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 Author Thread: I don't care what you write......
Joined: 6/15/2008
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I don't care what you write......
Posted: 6/10/2016 7:14:12 PM
Win or loose
Is there no middle ground to be found
Time is the one thing without an expiration date
Yet time is a relationships true enemy
Remember when
We usta
And you usta
Back when we still had our zen
Time takes a toll on the clock
To much time to figure out things we don't like
To much time to remember things we did like
When right it doesn't become a fight
And the clock has no value
So be bold and tell the hands
To fck off
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Random thoughts at play......
Posted: 6/5/2016 7:00:04 PM
Giving is way over rated
Especially when your emotionly frustrated
Biatch wore slap through my skin
Something I said would never happen again
My heart once again vacated
As the hammer hits the firing pin
The pain sets in


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Pick a line, any line, from the poem above (props to W)
Posted: 4/1/2015 6:40:08 PM
An old write but soon as i seen that line Lightbulbs....Perfect (hope this is allowed...)

Stuck in a world of feral virtual reality

awkwardly i peer into the glass
if not for the reflective stuff on the back
I wouldnt be able to see the flaws
of this imperfect skin that I wear
lines and imperfections not so gracefully
written by time and life
no it isnt poetry
more like raptured screams of angry
but somewhere between me and that reflection
is the answers, lost hope, and dreams, staring back at me
grabbing at straws anxiously
and they all seem to be the short ones
hardly able to imagine it easy
hardly able to imagine
hardly able
caught in this concrete jungle
where life splinters and reality sticks you
a place where reality holds my dreams hostage
and you know our policy on terrorist
nonnegotiable is where the pain sets in
and I begin to painfully pull each one out and disinfect the area
just to make sure it doesnt get infected again
so if you come across the shards of me
in a disorganized jumble
left lying , dying on the concrete
with a blood trail leading to nowhere
remember they once belonged and had meaning
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Just chillin
Posted: 4/1/2015 4:27:45 PM
if i fell off the curb and hit the sky
would this mean your leaving
was right
why is it a goodbye if it hurts
ill say ok but it wont be
as i pray for a brake light
goodbye only leaves me
to this i will never agree
so ill just turn a blind eye
and say
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Pick a line, any line, from the poem above (props to W)
Posted: 4/1/2015 4:08:15 PM
heard his best attribute was not listening
as i listened to her screams
yea i cant believe that
yea he is stupid
he did what?

if you do not hear
i promise that her dreams
will glisten
in another's ear
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Just chillin
Posted: 3/31/2015 6:16:30 PM
Where is all tha ole timerz at?

My Brizo
My Rose
My Silver
My Ham
My Ash

To all hope yall are doing well.....
Joined: 6/15/2008
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reflection of past year into the future...
Posted: 3/31/2015 5:59:54 PM
To 1022......BTW sup darlin..long time no read......As always i enjoyed the writes here..

Pffffttttt to going back
where you are is where you should be
times remembered
to wish anew
will only erase what you knew
reveal in where you are
and scream to the past
kiss my ass
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Just chillin
Posted: 3/31/2015 5:46:36 PM
I want to consume you whole
as we undress our souls
no dont turn out the light
I want to see your delight
as I wonder aimlessly around your body
and treat the queen to her king
humbly serving your every carnal desire
as we touch on our animal side
our minds will be our only limitation
for you I am willing to get lost in your skin
livinin in another night of sin
as we take it to a new euphoric high
whisper your fantasy
as you nibble on my ear
tell me the one you wish us to share
and I will trace it out with my tongue
the air filling with our glazed glares
the chills leading us to temptation
a place seldom seen
and that nice kinda mean
an unspoken guarantee
filled with ecstasy
whisper your fantasy
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 2/5/2009 1:20:01 PM
I eat from the belly of the beast
lost to society and the common mystic
I can recollect on who i used to be only to be lost in who i am
I find solace in living and striving to overcome
the fear yall have so inflicted upon me
the world isnt as told in in books and fairy tales
more like a living hell day to day a strugle
to keep me and my family fed
white picket fence
yea where
I got a gravel drive that leads to trailer full of love
but that dont make it any easier to eat
jobs so scarce lucky to be in the minority
but now i only get 32 so i was getting more
to be a couch whore
I will survive and i can run a trout line but really
has it come to this a time in the 21st that i should
have to hunt and fish and not for fun or the sport
but to help put on the table some meat
we all beg for some change and a breath
of something new not the same old white man politics
somebodys got give us a chance the workin class
we aint scared nor do we like to be on our arse
but u tell me 32 for a corprete whore
or make more and sit and watch TV
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 12/11/2008 3:09:57 PM
ow thanks for the write....

here i sit with a mind full of shyt
and a handful of bad ideas
I mean I can see the dots
its just drawing a straight line
between each aint easy
no way when I look back
is this gona be a pretty picture
lines bent by reality
twisted and skewed by what is
so when I get done drawing
and filling in on this piece of life
and you look upon my masterpiece
just know its real
and each was drawn inside the constraints of me
yea I know not to pretty
but it is what it is
extra credit for completion please!
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 12/6/2008 8:48:07 PM
hey....I just been busy as hell lately and havent had a chance to vent but its building and coming...I just wanted to say I appreciate and enjoyed the writes left here...So Grad,Rose, and Ash(always)...Thank you
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 11/24/2008 4:10:19 PM
TY for the post....

