some old School Pictures, of "Down Home",....and its amazing to see that out of the entire Class of Children,..that only a couple of kids had shoes.

Its doesnt mean they didnt have shoes,...of course the had,..but ya didnt wear them unless it was SUNDAY, and you were going to Church,..or the weather dictated the need for shoes, due to it being Rainy, or Cold.

Kids now a days dont know how lucky they are, and dont appreciate what they do have.

Wait till they grow up, and start to realize what its like to be a Parent, and have to decide whats best for the Children,....

Christmas should be more about Family, Loved ones, and neighbors,...

Having friends over for simple meals. Making sure the elderly, out of work neighbors have food, and even firewood.

Amen to that.

I remember being young, and wanting TOYS, TOYS and more TOYS,..but if I was staying at Grandmothers in her old LOG CABIN with NO ELECTRICTY,...NO HEAT,...
NO INDOOR PLUMBING,....I would useualy get Underwear, and socks,...and a "Basket of Fruit & Nuts",......that was "A BIG DEAL", those days,..even tho I didnt want no Socks and Underwear.

Now, at this point in my Life,..the BEST Gift anyone can give me, SOCKS AND UNDERWEAR,....LOL

The absolute BEST thing about CHRISTMAS,...and the Holidays, getting together with the Family, sitting down to a great home cooked meal,..and being thankfull for being able to share these special moments together.
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Msg: 182 (view)
Ft Hood Incident Highlights Dangers of Gun Control
Posted: 12/8/2009 10:31:03 AM
I,...Myself,..would feel much "Safer" knowing that our Military men and women were allowed to Carry a Firearm with them at all times, just in case something like this ,..or WORSE,....ever Happens.

Im sure, before the Military issues personal Firearms for everyday carry,..they will want to address the issue of exactly "WHY" they are carrying the Firearms,...and will encourage, and make more Training available,...because no one wants inexperiencerd untrained people walking around without a clue as to whats going on...

Opps,...gotta go,...continued later
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Riders of noisy modified motorcycles, hope you are listening
Posted: 12/5/2009 7:27:24 AM
Probably every Bike Rider has had some kind of Experience where someone in a Car just doesnt see the Biker and cuts them off,..

Wish my bike was louder, lady in a white honda or hyundai cut me off on Calgary tr. South while talking on a cell phone, she put me on the pavement and didn't even stop.
In fact no one stopped, if my bike was louder she may have heard me.

My Best Friend, was "Cut Off" by a "Little Old Lady",...she didnt even see him,....he suffered multipul broken bones, and a Brain Injury, that reduced him to the equivilant of a 12 year old mentialy handicaped kid,...that just got worse,...untill he passed away.

It may sound funny,...but the people in Cars,..DONT SEE YOU,....and probably most of the time they cant hear you either,....

Thier just NOT,....."Tuned In"

Most people riding in cars, have never been on a Motorcycle,..and have never had a case of "Being Cut Off", they dont recognize the dangers associated when riding Motorcycles, they dont see the Bike & Rider,...unless they have some kind of Tie that Binds them to the Motorcycle world.

Now me,...I've always been close to bikes, even before I was old enough to even think about getting my Drivers License,...I was hauling azz on Motorcycles.

My neighbor,..had a 305 Honda Dream that had been modified into a race bike, he would go Scrambling and Flat tracking on it, and for a little 305 that thing would SCREAM ! neighbor would race it up and down the alley as he worked on it, to see what kind of responce he got from what ever the modification was that he had just did to the Bike,.....

and ONE DAY,..he asked me if I thought I could keep it up on two wheels ?

He let me,...a snot nose little kid, ride his bike,......

Well,.... Hell Yeah I can keep it up on two wheels,....Id rode Bicycles all my life,...and a Honda 50 Scooter for a couple of summers,...and this Bike was just a Bicycle with a Motor on it,.....of course I could keep it up on two wheels !



When I let out the clutch that thing almost jumped out from underneith me,...LOL

And from there on I was just holding on for dear life,...when I finally got my bearings
I got it in a straight line and was running out of alley FAST !

I went up into a gravel parking lot to turn the thing around.

WOW,..Gravel is NOT,... Pavement,..and it makes turning a bike around a LOT OF FUN,...but I got it turned around,....I didnt drop it,...I headed back down the alley towards my neighbors and gave it a little gas,....

OMG,....Here we go,....AGAIN !

That "LITTLE",..305 Honda Dream,.....was a monster !

I guess my neighbor knew I was out of my League,...he said my eyes were big as saucers
when I was riding that bike,...I guess due to just trying to HANG ON, and keep the beast upright.

He stopped me before I could ride by him and go down the Long Streach of Alley going the other way, I only got to ride it a small section,...But Boy Oh Boy, was the most FUN I'd ever had in my LIFE,....I probably walked around for a couple of years Proudly Proclaiming that "I",..had Faced Death by riding my Neighbors 305 Honda Dream !

Some people laughed at me,..but they just didnt understand, this little Monster had been Modified,...."Souped Up" for racing,........and he let "ME" ride it !

I was so excited I fell in LOVE with Motorcycles,.....but to this day,...I've NEVER,.....
EVER,...had another ride as EXCITING, that little 305 Honda Dream.

It was probably a good thing he had taken the baffels out of his pipes, and it made a lot of noise,...cause thats the only thing that kept reminding me I needed to let off the gas,
while I was turning the bike around,....I noticed that the bike was screaming, because I hadnt let off the gas,......Im sure my neighbor noticed it too,..and thats probaly why he stopped me, and didnt let me go on down the LOOOOOOOOOOONG Streach of alley, the other way,....LOL

The Bike was Loud,..but it was not a Street Bike, in this case it was cool to have a bike soooooooooooooo LOUD.

But as far as everyday normal driving around, have to realize these people in Cars
just do NOT see you on your Motorcycle, matter how loud your Pipes are.

I was beside a lady in a Caddy,.....I was BESIDE HER,....and she decided to change lanes,....I thought she saw me,....but she kept getting closer and closer,......

