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 Author Thread: I watched the Israeli / US Media video
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I watched the Israeli / US Media video
Posted: 8/24/2009 4:55:30 PM
mungojoe, thanks mate for the accurate clarification. I guess some people just read through the back of thier heads, alas.
ATerribleAspect, my friend, What's the meaning of the quotation marks. Suggest read the article again.

The article is written by Neve Gordon, he teaches politics at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, Israel.
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I watched the Israeli / US Media video
Posted: 8/24/2009 5:50:04 AM
This article is written by Neve Gordon whos is the author of Israel's Occupation and teaches politics at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, Israel.

It's very interesting indeed.

Titled: A boycott would save Israel from itself

"It is indeed not a simple matter for me as an Israeli citizen to call on foreign governments, regional authorities, international social movements, faith-based organisations, unions and citizens to suspend cooperation with Israel. But today, I am convinced that it is the only way that Israel can be saved from itself.

I say this because Israel has reached a historic crossroads, and times of crisis call for dramatic measures.

The most accurate way to describe Israel today is as an apartheid state. For more than 42 years, Israel has controlled the land between the Jordan Valley and the Mediterranean Sea. Within this region about six million Jews and close to five million Palestinians reside. Out of this population, 3.5 million Palestinians and almost half a million Jews live in the areas Israel occupied in 1967, and yet while these two groups live in the same area, they are subjected to totally different legal systems. The Palestinians are stateless and lack many of the most basic human rights. By sharp contrast, all Jews - whether they live in the Occupied Territories or in Israel - are citizens of the state of Israel.

The question that keeps me up at night, is how to ensure that my two children - as well as the children of my Palestinian neighbours do not grow up in an apartheid regime.

There are only two moral ways of achieving this goal.

The first is the one-state solution: offering citizenship to all Palestinians and thus establishing a bi-national democracy within the entire area controlled by Israel. Given the demographics, this would amount to the demise of Israel as a Jewish state; for most Israeli Jews, it is anathema.

The second means of ending our apartheid is through the two-state solution, which entails Israel's withdrawal to the pre-1967 borders (with possible one-for-one land swaps), the division of Occupied Jerusalem, and a recognition of the Palestinian right of return with the stipulation that only a limited number of the 4.5 million Palestinian refugees would be allowed to return to Israel, while the rest can return to the new Palestinian state.

Geographically, the one-state solution appears much more feasible because Jews and Palestinians are already totally enmeshed; indeed, 'on the ground', the one-state solution (in an apartheid manifestation) is a reality.

Ideologically, the two-state solution is more realistic because fewer than one per cent of Jews support binationalism.

For now, despite the concrete difficulties, it makes more sense to alter the geographic realities than the ideological ones. If at some future date the two peoples decide to share a state, they can do so, but currently this is not something they want.

So if the two-state solution is the way to stop the apartheid state, then how does one achieve this goal?

I am convinced that outside pressure is the only answer. Over the last three decades, Jewish colonists in the Occupied Territories have dramatically increased their numbers. The myth of a united Occupied Jerusalem has led to the creation of an apartheid city where Palestinians aren't citizens and lack basic services. The Israeli peace camp has gradually dwindled so that today it is almost nonexistent, and Israeli politics are moving more and more to the extreme right.

It is therefore clear to me that the only way to counter the apartheid trend in Israel is through massive international pressure. The words and condemnations from the Obama administration and the European Union have yielded no results, not even a colony freeze, let alone a decision to withdraw from the Occupied Territories.

I have consequently decided to support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement that was launched by Palestinian activists in July 2005 and has since garnered widespread support around the globe. The objective is to ensure that Israel respects its obligations under international law and that Palestinians are granted the right to self-determination.

In Bilbao, Spain, in 2008, a coalition of organisations from all over the world formulated the 10-point Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign meant to pressure Israel in a 'gradual, sustainable manner that is sensitive to context and capacity'. For example, the effort begins with sanctions on and divestment from Israeli companies operating in the Occupied Territories, followed by actions against those that help sustain and reinforce the occupation in a visible manner. Along similar lines, artists who come to Israel in order to draw attention to the occupation are welcome, while those who just want to perform are not.

Nothing else has worked. Putting massive international pressure on Israel is the only way to guarantee that the next generation of Israelis and Palestinians - my two boys included - does not grow up in an apartheid regime."

I always have a profound respect for men who owned up and then try to change the course. Salute
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The Cairo Speech
Posted: 6/7/2009 7:29:30 PM

I've talked to lots of people and they have no problem with Israel living within its border that sat by the UN. People here don't hate the Jewish people because they are Jew, there are Jewish people living in Iran, Bahrain and Yeman etc. They hate Israel because of what it has been doing to the Palestinian people.

You cannot believe how positively people around here have received Obama's speech. People seeing his speech as practical and intellectual one. You guys are lucky to have a smart president like him at a very difficult time - Only super idiot like Gorge Bush could brings a great country down to its knees.

People here are just skeptical about whether the US would talks the talk and walks the walk when it comes to Israel. People here believe that the US is controlled by Israel through its influential lobbyists in the congress etc.

They really need actions from the US in order to believe.
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The Cairo Speech
Posted: 6/7/2009 4:59:47 PM
Swamp Hunter.

You are utterly wrong and misinformed.

I live and work in Qatar, and guess what, lots of Westerners are living and working in here too not to mention Dubai, peacefully and happily. Feeling 100% safe even though they live amongst Muslims people and in Muslim countries.

Anyone who are interested in going to Church, can go to one of few Churches as they pleased. No one has been attacked, nor racialy abused.

