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 Author Thread: cheating wife ???? now im here
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cheating wife ???? now im here
Posted: 6/23/2012 10:10:52 AM


Any advice? What do I do now????

1. Get your divorce going
2. Don't be surprised if women are not enthusiastic about dating separated men
3. Try to get your head around the fact that not ALL women are cheaters
4. Try not to become bitter.

Good luck!

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favorite positions
Posted: 6/14/2012 5:34:19 AM
With a real attractive women...ANY and ALL

With a less attractive women, no drinking, and lights on......

DEPENDS.... on how much of the above 3 mentioned come into play.
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Sex and relationship
Posted: 6/12/2012 6:15:31 PM
OMG MsMicki, I so thought of you when OP posted...

Yes , you girls are preaching to the choir.. I too would love to have a Long Term single partner that can keep up..

I was married to a sex addict, and while we had sex no less then 12-15 times a week for a decade, and 25-30 times a week the first couple years, she never pulled an equal half..

Bless her sole, as a elevator,traffic jam, motorcycle ride,in the snow, under water, etc etc etc was all good and excited, but when it came down to hours of the show down she was usually staring at the ceiling or moaning into a pollow...Again, bless her sole but she never had the wind or stamina...So excitement and the fact that she preferred 20 ,20min sessions a week worked out great. I'd prefer 3, 3 hour sessions, but she couldn't hang.

Befor marriarge I ran with a good number of FB and FWB, and normally this group has a much higher sex drive. And then again we seem to get back to the longer sessions having ME doing the work..Don't get me wrong, but GUYS don't always control the clock..

I said that to say this...In my experience I have found very few that can keep up on the long end... OP has nothing in her profile that leads me to belive she has hang time. Lots of sex requires to be in GREAT SHAPE .. A runner, cyclist, hiker, tennis player, swimmer, etc.... If OP expected to play the roll of "Driving Ms Dasiy" I can tell you from a man that has a strong sex drive... it gets old fast... It makes sex and fun, NOW ...SEX is another job...As with the X ...

I can not speak for any other guy and sex is a complex issue that is both physcial and MENTAL.

The last person I had a sexually relationship with was hot, great in all aspects, wanted in everyday and long.But fact was being 45,smoking,office worker sex often was like banging a dead fish.

So OP, while there is no way to know a sex drive without actually practicing it.. and of course the "RABBIT HABIT" will die down after time and running out of options.

But food for thought... With the next guy try first few weeks of pulling the whole work load.. In other words let him kick back, while to get on top,reverse wheel barrow, butterfly or any other positon where he can take the back seat so to say... Then maybe try to do the 50/5o on the physcial end...

Again I can't speak for any other guy, but I can tell you for a fact just about every single woman over 40 I've met that wants it more then couple times a week can not and will not keep up.

Good luck to ya
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Whats going on with this website????
Posted: 3/31/2012 9:39:40 AM
You never know, a cool grandmother could hook you up with her hot and amazing granddaughter

Isn't that just code for, cougers on the prowl???
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New ID voter law?
Posted: 3/31/2012 9:34:55 AM
I am sooo F 'in amazed that in Maryland it's against the law to ask for photo ID..

My mother is an election judge.period..

However, it's against the law as an adult to NOT have a photo ID on you, and has been like that for years..

As an X-Felon I had requested and was granted my voter rights almost 15 years ago. However I will not be allowed to vote tuesday as it's a primary and I am registered as belong to the "REALIST" party..

Something I changed as it's all summed up when I read on a bumper sticker years ago..

Rep.......Dems.......SAME SHYTE...just ...DIFFERENT PILES
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are the gas prices killing you yet
Posted: 3/31/2012 8:11:35 AM
Nope not yet, and I drive close to 80,00o with maybe 20ish being TOTAL personal.

Sorry for my customers..

I wish it would hit 10-15 dollars a gallon here in the usa..

Was 5.75-6.50 a gallon in OZ for the last 3 months I was there.

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am I being SCAMMED???
Posted: 3/31/2012 7:35:02 AM
I've been here a long time, and new profile(look at ID number) and then move off THIS link, and closed account???? is a BIG RED flag..

All the other stuff, emotionally charged, and question of kids don't bother me...I've had no less then 1/2 dozen POF women send my daughter gifts through the mail here over the years .. b-day and xmas of course.

I'm currently dealing with an emotionally charged women here...2 weeks new(to internet dating), phone call 2nd email, and date within first week... BUT WE still chat here everyday.

The ones that move off here and close profile are 99.999995% scammers

Hope that helps.
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Omaba asks for more space until after election !
Posted: 3/31/2012 7:23:07 AM
Thanks for the entertainment... By that I mean the actual people that are surprised..

When he said he was gonna be transparent, I saw through it like a x-ray tech
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Underwear and eyeballs
Posted: 1/21/2011 12:19:28 PM
You really think that this guy would attempt to bring her up on charges?
Wouldn't that be humiliating for him.