She even "Looked" in my direction,.....and I THOUGHT SHE SAW ME,........
but she kept getting closer,.....finally I kicled her car,.....and scared the shyt out of her

We stopped at the Red Light, and she rolled down her window, and said,....


I wasnt in her "Blind Spot",...I was right beside her ,....I could of reached out and shook her hand she was so close,..... I was racking my loud Pipes off, trying to get her attention,.....there was a car in front of me and behind me, and a curb on my left,
I was Trapped Like A Rat,.......and she couldnt see me.

Drivers are NOT Trained, to look out for people on Motorcycles,..pure and simple,...
Loud Pipes,...have saved a lot of riders,..because those loud pipes caught someones attention,...but sometimes the riders arent so Lucky.

Education is the key,.....Organizations such as ABATE,..have been addressing that very issue for years, in Indiana,....ABATE has a lot of clout,..and have actually influenced our State,..into making changes in our "Drivers Manual", reflect better
real life riding senerios for Bikers,...and to try and make Drivers more aware of their suroundings, and recognize Motorcycles on the road.

Loud Pipes Can,..and Do, lives,......

But we must keep educating Drivers to look out for us, and recognize us when they are on the road.

Can you believe that some Drivers can NOT see that BIG RED FIRE ENGINE with Flashing Lights,...coming at them ??????

I mean,..its HUGE,...its RED, has FLASHING LIGHTS........But some people just dont see them,,...after a "Study",...a lot of Departments haev changed the color of Fire Engines,..from RED, YELLOW,.....because people see, and recognize the color YELLOW,...better than they do RED.

Go Figure.

Maybe every Motorcycle should be painted YELLOW,....and all riders wear BLACK,..
and have extreemly LOUD, obnoxious PIPES,...
so Drivers will recognize us as a HUGE ANGRY BEE !
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Msg: 8 (view)
Behind the Excuses of Firing Walpin
Posted: 12/1/2009 9:29:30 AM
From all I have read, appears that Walpin has indeed been singled out for dismissial because of his attempt to stop Mayor Kevin Johnson from reciving any more Federal Money that has been used by Johnson is ways other than what it was ment for,..

From all I've read, Inspector Walpin, has just been doing his job,...and this is the "Thanks" he gets ?

It could be a serious conflict of intrest if Obama is letting his influence in these matters overshadow the fact that WRONG has indeed been done, regardless of the fact that Johnson is a strong Obama supporter.

Gerald Walpin speaks: The inside story of the AmeriCorps firing

The White House's decision to fire AmeriCorps inspector general Gerald Walpin came amid politically-charged tensions inside the Corporation for National and Community Service, the organization that runs AmeriCorps. Top executives at the Corporation, Walpin explained in an hour-long interview Saturday, were unhappy with his investigation into the misuse of AmeriCorps funds by Kevin Johnson, the former NBA star who is now mayor of Sacramento, California and a prominent supporter of President Obama. Walpin's investigation also sparked conflict with the acting U.S. attorney in Sacramento amid fears that the probe -- which could have resulted in Johnson being barred from ever winning another federal grant -- might stand in the way of the city receiving its part of billions of dollars in federal stimulus money. After weeks of standoff, Walpin, whose position as inspector general is supposed to be protected from influence by political appointees and the White House, was fired.

The heart of the matter is a dispute that began last year over Walpin's recommendation that Johnson and St. HOPE be barred from receiving and using federal grant money. The process is known as "suspension and debarment," meaning that Johnson would be suspended from receiving federal funds under any current arrangement and might ultimately be barred from receiving any such funds in the future. "The whole purpose of suspension and debarment," Walpin says, "is to say that somebody who was involved in the misuse of government funds in the past should not be trusted with federal funds in the future."

Together, Brown and the top Corporation brass negotiated a deal. Johnson and St. HOPE would pay back about half of the $850,000 in AmeriCorps grant money it had received, and the suspension against Johnson would be lifted.

Walpin was very unhappy. First of all, he said it was a terrible deal for the U.S. government, because St. HOPE was essentially insolvent and would never pay the money back. Second, he felt lifting Johnson's suspension would dilute the effectiveness of future investigations; why should grant recipients worry about their misconduct if any sanctions can be so easily lifted? In the end, Johnson was not suspended, not debarred, and was probably not going to pay the vast majority of the money back.

Walpin told the Corporation's board of directors of his opinion. He told other officials. And he sent a report to Congress. "I was bringing Congress in to try to get its assistance in putting a spotlight on this," he says.

Walpin's actions undoubtedly angered top officials at the Corporation, and most likely at the White House as well. It would not be long before he was summarily dismissed. But he has no regrets. Whatever happens, he wrote recently, he is proud that he "refused to go along with the U.S. attorney's office and the Corporation in bowing to the media and political pressure that resulted in this hasty settlement, contrary to the interests of the United States government."

Sounds like Walpin caught Johnsons hand in the Cookie Jar,..yet they want to punish Walpin,...not exaclty the kind of reward you'd expect for doing your Job, huh ?

Even if this does NOT fall back on Obama, still makes his Administration look bad.
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Msg: 3 (view)
Behind the Excuses of Firing Walpin
Posted: 11/29/2009 5:51:57 PM
Well its not quit 10 yet, .....but,...

Upon further reading, I realze it was NOT Inspector General Gerald Walpin, that stands accused of the scandel of 3 students of St Hope,....

Sexual abuse accusations by St. HOPE Academy students against Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson were apparently covered up, possibly with “hush money,” according to a 61-page report issued by congressional investigators.
Failure of school officials to report sexual abuse of minors violates California state law, investigative staff of Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) noted in their report on the June firing of AmeriCorps Inspector General Gerald Walpin. . . .

The Grassley-Issa report says that agents of the inspector’s general office who investigated the St. HOPE sex-abuse charges “immediately recognized what appeared to be improper handling of this allegation . . . and unethical conduct by Mr. Johnson’s attorney,” Kevin Hiestand, who was also the mayor’s business partner. The report also implicates D.C. Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee who one witness said acted as “fixer” for the St. HOPE program. . . .

