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 Author Thread: Why do guys always do this to me? Does anyone else have this problem?...
Joined: 3/27/2008
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Why do guys always do this to me? Does anyone else have this problem?...
Posted: 7/13/2008 12:50:48 PM
Don't be too crazy about your feeling like me I have experienced how you feel but just think you're not the only one in his life maybe he had met a few or more and doing things the same as what he had done to you to make believe he cares but the truth is just playing games ...that's the way it is strong and think that he's not the only one you can still find better than him show that guy ..he's nothing to you what he did was to play you off thinking you really care much so he 's very proud of himself that you're crazy about him so really the best thing is to MOVE ON 'coz that's better for you and be sure to be careful not to get touched whatever you feel with those nonsense words to fool your feelings .... be careful ok?
Joined: 3/27/2008
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How can men stop having feelings so quickly?
Posted: 5/30/2008 9:10:53 AM

That's what i noticed from men they seem to be nice and show they're really true to what they're writing ..very touching words that made you believe in the end they stop so quick and i wonder again asking myself have i said anything to make them stop but i made myself patient just to wait anytime they feel like texting you or have a chat anyway i do feel this kind of relationship is UNBELIEVABLE sometimes it drive me crazy but now i am used to ...maybe men are really like that they're not contented of hurting ones feeling or they can't be sure who they're going to choose vice-versa also women but me ...i think i do stick to one when I can find someone who's loving and caring .....and would love me for what i am ...hard to find these kind of men but i can wait whenever.....I am just careful choosing coz i don't like to be hurt .....but i have to learn how men are.. accept the fact they're really don't feel how we feel...if they do they won't hurt our feelings I hope there are also kindhearted men out there
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