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 Author Thread: Bubblez....bubblez...everywhere......
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 446 (view)
Posted: 2/6/2015 4:36:47 PM
Warily walking on silent ground
Footsteps carried deprived of a sound
A journey through never ending miles
Broken promises and tempered smiles

The path travelled warped and curled
Twisted in fate… time endlessly unfurled
Lost in moments of tormented past
Potions, curses and the spells once cast

His hands wearily cradling an empty heart
Where pain portrays happiness’ part
This could be ones true test of fate
To discover happiness or transport hate

Where hate will stifle the chosen path
Leaving nothing but terrible wrath
Happiness could cure a weary soul
Or is this the pardon our minds are told

Maybe it is definition of happiness’ chance
Traversing beauty of life’s careful dance
Discovering posture in every occurrence
Reminding us gently and giving assurance

Remember footsteps left without a sound
Lead us to something… so tremendously profound
So profound only our minds will know
When we've aligned on happiness’ plateau

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1796 (view)
Abstract Rhythms
Posted: 11/24/2010 7:00:06 PM

We have much to be thankful for!
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 2 (view)
T'was The Night Before Christmas Wank
Posted: 11/23/2010 9:56:21 PM
Here's a quick one for ya lol

Twas the night before Christmas, at the retirement home
The residents were gathering to avoid being alone.
Old Bill in his stockings walking the hallways half bare,
Looking for someone with a cookie to share.

The nurses were wishing to be home in their beds,
While chasing old Bill and going out of their heads.
Thinking a ‘kerchief, won’t cover this chap,
While looking for some long underwear with a rear cover flap.

When all of a sudden in the kitchen arose such a clatter,
They run down the hall to see what was the matter.
Down in a hurry they flew like a flash,
Into the kitchen to find Bill with his stash.

Showing a moon while draped over a chair
Each stood there with mouth opened and stared.
To the amazement of their wondering eyes did appear,
A little tattoo perched right on his rear.

With his little old century, so lively and quick,
They knew in a moment this must be his….
More rapid than eagles his curses they came,
And he yelled, and shouted, and called them by name!

"Now Amy! now, Lisa! now, Nancy and Kate!
Oh, Mary! Oh, Donna! oh Jenny…. and Nate?
To the top of the stairs! Right down the hall!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!"

As they stood in amazement pondering why,
All young Nancy could do was look to the sky.
Completely embarrassed why while he stood there half nude,
With mouth full of cookies, and glass of milk too.

His skin how it wrinkle! his dimples how scary!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the milk of his chin was as white as the snow.

He sprang to his feet, then ran down the hall,
Half naked his shirt opened baring it all.
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he ran out of sight,
"It’s Christmas ya know, I get cookies tonight!"
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 14 (view)
broke up 5 times, should we stay together?
Posted: 11/23/2010 8:31:53 PM

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 456 (view)
a place for us novices...
Posted: 11/9/2010 11:05:38 PM
I take solace in soft’s desert sands
Cool nights in the stars’ amorous hands
Moonlight captured in grains of evanescence
Darkness swathes life’s eternal presence
The stars and space covet life’s great escape
Enchanting our minds as if to intoxicate
Concealing secrets creating mystery
Secured in the existence of ambiguity
But I take solace in soft’s deserts sands
Embracing this concept with all its demands
As the sun gently rises and captures the night
Blanketing the darkness with all its light
I wait again eagerly for night to fall
So I again can ponder it all
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1794 (view)
Abstract Rhythms
Posted: 10/27/2010 9:00:36 PM
A cross stitch weaves all time
Lost in memories once in mind
Taking back what's left inside
A crossing journey taking stride
Embarking entrance to something new
A scholar's thoughts essential view
Standing in his daughters glance
She doesn't notice not a chance
For she has never come to know
The regretful man holding so
He waits again to see her eyes
Knowing she believes in lies
He longs to speak and grasp her tight
Love her deeply without a fight
But she will only deny the chance
So quietly he holds his glance
Taking in all he can
Broken and empty in his stand
Patiently waiting for the day she decides
That their lives should coincide
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1735 (view)
Splinters and Souls
Posted: 4/17/2010 1:01:24 AM
The Eagle soars above the sky
Touching the heavens with wings held high
Gracefully floating in silent wave
Her arms stretched out, forever crave