It all makes sense now,...LOL,...(duh)

Especially after looking at the chummy picture of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and Obama together,....

It appears that Walpin was given the "Axe" for blowing the whistle on Obamas friend,
which is totaly wrong.
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Msg: 2 (view)
Behind the Excuses of Firing Walpin
Posted: 11/29/2009 4:00:41 PM
Im glad you brought this up,....

It makes me wonder WHY did Obama Fire "Gerald Walpin" in the First place, when there is supposed to be a 30 Day notice,...yet he gave Walpin the choice to resign, or be Fired ???

And Walpin REFUSED to Resign.

Sounds like he doesnt have anything to hide.

Only a Guilty person takes the easy way out.

Now their trying the Smear tactics against him, and so far it looks like it isnt working.

Whats the worst thing you can attack a man with ?
A man like Walpin, the Publice eye,...well known, do you go about trying to discredit him, and to get him to step down ?

The most efective way to get any man to take the easy way out, to accuse them of
something that will not only ruin his name, but also his reputation,..even IF its a LIE !

Kevin Johnson- St. Hope Scandal: Rick Maya Resigns, Gerald Walpin Investigates

In the reporting on the firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin, a reader who I believe resides in the area of Sacramento, left some pertinent information on Kevin Johnson and St. HOPE, including a letter of resignation from St. Hope's executive director, Rick Maya on April 9th, about a month before Gerald Walpin's firing by President Obama.

"letter of resignation,.....about a month before Gerald Walpin's firing by President Obama"

Quick background summary: Inspector General Gerald Walpin was fired by President Barack Obama last week. Obama ignored a statute requiring him to provide 30 days notice as well as provide reasons in writing to Congress for firing an inspector general. Walpin was given one hour to resign or be fired. He refused to resign.

Walpin had investigated and reported $75 million in federal money misused by AmeriCorps and St. Hope - founded by Kevin Johnson, Sacramento mayor and one time NBA star. Johnson is an Obama supporter and donor. Michelle Obama seems to be involved in the hiring going on at the corporation that Walpin works out of. Michelle's chief of staff recently left her White House office to take a position at that corporation.

Well I wonder IF Walpin found out during this Investigation , something he wasnt supposed too, he is being Ostrisized for it ???

I dont know,...But Im gonna wait till more information comes out,..and maybe the story will unfold, and yeild more then were currently being told.

The "Latest" that I can find is that Walpin has been cleared, and wants his job back !

Gerald Walpin Cleared: IG Walpin Cleared Wants Job Back: AmeriCorps Investigator Cleared
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Inspector General (IG) Gerald Walpin has been cleared of any reason for termination by the Obama White House. He wants his job back.

This report confirms that Walpin has been cleared of acting U.S. Attorney Larry Brown's claims that he overstepped his authority in an investigation of Sacramento, California mayor, Kevin Johnson.

IG Walpin did his job and investigated Americorp and Sacramento, California Mayor, Kevin Johnson, and the report wasn't pretty. The White House couldn't handle that, so they fired him on June 11, 2009.

The investigation involved $75 million in misused funds at AmeriCorps and a scandal involving NBA basketball star, Kevin Johnson.

This is a very complicated case, and a very important one. Congress mandated the methods by which a White House can terminate an Inspector General - and keep in mind that Inspector Generals do not work for the White House. Nevertheless, the White House fired Gerald Walpin but did not follow the congressional mandates of how such a firing must be done. In fact, the White House literally blew-off objections by Senator Charles Grassley, simply saying that President Obama no longer had "confidence" in Walpin.

By the way...the White House Chief Counsel, Greg Craig - the man who called Walpin and gave him one hour to resign, is leaving the White House and guess who is rumored to perhaps take his place? Robert "Bob" Bauer - the husband of Anita Dunn. Anita Dunn made the news recently by suggesting that the White House does not consider FOX News a news source. Soon after, a video emerged with Dunn saying that Mao Tse Tung was one of two philosophers" that she often turns to (the second is Mother Teresa).

I need to do some more reading, to see if any of the so called "Scandal" involving these "Young Girls" has any merit.

More News at 10,...LOL
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Msg: 84 (view)
Obama disapproval on health care up to 52 percent
Posted: 11/29/2009 9:26:14 AM
Its scares me to death, to see people come back with a reply like this,...

get your facts RIGHT
scare tactic man...

Obama said-
that health care is a right, not a privilege AND that the nation must trust women to make their own decisions about partial-birth abortion

Anyone, who does the least ammount of Research, can look up Obamas personal Voting Record,...and his stance on Partial Birth Abortions,...

As far as the proposed Health care Reform Bill, was NOT supposed to allow for
PARTIAL BIRTH ABORTIONS,...but an ammendment was made specificly to allow such a IMMORAL CRIME against an Innocent Baby.

1997: opposed bill preventing partial-birth abortion

In 1997, Obama voted in the Illinois Senate against SB 230, a bill designed to prevent partial-birth abortions. In the US Senate, Obama has consistently voted to expand embryonic stem cell research. He has voted against requiring minors who get out-of-state abortions to notify their parents. The National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) gives Obama a 100% score on his pro-choice voting record in the Senate for 2005, 2006, and 2007.
Source: Obama Nation, by Jerome Corsi, p.238-239 Aug 1, 2008

Opposed legislation protecting born-alive failed abortions

Obama has consistently refused to support legislation that would define an infant who survives a late-term induced-labor abortion as a human being with the right to live.
He insists that no restriction must ever be placed on the right of a mother to decide to abort her child.

On March 30, 2001, Obama was the only Illinois senator who rose to speak against a bill that would have protected babies who survived late term labor-induced abortion. Obama rose to object that if the bill passed, and a nine-month-old fetus survived a late-term labor-induced abortion was deemed to be a person who had a right to live, then the law would "forbid abortions to take place." Obama further explained the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment does not allow somebody to kill a child, so if the law deemed a child who survived a late-term labor-induced abortion had a right to live, "then this would be an anti-abortion statute."
Source: Obama Nation, by Jerome Corsi, p.238 Aug 1, 2008

Talk about someone speeking from both corners of their mouth in an attempt to cover his own behind and create confusion.

