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 Author Thread: What do you think of a guy who is in a relationship and is still active on a dating site?
Joined: 5/11/2008
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What do you think of a guy who is in a relationship and is still active on a dating site?
Posted: 6/3/2008 3:42:53 PM
Had this happen to me at this site.
Began dating this woman. A few weeks later she wants to be exclusive. And I agree.
She says she is going to take down her profile. In the mean time I remove my pics and delete all the text in mine basically leaving it blank. A few days pass and her profile is still up. Basically I am waiting for her to remove hers and I would follow suit.
Finally a week later and her profile is "gone".

A couple of weeks pass and decide to login and to delete my other wise blank profile only to find hers in my list of people that had "favorited" me.
But why couldnt I find her profile with a criteria search or user name search?
Because she had set her profile to "private". Thus hiding her profile from search.
The only way I found was because she had saved me as a "favorite" thus linking our profiles.
And I also could see she had been active recently.

Later that night I asked her if she had deleted her profile . She denied still having an active profile. When I told her otherwise, she claimed she thought she deleted it. Yeah right.
Then her story changed to she kept her profile to make sure that i deleted mine.

She is still on this site under the same user name. Just beware out there people.
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