Only takes one schmuck lawyer because this pic got rebroadcast at a computer at work or whatever, claiming humilation and a multi-million dollar suit.. But it would be the OP spending money to defend herself.

Private images (sent personally/taken personally) have so much more protection then images of public domain.

Look at the lady last week that was texting, fell in the fountain at the mall, got one security guard fired and sueing him and mall, all cause it was posted on the net.

Also the rich parents paying out cause their kid posted a pic that another kid sent to their phone on the net..

While they may be true, if the idiot that does it is sending his/her unsolicited photo(s) to a number of cell phones through picture mail, what are the chances of that idiot finding out who did it? It would certainly teach the person a lesson.

she(you) might be the only one...Just be forewarned is to be forewarned.

Now had she taken that picture at , say a halloween contest at a public place AND still put it on a "GAY" site??? Then there'd be "defamation of character" nuff said..

There are more and more on-line litigation being filed everyday. Sexual herassment to stalking..."ON-LINE" just saying..
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Underwear and eyeballs
Posted: 1/21/2011 8:05:05 AM

My question is who thinks it is appropriate to send personal and provocative pictures over a phone to a complete stranger????? Does this happen to others?

I learned a few years back, if a woman ask for you cell phone right away like 1st or 2nd email you have a 90% chance of at least zoom in boob shoots. AND if you ignore giving cell number to first request, and bam!! she ask very next email...99.99765% chance of boobs, butt, thong, etc etc etc shots.

I'm pretty sure this information is available in your Internet dating manual "Internet Dating Manual/WTF sup" page 3,614 section C paragraph II

(from my old "good/s dad profile also)

IRONY is if you suggest a date at the NO Tell MOtel after these unsolicted pics you end up getting a raft of WTH's

I love abelian's idea. For the next guy that send unsolicited images my way, I think I just might post them on a gay site.

I would not really suggest that, as where that would be illegal just about everywhere in the USA
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kids and computers
Posted: 1/16/2011 12:47:29 PM
Honestly, just like anything else. Has its good points and bad points. As a parent we have to monitor this activity just like anything else that has a degree of motorize toy, walking to the store after dark, sharp kitchen tool.

I did a thread a couple years ago...
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Can you make an inference based on this statistic?
Posted: 1/14/2011 3:05:58 PM
define "relationship"

I haven't found that ONE , but have made many friends, some in other countries, and even a couple business relationships off just this site alone.
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Motorcycle rides as first dates?
Posted: 1/14/2011 2:49:20 PM
Honestly, it's rather iffy. I've been riding since 6yo, and I might not want to have a rider on the back.. A rider can and does play an effect on the bike..

That's my 2 sense.

Here's 4 seconds that might change your mind, especially the ones that say "no big deal"
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teasing and picking on kids, builds self-esteem?
Posted: 1/14/2011 12:10:40 PM
Well, let me clear up real quick.. Not talking about beating them in the ground with ridicule .. Also...NOT bullying.. More like half-hearted teasing..

Missed play at second base, zit on the nose, talking funny cause missing baby teeth. Basically the sible rivalry teasings.. I've read many of times sible rivalry makes/made children stronger.

and yes I do realize esteem and confidense are not 100% the same, but laymens rule of thumb as the same. Not trying to get tooo deep here.
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teasing and picking on kids, builds self-esteem?
Posted: 1/14/2011 11:50:43 AM
Plain and simple.. Does teasing and picking on your kids give them a tougher skin and more self esteem.

I say yes.

No, not teasing and picking taking it to the extreme where their feelings really are hurt. But raising them that "sticks & stones....." I rasied 2 step-sons, and daughter 9 1/2(now), and they are ALL very self confident. Not only did I tease them with any of their flaws, I also allowed them to tease me..( part of the teaching words don't hurt)

In my defense I don't allow my child to say "I can't" , but only " I tried"

I've caught a little BS from a few for not being PC and sensitive and caring.
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1st email not replied to, but dated later anyway?
Posted: 12/21/2010 6:39:49 PM

timing is everything

Yes, to a degree.
However, in the real world you have a chance at seeing some, many of times..Storekeep, bank teller, PTA meetings,library, etc etc etc.

To read here in the internet dating world forums... It's like a one time deal almost all the time. I hear of people getting "blocked" all the time after just one email.

Ones are harping on another thread, if someone doesn't respond within a few days then they are not interested.

In the real world that's sooo not true. We all know someone that one wasn't interested in the other at first, and then first thing you know they are together for years and years.

Again, it seems a theme here . No instant response, no chance, move on.
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1st email not replied to, but dated later anyway?
Posted: 12/20/2010 10:18:35 AM
Just curious without high jacking another thread.

Anyone ever have the first email here..deleted, unread, no answer and end up on a date with this person at a later date?

Can be either way...sending or receiving. Deleted by user or POF .

I've been here long enough it's happened a few times, just wondering if it's happen to others and their thoughts. Is a never first email a total killer? Or does cyberspace have a more flexible rule book.