The Issiue is a clear one,......Abortion, Kills,....if a person, desires an Abortion,...and it must be done, must be dont in the earliest stage as possiable,......NOT IN A LATE TERM STATE,...THATS MURDER !

GovWatch: Obama’s “present” votes were a requested strategy

“In the Illinois state legislature, Obama voted ‘present” instead of “no’ on five horrendous anti-choice bills.”

--E-mail from NOW attacking Sen. Obama’s record on abortion issues.

The National Organization for Women has strongly endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. A chain e-mail denounced Obama’s record on abortion, citing his “present” votes on a succession of bills sponsored by anti-abortion activists.

The Facts: Under the rules of the Illinois legislature, only yes votes count toward passage of a bill. Planned Parenthood calculated that a ‘present’ vote by Obama would encourage other senators to cast a similar vote, rather than voting for the legislation [and asked Obama to vote ‘present’ as a strategy]. NOW never endorsed the Planne Parenthood strategy of voting ‘present,’ saying “They were horrible bills, and we wanted no votes.” Illinois NOW and Planned Parenthood had different voting strategies on the abortion issue. It was impossible for Obama to satisfy both groups at once.

Source: GovWatch on 2008 NOW pro-Clinton campaign literature Feb 6, 2008

Voted against banning partial birth abortion

Obama’s record in Illinois represents that of a pragmatic progressive, who pushed for moderate reforms and opposed right-wing legislation. In the IL legislature, voting “present” is the equivalent of voting “no” because a majority of “yes” votes are required for passage. Many IL legislators use the “present” vote as an evasion on an unpopular choice, so that they can avoid being targeted for voting “no.” During the 2004 Democratic primary, an opponent mocked Obama’s “present” vote on abortion bills with flyers portraying a rubber duck and the words, “He ducked!”.


In 1997, Obama voted against SB 230, which would have turned doctors into felons by banning so-called partial-birth abortion, & against a 2000 bill banning state funding. Although these bills included an exception to save the life of the mother, they didn’t include anything about abortions necessary to protect the health of the mother. The legislation defined a fetus as a person, & could have criminalized virtually all abortion.

Source: The Improbable Quest, by John K. Wilson, p.147-148 Oct 30, 2007

Rated 0% by the NRLC, indicating a pro-choice stance.
Obama scores 0% by the NRLC on abortion issues interprets the 2006 NRLC scores as follows:

0% - 15%: pro-choice stance (approx. 174 members)
16%- 84%: mixed record on abortion (approx. 101 members)
85%-100%: pro-life stance (approx. 190 members)
About the NRLC (from their website,
The ultimate goal of the National Right to Life Committee is to restore legal protection to innocent human life.

For some one who supposedly went to Church for the past 20 years,...Obama sure hant learned from the experience, because all the Churchs I've attended taught that,..

Partial Birth Abortion,....has NO place in a Health Care Bill,..

Any Emergency Room,..and Doctor, knows full well what to do if its a case of "Life or Death" for mother and Child, should be their call, if it should ever come to that.

Any Abortion,....should always been done at the earliest possiably moment,.....
NOT when the Baby is already formed, alive, and has a chance to survive.

This is NOT the kind of thing that should even be in a Health Care Bill,....
and a Person who is acting as President of our United States should NOT be allowing this kind of thing to happen.

Its Immoral,...Indecent, and an act against everything we consider Good and Humane.

ONLY a MONSTER would even think of allowing such a Horriable Crime to be committed against an innocent baby.

Scare Tactics,...?????

I DONT Think so,...

Why didnt you come up with something better than just "Pointing Your Finger" and trying to Discredit something as important as this .

All you have to do is a little research on your part,..and you will find tons of info concerning Obama and his Pro Voting record on Partial Birth Abortions.
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Riders of noisy modified motorcycles, hope you are listening
Posted: 11/28/2009 6:39:36 PM
I have always taken PRIDE in the fact that I can create a car, and Motorcycle,..that gets tremendious Horsepower, Tons of Torque,...and rather quiet.

You build you motor to suit you need and desires,..wether it be a Small Block V8, or Big Block V8,...of course your gonna play heck trying to quieten down a High Performance Big Block V8, I stick with Small Blocks.

Its much easier to Build a Motorcycle,...and a Small Block V8, do the things you want them to do,...without makeing so much noise

On Motorcycles, they have High Performance Pipes,...that you can alter the sound output to your desired level,..what ever it may me,...Mild, to Wild,...and still get Great Performance....just remeber to check your plugs to see how their burning, and JET the Carb properly.

I always loved building Small Block Chevys,..useing High Performance Parts, and the proper Exhaust, was always a DULE Exhaust,..for street use Id find the best Exhaust fitting Pipes,...even if they were just Cast Iron Factory ones,....

Chevy did make some great Stock Exhaust for street cars,..if you wernt planning on going over 400 Cubic Inchs,........

I always like the dropped down Cast Pipes,..that made it easier to change the Spark Plugs, and run a good set of Pipes from the Exhaust,.....down to an "H PIPE CROSSEVER",...a good set of Freeflowing Mufflers, and pipes run all the way under the rear Bumber,....

Take some Spray Paint,..and paint the first 4 foot of your exhaust Pipes on both of the inside pipes,..from the motor back,....take the car out on the road,...Run it hard a couple of blocks down the road,..same thing coming back,....but it back on the lift,..and there will be two burned "Hot Spots" in the paint,...that is the "Sweet Spot" where you create your cross over pipe, help low end torque....and it does,....and if you pick a goodPair of free flowing quiet SUPER TURBO Mufflers, will have a very nice quiet sounding car,..that will surprize the heck out of others when you cut loose.