They don't hate the American people, they certainly hate the American's foreign policy. It's not a rocket scientist to know why. Visit the Middle East to see how respectful and tolerant the people here really are.

Read about the great injustice and war crimes that Israel has been comitting on daily basis against the powerless Palestinian people, while enjoying full support and protection from the US. So you could understand why the people from this part of the world and the poeple who appreciate justice hate the US's foreign policy, and blind support to the tyrant Israeli government.

Israel has been using the US to achieve its ruthless and self-centred interests and agenda, at the expense of the American people and the US's image.

Look at how they have ignored the Americna and French's request to halt the building of new sattlements and the displacement of Palestinian farmers. How they want to achieve peace is puzzling me. Israel is occupying a Syrian territory, Lebanon and Palestine's territories, and yet, it dares to call other terrorits.
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The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder
Posted: 9/15/2008 12:17:03 AM
Those men and women who went to Iraq are genuinely thought and probably still thinking that they sent there only to help the Iraqi people. They have no idea that Bush and Cheney have used them as scapegoats to achieve their self-served agendas when invaded Iraq.

I cannot believe that America and the world would let Bush and Cheney go without charging them with a war crime. If they let them off hook then this would be a mockery of human justice. I mean 4000 thousands of good men and women and half million of poor innocent Iraqis have dead. No money or anything could bring them back to their families. My heart goes to their families. I can’t imagine how much pains and sorrows they have been going through.

I know the majority of Americans people are decent and just, so they will stand up and demand justice on their behalf.

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How do we defeat Terrorism?
Posted: 9/13/2008 3:53:30 PM
I meant South African has been through so much, social unrest etc, which caused so much hatred and social rift. Sadly that hatred is still lingering and undercurrent in some of mind of South African people. Hopefully time will eventually heal all of that.

I meant no offence to South African people.

I didn’t make an assumption when I thought that you were from South African. Here is what you said in an earlier post Quote “I remember my sister telling me back in the the mid 1980's, whilst in school in South Africa ( she lived just outside Johannesburg)”.

As for friendship, I knew that will never meet you, however I always see all human kinds are my friends, and you are one of them.

So, peace my friend, and sorry if I offended you.

Yes back to the topic
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How do we defeat Terrorism?
Posted: 9/13/2008 2:28:41 PM
If I may also add this good example,

Women in Saudi Arabia aren’t allowed to drive but in all the other Muslim countries they drive, they rules, they govern etc. So why, well because it’s the culture, Saudi Arabia is full of tribes who still behind in term of education etc, and has nothing to do with Islam. Their Prophet Mahmud’s wife was a business woman, she supported him financially, he wasn’t a shame if that, unlike now where it is frown upon by some Middle Eastern culture.

In Iran, they practice Islam quite different from those in the Gulf and others Muslim.

I am not defend Islam, I am an atheist myself not big fan of religions, but hate it when people based their argument on misconceptions and lies.
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How do we defeat Terrorism?
Posted: 9/13/2008 2:11:22 PM
To Jumpswings

“I am not your friend”

This tells me what type of person you are, however, as a human being I till see you as a friend. I think you have a personal problem with Islam itself, in which has no place in this forum – this forum is for intellectual discussion. I’m not here to challenge, I am only here to discuss my opinion and read others’ opinions whom are more open-mined rational.
Oh… I forget that you come from South Africa, so no wonder why you hold all this personal begrudges.

You have to understand, every Muslim nations interpret the Quran in a way that fits well with their societies norm. In other words, their cultures influenced the Quran’s interpretation. For example, if you visit Dubai you will find it very different from Saudi Arabia in how they see and interpret the Quran.

Your claims are tenuous because they are not based on a first hand experience.

From my experience working in the Gulf I knew Saudi Arabia has a law in which if someone steals something, he/she will be given a warning the first time, second time is imprisonment with a warning that the third time he/she will lose a hand.
Eye for an eye, if someone deliberately kills someone then he/she will get the same treatment unless the parents’ victim chooses to forgive. And so……

You need to drop the personal hatred toward Islam and be programmatic and rational. Also when you discuss something, you have to understand that people are culturally different and therefore they don’t think or see think in the way that you see them. They are different so don’t expect them to act or behave just like you. Open up.

Here is a therapeutic technique that might help you loosen up. Take deep breaths and let them out slowly – it will help you to relax because hatred kills the hater alive.

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Is America the BEST Country in the World?
Posted: 9/13/2008 3:05:27 AM
American is the best country in the world when it comes to how it treats its own people. I like American spirit that nothing can stop you to achieve your dream. In some countries it is a different story.

Foreign policy – yes it is the worst
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How do we defeat Terrorism?
Posted: 9/12/2008 10:38:58 PM

We have a large number of Muslim people here in NZ and they are as normal as anyone else, hard working, pay their taxes, respect the law, mind their own business etc.
So please don’t generalize.
I’m afraid my friend you are ignorant and ill-informed about Islam and Muslim culture in general.

I suggest you should take a trip to a Mulslim country and I can guarantee you that you will find all sorts of faiths, colour, race in there, and guess what, those the so called “Muslim people” are very peaceful toward them and see them no different from themselves. Why? Well, because those people didn’t hurt them, or insult their religion.

Please understand that Islam is only a religion who has one billion of followers from all over the world - just as any other spirituality. Your quotes are centuries old and therefore they are irrelevant. Peoples’ thinking and attitude toward lives have changed over time, religious extremists are unwelcome by all societies in the Middle East, they hate them their.