The love in heart so tender pure
A painful loss with fragile cure
She reaches high and hopes to feel
His loving arms so tender…real

His wings give flight through tender shove
To embrace her heart with all his love
Soaring gracefully in tender skies
He looks from heaven through gentle eyes

Gazing deep within her heart
His memories carried, never part
She reaches high with all she believes
To grasp his heart so he’ll never leave

Saving yesterday as if today
Hoping to quickly whisk him away
She reaches desperately in hopes to feel
His loving arms so tender…so real

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 441 (view)
Bubblez....Bubblez...its been so long........welcome home...again
Posted: 12/24/2008 3:39:20 PM
The Spirits are bright on this Christmas eve
Time for magic and all those who believe
Family from heaven looking down
Hoping to find all the beauty around
The joy and the laughter in everyone
The cookies are out and the stockings are hung
The kids wait in anticipation for the jolly old soul
Conjuring up their Santa patrol
Parents are happy the house all snuggled in
Sipping the spirits and thinking of kin
The house soon will busting with Christmas cheer
And around the corner a bright New Year
So take this time on this holiday night
Enjoy your family and all its delight
Relax in the wonderment of this time
And pray the next year is truly sublime

Happy Holidays!

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 439 (view)
Bubblez....Bubblez...its been so long........welcome home...again
Posted: 11/14/2008 8:52:05 AM
How does one?

They just do
Everyone has had a broken heart
Everyone has had a loss take part
Everyone has been alone
Everyone has dealt with the unknown
Everyone has been scared
Everyone has had their life impaired
Not everyone has end up dead
But everyone has felt the dread
As so we must go on
For again the sun has shone

The sun will shine again my friend just as the snow will blanket the earth. Even when the cold is unpleasant you can find beauty. There is always a silver lining it just takes time to see it sometimes.

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 437 (view)
Bubblez....Bubblez...its been so long........welcome home...again .. and again.
Posted: 11/11/2008 10:30:58 PM
The Eagle soars above the skies
Touching heaven, her wings stretched high
Gracefully floating, silent wave
Keeping warm above the grave
Soaring high above the pain
To live today and fly again
With wings stretch out
She casts her doubt
She takes her flight with wings tender shove
To search again and find her love
Where eagles soar above the skies
And look at heaven through gentle eyes

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 431 (view)
Bubblez....Bubblez...its been so long........welcome home...again
Posted: 10/23/2008 11:48:07 PM
Daydreams should take us to beautiful lands
Picturesque scenery or beautiful sands
Nothing so callous to scare us away
But something so gently beautiful to ward off decay
That’s not to say life’s experience is taboo
But daydreams should whisk us away to gently hue
Pleasurable experiences to paint in our minds
To cleanse away the sorrows of life’s daily grinds
They should take us to a beach on some far away coast
Not to raise the dead of some long forgotten ghost
I know sometimes we dwell in the past
But that’s no life for a daydream’s cast
Yes sometimes we take solace in others demise
But revenge can sometimes hold daydreams disguise
Daydreams should make us feel warm within
Leaving others to wonder about our unusual grin
Anything else would just be a disguise
Leaving others to wonder what’s deep in our eyes

thanks LA.....keep breathing!
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 427 (view)
Bubblez....Bubblez...its been so long........welcome home...again
Posted: 10/23/2008 12:00:11 AM
Her wings fluttering words once more
Breaking her silence and opening the door
To return again and grace this place
Placing her flowers within this vase
Showing again her skillful muse
To whisk your mind and gently transfuse
Constant word forming a chain
Creating this world on a gentle plane
Exposing her strength to open the door
Extending her wings and starting to soar
Fixing the world and making it right
Soaring to heaven with every write

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1597 (view)
Posted: 10/22/2008 12:40:46 AM
A naked tear flows down my skin
Transparently erupting as if to begin
The gentle lines form memories roads
Gracing my skin as it unloads
Following the path of many before
Taken away to even the score
Parting my eyes with life’s desperate decay
Tracing the path and going astray
Cleansing with the inauguration of time
Linked to the beauty of the tear’s gentle decline