If,...You want to make even more power,...say 400 HP and Up,....and still use Cast Exhaust Manifilds,..and keep the noise level down,.......
you have to opt for theMild "2 1/2" RAM HORNS,...
or the "3in RAM HORN, that Chevrolet made Famous on their High Performance Motors,...that make more Horse Power on Top End

The Exhaust, can be fined tuned, to get just about anything you want out of it,....

If You want to have Tire Burning and lots of Torque,..go with the smaller Pipes,..and use the Crossover H Pipe,.......

If you want massive Top end Power, want to go with the Large Exhaust, large pipes,,,,and possiable 2 Free Flowing Turbu Hush Thursh on each side of your exhaust
or you can go with the X crossover system with only a set of TURBO Hush Thursh, and your car should still purr nice and quiet, untill you unleash those houses.

Now,..If you want to use Custom Headers, have a world of options,....

You want a lot of low end torque ? Use the longest Tube 1& 5/8 Headers you can find,.....
and dont be afraid to use "TRY Y" Headers,...there are advanteges you can take on these TRY Y Headersm,....Bolt the headers on your going to use,.....bolt a Duel Exhaust,....Hush Thursh Mufflers, behind the bumper,.....paint the pipes beinde the headers a couple of feet, it hard up and down a few blocks,..find your "Sweet Spot" and make you a crossover H Pipe,...after that,...wrap your Exhaust with heat tape as best a job as you can,..the wire tie it good, so it wont unravel.....You want to really deaden any leaks,....wrap the whole exhaust to just past the rearend,.....its a job,....but the Wrap, helpe keep the much needed heat in the system in order to scavenage it out the pipes exhaust in the most productive manner.

If your building a big BRUTE,....BIG V8,...for all out TOP END POWER, will use the shortest Length, and Largest Diamiter Exhaust Headers you can find to get your exhaust gasses out of the engine as fast as you can.....Use at least a 4 in Collector on your header, and run the largest Pipe for Exhaust,..and the Largest Free Flowing Mufflers available,..and use the crisscross X pattern between both your Exhaust pipes

Its hard to reduce the Rumble in these Brutes, but some people do use 4 TURBO HUSH on these Babies with good success,...and still obtain tremendious TOP END HOURSEPOWER.

I like my little STEALTH approach,....what appears to be "Grandmas Car",....No Stickers, No Race Tires, signs, or "Sounds" that its a Hot Rod,....sitting at a light, waiting to turn green,..nice and quiet as a Church Mouse,.,..then a "Bad Loud Hot Rod" pulls up next to you, and starts laughing their butts off,...pointing their fingers, and asking where did ya find that old piece of crap?'

The you laugh beck at them, say something like,..."Does Your Daddy really trust you with his Car this late at night ?".."OK,....when the light turns GREEN,...I'll race you to the next Bar,....Loser pays for the drinks.

Oh their getting hysterical now.....the light turnd GREEN,......suddenly all they see was my tail lights,..and me waiting for them at the next Local Bar,., buy me a Beer,..LOL

You DONT have to be LOUD, be FAST,......just put a little time into it, and a lot of thought what it is that you want to do,......and do it right.
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Obama Administration lies about jobs created or saved.
Posted: 11/24/2009 9:58:26 PM

I sense we are FINALLY getting around to the actual fact that were all beginning to see the Dire Straits this country is in,.....

I'm NOT laying this Blame on Obama,..he inherited this mess,...but the current outlook from his Policies don't appear to be working,..exactly the opposite....which this Country can not take much more of.

I said we Arizonians were shocked that our state had not started the road work,Our Republican Governor Jan Brewer could have told us,

that was Neopolitanos style,

Democrat Neopolitano would have never done anything so reckless.

I didn't know Neopolitano had any style,..and since when politicians been scared of being wreckless with Taxpayers MONEY ?

And all we have to do is look around, and we see that everything Is sluggish, and it seems that the Government/State, is always LATE in getting something done,..and most time someone "POCKETS" a large wad of CASH.

Where did all that MONEY go to, that was Sent to those Districts,

Case in Dirty Politics, in Indianapolis,.....our "NEW BICYCLE LANES",...our Daily Newspaper,.;.the "INDIANAPOLIS STAR",..reported that it was going to cost the City of Indianapolis 2 MILLION DOLLARS, to have these Bicycle Lanes Painted.

Me,.being the skeptic that I am,...knew a friend in the Company that got the Contract,
I did a little digging, and found out that the Company won the Contract for only $200,000 Dollars,.....What I want to know is,...wheres that other $1,800,000 ???
Thats Right,...$One Million,Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars,.....went somplace else,
msaybe in a nother fund,.....I cant find out yet.

Who's Pocket,..or Coffer did that money disappear into????

That's exactly why I'm a skeptic,..and don't Trust Politics, nor Politicians,..unless I can see the Good they do.

Your from Indianapolis Indiana ,how many illegals do you have.

I did a quick check,..but its late, and the Office is closed, where I can get the closest information,...but really,....who know how many are ILLEGALS ???

Indianapolis has a HUGE Hispanic Population, many of them are ILLEGAL, I havent a clue,..I could guess probably at least 40% or more, but then I could be wrong.

But I must say,..the "LEGALS" here in my neighborhood, are some of the greatest people you could ever meet,..if you have read any of my post about them, you will see my Praise.
Here's some facts I did find,...

Indianapolis police say checking the status of immigrants is outside their jurisdiction. Lt. Lloyd Crowe says officers have no way of knowing if someone is here illegally

(Who's "Jurisdiction" does it fall under ,..if NOT Local Law Enforcement ?)

Last year, Fox news reported that 60 percent of the country's uninsured hospital patients are not U.S. citizens. The cable network also reported that half of those foreign nationals are here illegally

and here's more interesting reading at,..