1) I sent..never read. Following summer we ended up dating for 3 months, after she contacted me. Said about the time I sent her an email she went for back surgery and was away from the site for 6 months.

2) I sent, no reply. 6 months later we ended meeting when she contacted... Said when she got my email she was on her way to west coast to finish up custody court stuff and knew she'd be away 4 months.

3) This summer I contacted a phish we chatted and a meet. She asked why I never read and replied to her email, but contacted her 8-9 month later... Yep was in the contact history she was correct. Must have not logged on for over 30 days as I ALWAYS try to reply to all the "couple" emails a week I get.

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New........Last online feature.........!!
Posted: 12/9/2010 6:29:24 PM
No it is not. You always controlled who you allowed to add you to favorites.

Ummm... how so ?¿?¿?... anyone can add you to their favorites, just as I can add them..On your favorites list shows last date and time they were on....

...Best they/you can do is remove...which can lead to just them adding again(even if blocked)

Is there a feature where you can STOP someone from being added to your favorites?????? Do tell.
Joined: 1/10/2008
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New........Last online feature.........!!
Posted: 12/9/2010 3:12:45 PM
new feature???? no notice past 23 hours??/

All this information is the same as if you fav'd them..and then clicked
to your favorites!

No it is not. You always controlled who you allowed to add you to favorites.
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Gold Fish???!!!!
Posted: 12/8/2010 8:04:54 PM
Maybe he should heed his own words...

It's all about greed..period.

That said, I have no problem paying a reasonable fee here, I'v said it POF(plenty of phuckintimes)...but lets just be straight forward with the service and no computer games...and lastly,HONESTY..

Min of $9.95.. after the previous page says in big letters...COST YOU 8 CENTS

<--------------POF members
<--------------POF admin

My 8 cents
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Paying for visa assistance
Posted: 11/28/2010 10:06:24 PM
It's me again... almost a year later and my visa[(s)daughters] are now sitting in Melbourne at Dept of Immigration & Citizenship for Character assessment. Only have a few weeks to respond.

Anyone hire someone to help with visa assistance? I got quoted a price of 1,500 here in the states from a response I thought I was sending to a business in Syd.

Hire? Don't hire? Submit myself?

In other words, question is?

Valuable service, or just a shame on your emotions?
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Why are so many unemployeed
Posted: 3/31/2010 6:28:19 AM
Basically because MOST are just lazy and have a bad attitude.

I have been in mangement/leader jobs most of my life, and had my own business since 92.

Also been working since I was around 9 and was having ss taken out at age 12 working on farms.

Thing is most would rather sit down then take a step backwards for a moment. I had 2 guys last year middle managemnet worked unemployment to the last day beacuse they were making 30 and 40/ hour respectfully and working general labor at 22/hour for me was like a last call... Like it was beneath them to do labor, even though I try to pay well for the ones that work hard...

I have a part time guy who bust his azz off... He averages about 50/ hour, because his pay is based on an 8 hour day, and he works super hard and is done in 3-5 hours on an average.

If you are responsible and WANT to work I've always given workers room for advancement, but most come with rake/shovel/ lift experience and want 50 dollars an hour...lmao

I currently have 4 working, and it's hard to even get a full 40 out of them...

On a side note.. In the last 20 years my BEST workers were the ones that already had full time jobs, and worked for me 20 plus hours/weekends/vacation days etc.. One for over 9 years and another 7(until his kids were mid teens).

In my life's experience.. you either want to work or you look for a reason NOT to work.period..

And for the record, most of the 90's I worked for less then 15 dollars an hour, I just made up for it in 60-100 hour weeks.
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Romantic or Stalkerish
Posted: 3/6/2010 7:46:45 AM
Okay anyone who thinks this is "stalkerish" is just another idiot that has no clue what a realstalker is...

A word/phrase that wasn't even around 20 years ago..It's so SOO! over used.

I can tell ya for a fact anyone that thinks this was stalkerish is not for me... You have your panties wrapped a little to tight in paranoia for me.

Funny how what was impressive 25 years ago, now all the sudden makes you a stalker or nut case..

Stuffed bear on a car, something(flowers/balloons/candy sent to her WORK), card and balloons on her mailbox,even to a girl you had never been on a date with was your best shot when I first started dating. That pretty much got you a date if she was 1/2 interested.

That was back when you had to find out where they lived or worked, not like today with a click click of the mouse and all that info is right there.

I even started a thread "Staker or Impressed" a couple years ago, and ended up deleted from the flaming.

I say you did fine OP... You had convos and had a better idea then anyone here...

The real world and Cyber dating are worlds apartliterally

I think there are too many d@mn ‘red flags’. That’s why so many people are on here. H@ll, half the people have to come on and get verification if it is a ‘red flag’. They can’t even figure out on their own, if something is acceptable to them or not.

Amazed at the people that think it was so much money..They weren't boxed/arranged/and delivered.