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1541 (view)
Posted: 8/21/2008 10:14:48 PM
Start of the day the sun breaks into the night
Broken dreams have taken their flight
The day is new, the night has gone
The sun is up where the moon once shone
The beauty of life and all it surrounds
The magnificent world oh so profound
Glistening sun drops rain down my skin
Feeling the warmth that’s drawn within
Humidity’s touch heavy and moist
The cooling of night our bodies rejoiced
The stars illuminate lighting the sky
Dancing in unison as if to reply
The darkness of light erasing the sun
The body to rest the healing begun
The cycle of summer turning to fall
Wishing the winter forever to stall
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1509 (view)
Posted: 7/31/2008 10:24:45 PM
Pastels rain down in colourful hues
Painting the sky to gently transfuse
A vision to interpret into hungry minds
Tracing the beauty and all that it finds
Creating an image for each to relate
Each for his and his mind to create
Perception of vision is solely their own
Captured, sculpted and delicately honed
The vision of lights dancing up into the sky
Streaming in greens the lights never deny
A vision of beauty to dance with the stars
Tracing the night in the structure of bars
A vision of elegance, the Northern Lights
Reaching the heavens with infinite heights
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1497 (view)
Posted: 7/23/2008 12:04:54 AM
This was a first line last line but I thought it belonged in here as well, not something I normally do but it just fits.....

Poverty's Daily Quest

Imagine poverty’s daily quest
To live in squander broken mess
Sullied blankets tatter clothes
Chosen, destined only knows
Seeking solace from hollow eyes
Petitioning within the tender cries
Soliciting penance to fill the soul
From passers by with each cajole
This is poverty’s daily quest
To fill the souls of discarded guests

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 474 (view)
Posted: 7/22/2008 11:47:34 PM
While the coin they doff
Only to swallow and cough
A treasure of lost time
Bittersweet tender lime

Taken down build it up
In a world so corrupt
Greed and pleasure
Nothing left only measure

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1477 (view)
Posted: 7/1/2008 2:34:25 AM
My hand transcends cascading
The motion sheltered navigating
Polished lines within epidermis
Strongly soft of absent nervous
Movements slight immortal currents
Strong and confident of pure endurance
Profoundly motivated by lustful pleasure
Benevolently taken by nothing measured
Whisked away to mind’s transcend
To get lost before the very end
Exploding immensely caressing craze
Vanished and broken substantial haze
Holding her gently in twisted mass
Hoping time will never pass
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1467 (view)
Posted: 6/28/2008 12:48:51 PM
Thanks J

I take solace here.

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1465 (view)
Posted: 6/26/2008 5:16:52 PM
Lost in illusion a polished mind
Totally entrapped for one to find
Memories sway to yesteryear
Time of peace and absent fear
Feelings tend to the invincible
Broken down to the inevitable
Impervious to capture time
Lost and lonely seeking sublime
Back to the world of reality
To battle time so fiercely
To end the day and start again
Lost and lonely seeking Zen

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1386 (view)
Abstract Rythms
Posted: 4/30/2008 8:18:06 PM
We live in a world where illusions disguise
Where people tell truths with nothing but lies
Hiding their pain with tainted dark smiles
Big houses, fast cars and excessive lifestyles

The truth gets lost in all the red tape
Wishing to hide they completely escape
Back to a time when nothing was owed
Away from the world that they have bestowed

Back to living within simpler means
With happy homes and comfortable jeans
They would have avoided all this distain
And be living a life without all of the pain
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1384 (view)
Abstract Rythms
Posted: 4/24/2008 8:00:05 PM
Horizontal lines... the verticals bent
Circles in squares that they have sent
Words of wisdom without knowledge rain
Tender laughter that comes from pain
Contradiction within these words
Silent loudness with nothing heard
Leaving everything in nothing’s wake
Where authenticity is completely fake