Americans For Legal Immigration
Post Office Box 33837, Indianapolis IN 46203 0837

Welcome to the struggle! I can't afford anymore of the "PETERSON PLAN" a magnet that brings ILLEGALS to Indianapolis from Mexico and across the country and then he has the nerve to cut spending by closing swimming pools that our Kids use. He can't even paint the lines on our streets but he can bring more Criminal Aliens and Gangs to Indianapolis while he cuts our Police and Criminal Justices Money. His Lies have been too much for me! They WILL consolidate IPD/MCSD just wait and see. Do we move and let him have his plan to destroy our Hometown? Or do we let him give it to the Mexican Consul FREE of charge as he's doing now?

"Peterson" used to be our Mayor",....and ,..."Used to be our Prosecutor",...
now he's the new Mayors Errand Boy,...

At our new Mayors FIRST Neighborhood Meeting at Public School #54,..the New Mayor "Greg Ballard" wouldn't take direct questions,.the questions were written on a paper, and fielded by his staff,...

One question was the concern of "ILLEGALS", which Mayor Ballard replied that he had just returned from the MAYORAL SUMMIT,...and it was the General Consensus among the Nations Mayors that these ILLEGALS were contributing to our Society,..and the States felt like their HANDS WERE TIED,...and until the issue was pressed at the Federal Level, most Mayors would not touch it.


Man, this is THE MAYOR of our City,..and he refuses to address the ILLEGAL Issue unless its forced upon him by the Feds.

Gee,...States like OKLAHOMA said to He!! with that, and they started enforcing the Laws on their books,..and are having tremendous results in getting rid of Illegals, and creating Jobs !,...More States are starting to follow their Example.

Fact,About 40% of the U.S. illegal alien population are "documented aliens," who are commonly known as "visa overstayers."

Thats how they "become" illegals,.....heck,..I gotta admit,...I wouldnt want to go back to a slum, if thats what I was faced with,.,.either....but the Law is the Law.

You go to MEXICO, an Illegal,..and break their LAW,...
YOU will find yourself In DEEP DOO DOO.

And we can continue to be at each other's throats, I bet that those who represent us love it, as long as we are fighting among each other they can feel secure that nothing will change but the date and time, mean while tax dollars yours and mine and being used to provide incentives for companies that create jobs overseas,
I agree. The jobs that are leaving will sink this economy even further.
We will see nothing from the government but more debate and game playing so we need to take the actions required to convince the business community that we will not tolerate american jobs being out sourced,


I actually feel like were all starting to get on the same page,..I think we can see that the situation looks gloom, due to the "Actions/Inactions" that our President has, and has NOT took.

Its isnt Rocket Sicence,..he is the Leader, and Spokesman for our Country,..Sworn an Oath, to uphold the Office, and such,..looking out for THE AMERICIAN PEOPLES BEST INTEREST,.....instead of traveling around the world appoligizing for "AMERICAS ARROGANT BEHAVIOUR'',....which is diffently NOT in our best interest,......but lets stick to the point.

And the "POINT" is,...all about JOBS !

What does JOBS have to do with our Country,..our NATION ?

Jobs,....restore the ECONOMY,...Lower Inflation, reduces Debt, reduces the number of Unemployed,... puts Food on the Table, and Gas in our Autos to get us back and forth to these JOBS.

Obama Promised to Create "JOBS",...right ?

Then why is "Unemployment" even higher now ??

And Why,..are Anylist saying that the Obama Administration is even LYING about the Unemployment Rate,...stating that it aorund 10%,..when its actually at 22% ???

Fellas,...I got No Beef with any of you,......

If I make a mistake, and mis quote something, please forgive me, and show me the error of my ways,....but lests top this quibbling amounst ourselfes, and bond together for the common good.

As stated,...look at us,.....arguing back and forth with each other about somthing that isnt mine or your fault,...yet it is distracting us from the real issue at hand.

Yes,...We may or not like Obama,..yes some voted for him, and others did not,...
we all have our reasons why,..but that dosent change the fact that there is NOT enough being done to help this Nation get back on its feet.

I've said that the "Heath Care Bill",... could of,..and should of came later,......
Our Economy should of come FIRST,....Create Jobs, and STOP sending OUR Jobs overseas,....then Bring the TROOPS Home,....

After being successfull in these areas,...Obama could of directed his attention towards a Health Care Bill that wouldnt of been rushed, could of been well thought out,..everyone could have a chance to discuss the Bill,..and shaped and formed it into a Package that we could all be PROUD of,.....instead of half of us not liking it, and the other half just wanting to push the d*mn thing through, so Obama would have a Feather in his Cap.

I agree Earl,Boycott,its worked in other places,they outsource because its cheaper for them,well how do you think they feel after they are boycotted,all of a sudden cheaper just doesn't seem as good as 20% loss in their business,slaps um back in line.

Boycott,......Picket,.....DEMAND they keep those Jobs here,....or demand a FINE, on every Company that sends Job over seas..

Lets start looking at b0th Import and Expoprt Fees,,,,and use them to our advantage.

Make it so costly to outsource Jobs over seas,..that it will STOP it, turn it around, and Keep those Jobs here whewre they belong.
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Msg: 155 (view)
Health care
Posted: 11/24/2009 8:32:38 AM

There ya go man !

You've Hit The Nail On The Head !

The shear clumsiness of thinking, lack of ability to make distinctions would indicate brain injury in a sane world.

Our Nation has been sooooooooooooooooooooooo "Dumbed Down",...were Lucky to even be able to "~Think~" at all.

This Health Care Bill has been thrown in our Face, to make us Consentrate on it,..instead of things more IMPORTANT, our Economy.

The current Health Care available in the US is NOT the Greatest,...BUT, isnt the most Important Concern right now.

What good is "Health Care",..if our Economy goes BUST ???

What good is "Health Care",..if you dont have the Money to pay for it ?

If theres No Jobs available to people who really need the Health Care,..then how are they going to be able to Afford Health Care ?

Health Care is just a distraction,..away from the REAL PROBLEM.

Our Economy,...

In just the blink of an eye,..we can all be in some serious trouble,..and then Health Care
will be nothing more than a Memory.