I cannot believe that there are some people in this forum think it’s okay to eradicate Muslim people. You people need to go to a psychiatric hospital to get a treatment because you have a disease which I call misanthrope, it’s a dangerous one, if you failed to treat it as soon as possible you will go psycho in no time. I thought we have past Hitler’s era. Lighten up people.

Do you think people in Iraq will say we love the USA after the US government killed a half million of their won people and caused irreversible rift between their sects (the Sunni and Shia, Christian). I mean seriously think about it, if you were an Iraqi how would you feel if you have lost your mum, brother, sister or your whole family just because USA army drops a missile on them by accident. Wouldn’t you try everything in you power to do something for them huh, think about it.

To eradicate terrorism:
1: you have to solve the Israel and Palestine conflict - it’s a must.
2: Spread education and raise awareness about the benefit of democracy - this must be done through a peaceful initiative and in accordance with each country’s culture.
3: If there are hardcore extremists whom existence causes nothing but trouble, then the US should tactfully persuade their irrespective countries and take them out by a high tech weapon without invading that country. And I am talking here about Muslim, Jewish, Christian extremists.

You have to understand that 99 % of the world and this include Middle Eastern countries wish they could have a good system similar to the one that the Americans have in their own country, where if you work hard you’ll achieve your goals and dreams.
Imagine if American government adhere to the same system when dealing with other countries, wouldn’t the world be a more peaceful place, I bet it would.
Final note:
There should be a system not only in the State but in all democratic countries, in which every politician can only serve for 7 years or less and give a way to new people. This because if politicians remain active for so many years - then nothing will ever change, same ideas and same mentality. Fresh people with fresh ideas are the only way forward to a better country and better world.

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How do we defeat Terrorism?
Posted: 9/11/2008 3:25:50 PM
The conflict between Israel and Palestine and the unconditional support from American government to the Israel at the expense of so many innocent Palestinians is what has been stemming terrorism.
People throughout the Middle East view American’s government as a hypocrite and far from just when it comes to the Israel and Palestine’s issue. This according to a survey taken by Time Magazine.

If you visit Palestine you wouldn’t help it but to feel discomfort toward American government, even if you were an American. Their situation in there is like hell on earth.

So to defeat terrorism the world has to address this conflict fairly and solved it once and for all.

Furthermore, we have to ask the hard question for example why on earth a human being would resort to such an act of terror against another.

I was working in the Middle East when 9/11 happened, and I remember watching the footages with my colleagues whom most of them were Muslim, and boy, did I ever seen sad faces before. They all said “this is wrong”, their compassion and disgust toward what happened filled up the room with a human feeling that I’ll never forget.

So don’t tell me most of Middle Eastern people hate American people,
Or hate Christian people,
Or hate freedom and democracy – because it is absolutely untrue. They only hate the fact that American government has been a major supportive of Israeli’s injustice toward the Palestinian people whom have a large number of Christian people by the way.

Once there is no conflict, those callous fundamentalist individuals will run out of reasons to base their self-served ideology on. Thus, people will discard their ideas in no time.
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Larry Kind dedicated an hour to this topic (Who CARES!)
Posted: 9/10/2008 9:22:32 PM
McCain said the same thing about Hillary Clinton’s health policy. Obama used the lip stick as a metaphor to reject McCain’s policy – So what is the big deal.
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BBC Poll: World wants Obama as president
Posted: 9/10/2008 8:48:59 PM
I understand you prefer a tax cut and who wouldn’t. However, if your country does not restore its credibility internationally, your dollar value will devalues in no time, hence, tax cut will worth nothing. Foreign policy and economy are interlinked - bad foreign policy bad economy, just as what is happening right now in American’s economy.
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BBC Poll: World wants Obama as president
Posted: 9/10/2008 7:41:31 PM
Why millions of people worldwide like what Obama?

First of all, you have to understand this, the majority of younger people worldwide and I am one of them think differently from those older generations whom some of them are still struggling to get over race, colour, religion etc. This is very advent in this form, some elderly here are more concern about race/colour then perhaps anything else - I feel sorry for them because they are stuck in the past. It’s a dilemma for them, because their times have gone by, thus, their points of views are no longer welcomed by younger generation whom are open-minded and intellect. We, younger people worldwide love one another regardless and we determined to change the world by first getting rid of those corrupt/self-served warmongering politicians who have had done nothing to help to achieve better/peaceful world. They’ve done nothing to be praised of except committing wars, destroying our planet and care less about their fellow human beings.

Obama is loved by millions of people is because he speaks the language of younger generation worldwide, whom desperately yearning for someone to genuinely stand up for peace and better live for all humanity. Not for someone who would like to open a new war by bombing that stupid country Iran.
A strong humanitarian side should be the main distinguishing quality of every leader, especially in this age of globalisation when a human being cannot be isolated from one another, and one has to interact with everyone at all times.
Real leadership is not confined to geographical or regional boundaries, but it always seeks to encompass a wider horizon and tries to reach out to humanity in general.
It is always looking for solutions to alleviate the sufferings of human beings by trying to understand their concerns and by offering help, irrespective of their ethnic, national or geographical backgrounds.
A leader who has a humane attribute and respects human values of all peoples, near or far, is worthy of leadership and responsibility, and it does not matter where such a leader is from.
It’s time for American to lead by an example and never elect someone who is mind-set is still influenced by the past.

Countries who hate America wish that McCain gets elected, because they have greatly benefited from Bush’s crazy policy, which would be the same if McCain get elected.

McCain’s view of everything is out of date, in other words, his thinking, strategies etc are inapplicable to the twenty century. For example:

McCain's ideas on hydrocarbons and coal look backwards, and are also based on false suppositions.
Great politicians look to the future, and lead people. Obama's ideas on investing in alternative and sustainable energy do exactly that.