awkwardly i peer into the glass
if not for the reflective stuff on the back
I wouldnt be able to see the flaws
of this imperfect skin that I wear
lines and imperfections not so gracefully
written by time and life
no it isnt poetry
more like raptured screams of angry
but somewhere between me and that reflection
is the answers, lost hope, and dreams, staring back at me
grabbing at straws anxiously
and they all seem to be the short ones
hardly able to imagine it easy
hardly able to imagine
hardly able
caught in this concrete jungle
where life splinters and reality sticks you
a place where reality holds my dreams hostage
and you know our policy on terrorist
nonnegotiable is where the pain sets in
and I begin to painfully pull each one out and disinfect the area
just to make sure it doesnt get infected again
so if you come across the shards of me
in a disorganized jumble
left lying , dying on the concrete
with a blood trail leading to nowhere
remember they once belonged and had meaning

Joined: 6/15/2008
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Paren-Tales of a Jujubee
Posted: 11/21/2008 12:12:34 PM
Juju I hope all is well there....

as a round ball bouncing around in these walls
built and maintained by society
i try to break free my only hope
is that it can happen before i loose my will
as i unfurl and lay completely flat and still
looking at the celling wanting only to be understood
misunderstanding is like my hand on a handball court
back and fourth
back and fourth we go
its what propels me to more misunderstanding and frustration
and people wonder why i cant slow down
and break it down
as i speedily roll around
why cant you speed up to keep up
why cant you see that i got things to do
and if you cant keep up then your in my way
but maybe one day
I will be able to take just enough off
maybe society will gain a step
so maybe just maybe we could run together
or at the least
they could put in a door that way
i could go out and play
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 11/17/2008 4:48:26 PM

ok its time
Im gona call you out
hear me out
all expletives used to call a woman
by a bunch of ill informed men
but I am here to set the record straight
and preach
on the beauty of you
now i aint no saint and i cant make the claim
to have never used these words in vein
but I can say that i regret it
and to all of you I say sorry!
how could i fault and put such slang to a piece of me
if not for the 9 months
none of us would be
so i say to you
the tucker inner
the leave the light on all nighter
the pb and j mixer
the bobo kisser
the bedtime night reader
the believer
the fanatic fan
the Mr. Chockran if you touch my son again I will kill ya
the wheelchair pusher
the strong, hard and fair way
the my wayer or the highway
the knuckle to the bone worker so we could eat
the manipulator of time and space so we could have christmas
the coin giver
the last nerve giver
I say to you
for all that you do
and for your infinite wisdom so gracefully
beat upside my head
for without you I/we wouldn't be......
Joined: 6/15/2008
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awesome alotmarc1... Awesome!
Posted: 11/17/2008 3:37:19 PM
Ty for the write and Im glad to see somebody leave somthin......
I been getting into allot of slam lately so lets try it....

I felling so tired lately
like a rolex that dont keep time no more
yea its pretty and expensive but it aint worth shit
and yea my status went down again when it quit turning
back to being a crappy watch that dont work
only in America can money make you a more tolerable as$hole
statuses bought and sold
jeans that can make you hip as you slide them over your hips
that you not only put on but as you do can also move you up a tier
on the status worshiping as$holes pole
far away from the normal folks still wearing lee
sadly though for those folk and me one thing still rings true
no matter how much money you slide your leg through
its still a leg....
I digress....
Its a race...
am I first cause second is just the first place loser
did I win?
am I the best
does my ambercrummy not put me over the edge
or did I fall off the ledge of self respect
building walls in open spaces
judging and putting a value on people
keeping me from the forest because
Smokey says only you can prevent forest fires
as I strike a match and forget that once
i was a handme down soldier third generation
so I got all the good shyt........
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 11/15/2008 2:10:52 PM
I got turned on to these guys through a friend and dont think a song as so encapsulated my thoughts like this before....I must warn you though if you go to give it a whirl this is hevy....

Five Finger Death Punch
Never Enough

I'm so fed up with everyone around me
(No one seems to care)
I'm just so far gone and nothing's gonna change
(I'll never be the same)

It's always do this, do that,
Everything they want to
I don't want to live that way
Every chance they get their always
Pushin me away

It's never enough
No it's never enough
No matter what I say

It's never enough
No it's never enough
I'll never be what you want me to be

It's all so messed up and no one ever listens
(Everyone's deranged)
I'm just so fcked up and I'm never gonna change
(Wanna lay it all to waste)

Their always say this, say that,
Nothing that you want to
I don't want to live that way
Every chance they get their always
Shovin me aside


I'm Done

In the end we're all just chalklines on the concrete
Drawn only to be washed away
For the time that I've been given
I am what I am

I'd rather hate you
For everything you are
Than ever love you
For something you are not

