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 Author Thread: Beauty in the eye of the beholder
Joined: 9/19/2005
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Beauty in the eye of the beholder
Posted: 4/3/2006 10:21:43 AM
Well my lady,

How are things? My neice just brought to my attention POF Speed Dating events

Next one in Waterloo...I go to local POF dances and events. I have found I just have to have my emotions balance me after coffee dates etc and sit back and see where friendship goes. Even online friendships. I am new as of Nov/05...controlling..self esteem went side of the street is' I let the sultle control get worse....suggested show us how to treat one another..but he said we're not going to counseling so you can get the use of the car back..that was one of the last straws...................but this butterfly underneath, I remember the strong athletic 17 year old woman I was; and still attend and taught water aerobics. I buy local theater events and get out to movies myself...I just sit in car window down with sun to rejuvenate me and tunes playing...kicking my feet out the window; talk to everyone, parking lot, grocery store...pool, the more encounters in life..the more alive I feel...a part of...I was debating to take a glass blowing class $495; "classes" promote company and inter action, fun....I also sing alto in choir, another family and read bible at breakfast to my 17 yr old and send e-mails to my 22 yr old, including neat affirming verses..There is change and if we start liking changes and go for things...we'll bounce back and thrive...Best of luck gal ladypagey
Joined: 9/19/2005
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Posted: 3/28/2006 4:53:18 AM
Please sign up ( sigh ) and I love123 thanks so much..looking forward to this
Joined: 9/19/2005
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What Every Man Should Master And What Every Woman Should Teach
Posted: 3/25/2006 8:02:04 PM
Any guy that pleases a woman divine
Another technique that really teased me and was somewhat alike...he placed his lips on pxxxxy, with good pressure, then with just a little hole allowed...a tiny bit of his tongue to tickle, to prevent soreness..then he released pressure and tongue did differnet things...slow quick..then back to pressure and tiny hole with tickle moving tongue...quickly...sent me wild waiting and waiting for him to release and do other delights....great gentle tease...and less go on for TRY THIS YOU WON"T REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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