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palestinean politics
Posted: 8/14/2008 4:03:39 PM
Bear, my friend.

I worked in the Middle East for about 5 years, and let me tell you the truth about the majority of the ordinary peoples’ point of views of Israel.

% 90 of the populations in there have no problem with the Jewish people at all. In fact there are large number of Jewish people are living throughout the Middle East happily, for example Arian Jewish, Bahrain Jewish etc. Bahrain has just appointed a Jewish female as its ambassador to the US, so what doe that tell you. My friend, it’s not about Religion or colour or race, you have to understand that the Middle East is one of the most cultural diverse places on the world. Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, white, black brown you name it are living in there side by side for as long as anyone can remember with no problem.

The solution to the conflict is very simple and straightforward than what have been portrayed in the media. The majority of the Plantain people don’t want the Israel people disappear, they’d be happy to accept them as a neighbour, but first they want the Israel to give them back their lands that it has taken from them illegally, and exist within the lands that belong to it. I see thier claim is fair and legitimate, I just can’t see what’s wrong with that.

France's President Nicolas Sarkozy's state visit to Israel on June 22-24 was striking for the candour with which he addressed his hosts. He spoke as an intimate friend - certainly Israel's best friend in Europe - but he did not mince his words when address their parliament
"The time to make peace is now," he told the Israelis. "Tomorrow, it will be too late." Rarely has a foreign leader spelled out so clearly what Israel has to do for peace - and what it has sought at all costs to avoid.
Sarkozy laid particular emphasis on three points, which he hammered in at every opportunity. The first, and most important, was this: "Israel's security will not be truly assured until we see, at last, at its side an independent, modern, democratic and viable Palestinian state."
Two other themes were given equal prominence - and were equally unwelcome to many Israelis. "There can be no peace without an immediate and complete halt to settlements," he declared. The settlers , he said, should be compensated and brought back to Israel. And then - in a statement which was nothing less than sacrilege for Israeli hard-liners - he added: "There can be no peace without recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of two states and the guarantee of free access to the holy places for all religions."
Knesset members greeted his remarks with polite, but hardly enthusiastic, applause.
This was the speech the US President George W. Bush should have made when he attended Israel's 60th birthday celebrations in May; the speech Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama should have made when he addressed Israel's US lobby, American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), in early June; the speech German Chancellor Angela Merkel should have made when she was in Israel in March; the speech Tony Blair should have made when he was Britain's prime minister, but which he shrank from uttering then, and which he has continued to funk and fudge as Quartet representative.
In his reply to Sarkozy, Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was quick to say that "We don't always agree on every issue, on every detail, see things exactly the same way".
Ever since he became prime minister after Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke, Olmert has pressed ahead with Israeli expansion on the West Bank, and has ringed Jerusalem residents with Jewish settlers, cutting it off from its hinterland. He has vowed that the city will remain Israel's undivided capital for all time, brushing aside the Middle East outrage and America's mild objections.
When on her last ineffectual visit to the region this month - the last of 15 such visits in as many months - the US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice dared to say that "continued settlement activity has the potential to harm the peace talks." Danny Dayan, the chairman of the settlers' Yesha council called her remarks "impertinent and shameless".
"Israel," he said, "has been spat in the face and the government treats it as rain drops". Washington chose not to respond to this insult.
It remains to be seen whether Sarkozy will achieve something of substance, or whether his brave words will simply fade away - like all the other international rulings, injunctions and resolutions Israel has resolutely ignored. Sarkozy is an ambitious politician who revels in spectacular coups. If he were to start a process leading to a comprehensive peace in the Middle East he will have won his place in history.
To many observers, Sarkozy is attempting nothing less than to transfer the lead role in Middle East peace-making from the United States to Europe, and more particularly to France
For Israel, the benefits of peace would be enormous. Normal relations with all 22 members of the Arab League; an end to the armed resistance of Hezbollah and Hamas; a new chapter in relations with Iran
There is just a chance - if only a slim one - that Nicolas Sarkozy might be the leader Europe and the Middle East have been waiting for, a leader who, in partnership with a new American president, could rally the world behind a genuine peace effort.

The Majority of the Palestinian people would accept the French’s president solution for the sake of achieving peace. However, the million dollars question is why can’t the Israeli government takes Sarkozy’s peace plan seriously if it really interested in peace!
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palestinean politics
Posted: 8/13/2008 5:11:46 PM
Palestinian politicians are very incompetent when it comes to show and tell the world what their people have been through, and the suffering they go through in every single day.

The media have been cruelly unfair to the Palestinian people, they only show them when they are in some sort of angry mood, but never fully explain why these people are angry or why would they resort to such an action. On the other hand, the media more likely to show positive footages when it comes to the Israeli people, for example, when they are mourning their losses, or when a Palestinian person attack a Jewish person etc. They hardly show the ugly side of the fact the Israel have been illegally occupied the Palestinian lands and expanding their settlements at the expense of Palestinian farmers and civilians. Or when they decide to do punish a Palestinian person, they not only punish that person but the whole family, by destroying their home and their livelihood.

The danger of the misinformation and distortions of news stories by the media is very serious one indeed. People who are not knowledgeable about the causes of the conflict between the Palestinian and the Israeli, would think these angry people (Palestinian) who holding guns shooting in the air and shouting etc are only hooligans, savages and violent people. When in fact these people are mainly just venting their frustrations against the terrible injustice that the Israeli’s government has been committing against them. So, when the people who watch the footages of these people and don’t understand that why they are doing what they are doing, they are more likely to conclude that the Palestinians people are the bad guys and the Israelis are the good guys, and that’s morally unfair. Media have to be impartial, tell the story as it is, tell people why such things have had happened, what’s the truth behind such things etc – that’s the true ethic code of journalism, be impartial even if it’s against my own brother when reporting a story.