I'd rather you hate me
For everything I am
Than have you love me
For something that I can't be

It's never enough
It's never enough
No matter what I say

It's never enough
No it's never enough
No matter who I try to be

It's never enough
No it's never enough
No matter how I try to taste

It's never enough
Never never enough
I'll never be what you want me to be.
Joined: 6/15/2008
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11/12/14/08 Quietude
Posted: 11/14/2008 6:32:29 AM
they say when you find the
time has no cause or effect
it can no longer controll your actions
because your actions are controlled by love

so with my battered belief
and stumblinn on my one good leg
I carry on
ready to find my fountin
in you
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 11/12/2008 4:52:04 PM
nobody wants to be lonely
and trust me Im not the anomaly
complacency has gotten me into this jail
locked behind these bars of contentment
cold to the touch is the steel
yea I feel
words lost in an echo to myself
talking to myself
I ask myself why are you lonely
and yea I realize it to be crazy
but my answer was....
cause your fcking crazy....
you've had love and treated it like used gum
chewed for a while and as the flavor tends to fade
as it always does
spit out on the ground
to be picked up on the bottom of a strangers shoe
watching as....
away it goes
and not at a run as to where you couldn't catch it
more so at a slow walk
but yet still noticeable
yea catchable
treating love without any contemplation
will always
bring you lonely
ask me
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 11/5/2008 6:54:29 PM
middle class my as$
yea a fcking joke
check to check
Id call it more like fcking giving
choking on life
Im about ready to use my fingers
and give it back to you
in a vile stinking spot on the floor
pick back out the good
and swallow
no thanks
I dont think Ill take any more strife
you can save it for someone who needs it
like one of those Bank as$holes
who keeps on getting richer
as we the people
keeps on getting to scratch there itch
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 11/5/2008 6:01:34 AM
sometimes its hard to get the point across the way you want when you cant hear my voice and the reflection put there.....

give to me what I ask for!!!!
fcking give it to me!!
Im so tired of fcking asking!!
fcking give it to me!!!
before I
grab you by the horns
and twist your fcking head off!!
and fcking take it!!!
Its not like Im asking for fcking
world peace or something!!
just to fcking share
I dare you to end my despair!
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 11/3/2008 4:54:02 PM
willingly you give me all of you
cause you have to!!!!!!
until I really needed some of you
would you have enough to give to me
could you fulfill my need of you
or would we just be at odds
oddly wondering what happened to happily ever after
after we figured it wasnt enough
and wasted was everything in between
what was once between us is between us
a realization of what could have been
and what is
time and space have taken what was always theirs
left only are pieces of a whole
grafted together with pieces of what we were before
living with a battered belief in maybe
and a chance
to find
cause you want to............
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Posted: 11/2/2008 1:04:55 PM
tell me why I should fcking care
why I shouldn't just give you the finger
bend over and give you a glimpse of my hole best side
and directions to the middle where I want you to kiss it

I keep having this fcking dream
that I dont have a voice
that I havta to do what is said by another
but you could still look in my eyes
and see a fck you
wake up covered in sweet
run out the door and scream it from the roof
just to make sure it aint true

this tension that I feel has got me fcking pissed
ready to explode over a little obscure
glimpse from a complete stranger
ready to beat him with is own fcking arm
im racing, im pacing, i stand, i sit
still i cant seem to shake it
im serious gota find a way
hell I even tried to bake it to death
and all I got was brain dead
and some spirital clarity

so i guesse if I just give you the finger
you should feel lucky
and remember i dont give a fck
so caring I will leave that to you
and I will keep up my crazy
Joined: 6/15/2008
Msg: 13 (view)
Posted: 10/31/2008 10:16:08 PM
scalpel please
cut my brain open lets see
what do you think you'll find
betcha they aint no rhyme
maybe a midget in a wheel
just keepin it real
with a fcking finger up
hollerin I dont give a fck

whats the difference between me and you
a mind without blinders
willing to kill for knowledge
and an understanding for not understanding
able to acknowledge I aint perfect
can you make this claim

Im about as far from normal as I can be
maybe you should take a look me
this way you can gauge your interpretations
on crazy
im coocoo
hell I been lost my screws
only thing holding me together
is my split personality
and a little Elmer's glue
that I cant stop using to make
them glue gloves
remember those..
and it kinda tastes sour
gives me entertainment for hours

so after you clear that taste of cat shyt
that I left in your mouth
after you couldnt figure me out
Im never without
I got both of me
Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 9/25/2008 2:57:39 PM
I wonder
if your not around and I scream
your name
can you still hear me

I wonder
if every time I sleep
are you going to haunt my dreams

I wonder
for a better definition of gone

I wonder
why a goodbye
feels so wrong

I wonder
if you care like you say
why must you walk away

I wonder
was it so bad
as to not deserve another try


I wonder

Joined: 6/15/2008
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Posted: 9/24/2008 5:46:09 AM
thanks Tink.....good to see some action around here....

waiting hopelessly.....
or am I
hopelessly waiting.....
either way alone again
another day

they say these are the days that make you stronger...
I just say I want the one to make me weak in the knee..

