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 Author Thread: What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
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What kind of response rates are other guys seeing here?
Posted: 1/11/2018 7:03:43 PM
To put it bluntly, most of the woman here or a high percentage are users ON men...!! While they profess to NOT be used, they muddle that attitude because they are setting you up to be used by them....Really...! Most date the revolving door of men for free meals, free booze and a host of things.. I've only had a couple not looking for something to use since they dumped their men or husbands for another man they can control or do what they wanta with. Just remember, you are there for their pickings. I really think POF is for woman since men are used there. I have been with quite a number on POF and have learned from experience these facts...

There are also woman whom are "Has Beens", "Defunct" or some other reason they don't fit into society anymore and actually dumped by their husbands, so they trove POF for the unsuspecting victim of there terrible life and someone whom will pay for it to be fixed.... Woman are also looking for your money, not some of course whom are all set, but most. Sorry but it is primarily a hookup site, but you have to play the female game and by the time you play, you really realize you don't want most ALL of them, period.

And if you don't care about most things, play games on woman first before they snag you into their games, then you can hook up a bunch of times.. Some of them also just are not too intelligent, sorry to say...
Best of Luck..
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