Heck most of the year,especially the summer, The chain grocery stores here have the 12 or more bunched smaller ones in paper wrap for like 6.99. They have the big bunch of 'other" flowers for 3 bucks.

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attractive, but not attractived to them.
Posted: 3/5/2010 9:19:47 PM
Purely on the physical aspect. In other words never speaking with them or hearing them speak.

This comes from IRL conversations... usually based on race...sometimes age, and sometimes even height.

Can you as a man or a woman, look at someone and say they are in fact attractive, or even real attractive.

However you are not attracted to them?

I can look at others races and cultures from around the world and honestly say some are very attractive, but I'm not attracted to them... As well as the professional volleyball women..Some are very hott, but any over 6 foot I am not going to be attracted to.

Can you look at someone and say they are attractive, yet do not get YOUR juices flowing so-to-say?
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Why are so many unemployeed
Posted: 3/2/2010 11:50:17 AM

Economics would be the driving force actually.

I won't debate that,morals would take a back seat to CASH with most I'm sure.

I'm full hearted for hand up, not a hand out. I've said for years it's for the needy not the greedy.

As the OP asked why are so many unemployed, I bet the greedy out weight the needy by far.

From a long family of self employed, collecting has never been as issue. As being self employed and a total tax libility on the first 125K at close to 40% NOT including sole proprietor business taxes(based on property/equipment worth)... I am a firm believer in getting it back from the government... but again...the needy not the greedy.

So as a Canadian collecting on the dole, what do you do at the end of 50 weeks? Almost a year...

And I agree that because you pay into it, you are entitled to it - most certainly

Yes in the US some states do collect UI... I said I wasn't sure how all 51(PR also) went.. But in all fairness..

What do you think is owned you when Pennsylvania is collect at the rate of 6/10's of a percent...60 cents on every 100 dollars til 8,000 dollars????

At 20 dollars an hours thats less then 250 bucks in a whole year.
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Why are so many unemployeed
Posted: 3/2/2010 11:07:38 AM

In Canada EI deductions

Thanks for clearing that up..

If you give up 35K in unemployment benefits in favour of a 20K job, you are denying your family 15K in before-tax currency in the short-term.

If these numners are real.... which I find hard to believe,, I understand your point.

I have no idea how employment works in your country. Even in my country it's different from state to state...amount/time/extentions/etc.

I can bet a dollar to a doughtnut, no one in america can collect 35K tax free in a year.. That just ain't happening..(or even the 33,800 allowing for Can/Us exchange rate)

Ooops, not in canada either..

Max is 23.7K ( max:457/week), and can only collect max 50 weeks

So your pretend senerio doesn't even seem to work out..

It was gonna be hard to debate not collecting 35K a year, but since it can't be done moot point.

I would say.... how in a year,as you put it "short term"?

I guess it all goes to morals and principals, simple for th fact even in Canada it's

Employment "Insurance"...not a personal kitty so to speak.
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Why are so many unemployeed
Posted: 3/2/2010 10:01:20 AM

Do the math - if you have paid into that benefit for 20-30 years

Ummm what country is that??? In america I don't think anyone can show me where an unemployment deductions are on there pay sub, W-2, or 1099.

Is this system better ran outside the US..

I know in Australia to collect an unemployment check you are demanded to go to school or work at times.

How are you benefitting your children in that scenario? You aren't.

I beg to differ... Buy accepting responsibility you are instilling the moral value in them... taking responsibility Being self-sufficient. Both admirable traits in my eyes and ones I'd want to bring my children into the adult world with.

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Why are so many unemployeed
Posted: 3/2/2010 9:38:18 AM
The simple answer is.

Laziness, and self entitlement!!.

read here 2 threads away...

Government handing out a check for free ain't helping

"Oh, I'm to good for that job..attitude"

Society (IN America) has changed 180º in the last 4 decades...

1) The Government has taxed us to death to take care of the lazy, which makes a single parent 40 hr/ week supporting a house almost impossible.. In other words My dad was working in 1962 at 2.45 hr and taking home 92.15... At that same scale today making 1000 a week he'd take home $943.88.. However most people making 1000 a week now would bring home 20% less or so..So TODAY Dad has to pick up a part time job , or Mom does to have the same spending power. Therefore taking job hours off the free market.

2) No value of the Family Unit anymore... Wherever there are split households...Separation/divorce.. There needs to be 2 households... Easy math.. 2 house,2 water/phone/ele/everthing...for the SAME FAMILY... Again meaning to support that there is on longer ONE person working for ONE family... often 4 or more jobs for 2 houses.. Therefore taking job hours off the free market.

3) We've been brainwashed that we need a lifestyle we don't.. Keeping up with the Jones....So there is 2 cars and MORE TV's every room, phones every room, cable and cable in every room. Over priced and parents alike.. Cars that are really twice what we need.. Who wants a Saturn when Johnny big balls next door has a 75K hummer.Our lifestyle has out grown our budget.. WTF was a credit card 40 years ago.. You bought it when you had the money..This country pays gillizions in interest to banks for their selfish needs of instant gratification.. More bills out of the reach of the single job household. Therefore taking job hours off the free market.