my grandpaw useta have a saying
catching fish is the thin line between
fishing and
sittin on the bank and looking stupid.

so alls I gota say is Im running outa bait...
Joined: 6/15/2008
Msg: 10 (view)
Posted: 9/20/2008 9:09:53 PM
life aint always beautiful
you can walk alone for miles
get dirt kicked in your face
sometimes it can get downright hostile
no worries on that little thing you just ripped apart
it was just my heart
find love
loose love
all while trying to keep a smile
never to forget what your knees are for
man I hate remembering that one
falling again lessons not learned before
waking up is the hardest part
when your dreaming with a broken heart
all while trying not to take my whiskey to extremes
finding hope in the littlest things
wishing for the fairy tale part
I am running outa pennies
for this well of hell
and wishes burning from both ends
maybe tonight I wont dream
maybe tomorrow I can pretend again
maybe next time just a whore and a motel!
Joined: 6/15/2008
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~ ~ ~ 6 Lines or Less ~ ~ ~
Posted: 9/17/2008 7:19:02 PM
where did you go
how long did you stay
who was there
I need a list of where you'll be today
call when you get there and before you leave
bytch please.....

LOL... had one for about a day that acted like this....
I have this bad problem with associating control with leaving......
Joined: 6/15/2008
Msg: 9 (view)
Posted: 9/17/2008 6:37:10 PM
Thanks Vis...Nice write and I feel ya I gota crawl again to....

been lookin for my muse so here is a start of somethin I will finish later when I catch her a-s...

scalpel please
cut my brain open lets see
what do you think you'll find
betcha they aint no rhyme
maybe a midget on a wheel
just keepin it real
holdin a finger up
tellin you to get the fck out

whats the difference between me and you
a mind without blinders
willing to kill for knowledge
and an understanding for not understanding
able to acknowledge I aint perfect
can you make this claim!
Joined: 6/15/2008
Msg: 1101 (view)
M------Role Model
Posted: 9/17/2008 5:48:33 PM
OK, I'm going to attempt to drown myself
You can try this at home
You can be just like me!

Mic check one two.. we recordin?
I'm cancerous, so when I diss you wouldn't wanna answer this
If you responded back with a battle rap you wrote for Canibus
I strangled you to death then I choked you again
Then break your ****in legs till your bones poke through your skin
You beef wit me, I'ma even the score equally
Take you on Jerry Springer, and beat yer ass legally
I get you blunted off of funny home grown
Cause when I smoke out I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono
(Ohh no!!) So if I said I never did drugs
That would mean I lie AND get ****ed more than the President does
Hillary Clinton tried to slap me and call me a pervert
I ripped her ****in tonsils out and fed her sherbet (****!)
My nerves hurt, and lately I'm on edge
Grabbed Vanilla Ice and ripped out his blonde dreads (**** you!)
Every girl I ever went out wit is goin lez
Follow me and do exactly what the song says:
Smoke weed, take pills, drop outta school, kill people and drink
And jump behind the wheel like it was still legal
I'm dumb enough to walk in a store and steal
So I'm dumb enough to ask for a date with Lauryn Hill
Some people only see that I'm white, ignorin skill
Cause I stand out like a green hat with a orange bill
But I don't get pissed, y'all don't even see through the mist
How the **** can I be white, I don't even exist
I get a clean shave, bathe, go to a rave
Die from an overdose and dig myself up out of my grave
My middle finger won't go down, how do I wave?
And this is how I'm supposed to teach kids how to behave?

Now follow me and do exactly what you see
Don't you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I slap women and eat shrooms then O.D.
Now don't you wanna grow up to be just like me!

Me and Marcus Allen went over to see Nicole
When we heard a knock at the door, must have been Ron Gold'
Jumped behind the door, put the orgy on hold
Killed em both and smeared blood in a white Bronco (we did it!)
My mind won't work if my spine don't jerk
I slapped Garth Brooks out of his Rhinestone shirt
I'm not a player just a I'll rhyme sayer
That'll spray an Aerosol can up at the ozone layer (psssssssh)
My rap style's warped, I'm runnin out the morgue
Witcha dead grandmother's corpse to throw it on your porch
Jumped in a Chickenhawk cartoon wit a cape on
And beat up Foghorn Leghorn with an acorn
I'm bout as normal as Norman Bates, with deformative traits
A premature birth that was four minutes late
Mother.. are you there? I love you
I never meant to hit you over the head with that shovel
Will someone explain to my brain that I just severed
A main vein with a chainsaw and I'm in pain?
I take a breather and sighed; either I'm high, or I'm nuts
Cause if you ain't tiltin this room, neither am I
So when you see your mom with a thermometer shoved in her ass
Then it probably is obvious I got it on with her
Cause when I drop this solo shit it's over with
I bought Cage's tape, opened it, and dubbed over it

