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 Author Thread: eHarmony...STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE!!!
Joined: 1/26/2008
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Posted: 7/11/2008 8:45:07 AM
I did one of those 'free communication' weekends with eHarmony, and found someone who was just about everything I was looking for (found through the masses of men who were definately asks about height-not important to very important- and I, being about 6'0", said "very important"....the average height I got "mached" with was around 5'5"...)

So I started talking to this guy and we exchanged phone numbers and had arranged to meet... Before I go furthur, I want to inform you that I'm straight edge... if I'm holding your hand and we're a fairly new couple, you're lucky.

THEN the REAL personality of this moron came out! I was asked a lot of rude questions which I kind of laughed off (he asked what I was wearing... it was 14:00/2:00pm...I'm generally fully clothed at this time). Then he told me that when we meet for icecream, that he was going to kiss me between icecream licks... when I objected (I dont' generally kiss anyone on the first date, let alone first meeting!), he told me not to be so 'uptight' and that 'it'll be ok' and that after our date we should go back to his place... and well it ended with 'future me' with cum on my face on video.

I'm loving the way the questionnaires worked on eHarmony... Stay clear of eHarmony
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