These three basic things has doubled(in many cases more then doubled) the working hours to support the lifestyle back then. This in turn makes the job market tighter.

Sadly not only has our society gotten out of control with what it thinks it's has our GOVERNMNET... The Government is running up a credit card bill like never before, and who is going to make those monthly payments??

But those hard working folks with realistic goals and lifestyles will do fine.. We pulled out of the depression 2 WW's and the 1970's
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Unemployment Benefits
Posted: 3/2/2010 8:19:47 AM

Well I guess I'll pack up my sh** and head to Maryland right now! Never mind the fact that I start climbing school next month

You'll have it made my man... As the owner of a tree removal co. I can tell you drug free, hard working, SMART tree climbers Free lance at 250-500 dollars a day, and are in high demand..often CASH

Also Maryland you can easily get your voter card,

Don't feel bad.. I pulled 7 1/2 years straight ... and yes, it does follow you.. Spent another 13 month NO BAIL fighting for custody over FAKE charges...

And he11 if you want to mooch of the system once you get here..... We have the BEST there is... you can simple get a dr say you have drug problems and can't work, and go on welfare...Unemployment can get milked for almost 2 years in my state..

I must warn you... The housing is nuts here...TOTALLY NUTZ..a building lot is 1/4 million PLUS in my zip code.

.... has some jealousy issues going on there,

.Nope, just sad to watch the best country in the world go in the shyter..What happened to the work ethic that built this country.. The one where you can go from rags to riches over night. The one that has more opportunities then 85% of the world. A world where 2/3's can't even feed itself and have a house.. But here in good old america you can walk to the mailbox and pick up a check month after month after month???
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Unemployment Benefits
Posted: 3/2/2010 7:00:24 AM
You know Cookie I'm only 90 mins from ya, and with the 4 foot of snow we just got jobs are insanely in demand.. Equipment repair, body shops, downed utilities, guard rails/signs/streets torn up from the heavy equipment brought it.. Roofs caved in,rain gutters off, fences/ trees down.. Water freezing problems from no elec.etc etc etc

Building is going in demand so bad the next couple months. G/P and Nation Gyspum sent notices out that building material was going up 15 and 20% respectfullyin March. They know construction is in high demand.

Again...long term collectors are lazy or pick..

Boy is it getting deeper by the page....

and.... Oh boo-hoo I can't find work... but I'm looking to volunteer work, and can't find that either...Pitch...Bleeeze.. Call your local fire/police/church/park service.....they will be more then happy...A simple google ...Vol needed wooster Ohio and found tons to "vol need__________" ...(<---insert your town)

Point is if, you were in the job field that isn't anymore...HELLO switch careers....

If your area is that hard up for work...HELLO... move.. Big plants have been closing and moving all my life.. I personally know dozens in my life time that moved. and FACT is you move with the company and you take preference over hiring in the NEW location.
I personally know GM,US Airways,GE, and Bethlem Steel all even HELPED their employees move.

Anyone here that has a computer has no business saying they can't find a job..Ebay runs 24 hours a day, the US Mail will pick up a package up to 70 pounds from your mailbox.Don't even need to leave the house. You can even just be a broker through ebay. Plenty on ebay are just running a store and the distributor sends right to the buyer.

Felons??? Are you kidding they are a gold mind to employers... Remind them that hiring you gives them 1,000's and 1,000's in tax breaks..Work 400 hours and the employer gets around $2,500 FED break alone first year Same states...(like Iwoa) can get much as a 20,000 dollar tax break on ONE employee.. and yes many employers do not know this. I went through our company(little 3.2Mill Gross sales) payroll in 1992 and got our business over 55K in tax breaks that year. Also the feds give a tax credit for the same employee for 3 years. Plus the Courts have ruled a Felon can only be denied a job if security/safety is not involved.. So if your felony does not involve a crime or moral turpitude thay can't deny ya.

Again... lazy or stupid... you tell me..

In the last 5 years or so I've watch 1/2 dozen friends senselessly lose their houses However I've watch plenty more survive.

I'm amazed at how someone can argue to the death THEIR need to collect off the backs of others..

Again...every state uses FED money for the unemployment checks... So whoever is working anywhere in the great 51 (yes PR has unemployment bennies) you are supporting others that feel they are entitled.
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How important is spirituality?
Posted: 3/1/2010 7:05:21 PM

Spirituality-- whatever that's supposed to mean---not important.
Religion-- important.

Think OP means like"spirits" drinking?

Also, I'm a little curious as to how many women are out there whose outlook favours philosophical naturalism and materialism over spiritual or supernatural beliefs?

Supernatural might be in the spirits themselves...