The bankruptcy of the United States is now certain
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
From Porter Stansberry in the S&A Digest:

It's one of those numbers that's so unbelievable you have to actually think about it for a while... Within the next 12 months, the U.S. Treasury will have to refinance $2 trillion in short-term debt. And that's not counting any additional deficit spending, which is estimated to be around $1.5 trillion. Put the two numbers together. Then ask yourself, how in the world can the Treasury borrow $3.5 trillion in only one year? That's an amount equal to nearly 30% of our entire GDP. And we're the world's biggest economy. Where will the money come from?

How did we end up with so much short-term debt? Like most entities that have far too much debt - whether subprime borrowers, GM, Fannie, or GE - the U.S. Treasury has tried to minimize its interest burden by borrowing for short durations and then "rolling over" the loans when they come due. As they say on Wall Street, "a rolling debt collects no moss." What they mean is, as long as you can extend the debt, you have no problem. Unfortunately, that leads folks to take on ever greater amounts of debt… at ever shorter durations… at ever lower interest rates. Sooner or later, the creditors wake up and ask themselves: What are the chances I will ever actually be repaid? And that's when the trouble starts. Interest rates go up dramatically. Funding costs soar. The party is over. Bankruptcy is next.

Theres more,..go reads the rest,...I know it sounds like "DOOM & GLOOM",....
Thats because if we dont start paying attention to what matters Most,....there's not going to be any need for a Health Care Bill.

Health Care, just the Smoke Screen to cover up whats really happening,..and to divert our attention away from the real crisis.
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Msg: 52 (view)
Obama Administration lies about jobs created or saved.
Posted: 11/23/2009 10:05:05 AM
I'm always surprised when I hear anyone state that their "Shocked" to find out that our "System" is dragging their FEET,..and STALLING,....AND SPENDING MILLIONS,
and STILL,....haven't done anything yet.

Man,...That's,.... "BUSINESS AS USUAL"

Did anyone "HOPE", that when Obama took Office that everything would Magically "CHANGE", over night ?

I guess some people still believe in Fairy Tales, huh ?

Needless to say we were all shocked here just to find out nothing was happening yet and it was end of Oct. and that millions had to be spent just to tell us how we should properly spend the money for infrastructure.It was news to us,explained why no hiring had been going on in those sectors,maybe your towns are the same kind of state contracts stall,or crawl.

Its time to face the Cold Hard Facts,......that's just the way it is,..its the way its always been,...ands it looks like thats the way its always gonna be, long as people keep putting BLIND FAITH in a system, that has always failed us when it comes to what matters most.

Should Obama have Bailed out the AUTO INDUSTRY ????

,..Not when it COST us,..the Citizens of the USA that do NOT work for the Auto Industry, is that helping us ?

It helped the Auto Workers somewhat,...but it did NOT fix the Problem,..and it certainly did not "Create" any Jobs.

Maybe if the Auto Industry would of been forced to re-organize,..and make changes in its leadership, and work force, them maybe we would see some CHANGE,...but not now,...their Jobs have been saved, our EXPENSE,...but it didn't give us a Job,..and it isn't going to change how the Auto Industry will continue to run their business.

The Auto Industry has been miss-managed for so long, it was time for a CHANGE,..from the TOP EXECUTIVES, to the Factory Worker.

First,...Why does the Auto Manufacturing Companies produce 15 MILLION Cars per year,..when it is a proven fact that they will only sell 12 MILLION Cars per Year ?

That's GROSS Negligence and Pure WASTE....Mismanagement.

Second,....why does the average Factory worker only WORK about 6 Months out of the year,..yet get Paid for working a FULL YEAR ?

The Unions power and abuse is staggering, you know how many people would KILL, to get such a cushy job ?

IF,..the Auto Industry would of been allowed to bottom out,..and everything went "Back To The Drawing Board",..they should of been allowed to file Bankruptcy, and Forced to show a NEW PLAN for operating their Factories, that would clearly show a PROFIT.

Imagine,.if the Top Executives would agree to a Cut in Pay,..the Factory Workers would agree to a Cut in pay,...and everyone would be held accountable for a better quality Automobile,..that gets Better Fuel Mileage,..and to NOT produce MORE CARS than they can sell,...and to NOT have such favorable Perks as they have now,....reduce the number of Sick days,..reduce the number of Unexcused Absences,..and create a better workplace where productivity is consistent, and the workers take PRIDE in the finished product,...and Thank full for their job,..instead of taking everything for granted.

That would be a CHANGE, that we could all be proud of,..and they could of done it on their own,..instead of at the Taxpayers Expense.

I stated that,..

I came up with a Sure Fire Way Obama could make everyone HAPPY, and create MILLIONS of JOB for the unemployed Americans.

ENFORCE the current Immigration Laws,....Hire every able bodied Man available to help round up and DEPORT all these ILLEGALS that's got OUR JOBS,...and send them packing !

To which I got an asinine reply,....

Rogue vigilantism instead of cutting the red tape out of immigration,yes that's the type of jobs we need here,excellent,we can have 30 million armed Americans being vigilantes at our borders,North and South borders.

I didn't say that,...that's your twisted thoughts as to how you can make me look bad, but yet it bounces back at you.

When it comes to immigration,..thats one area where we dont want to "Cut Out The Red Tape",....were overflowing with problems enough already the way it is, should NOT be easier, for "Illegals" to get into our Country,....and it shouldnt be such a problem to get them DEPORTED back to where they come from,...with a STERN Warning, to NOT come back again, UNLESS, its through the Proper channels.

My suggestion was to "Hire every able bodied Man" to help round up and DEPORT the ILLEGALS that are here,..and taking JOBS that belong to people that are here Legally, by being an American Citizen.
"Hire every able bodied Man",.means just that,....people who are able to do that Job, Professionally and Legally, the book, the LAW,..that is supposed to be enforced.

Just imagine IF Obama would HIRE more ICE Agents,......
That would Create more Jobs.

Just imagine IF Obama would DEPORT ILLEGALS,..........
That would create more Jobs.