Now, you have to ask a questions why some of these media are deliberately misreporting the news stories that come from that part of the world. For a simple answer you could ask this first, who owns that Medium, and that’s will give the first clue to why these media intentionally choose to distort their news stories.

There yet to be a Palestinian politician hero, who would inspire his/her people to peacefully protest until the world takes a great notice of their misery.

Palestinian people they thought they had to change their government after the death of Yasser Arafat, so they elected Hamas government but because the Hamas’s strategy against Israel has been “aggression must be encounter with aggression”. They therefore got no support from the US and some other countries that have been unequivocally supporting Israel regardless. So they undermined the Hamas’s strength by cutting any fund to them in order to make the Palestinian people see them as not good enough to lead, but on the other hand, supporting the other party who are unelected and negotiate with them, and as a result, you have an internal conflict between the two parties.

Absolutely, it is the Palestinian politicians’ fault of not taking responsibility of the failure and their obligation toward their won people, it’s their fault of not organizing themselves and peacefully voices their injustice to the world to hear.

Palestinian people have to understand that, aggression is not the way to achieve a good outcome in the twenty first century. Palestinians need to take a peaceful arm resistance, no gun no bloodshed – just like what Gandhi did.

The world needs to true justice in order for peace to be seen the only option by human kinds. Believe me, human understand the meaning of justice regardless of their colour, gender, race, religion etc, and once they got it they more likely to abide by it, but if they didn’t get justice, then you can guess the outcome of their feelings.

In conclusion, yes Palestinian politicians have terribly failed their people’s expectations and so the world.

I wish I was in a different planet where its human species are incapable of using violence against each other.

Love and peace to you all.
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Russia invades Georgia
Posted: 8/12/2008 1:27:44 AM
Russian has had warned Georgia beforehand that if they attack Ossetia it’d be a suicide for them. So Georgia’s president is the one who to blame for this mess. The question is this, why on earth Georgia did bombed unarmed city (Ossetia) when they knew Russian will react to such an action.

“The US has set the tone for the global stage with it's unprovoked invasion of Iraq. It's a little late to be calling for peace after you've created millions of dead and refugees and continue to do so on a daily basis.
This is what it means to lose your moral authority in the world.
What happens if the Russians start to torture Georgians? Does the US have the moral authority to condemn torture after the President has issued a signing document preserving his right to torture?”

ErikSFBay, I absolutely agreed with you.

If we assumed that the main reason for US to invade Iraq was to help its people which I know it’s not true, then why can’t the US help the Zambian people or other counties who have been suffering from tyrant regimes, or at least donate half of the money that it spend on its military in order to spare the lives of the millions of children who die every year around the world from hunger, disease etc, since we are talking about morality here.

The reason that the US invaded Iraq was a strategic attack to guarantee it oil’s supply, as well as to make sure that the dollar remains the only valid currency to be used in oil-trade. Saddam had ruled Iraq for many decades, when he used the chemical weapon on his people was about 15 years or more ago. If the US really cares about the Iraqi people why it didn’t does anything at the time huh. Not to mention, they had good relationship with him after that incident. So where is US Morality at that time?

Israel has been inhumanly treating the Palestinians people for so many years, illegitimately confiscating their farms and houses leaving them homeless. They are in prison, can’t travel nor send their sons or daughters to pursue their education overseas unless they have permission from Israel government. And despite the fact that the US knew about it very well, they has had not said or done anything about it, but instead they publicly committed its support to the Israeli times and times again regardless of the misery of the Palestinian people.
So it’s a double standard when the US criticises Russian’s action, because the US have no moral background to tells others countries what’s right from wrong.

I highly believe that, humans will one day destroy themselves by only themselves, sooner or later. I thought what differentiate humans from animals is that, humans are genetically prone to care about one another and animals prone kill one another to survive another day. However, according to what I’ve been seen through my lifetime tells me the opposite.

Peace/ Love
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American’s smartest man
Posted: 7/23/2008 2:28:33 PM
American’s smartest man

Here is George Bush’s explanation for the housing market meltdown.

"There's no question about it. Wall Street got drunk," Bush said at a private event in Houston on Friday. "It got drunk and now it's got a hangover. The question is, how long will it sober up and not try to do all these fancy financial instruments?"

Of my God, did this guy even finish middle school. I cannot believe this guy has been leading the United State for 8 years. I am sick and tired of those stupid dumb asses the so called politicians who have no clue on how economy or how the world works. But how do they get in a such position is perplex me. I guess who said money could buy you anything is probably true when it comes to the so called politicians.
Come American, you can do better.

I also don’t understand why every American presidents or presidential candidates have to pledge the allegiance to Israel? It seems that if they failed to do so, then their candidacy will eventually become obsolete. Don’t get it, does American works for Israel or , someone enlighten me please.

I also don’t understand why politicians can’t be hold accountable for their mistakes, just as anyone else.

Here is a link to watch Bush’s comment.

Peace/ love
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Meditarranean Union - A giant leap for mankind
Posted: 7/15/2008 4:38:03 AM
French is the new emerging power along side India and China thanks to the cowboy Bush who not only caused the death of so many innocent people but also the death of his country’s economy.
The world needs an honest broker to achieve peace.
The French is highly capable of achieving peace between Israel and Palestine.
French’s president has blatantly told the Israel to get out of the lands that isn’t their, if they want to have peace and security. In his speech to Israel’s parliament he also suggests that Jerusalem must be the capital of two states and must be open to all religions – that’s sound practical.

