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 Author Thread: Fake accounts
Joined: 10/13/2014
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Fake accounts
Posted: 1/7/2019 2:06:25 PM
Yeah, its ridic. Every woman on here, seems to be totally from my area, which it total crap cause my town is small and I know almost everyone in it. The worse thing is that they, just send you a PM with a # to text, which is usually a landline that is mapped to a mobile device or they using a google voice #.

All of them use the same generic responses, at a point in time, and want you to go to a website and enter credit card info to get "age verified" (each of these users, seem to send you pics, that are unique to the website they provide you, so it seems legit lol)...It's such bs that we cant have nice sites for meeting a man and/or woman, w/o having to pay absurd amounts of $. Seems like everyone here is looking to screw peeps out of ez $, get you to visit them just to get robbed/ambushed by their friends or a fake bot just trying to get your info/pics to start the cycle all over with your information...
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