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 418 (view)
Bubblez....Bubblez...its been so long.........
Posted: 4/7/2008 8:56:21 PM
Scars will vanish with every year
Fading memories the pain less severe
As time whisks so gently past
The sorrow and pain with less contrast
Glancing back it will seem so far
But closer near the remaining scar
Fading, blending with each new skin
Disappearing lightly as if to begin
Tracing the pain for your eyes to see
But leaving your mind so absolutely free
You’ll never forget your memories mark
And presence of scars will memories spark
But the days will go by leaving you peace
The pain and the sorrow your mind will release

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1348 (view)
The beginning of the end......
Posted: 3/4/2008 4:50:54 PM
When the sun sets upon our eyes
The journey starts beyond all ties
Forming distant place and time
A brilliant journey…such sublime
A fonder, greater, gentler, plain
Tempered souls forever unchained
Memories locked and stored within
Your body floats with shedding skin
Shedding darkness your spirit consoles
And fondly gathers with happy souls
Protected in solace bonds of infinity
Form endless bounds for all eternity

Yes...Joshua if you think about it…your memories have always been with you. Your intuition, urges and instinct just to mention a few are your old memories.
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1332 (view)
somewhere outside the illusion
Posted: 2/29/2008 3:30:27 PM
Clouded whispers form a dream
Trickle water running stream
Forming sand and sculpting life
Cutting darkness tempered knife
Future’s illusion crept in minds
Of the visions it unwinds
Carried deep within our soul
Until the end we now will shoal
Waiting patiently for an instance
Of conclusion’s wondered brilliance

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1317 (view)
Posted: 2/22/2008 8:32:38 PM
"j" I am once again humbled by your praise...

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1314 (view)
Posted: 2/21/2008 10:34:32 PM
The lunar eclipse the planets align
Lost is the light in a moment’s time
Tracing the edge as if to consume
The gentle light reflecting the moon

Lost in the universe amongst the stars
Hiding in shadows maybe on mars
Finding its way back out of the night
To illuminate the moon in brilliant light

This is a passage so frequent in time
It only happens when planets align
And when the moon is full in its bloom
With the sun shining and earth to consume

So take each opportunity to look up and gaze
At the wonderment of this delicate phase
Consume the beauty and lock it away
And take it with you for a rainy day

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 377 (view)
Posted: 2/21/2008 10:03:40 PM
If you don’t like it at least be aware
Of her quiet eyes and her gentle stare
Daggered thoughts strewn through time
In her lunar eclipse when planets align

Taking the night from the day
Lost in illusion left out to play
A gentle tune in chorus wind
Lost in time form the beginning’s end

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 369 (view)
Posted: 1/21/2008 12:57:35 AM
And we all take to flight
Soaring stars into the night
Fire lost within the sky
Learning how to gently fly

From the day into the night
Slowly fading out of sight
Burning stars light the dark
On a the journey we embark

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1248 (view)
Rhythms of Movement
Posted: 1/14/2008 12:23:06 AM
Sun shines in prism’s lights
Rainbow colours shining bright
Dancing gently on my wall
Carry forward come to fall
Colours fading out of sight
From the darken of the night
Lost until the morning dew
Then the lights become anew
Arriving again within my gaze
Rainbows dancing gentle haze
Carried softly through the air
Lost and lovely in gentle stare
Suspended again until lights fade
Then the darkness will invade
Each day with sun begins this joy
Only for darkness to ever destroy

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 445 (view)
a place for us novices...
Posted: 1/8/2008 5:27:15 PM
Each day draws closer to conclusion
A broken heart lost in illusion
Years gone by seem like yesterday
Too many to count along the way
Wondering if her love will receive
A live long goal, a desire to achieve
With absolute heart, I reach out
Unsuspecting soul clutching doubt
Looming to be crushed and burned
Fond of years, lost and yearned
Within this all I must contend
To bring this sorrow to an end
Finally closing this chapter’s fate
Hoping I’m right, it’s never too late
To turn past mistakes to make them right
And shed the darkness into the light

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 355 (view)
Posted: 12/3/2007 11:09:46 PM
Releasing your soul into flight
Traveling farther journeying out of sight
Soaring through the heavens above
Lost and lonely giving a shove