Here is some of Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech during his visit to Israel.

The Palestinians, he said, "have the right to a viable state of their own." He added that such a state would "ensure Israel's security."

"We must tell friends the truth, and the truth is that Israel's security can never be assured unless an independent, modern, democratic and viable Palestinian state is established finally beside it," he said.

"There can be no peace without recognising Jerusalem as the capital of two states and the guarantee of freedom of access to the holy places for all religions," he said

He also called on Israel to stop the construction in East Jerusalem and the West Bank settlements, and said that there would be "no peace without a solution to the problem of the Palestinian refugees," a key sticking point in negotiations between the two sides.

He further urged Israel to "encourage settlers to leave the West Bank in exchange for compensation and relocation in Israel,".

"There will be no peace if the Palestinians cannot move about freely." he said
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Iran and Israel
Posted: 7/10/2008 12:05:45 AM
“Israel unless you are in fact Jewish by birth or Jewish by residency”
Wow, I didn’t know that – here is another wow for you, Christian Palestine who had fled their homes because of the conflict have no right to go back or even to visit their families.
That’s to the contrary of Iran where a large number of Jewish people live there freely.
In fact few weeks ago an Arab country called Bahrain has just appointed a Jewish female as its ambassador to the United Stated. So the whole Arab Jewish hate think is just Baloney.

I think it’s unfair that Israel has been dragging the US into its never ending problems, sucking American’s money which has caused Americans tax payers great set back. Not mention, the unconditional support from American government to Israel against the plight of the Palestinian has tarnished American’ image of democracy and fairness worldwide. Moreover, it has given those who’d give anything to see US economy falls apart something to talk about. Look at the oil price etc, it’s because what’s going on in that stupid region.

But what is more interesting is that, some well-known academics whom conducted researches on the cause of terrorism, have pointed out that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is the major creation of terrorism.

What I don’t understand is this:
Why can’t Israel live within its borders and give back the territories that isn’t their – that would accomplish a total peace in the region.

I find it laughable when Israel asks Palestinian people to stop attacking them. How do you expect them to do so when their lands are being occupied, unable travel or to live normal, dignify life. It is a human nature to react negatively when feeling violated.

The French president Nicolas Sarkozy hits Israel where it hurts when he addressed their parliament during his visit to Israel.
He spoke as an intimate friend - certainly Israel's best friend in Europe - but he did not mince his words.
The time to make peace is now," he told the Israelis. "Tomorrow, it will be too late." Rarely has a foreign leader spelled out so clearly what Israel has to do for peace. Sarkozy laid particular emphasis on three points, which he hammered in at every opportunity. The first, and most important, was this: "Israel's security will not be truly assured until we see, at last, at its side an independent, modern, democratic and viable Palestinian state."
Two other themes were given equal prominence - and were equally unwelcome to many Israelis. "There can be no peace without an immediate and complete halt to settlements," he declared. The settlers, he said, should be compensated and brought back to Israel. "There can be no peace without recognition of the occupied Jerusalem as the capital of two states and the guarantee of free access to the holy places for all religions."

His speech didn’t go well with the Israeli hard-liners. Nor Condoleezza Rice’s remark when she dared to say that "continued settlement activity has the potential to harm the peace talks.
The chairman of the settlement council called her remarks "impertinent and shameless". "Israel," he said, "has been spat in the face and the government treats it as rain drops".

US should stand up for what’s morally right, if it wants to remain the greatest country in the world.

Padawan, I fully agree with what you said

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US has been seen Mandela as a terrorist
Posted: 7/7/2008 4:58:28 AM
Here are some facts:

Just yesterday US army killed more than 28 civilians in Afghanistan as they were attending a wedding ceremony. Now, should we label the people who killed them as a terrorist, or a freedom fighter – where do you draw the line?

Bush has caused the death of more than 4000 US soldiers, and hundred of thousands of Iraqis, leaving so many children with no fathers/moms, so wives with no husbands, and so many fathers/mothers without their loved one. Imagine if you were one of those people whom lost loved one, how would you feel?
There is a new documentary out by the BBC about how some unscrupulous people who are close to Bush have made large amount of money out of the war in Iraq at the expense of so many innocent soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

Now, how would you label Bush?

My point is this:

Justice and fair treatment are the inalienable right to any human being, and thus, it’s unethical to demean/hate others just because their beliefs, colour, attitudes etc don’t correlate with one’s own belief etc.
Do this for an experiment, treat a stranger with a kindness and then notice his/her reaction – be the judge of the outcome.

I am not saying all African governments are just or good leaders, I happened to think that the majority of them are corrupt, self-centred and give it damn about the human right or even their own people’s development. But Mandela is a different leader, and it’s a tragic that African leaders haven’t yet learned from his leadership or principle.