I came to the club drunk with a fake ID
Don't you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I've been with 10 women who got HIV
Now don't you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I got genital warts and it burns when I pee
Don't you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I tie a rope around my penis and jump from a tree
You probably wanna grow up to be just like me!!!
Joined: 6/15/2008
Msg: 1100 (view)
Violent J-----Homies 2 smoke with
Posted: 9/16/2008 6:50:01 PM
Just stick to this road huh?
**** It, I thought, I'm sold, I strolled on down the road,
In C-walk mode, to the wizard I'm told
But hold up, this roadS ****ed wit twists and turns
I'm haven't no luck as my vanilla blunt burns
I'm seeing' trees wit faces, bushes that walk
And as far as I can see nobody drawn in chalk
And the sky is bright green; sometimes it's kind of pink
I'm a twist another blunt here sit down and think
How the ****, what the ****, who the **** and when
What the **** I'm doing here I would have figured the pen
Then again I gotta get the **** home before long,
Because the first of the month is coming' on, I'm gone
Let me spark my shit, right quick, I'm Outta here,

Yo, homie let me get a hit of that blunt

**** yea, wait a minute, who said that? look around everywhere
And I heard somebody singing over there, so clear
He went...

I don't need a brain, don't need anything
I just want somebody to smoke with
(Who said that, Who said that?)
Stuck up on this thing, wit no ****ing ganj
I just want somebody to smoke wit
(Who said that?)

Well I said that!

Look at this shit, I'm talking to a scarecrow, stuck on a stick
Asking me for a hit, right quick, shit all I got is bobby brown,
I can't front, but the wizard gots all you want,
You can smoke off his tundra, they say it's the thunder
Me can have King Kong smoked under the wonder
I'm going there now and getting me some
It was the wizard gonna get my ass home, he's on...

It would be the shit big homie, If I could walk wit you
And talk wit you, and get up on a fat bag or 2,
Cause I've been hanging from this pole for so long
And smoking on home grown, my headache is full blown
Now I ain't the smartest scarecrow in the hat
But if you lift that little latch and I gone crash into a pumpkin patch
Don't leave me hangin' big homie, just pull the lever
So we can just get walking the yellow alley together cause...

I don't need a brain, don't need anything
I just want somebody to smoke with
(And I'm with that, and I'm with that!)

Man it ain't no thang, we can smoke some ganj,
But you got to put something on it
(And I'm with that, you know I'm with that!)

I helped set his ass free, he slipped off
Then his ****ing leg ripped off and he was like...

Don't mind that shit dawg, it ain't nothing at all
Just a little bit of stuffing that straw

Hey Paul, I mean scarecrow yo

Don't ask if I ever tried smoking myself, no.

I only thought with the hay "ok"
Anyways let's get you some real shit down the yellow brick alleyway...

We don't need a brain, don't need anything
We just need some homies 2 smoke with
(And I'm with that, and I'm with that!)
Joined: 6/15/2008
Msg: 1099 (view)
Going way back......LOL
Posted: 9/16/2008 6:08:37 PM
Artist: Biz Markie
Album: Weekend Warrior
Song: Friends

[Verse One]
I saw this girl from like around the way
I told her I was the B-I-Z Emezah-A
She said she know my reputation, know I got clout
And like to get to know me, without no doubt
So we started havin long telephone conversations
Tryin to feel each other out, showin a lot of patience
Was a hook-up from my man, word bond she was bad
If I met her whole family I would kiss her dad
So in my mind I was thinkin she really liked me
She got a good head on her shoulder and she's no dummy
Me and her, had compatible horoscopes
But she bugged me out so bad I was on the ropes
Now when I was with her, my shoulders shrugged
Because when I reached out for a kiss and hug
She mushed me in my face, and smiles with a grin
And said this question

Why can't we be friends? We can't we be friends?
Why can't we, be, friends? We can't we be friends?
Why can't we be friends? We can't we be friends?
Why can't we, be, friends? We can't we be friends?

[Verse Two]
I knew she was different, a very special gal
For the time being, hmm I shall
Respect her wishes, she wasn't a groupie
I understand, she said she just had met me
I liked her for that, a woman with morals
She called me every day, so I saw she was loyal
It bugged me out cause I don't usually wait
But on a scale of one to ten she was a twenty-eight
We was goin out on the reg', movies and dinner
Always stay at my house, way past ten o', clock
I thought she really really liked me
I did the right thing, like my name was Spike Lee
She had her own car so I walked her to the door
Like Busta Rhymes I said, "Gimme Some More"
So I put my lips out, to get a kiss
And she said just like this


[Verse Three]
I knew somethin was wrong because my mack is correct
Talkin for six months and didn't hit it yet?
I thought I was slippin, or maybe in a slump
I felt like Eddie Murphy when he was Professor Klump
Naw it can't be, she's here every day
So I don't know why she'd wanna treat me this way
I gotta investigate like Magnum P.I.
I just don't understand, why oh why
So the next time I saw her she was unhappy
She had a frown on her face and real jumpy
I said, "Yo what's wrong?" I was real concerned
The way she looked her life had took a real turn
She said, "I went to court today," and I said, "What?"
"If I tell you this, you're gonna go nut"
I said, "Tell me I can take it I won't pretend"
"I gotta go to jail for life, so.."
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Paren-Tales of a Jujubee
Posted: 9/16/2008 6:07:21 PM
wow girl the fight
I can sense it in your plight
never able to see an end
yet again and again you go toe to toe
never accepting a no
and do it just cause its right
I wish I had that determination
I could have prolly ruled the nation
maybe answered the questions on evolution
or led the next revolution
to reinvent the childcare tragedy
either way
what Im trying to say
keep true
and keep pushin
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Msg: 115 (view)
Raw and emotionally exposed, welcome to my world.
Posted: 9/16/2008 5:46:00 AM
Finally some real inspiration....Hope you dont mind....

