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 Author Thread: Why do women date mutiple guys at once?
Joined: 4/20/2008
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Why do women date mutiple guys at once?
Posted: 5/4/2008 9:23:31 PM
Has anyone really read the name of this web site? I will split it up so it is easy to read, Plenty of fish . Just for clarification that means if you don't like something about someone and it means enough to you, then move on. Thus the name. It is not something new that we ALL date more then one person at a time. Read carefully now as I said DATE not sleep with, have sex with, Sc*%w. What ever you want to call it. So get over it man and women alike. Dinner with someone tonight and lunch with another tomorrow A movie with someone else on Friday is not being a whore, it is not cheating. It is called playing the field. Do you not drive more then one car before you decide? Do you not look at more the one horse if you are buying a horse. Do you normally buy the first house you look at? How many more do I need to list. Now having said all that if you both agree that it will be a monogamous relationship then that is different. Then it is cheating as you have made a promise and now you are breaking it. But again all you need to do and should do is break up and move on. If you have the promise and it gets broke Trust me it will only happen over and over again. GET out. PLENTY OF FISH. Fine the one that wants you for you and doesn't care to look for a better model. Just in case there is someone out there that is naive enough to think no one is better the they are then all I can say is Dream on. There is always someone that is better looking. Maybe a little more charming, but if that is all it takes to make someone cheat then I say good ridden and I will move on. The grass is always greener until you step on it. Then it turns the same color as it was where you came from. SO until you make that promise I WANT you to date others as well as me. Sleep with them and I am gone. Simple as that. But you will not realize what a great person I am until you have been with the others. If you think you like someone else better then that is ok too. I know I am not the mister right for everyone. So I will continue to enjoy life and take what comes until I do fine my Ms. Right who thinks I (just me the way I am) is her Mr. right. How can it be any different Good luck to all! Remember, If it is meant to be it will be.
Joined: 4/20/2008
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Is dating during separation cheating?
Posted: 5/2/2008 3:06:41 PM
My first question would have to be "What in the world could he be thinking?" You are a very beautiful women. I understand getting a divorce because you don't get along. If you grow apart emotionally or you just can't get along that is one thing. Then it doesn't matter how wonderful the person looks. More to life then just looks and there are a lot of pretty women. But when you cheat on someone that is saying I don't want to leave you I just want someone different as well. So it is obvious from looking at your picture he probably didn't find anyone prettier so I would have to ask him what it was he thought was missing. Might not help but at least you would know. To finally give my opinion on the cheating during separation question, It sounds like he was already cheating before the separation so in this case it is kind of a mute point. Like many have said if you separate with no intention of getting back together then I believe it would not be cheating although there is no question that in the eyes of the Lord it is!
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