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US has been seen Mandela as a terrorist
Posted: 7/2/2008 11:44:06 PM
Mandela classified by the Apartheid regime as a terrorist just because he refused injustice. During the Apartheid regime, interracial marriage for example became illegal, different areas of South Africa were set aside for people of different races to live, and by 1953, it was illegal for different races to share facilities like drinking fountains and restrooms etc.
The horror of Sharpeville massacre in 1960 (when South Africa police began shooting on a crowd of black protesters), hardened Mandela’s resolve to freedom and equality. He thereafter, initiated a non-violent resistance campaign against the discriminatory policies of the South African Apartheid government.
Mandela started working peacefully against apartheid, but he was arrested for the first time in 1956, accused of treason along with 150 others. All were eventually set free, but the arrest had an effect. By the 1960s, influenced by his time in prison and other events like the Sharpeville Massacre, Mandela's peaceful ideas changed. He led a resistance that used techniques such as to sabotage government property to fight against apartheid. It was for these acts that he was arrested and imprisoned in 1962. Mandela was to spend a total of twenty-seven years in captivity, most of them in the notorious prison on Robben Island
Since his release in February 1990, Nelson Mandela has emerged as the world's most significant moral leader since Mahatma Gandhi. He had the chance to punish those people who done him great injustice, but he chosen to do the opposite to them. The world is in desperate in need for more of Nelson Mandela to fight for human rights, peace and equality.

Leave you with one of his profound quotations:
“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite”. Mandela

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US has been seen Mandela as a terrorist
Posted: 7/2/2008 1:07:28 AM
YouTube link
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US has been seen Mandela as a terrorist
Posted: 7/2/2008 12:47:46 AM
US has been seen Mandela as a terrorist

The United state has just removed Nelson Mandela from its terrorist list, and only now is he allowed to enter the United State.

It’s beyond comprehension to think that the great Nelson Mandela who truly personifies freedom, compassion, peace, and loved by billions of people around the world has been regarded as a threat to US national security because of his long opposition to the apartheid.

Google for more depth reading, or check this link for a quick reading.

I just cannot digest that

You thoughts please
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Why would you date a guy like this?
Posted: 6/20/2008 6:09:15 AM
Moonchild if that’s your name
She likes the guy full stop, you need to grow up and learn to live and let others live too.
Wish them luck and leave them alone.
Stop be judgemental of others, he could be a loser in your eyes but a hero in her eyes. Wake uppppppp
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Habeas corpus 3 Bush Administration - 0
Posted: 6/16/2008 11:49:00 PM
This might be off-topic but what the heck

Contemplate this story:

Forgiveness, tolerance, fairness, freedom have not only been my important values, but what others considered me to be.
One day someone decided to smash up my car just because he/she hated or disliked something that I did do or said. Does it mean I have to let go of my values?
My answer is absolutely no. I’ll address what had happened firmly, but I’ll never let insecurity destroy my fundamental values.

I am not an American, but I love and admire American’s values (American dream, tolerance, fairness, freedom) because in my opinion as in other peoples’ opinion I’m sure it’s probably the best values in the world.
So let’s not allowed a moment of insecurity abolished great values that were established by noble courageous people.

Here is what I’ll say to McCain, imagine if Vietnam had these values within their system when you were in their prison – I am certain the outcome would have been different.
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Ladies if a guy doesn't try to get into your pants
Posted: 6/16/2008 2:17:07 AM
NYinNm, you really made laugh

It absolutely true, the truth need to be told. I’ve done it and my friends are doing it too. It’s easier that way; you wouldn’t want to put pressure on the girl especially in the get to know her phase.
Most guys would do it too if they get a choice – it’s a genetic thing.

Women too, someone women would date two guys at the same time and eventually go for the one who they would think is suitable for them. Probably sex wouldn’t be first in their list, however it’s paramount nonetheless.
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Why do you have to be loyal to one party?
Posted: 6/14/2008 5:10:46 PM
“When I travel, I want to see the country (as much as possible) through THEIR eyes. I want to try and understand the people, the culture, and the history. By doing that I can get a chance to see how the other half lives and thinks - and why.”

Wow nicely put, this is absolutely true.
Humans are genetically sympathetic toward one another (when you see someone in pain, your first instinct would be to help regardless of his/her gender, race religion etc)

I agree with you, cultures, beliefs etc usually influence how we see/judge things. However, anyone who is willing to:
Try to find the truth in different traditions and beliefs. Willing to accept whatever differences with warm heart, would be welcome by any normal human being anywhere he/she goes.

I believe education and wise knowledge is vital to increase tolerance and understanding throughout the world (and that’s why it’s very important to educate the uneducated). Look at what the Internet has done, our generation worldwide have so much in common than anytime before.
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Why do you have to be loyal to one party?
Posted: 6/14/2008 3:57:31 PM
Election means you vote for a person that you’d think would does excellent job? Isn't it.

In reply to a previous post who said he,
“You’d prefer to see American money be spent on war rather than on humanitarian help”

What differentiate human from any other species is the fact that we are gifted with well-rounded brain. This means, our species have the upper hand to pretty much roll the earth except when nature says no. However, we are here for a short-lived period of time, and if we don’t try our best by doing something that will advance and help our species toward better life, then we have to pause for a moment and ask ourselves what’s wrong.
We have to aim for a bright future for our species and other species of course, if we want preserve the human race. To be more convinced, you should do a thorough study about the human race, or simply trace your DNA, you’d be surprised to find that we all go back to the African continent. Thanks to good scientists (not the one who revel in the death of another human being) who endeavour to put knowledge into good use for the advancement of our species.

My friend to understand we all one human, you need to travel and spend time with your fellow human.
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Fellow human, please have your say on this
Posted: 6/13/2008 9:19:18 PM
In reply to Msg: 6

I lived and worked in few Middle Eastern countries, and never met anyone who wants the destruction of Israel. The unanimous views that I’ve gathered are:
They have no problem with the Jewish people, and love to see a lasting peace between the two countries, because they strongly believe it’d quash radicalism and hatred throughout the world.
They would be more than happy to accept the existence of Israel as a state within its border if they pull out of Palestine’s territories and respect them as human beings.