pain yea I know there is a need
joy wouldnt feel so good without it
but fck man does it have to make me bleed
think this time it got the jugular
cant stop this shyt from spillin from me
gota find someone to use as a plug
maybe even take up a new drug
get outa this rut and flee
else I take it out on everybody else
I can see my pissed off self
is gona fckin ruin everything around me
got me on go! ready to snap
lookin for a chance to get rid of this crap
Im eatin at my own fckin character
cant see lettin this shyt have
this much control over me
I refuse not to find a way
even if that means I havta
bounce someone's innocent head off the floor
yea I declare war
so if you see me
best find a door
cause my pain fixin to make it rain
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Msg: 1220 (view)
~ ~ ~ 6 Lines or Less ~ ~ ~
Posted: 9/15/2008 7:18:29 PM
shyt dont know about you
but if everyone were truly honest
carelessness is what made most of us
I mean really I dont think most were planed
so to careless I say
thank you for today!
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Msg: 1098 (view)
Posted: 9/15/2008 6:49:55 PM
A lot of people ask me.. stupid fckin questions
A lot of people think that.. what I say on records
Or what I talk about on a record, that I actually do in real life
Or that I believe in it
Or if I say that, I wanna kill somebody, that..
I'm actually gonna do it
Or that I believe in it
Well, shit.. if you believe that
Then I'll kill you
You know why?
Cuz I'm a

You god damn right
Yeah, I'm a CRIMINAL

My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge
That'll stab you in the head
Whether you're a fag or lez
Or the homosex, hermaph or a trans-a-vest
Pants or dress - hate fags? The answer's "yes"
Homophobic? Nah, you're just heterophobic
Starin at my jeans, watchin my genitals bulgin (Ooh!)
That's my mother****in balls, you'd better let go of em
They belong in my scrotum, you'll never get hold of em
Hey, it's me, Versace
Whoops, somebody shot me!
And I was just checkin the mail
Get it? Checkin the 'male'?
How many records you expectin to sell
After your second LP sends you directly to jail?
C'mon!-- Relax guy, I like gay men
Right, Ken? Give me an amen (AAA-men!)
Please Lord, this boy needs Jesus
Heal this child, help us destroy these demons
Oh, and please send me a brand new car
And a prostitute while my wife's sick in the hospital
Preacher preacher, fifth grade teacher
You can't reach me, my mom can't neither
You can't teach me a goddamn thing cause
I watch TV, and Comcast cable
And you ain't able to stop these thoughts
You can't stop me from toppin these charts
And you can't stop me from droppin each March
With a brand new cd for these fckin retards
Duhhh, and to think, it's just little ol' me
Mr. "Don't Give A Fck," still won't leave

Cuz every time I write a rhyme, these people think it's a crime
To tell em what's on my mind - I guess I'm a CRIMINAL
But I don't gotta say a word, I just flip em the bird
And keep goin, I don't take shit from no one

My mother did drugs - tar, liquor, cigarettes, and speed
The baby came out - disfigured, ligaments indeed
It was a seed who would grow up just as crazy as she
Don't dare make fun of that baby cause that baby was me
I'm a CRIMINAL - an animal caged who turned crazed
But how the fck you sposed to grow up when you weren't raised?
So as I got older and I got a lot taller
My dyck shrunk smaller, but my balls got larger
I drink more liquor to **** you up quicker
Than you'd wanna fck me up for sayin the word ...
My morals went thhbbpp when the president got oral
Sex in his Oval Office on top of his desk
Off of his own employee
Now don't ignore me, you won't avoid me
You can't miss me, I'm white, blonde-haired
And my nose is pointy
I'm the bad guy who makes fun of people that die
In plane crashes and laughs
As long as it ain't happened to him
Slim Shady, I'm as crazy as Em
-inem and Kim combined - [*kch*] the maniac's in
Replacin the doctor cause Dre couldn't make it today
He's a little under the weather, so I'm takin his place
(Mm-mm-mmm!) Oh, that's Dre with an AK to his face
Don't make me kill him too and spray his brains all over the place
I told you Dre, you should've kept that thang put away
I guess that'll teach you not to let me play with it, eh?