Becuase half a bottle of rum will make a so-so gal look DAMN HOT in less then 90 mins.
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Unemployment Benefits
Posted: 3/1/2010 6:01:05 PM

Most want everything for nothing, so they chill out on the couch waiting for a job to be handed to them because they know how to work the system to their benefit. If they really wanted to get off pogy they would wake up everyday at 7am and not get home until 5, they dont treat looking for a job like a job.

Had THREE middle management guys come to me last year.. All three milked the system dry. 2 almost lost there house, screwing around for over a year.
Boo-hooing how much money they made, and it wasn't fair to take such a pay cut...

Here I was paying them 2/3's of there pay, both 20+ an hour for labor...

After not being able to learn nothing more then use a rake or pick up a missing time I ended up firing them...not after several warnings.

You will notice MOST will get back on they're feet some way in a few months, but the ones that need extentions..... 8months 12 months, and more....simple using the systen..

The ones that we all that work are paying for... no matter what state you live in,
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Whiney Bitch or Not
Posted: 3/1/2010 2:59:48 PM
Okay I might get some hate mail from this.

If she needed to stay on the flight coming out of mexico that bad, couldn't she have been placed where the landing gear retracts with the illegals???
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Skin colour preference
Posted: 3/1/2010 7:59:45 AM

He said "I only date white women". I found this offensive more offensive than someone turning me down for my size.

Why???? We all have preferences and what attracts us..Why get offended.

Don't sit behind that keyboard and tell me you don't have preferences..I'd say BS, or you'd have 100 dates by the weekend.

To sum it all up..........from my profile....

However I'm only interested in red blooded white girl.. (anyone who thinks that is shallow, well I don't date men, post/pre opt sex changes,farm livestock, or anyone in the family close enough that might want to fight over my harm, just MY preference, period)

Good Luck
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Where have all the cowboys gone?
Posted: 3/1/2010 4:58:30 AM

Where have all the cowboys gone?

Off with the troubled cowgirls.

You know the cowgirls that have a hard time keeping their calves together!
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what oil to use for deep fryers?
Posted: 2/28/2010 1:22:57 PM

So does oil really go bad???

Yes, just ruined a batch of brownies last month from using an open jug that was umm...9-12 months old. Smell it.. Next time I get BIG jug to save money I'm gonna keep it in the freezer

Read the labels on the oil...Most are soybean now. Lots are mixed oils.

As for OP... peanut oil first choice.

I like the taste when I used lard, but it's hard to find.

I personally jack my heat HIGH 400 to 450. It seems to allow the food not to absurb as much oil.
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baking on the stovetop
Posted: 2/28/2010 12:33:11 PM
What kind of stove???
Gas or electic?

and Wow... just about ANYTHING that doesn't require close degree of heat or timing.(Cookies/brownies/cakes/etc).

I do close to 90% of my cooking on top of a flat wood stove..

Do you just mean sweets?
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Unemployment Benefits
Posted: 2/27/2010 8:58:56 PM
Funny... 6 months, 12 months, 24 months... Sooner or later there will be no free checks. Can't collect unemployment til you're 65,huh?

Ahhhh, the sense of entitlement... "I'm owed a check"

So paying my way through school out of my own pocket, with my own hard earned money, that I had enough sense to save, for these rainy days ahead so that I can better myself and further my education is "lazy and stupid?"

So enough sense to save for the rainy days, then you can cover your bills...why the need to collect a check.. Pay your bills, enjoy school.

Oh, but.....

I think I'd rather have something to live on than work for $9/hr, at only 20 hours a week. Why screw yourself over;

Yea, no sense in working part time for an extra 800 dollars a month, huh? Why screw yourself out of that 2 min walk to the mailbox once a week.

School? wait.... besides the fact that I went to school as a full time student and worked full time for over 4 years as well as millions of others have/do....

I know people that go to school with three jobs on top of that. My online class only takes up a few hours a day, if that.

Wow... on-line a few hours a day... Normal full time student at a real college can expect a "minimum" 6 hours a day school work.and the rest of the 24 hours you do what?

Quick review
1) Saved money for a rainy day.
2) Refuse to work for $9/hr
3) Still collecting a check.

You call it what you want...I'll stick to my words.

I've had a job since I was 9(family) and 11 1/2 for non-family.. Started first business at 12, current one since 1992. Been hiring and firing for my whole life....

Wonder why the system is asking the government( ME) for 10 Billion dollars now?
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Unemployment Benefits
Posted: 2/27/2010 6:21:27 PM
Was I the only one after reading the link picking up on tons of PORK in the bill...

The bill would extend unemployment payments to laid-off workers and provide them with subsidies to help pay health premiums through the COBRA program. It would extend funding for highway projects and spare doctors from a 21 percent cut in Medicare payments. It would extend a small business loan program, the National Flood Insurance Program and the copyright license used by satellite television providers.

Paying for health insurance? House insurance? Unemployed Doctors??? Keeping tv up and running??

WTF??? Funny a country built on the backs of hard workers, has turned into a country that expects everything while lying on their back.