Leaders like the Iranian one are nothing but bluster, ordinary people throughout the Middle East don’t share their opinion
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Where are we going?
Posted: 6/13/2008 3:05:30 AM
“So where are we going as a species. Do we have an ultimate objective? Will 'nothing ever happen'?”

Wow what a profound question. Here is my take on it

I think our species have become money-orientated/religious, as result:
Our species more likely to see religions as credible source, and that’s not good at all if we want to know the unknown and discover the undiscovered. Religions have fixed opinions, prediction etc, and no one would dare to challenge one of those opinions.

To be a better species we should do few things:
First, eliminate poverty and then make sure the people who have been living in poverty are well armed with the right education and knowledge, because two hands are always better than one.
Second, try to instil the fact that one generation cannot live forever, so there is no need to be obsessed with money etc.
Third, settle to nothing but the truth, and never afraid to ask how, why, what and where – because these four W will help us to go beyond what we know.

Our species are genetically sympathetic toward one another, but unfortunately as we grow cultures, beliefs etc impact how we see/judge things. From my experience I found that educated/intelligent people are more open-minded, see their religion as a matter of identity and therefore shouldn’t dictate how they do things, unlike people with limited education/knowledge. So education and open-minded attitude are what our species need to know the unknown and discover the undiscovered.

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Virgin at 26?
Posted: 6/13/2008 1:02:17 AM
From a guy point of few, here is the truth
I’ve been with virgin and non virgin, experience and non experience girls. And I’ve got to say, there is nothing more a turn-on /sexy then sleeping with a virgin, it has some sort of uncanny feeling to it.
I’ve got to be honest here, if the guy really and I mean really like you, then he wouldn’t’ give damn about whether you are virgin or inexperience. Besides, most guys find it more mannish to teach a girl about sex.

So, don’t be afraid to tell the one when meet him about your situation, and promise you, if he really likes you then he’d be full of joy that you’re still a virgin.

Some guys are only looking for a short pleasure or one nightstand and therefore prefer girl with more experience, this because they don’t want to waste their time teaching a girl about how to do sex since they knew deep inside they not gonna be with her for the long term. Got that love. Good look
Go out there and just be yourself dear.
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Obama's Fight The Smears website
Posted: 6/13/2008 12:24:13 AM
“As I said, at least get your facts straight, if you are going to claim things. There's no reason today to not back up your claims with something provable and factual - and in proper context”

I totally agree with that, before anyone makes a statement or claim he/she ought to be one hundred percent sure about truthfulness of his/her claim or statement, because it is just fair to the other party. We are in the 21st century for goodness sake – so let’s judge others according to their merit, and educate ourselves about the fact that we all human, our DNA is 99% similar.

Am not American so I don’t really care who will gets in the office, however hope who gets in it will do most excellent not only to the citizen of America but to all human kind. Not only America who’s in desperate need for a good, intelligent and honest leader, but the whole world is in need too for a good leader who is not afraid to stand up for what is just and unjust.

Montreal Guy, you rock my friend.
I’ve been following most of your comments and posts, so the truth need be told.
Every time I read your comments/posts I sense high intelligence and fairness tone in every one of them. If you’d publish a book tomorrow I’d be the first one to read it. Keep it up my friend, the world need more people like you.
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Fellow human, please have your say on this
Posted: 6/11/2008 1:53:36 AM
My friends, before I start my question I’d like you to picture yourself in this situation.

I bought a house next to your house and a bit by bit I start encroaching on your house’s backyard claiming that it’s my right to grow some trees in it. Eventually, I occupied it with the help of my powerful friends and money.
And to make sure that no one would sympathize with your situation, I used my influence to manipulate neighbours’ opinion to see you as nothing but a troublemaker and antisocial.
Since all neighbours are in agreement with everything I say and do, I therefore thought why not to put restrictions on how you go about your life, until you cave in and give me your backyard.

Now, if you were in this scenario, what on earth would you do to me? Smile at me or kick my ass. I’d say the answer would be the latter, because it’s a human nature to develop resentment toward injustice, and positive response toward true justice.

My friends, the scenario above is similar to the conflict between Palestine and Israel. I knew it because I’ve done extensive research on that, and you can too by reading impartial history books.
Please don’t rely on Media especially TV and newspapers, because they owned by powerful individuals who have vested interest and therefore influence and dictate how news stories should be broadcasted to the public. You could have a quick read at

I once watched a documentary about the holocaust and couldn’t help it but to shed tears and felt terrible for what had happened to the Jewish during that time – what injustice/inhumane.
Fast forward to the 21 century, and here we are the same thing is happening to the Palestine people, and from who, from the people (Jewish) who experienced and tasted the meaning of injustice – isn’t that ironic.

The problem between the two countries (Israel and Palestine) is very simple and straight forward, unlike what the media always have been reported. The problem is about lands, it isn’t about religion. Jewish, Christians, Buddhist and Muslim etc are living together peacefully throughout the Middle East so we speak without no problem at all.

I respect religions but I admire science, because science throughout history have had helped humanity to live better, intelligent and advanced life unlike religions.

My friends, my question is this:

Since the majority of Westerns citizens value justice and freedom, why their governments can’t stand up or intervene (this can be peacefully or forcefully) in order to put pressure on the Palestine to respect Israel’s right to the lands that they have bough, and pressure on the Israeli to return the territories that they have been occupying in order to achieve ever lasting peace between the two countries?

Finally, I’d like to leave you with one my favourite quote:
“I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing
therefore that I can do, or any kindness I can show to any fellow creature, let me do it now; let me not defer or neglect it for I shall not pass this way again.”

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