[Interlude Skit]
Aight look (uh huh) just go up in that motherfcker
Get the motherfckin money and get the fck up outta there
[Em] Aight
I'll be right here waitin on you
[Em] Aight
Yo Em
Don't kill nobody this time
Awwright... god damn, fck...
how you doin'?
HI, how can I help you?
Yeah I need to make a withdrawl
Put the fckin money in the bag ****
And I won't kill you!
What? Oh my god, don't kill me
I'm not gonna kill you ****, quit lookin around...
Don't kill me, please don't kill me...
I said I'm not gonna fckin kill you
Hurry the fck up! [*BOOM*] Thank you!

Windows tinted on my ride when I drive in it
So when I rob a bank, run out and just dive in it
So I'll be disguised in it
And if anybody identifies the guy in it
I'll hide for five minutes
Come back, shoot the eyewitness
Fire at the private eye hired to pry in my business
Die, ****es, **stards, brats, pets
This puppy's lucky I didn't blast his ass yet [*dog whines*]
If I ever gave a fck, I'd shave my nuts
Tuck my****in between my legs and cluck
You motherfckin chickens ain't brave enough
To say the stuff I say, so just tape it shut [*tape unrolls*]
Shit, half the shit I say, I just make it up
To make you mad so kiss my white naked ass
And if it's not a rapper that I make it as
I'ma be a fckin rapist in a Jason mask
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Posted: 9/15/2008 6:39:08 PM
Im so tiered of this shyt
looking for a mate
is like smoking crack and trying to sleep
just dont make no sense
I know exactly what Im looking for
so why cant I find you?
are you hiding right in front of me?
or are you already taken?

they say I'll know when I meet ya
but DAM
I already thought I knew
so what am I to do
did I miss you?
are you the one I met at the grocery store?
was you the one a met at the beach?
are you on plenty of fish?
hell I wouldnt even care if you were
a reformed whore
worse yet you could even be in politics
but better yet I hope for athletics
I just want the one to adore
I want the fairy book tale
I promise not to sweet the details
enough to make me scream.......
or am I just a dreamer
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Posted: 9/14/2008 6:19:38 PM
I build my walls as high as the eye can see
ten feet thick concrete with bullet proof steel
tiered of people just climbing over so I added
razor wire at the top
I guess still there is no guarantee
I wont feel
hang on someones knocking....
next chore
get rid of the dam door!
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enter the past-time of poetry: please share, comment, and write about hopes, wishes, desires, love
Posted: 9/14/2008 5:38:48 PM
would you follow me to a dead end?
could you lead me to a new beginning?
could we survive a head on collision?
are you willing to drive eyes wide shut?
can we talk about nothing?
can we talk about anything?
would you love me even when I was wrong?
could you stand behind me?
would you let me offer my hand?
are you willing to say forever and stay?
can we give each other space?
can we grow together?
would we still be friends if it didnt work?
I ask you this
and if you answered no to any
does it really matter?
Im just sayin its not a question but a fellin....
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Posted: 9/13/2008 3:50:34 PM
I am playing catch up here since I havent had a CPU for a while.....
Wrote this the other day to the remark of a girl asking are there any good men left....

The answer is yea just some find it hard to come out and play...

Real Men:

Well hear me good
Do I have your attention

I can speak of love
As once it was mine
Divine oh so divine
Or so was the mirage handed to me
Such was before the shift in time
Before the rug was pulled
With a swift tug
I gave all yet this was not enough
I spoke with truth
And heard with honesty
Yet still remember the tug
I didn't understand at first
How something so precious
As love could just be crushed
But the more I pondered
It came to me
It wasn't me

I gave what I had to give
And for this to not be enough
There was never an us!
She was just in lust
Only hurt is what I feel
So you tell me why
I should trust
Give my soul to something
That can so easily be stole
Taken used, freakin abused!
Given back as only half a hole
It wont happen again so easily
So yea I fall in that group
Finding it hard to regroup
Wondering again
What is real man
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Posted: 9/13/2008 3:37:38 PM
today I weep
for all that I hold deep
I just get this way sometimes
thinkin on the state of the earth
and what is truly our worth
seems to me sometimes
were just eatin up space
treatin our time here
as if it were a givin
man we could use some grace
it aint a dam race
to take over the place
is it not possible to just live
and coincide
maybe Im just a dreamer
maybe tomorrow I just wont care
enough to make me scream
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//// 6 Lines or Less\\\\
Posted: 9/13/2008 3:19:29 PM
life is set to your own beat
your rules of engagement can be followed
or left with your panties at your feet
the only question is can you swallow.....
your regret
as your rules echo hollow
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Posted: 9/13/2008 3:04:31 PM
A repost of somethin I really liked