Taking the dark out of the night
Showing you the world among the light
This is the journey of your soul
Taking you from empty...leaving you whole

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 354 (view)
Posted: 11/30/2007 11:44:36 PM
Of twisted narrow blight
Storms off into night
Cascading in the dark
Leaving not a mark

No traces left behind
Nothing of the mind
Even less than taken
For all of the unforsaken

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 412 (view)'s in your eyes...
Posted: 11/28/2007 12:28:17 AM
I wish I could see what’s in your eyes
They look so divine and tenderly wise
I wish I could feel what’s in your heart
Holding it close so it will never depart
I wish I could see what is in your mind
All of your wisdom carefully defined
I wish I could feel what’s in your soul
Keeping you happy and utterly whole
I wish I could steal all of your design
But if I did…it would never be mine

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 433 (view)
a place for us novices...
Posted: 11/26/2007 11:58:58 PM
Some inspiration for trying times.....

The light illuminates the darkened room
Enhancing the walls removing gloom
Brightening the spirit within its walls
Through the window extending its calls
Coaxing your spirit out into the light
A beautiful day for your heart to ignite
Enjoy the beauty of this brave world
A glass of lemonade carefully swirled
Breathing in the fresh desert air
Will do you some good to help you repair
Your spirit, mind and all that matters
Healing in time from all that shatters
Repairing your soul for another day
Where memories replace all your dismay
So enjoy the light illuminating your room
Spring from shadows that cover your womb

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1181 (view)
Abstract Rhythms
Posted: 11/26/2007 11:26:58 PM
Eyes of beauty locked in stare
Captured within a heart so rare
Peering through my very soul
Satisfied sentiment gratefully whole
All the beauty within her eyes
Gracefully fluttering up she flies
Carrying me within her arms
I’m falling for her many charms
Locked within her tender heart
Tender and kind from the very start
A bountiful beauty for me to explore
Lovely and wise she’s hard to ignore
I pray I have captured her soul
And filled her heart so equally whole

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 408 (view)
Bubblez's been awhile...The Simplest Kiss...
Posted: 11/16/2007 12:10:17 AM
Her voice breaks the teeming empty room
Filled with people but none consume
Sonnets tumbling, rolling down from her tongue
Words graced together…wholeheartedly sung
Harmonies piercing an empty soul
Profound in the heart substantially whole
Just as it began she faded from sight
Lost in the pages she turned out the light
A flicker in time every once in a while
Leaving us wanting more than her smile
I ponder and wonder what has become
Lost are her words left uncomfortable numb
Hoping her past suffering is lost
Pushed aside and forever are tossed
That she’s living a life coveted in bliss
Enjoying even the simplest kiss

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1161 (view)
Abstract Rhythms
Posted: 11/15/2007 11:01:48 PM
The earth moves with tremendous force
Spinning through space maintaining its course
Sheltered in rhythm through space and time
Movement so effortless as if in its prime
To the contrary of its ultimate age
Glancing forward the future to presage
Within a million or a billion of years
Blazing the future of countless frontiers
This is the vigor within the universe
Contained in the mind for all to traverse

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1158 (view)
Abstract Rhythms
Posted: 11/13/2007 8:37:34 PM
Life it seems turns in time
Lost in motion of the gentle grind
Spinning in the cosmos belt
A spinning motion never felt
Circling worlds we may never know
Amongst the stars and a blinding glow
Warming up the sands of time
Conjuring up the mind’s sublime

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 430 (view)
a place for us novices...
Posted: 11/13/2007 8:26:45 PM
It’s funny when life takes its course
And leaves you with such little remorse
A twist of fate and trying times
Wishing one could pull the blinds
But the days that come will fill the mind
And take you away from the gentle grind
Passion for life will fill your days
Then will come, the sun’s beautiful rays
Time will pass and days go by
A distant memory of wondering why
You’ll look back and understand
That in this life you are a grain of sand
A small portion of something great
And life’s path is best left to fate
Not to wallow within your mind
And everything will become aligned
You’ll be feeling strong and soon begin
To forget the pain and start to grin
Go about your days on this fine earth
Cherishing your life upon this rebirth