Should the rest of us be supporting people who can't find work for this length of time?

Phuck NO...People collecting benefits over 6 months are either lazy or stupid..

32 weeks, that should be the plan... I have a perfect 32 week I often like to say.

I can help the helpless, but I don't have a fuggin clue what to do with the clueless

In my state you can milk the system just like welfare ....for years...

I come from a long family line of self-employed... Not once in my life have I ever collected a check for not working ever.

When you work/care for yourself unemployment usually last about a week.

Should they be given "public service" type duties in order to collect?

He11 no... Let's not BREAK something we are trying to fix.

Should they have to prove they are looking for work?

Absolutely, Maryland you have to twice a week mail a paper with the names of a contact person..


In the real world of a self employed contractor of a very small business. I'm guessing yearly averages out 15-25 contacts a week for me...Pretty much daily I have to return contact a couple times a day.

Yes, some people do and there is no public transport up here in the real world.

And WHO forced you to live there??

Besides a quick check of the on-line director there are 100 plus government offices in Wheatland.

Oh. In Maryland you can go to school and collect full benefits.. You have to go to school{( not verbatim) during non traditional work hours.} also there is..."work search exemption (training waiver)"
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Sexual Frustration!!! How to Deal With It?
Posted: 2/27/2010 3:55:54 PM
Sexual Frustrated can even get more frustrated as I discovered recently..

I usually just take things into my own hands..Yes hand(s) as I am pretty much in this arena ambidextrous..

High speed,36inch monitor, and the political section spread out under the desk. Set up for the reverse hitch-hiker and low and behold, my hand falls asleep..
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Top reasons a man leaves a woman?
Posted: 2/26/2010 6:42:57 PM

I admit, this topic will have been a lot more "fair" (and hilarious) if it was "why a person leaves their partner..."


Top (10) reasons a man leaves a woman

#10) He found mens clothes in her closet, and she claims to be a closet cross dresser!

#9) The difference between her and his new girlfriend are now over 50 pounds!

#8) She kisses the dog, but won't let him share her drink!

#7) She meets him at the door in sexy lingerie, but he's leaving for work and she's coming home!

#6) His friend hooks him up on a blind date, just to find out it's her!

#5) He hasn't spoken to her in three months, but that's just because he didn't want to interrupt her!

#4) "eating out" is no longer the code words for sex!

#3) He found her cheating with a woman, and she won't let him watch.

#2) Got off work early to come home and surprise her, but found her with a mouth full of pool boy!

......and the

#1 reason) No longer gets a blow job, as she's been informed having a job means her government assist check will stop!
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Does hiding paternity equal kidnapping?
Posted: 2/25/2010 5:58:43 PM
In the United States......

Unless the courts have an order, or pending family disputes, you

CAN NOT KIDNAP your own child...

So it's off the books for question... She would never be charged with kidnapping.

but if the father knows about the baby, and the baby being his..if the mother leaves (whether being the legal custodian or not) with out his direct permission, she would be liable for kidnapping, yes.

Legally a husband and wife are married. Either has a right to take the child where ever they want.. Would not advise it.. Most states have a minimum of 6 months residency to file court orders(divorce/separation/custody) States do this because they know custody battles start when one moves many states away and THEN files with the courts.

Again, YOU CAN NOT kidnap your own child, if NOTHING is ordered or pending.

Depending on what part of the world you went to, the worse case is they would have to return to answer to the courts.

In the OP question.. If it was done with malice I feel there should be criminal charges of a sort.
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Always use HER car,but HE pays 4 everything plus gas?
Posted: 2/24/2010 9:22:39 AM

don't think if you were filling up her car on a regular basis that it was right for her to arrive for a date with an empty tank.

We both live in the middle of no where hour apart. The couple times it was empty was meeting her house and going that direction..

She NEVER showed up at my house empty...

It was all good. She was very nice and appreciate.. We were just headed different ways in our life.

Maybe I put too much information at OP. Maybe should have left it with the header?

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Always use HER car,but HE pays 4 everything plus gas?
Posted: 2/24/2010 8:58:22 AM

You both agreed to the arrangement, and apparently that arrangement bothered/bothers you, or else you wouldn't have went to your friends to get their opinion on the situation.

Naw, doesn't bother me in the least.. Actually the conversation came up a year later with a GOOD friend.. As we known each other 25 years I was surprized.

Again not bothered, just trying to keep up with the current dating world(cyber wise)

OP: You allowed this, so why did you discuss with some friends? No one forces us to do anything we don't condone. You claim to be "old school", so this should be a non-issue.

Personally, when I'm dating a man or on a date, I do enjoy treating for a round or two, dinner, lunch or whatever other expense. Does not mean everyone is receptive to this.

I understand .... and "we" were fine when we dated..

Not so much a who pays for the date thread.