aint but one being got the right to judge me
so all you other mutherfkers can go fck yourself
leave me be to become stronger
and no longer am I given you a deal
best for you to just get back on your wheel
and get the fck up off me
let me say what I will and we can keep it real
I aint askin for your approval
nor do I need it to feel
satisfied about where I'm coming from
I sleep with both eyes closed
mosta you byches are asleep at the wheel
just runnin through the motion pussin for a notion
looking for acceptance from tha general public
get the fck back to your maze
somewhere outa the maze in tha haze
of grays is where you'll find me
happy as hell I rub you wrong
this is a tale tale sign that the
societal chain has been broken
and to it I no more belong
for to fckin long it kept me cadged
its what gave me so much rage commin up
lettin others decide who I had to be
that and my bum ass dad is what lead
to all my underage violence and frustration
and allot of head on collisions
this buggin and allot of the wrong information
had me trippin knowing i wasnt
meant to be one of the off the shelf bytches
fck you I am much more than that
I knew but was just afraid to push tha issue
but I have came into my own here lately
no more am I playin in these meaning less games
my emotions are now ready to run
no more in a mode of pursue
now free to roam no more fckin shame
you can look for another rookie to blame
cause I will set aflame to your
bytch ass opinion if your trying to tell me it aint real
and this is somethin I shouldn't feel
so remember this if you come at me
with society on your side
I've hit my stride and no more
am I givin a free ride
if you push me im gona shove the fck outa ya
and I will hold a grudge
aint but one being able to put me to judge
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Now is the time
Posted: 9/12/2008 6:11:04 AM
standing pieces of a whole
weight upon my soul
I told my muse lets dance
lets troll for some meak
control is what I seek
speakin in tongues
optimistic is looking bleak
the dirt 6 foot deep
covered by dung
tiered of society shitin
on ME
tellin this is who you should be
defecation of a nation
arse...a_s... ugly
is what I call um
stacked origami
leadin to this creation
of frustration
I feel for the world
and to think I got little souls
I gota try to show this sh_t
you can be yourself
and your biggest goal
doesn't have to be like
that anorexic picture of "perfection"
shit off the shelf
find your whole in this hole
of self
being different
make a stand in itself
puttin to bed the young
tell um
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To My Father (Missing You)
Posted: 9/12/2008 5:49:50 AM
Sorry for your loss first off...I wrote this the other day for my father just thought it rang a bell here....Hope you dont mind...


Yea a sperm donor is what that prick gave to me
I vowed this would not be in my life
My kids would know without a shadows doubt
I LOVE YOU, I constantly cry out
Just in case there not listnin
Time being one constant
They wont be missin
First and foremost
Only with the utmost
For those little souls
Ive been charged with protectin
Gettin to grow and show
The world aglow
Thanks to Linton Lamar Anderson
I know
Thanks DAD
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Posted: 9/12/2008 5:41:25 AM
Thanks Michell....Ive seen your writings around here so leave one next time...You can kick your feet up, hell I wont even make you get a coaster....

I wrote this the other night...

is the color I wear
and I put it on everyday
it echoes in my sorrow
it dares me to make another day
scrambling for the pieces
living in the frayed
grays of the future
as the past bites me in the ass
is the leg I stand on
hobbling through today
as a shattered self
I hold up to the light
hoping to see a
better reflection of self
hoping to see a right
all while hoping you
can see the light
is what Im saying
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I Remember 9/11
Posted: 9/11/2008 4:08:20 PM
Wait stop and remember
As it wasn't so long ago
A couple years have passed I know
But to forget I dare you
Was lost many a friend
To that, that should have never been
Was lost many a friend
That kid kicking a ball
To a ghostly friend
Doest take an eagle to see
A quick look around
A kid,
A dad,
A wife,
Many a friend still blue
But to forget I dare you
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Ok I will kick it off
Posted: 9/11/2008 3:41:33 PM
I to just wanna scream
mean as hell
myself I cant tell
buried in this well
filling this hole with
pipe dreams
anybody listenin
to this division
of my soul vision
hindsight to death,
until my eyes bled
makin it hard
to catch ones breath
so tiered of hearin
the strong will
wanna get a knife
cut a tire on a truck
run while hollerin
cut loose while givin
a finger to life
some call mine
the standard of livin
sh_t they can have
this strife
I dont want it
this bullsh_t they call


do you hear me
can you fell me

gimme my right to life

so lets get to
you got the
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Just simply me
Posted: 9/11/2008 3:20:24 PM
yall thought I fell off
hell just needed time to get off
this will be a place for all
to come and let off
crazy aint saying shyt
unless you give em a voice
fighting with the righteous dark side
and all that is righteously me
just to give you a choice
and let you know
it aint all roses and nice
sometimes you need to
release and let your horns show through
its OK for whatever here
even the occasional tear jerker
will be tolerated
as long as you come
and promise not to make it work
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come and explore with me
Posted: 8/26/2008 4:32:14 PM
k I will deal with that knucklehead bit on the dark as for here...

I just hope there is enough of you to hold
or that you are willing stick enough out for me to grab
even at arms length mine are long so I can still reach
so just give me that inch and we can go for miles

the road where on isnt paved with gold
and you know how gravel is, liable to twist an ankle
but remember I got some duct tape to
so just give me your hand and lets go
up the mountain
and see what we see
I bet theres a wonderful view
that will be made better with you
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Msg: 557 (view)
Posted: 8/26/2008 7:37:56 AM
and apologies don't quite do the trick
I will hear no more of your evil
my skin is growing way to thick
you have buried your last bone of deceit
go to a deep gorge and jump
in those echo's I hope you find the bottom
and are forced to hear yourself
cause I aint listening anymore
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