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 Author Thread: should age differance be a deal breaker in a relationship
Joined: 6/15/2008
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should age differance be a deal breaker in a relationship
Posted: 10/12/2008 7:02:02 PM
Generally speaking, I AM looking for someone closer to my own age, although there are many out there within my range specified that I am NOT attracted to nor would I e-mail them after having viewed and read their profile. That is NOT to discount the potential & possibilities out there of someone considerably older than me, but I have to be honest & admit I am not ACTIVELY searching for someone ~10 yrs. older than me, (which seems to be a bone of contention with a few of those who have written to me that I have replied to.) To put it into perspective, I am sure most of you men in your 50's are NOT searching for someone in her 60's as a potential mate. A fellow e-mailed me awhile ago, & didn't seem to like my candor....I was 44 at the time, he was 55 & stated most people thought he was in his early 30's. I saw his picture....he looked every bit in his 50's! I went back to his profile & noticed that his age preference for a mate was 13yrs younger or up to only 2 yrs older than he was. He was not happy, nor did he have a good answer when (to prove a point), I referred to his age range criteria and candidly asked if he were seeking a 65 yr old woman. He replied that age was only a number, and just a which I replied: "Yes, it is a criteria, & we all have our criteria"....some just easily take offense at other's criteria, & assume that that criteria must be carved in stone because it is in a profile. (Mine is NOT carved in stone). BUT.... If I am willing to compromise on some things, there will likely be something spectacular (in my opinion)within that person to make me flex a little in my criteria range. The gentleman, when all was said and done, stated he could see my point.
Yes, age CAN be only a number. When I was 33 I met a man who was 35 & acted & looked like he was well into his 50's. Near that same time I met a man who was 46 & did not look or act a day over 35. I just feel that those who tend to be honest (like me) in what they are seeking tend to be "chastised" for it.
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