I was curious about the car issue. I just put in that I pretty much am covering everything not to think I was using her(them)

Fact is, you rack up several hundred miles on a car for the weekend.. The 40-50 dollars does NOT come near the expense of operating a car...
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Always use HER car,but HE pays 4 everything plus gas?
Posted: 2/24/2010 8:45:47 AM

Why in the world world you care if some IRL girlfriends of hers (30-40%) thought that wasn't right?

Actually these were MY friends. Mostly not singles.. It started my curiosity when one(single) said he11 no.

If you and the lady were happy with those arrangments, I would not give a toss what anyone else thought. Do what works for you as a couple, and dont worry what anyone else thinks.

Yep,my thoughts to a degree, However, I date in the cyber world, I'd like to know others thoughts. You know everyone is not straight forward and up front at the beginning of the relationship. I was taken a bit back when I started throwing this question around.

personally ive never been comfortable with a guy paying for everything, even when ive dated guys who make alot more money than i do ive still at the very least made an offer to pay for some small part of the date, and i dont mean a half hearted attempt at it, i mean a proper im getting the drinks this time, or the popcorn or whatever..

I understand.. Don't get the wrong idea from me either.. These are dates in MY MEANS.. Which is a 40-50 dollar dinner.. You want to start going up and over my means, then you are more then willing to pitch in. FYI.. She always paid the tip, and might add it was a GOOD one. |

Anyways, I've probably covered the dating 95% of the time in my life..

Sure I've gotten women that insist on paying or chipping in. Some even offer more then once...If I planed the date I already know it was in my means. If the date changes up, or we do something up and above what I planned, then I would(and have) accepted..

This is just a question basically about the car (transportation thing)

Here's a twist... Suppose all the guy owns is a motorcycle? Oh better yet... Lives on campus(young ones) Or he lives in a BIG City????
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Always use HER car,but HE pays 4 everything plus gas?
Posted: 2/24/2010 6:10:05 AM
Just curious on everyones take...

Dated a phish from here 2 summers ago who had a brand new car 50-75 mins from me.

I have my own business and have older beat up work trucks, dump truck, crane,etc.

We dated for about 3 months.. Every weekend went somewhere..Lots of times 2-4 hours drive one way... We always took her car. I actually did 90% of the driving.

Depending which direction we were going whos house we'd meet at..

I'm old school, in which I pay for everything, meals,tickets,gas, whatever.

But I always made sure as we were getting ready to part to make sure her car was freshly filled.

Now she thought that was fine, and sometimes even thought it wasn't right as we'd get in her car on empty.

That was never an issue with her.

However when discussing with some other female IRL friends, about 30-40% thought this wasn't right..

Your thoughts?
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Does not mentioning your age constitute a lie?
Posted: 2/23/2010 12:59:13 PM
Okay I vote this thread...

"Most IRONIC Thead of the year"
Anybody else see this????

First OP pulls a direct/calculating lie

Second he post a falsly missing leading thread, that itself , most consider a lie.

Then he comes her to" lie" about his lies...

The cake of the story....... He's been a police officer for most all of his adult life, one whose job is to be the bearer of truth....But being of the Dade/Metro area of the "COPS" and the infamous nightstick shampoo move, it's blue line accepted.

...and the icing of irony on the cake....words posted by another.....

Bite the bullet, tell the truth.
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is he giving me signals? or just a nice guy....
Posted: 2/22/2010 12:58:40 PM
Signals??? Jeez... Just reading this thread I'm getting more signals then a drunk 3rd base coach at summer camp baseball play offs...

Lest me try some advice that migh clear everything up..

OP? Do you know the difference between a hard Ca.ock and a hamburger?

Either way, Once you know he is home one evening, Call over and ask.

"Hey neb, I was thinking aboubt coming over, think you could have me a" happy mea"l waiting when I get there?"

If he says sure, Go over then come back and tell us how it went!

Good Luck
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Music to help a broken heart
Posted: 2/21/2010 6:51:00 PM
All instumental,

But the lazy boy and your fav drink, and this on the stereo this might help...and might even bring back memories..
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Being serious vs being shallow
Posted: 2/21/2010 6:41:15 PM
Long time poster, first time visitor (2 b/hearts that is)

What did I step into...Hey Sigmund...over here...Dr.Freud..DO I HAVE A JOB FOR U...

hi op
i just read your profile.
the suggestion i have is to put it into profile reviews as soon as you can or are willing to.

i feel that you have too many negatives listed. and the tone overall is not nice.

#1, he's not looking for suggestions, and
#2, for the luv of Gawd, do not look at valenciacityx 's profile.....jeezus.. Is that working for ya dude? On the geometry of internet dating that's an angle I've never seen!

But Op from yours

I've heard just about every story or lie there is to tell the other in a relationship

I'd like to say... No... I'm.... I mean ..

Oh he11,let the the smiliey guys talk for me, come back in 20 years and tell me how it's working..

Don't switch teams, and In the mean time they are hiring down at the plant where I work.. Been there almost 20 years and plenty of "OT" EVERY week..

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