Say we enforce the LAWS on the Books,....and Deport Illegals,...and FINE every Employer that is found to Hire said Illegals......

Gee,...Imagine IF there wasn't any JOBS available for Illegals,..except for the ones that have been in existence for Decades,..and those are for DOCUMENTED WORKERS, that are here LEGALLY !

WOW,...that would create somewhere between 12 to 30 MILLION JOBS !


Wouldn't that be wonderful ? Obama's approval rating would go through the roof !
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Gallup Poll
Posted: 11/22/2009 11:53:43 AM

The "Approval" Rate for Obama has taken a Nose Dive into a pile of manure,....
right where its belongs.

For someone who Charmed the Pants off of Voters during his campaign,..he sure has lost a lot of his followers, by doing all the wrong things.

Instead of addressing the Economy, the way he should have,..he is trying to get a Health Care Reform Bill passed,..that could, and should of waited untill after he had done somthing Positive about our Economy.

Obama, spending MONEY that we do NOT have, a faster pace than "Ole George" ever did !

Instead of getting a Withdrawl Plan to BRING OUR TROOPS HOME,..
like he promised,..
he is more worried about granting AMNISTY to MILLIONS of Illegals.

Obama critized "Ole George" for having so many czars,..yet the first thing Obama does, hire more czars than "Ole George" ever had.

Obama PROMISED his administration would be TRANSPARAENT,.....and ACCOUNTABLE,....that EVERY BILL that was up to him to vote on would be on his Web Site for FIVE DAYS, allow us to view it before he voted on it.

Obamas Web site, has become nothing but the biggest JOKE any President has ever had,....clearly spreading LIES,..False Information, and NOT allowing the Bills to be posted on his site for FIVE DAYS, he stated.

The FIRST thing Obama does when he takes Office, to seal his Records,.....and refuse to open them, even tho he is asked to do so...

Wheres the TRANSPARENCY he Promised ???

Wheres the "ACCOUNTABILITY" ???

Now,...Obama has a Day in COURT this coming Jan, determin if he is even quailified to serve as President of our Unites States.......

Obamas "Approval",..and "Popularity" just keeps dropping the longer he is in Office.

Lets look at the latest I've read on the Poll.

Wenzel Poll: Obama Job Approval Rating at 44%
Nearly 60% of independents give the President negative marks for his work
October 28, 2009

COLUMBUS, OHIO – The job approval rating of President Barack Obama now stands at 45%, with 51% saying they think he is doing only a fair or a poor job, the latest Wenzel Strategies national survey shows.

The telephone survey shows that 28% believe he is doing an excellent job, while 38% believe he is doing a poor job, giving him a net “job approval rating of Minus 10.

Nine months into his term of office, Obama maintains a positive job approval rating of 81% of Democrats, which shows strong but not overwhelming backing from his own political party. Among Republicans, just 10% gave him a positive job approval rating, while 85% of GOPers gave him a negative rating. While 56% of Democrats gave Obama an “excellent” rating – the most positive rating possible – 69% of Republicans gave him a “poor” rating – the most negative rating possible.

Among political independents, sentiment leans to the negative when considering Obama’s job approval. Just 38% gave him a positive job rating, while 58% of independents believe his performance is either just fair or poor. Of those, 43% of independents gave him a poor rating for his work in the White House so far.

Gee,..Obama doesnt even have an overwhelming majority of his own party backing him.

Must be tuff to be in his shoes, considering his Job Approval Rating is only at 44%.

Lets see,....if there was one thing he could do right now, to drive his "APPROVAL" rating through the roof, would be,.... to BRING OUR TROOPS HOME !

Yup,....that would do it......Uh Huh,...Yup,.....Imagine,...Obama bringing the TROOPS home, he Promised to do.

Wouldnt that be something.....I bet the TROOPS would LOVE OBAMA too !

But then again,.if he did that,..he might be FORCED to keep the other Promises he made too,....Now we just cant have that now, can we....

A President that Keeps his Promises ??????

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Obama Administration lies about jobs created or saved.
Posted: 11/22/2009 11:23:36 AM

You know I started thinking about how Obama could really improve our Economy, and create Jobs,...

Because,..I havent seen ONE,...NOT ONE,..."Job",...thats been "Created", anyone.

Or any "Improvement" made by the so called "Stimulas",....

I sure do see a lot of "LIES" that been created tho,......

Obamas Administration states that Unemployment is around 10%,..while others claim that its actually at about 22%.

Wow,....thats a BIG Difference. Another LIE,...huh.

Do "LIES" create Jobs ?

No,...didnt think so.

But yeah,....I came up with a Sure Fire Way Obama could make everyone HAPPY, and creat MILLIONS of JOB for the unemployed Americans.

ENFORCE the current Immigration Laws,....Hire every able bodied Man available to help round up and DEPORT all these ILLEGALS thats got OUR JOBS,...and send them packing !

That would create 12 to 30 MILLION JOBS FOR UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS,....

What a wonderfull way to help improve our Economy, ...Create Jobs, ...Lower Crime Rates, ...Improve our Quailty of Live, and the Quality of our Health,...all by simply enforcing the LAW !

Obama would truly indeed look like a "Saviour",..and at least he could actually do something good for the USA,..instead of just trying to give it away.
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Obama Administration lies about jobs created or saved.
Posted: 11/20/2009 3:45:48 PM
Your making sense, care full or you'll awaken the Obama Puppets.

Obama supporters DONT want to hear anything that makes sense,.....

Be Warned,

Here,..Thar be Monsters !
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Obama disapproval on health care up to 52 percent
Posted: 11/20/2009 2:35:36 PM
Oh Please,..dont pass up on the next Video......

You should all see this,..its got the "Seal of Approval", by your beloved President,....
Barack Obama,.....

Obama has said all along he is for "Partial Birth Abortions",....


Im sure YOU will be too after watching such a wonderful demonstration of a Partial Birth Abortion at,....

Your TAX Dollars hard at work, providing population control.
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