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 404 (view)
i closed my eyes to see
Posted: 10/18/2007 12:21:49 AM
I closed my eyes to see
Lost but distant memory
A vision fading into sight
Longs a wrong to make it right
Within the darkness hope belongs
To turn the sorrow into songs
Verses that carry misery
Long to be a happy melody
These are wishes many would choose
To take back time without confuse
But this life’s complexity
Is lost in what’s left of humanity
So one can only hope and pray
This wrong will be right again someday

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1090 (view)
Abstract Rhythms
Posted: 10/2/2007 2:19:59 AM
Emotions lifted near heavens soar
Floating on wings, on to explore
True essence of a flowers scent
Long to lost of love’s last lament

Emotions elevated toward heavens gate
Bequeathed to one…detained in fate
Life’s a journey a winding course
Love’s destiny a tremendous force

Lifting emotions sound on eagles wings
A beautiful sonnet of the heart it sings
Carried through the test of time
Left in the heart of love sublime

These are the emotions conceded in mind
Carefully selected and tenderly designed
Blessed to a heart so tender and true
Lost in the love that is given to few

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 378 (view)
a place for a novice and anyone else who wants to join in...
Posted: 9/24/2007 11:50:22 PM
That is just one those verses
Lost in lines of tremendous curses
Carried through time and space
Over the airwaves to another place

Difference of the meaning provokes
In the minds of many of folks
Taking in and basked by some
Viewed by them in this forum

But within these lines lies modest core
Little imagination to make the memory soar
So hear I sit staring up to the stars
Enjoying a drink in this desert bar

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 347 (view)
Contemplate Straight 8 LINE Bonanza STANZAS. Please read post one first.
Posted: 9/24/2007 11:33:36 PM
I didn’t know he pushed me out to seek his suicide
Or take the world with him on his selfish ride
Leaving one to ponder in wonderment about his fate
Then the thoughts of many without the ability to relate

Why would one choose such a selfish path
Leaving the wake of a terrible wrath
Upon the family and the ones he called friend
To leave them nothing but sorrow at his life’s end

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1084 (view)
Abstract Rhythms
Posted: 9/24/2007 11:13:41 PM
What if you could stop and pause
And freeze at that moment of tremendous loss
When your memories flicker across your view
And twist the fate that has come to you
As the moving pictures string along
You start to wonder what went wrong
A second seems an eternity
Your thoughts turn to insanity
You seem powerless…caught in motion
Moving slowly amidst commotion
But what if you could stop and pause
Turn the moment and end the chaos
Could you change life’s destined fate
Rewrite your path upon your slate
Or would that be your destiny
Locked in time for eternity

Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 1072 (view)
Abstract Rhythms
Posted: 9/16/2007 9:33:34 PM
A butterfly’s wings open in flight
Tender beauty all colours in sight
Floating delicately through the air
Left in my mind, gently I stare
At the beauty of this world’s grace
Soaring in time as if to gently trace
The path to the south of desert sun
Glistening light of gold bullion
Taking the day into the night
Showing us how tender the flight
The earth moves as such each day
Ever so gently in beautiful foray
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 370 (view)
a place for us novices...
Posted: 9/16/2007 9:17:17 PM
Things have been good under my stars
A comfortable light the healing of scars
My heart it beats with its new adorn
Like beautiful sunshine of each desert morn
Catching a glimpse of each gentle light
Bringing the world into beautiful sight
Much the same as in your part of the world
Gently stitched and evenly purled
Woven with life as it is meant to be
Comfortably spoken, gentle and free
So with this wisdom take on the day
Go forward boldly and remember to play
Take your time and seek out your spark
It’s searching the sky in a beautiful ark
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 367 (view)
a place for us novices...
Posted: 8/31/2007 12:31:41 AM
The sun is hot in the desert sky
Baking the earth running it dry
Life’s trust broken away
A heart that longs love to stay
Take the time learning your lines
Exploring the earth and exploring their minds
Patience a word…a stumbling action
Take your time there will be no reaction
For if a heart is tender and true
It will take the time learn all about you
For the earth spins, never a hurry
Your mind again will never know such fury
It’s just like I have come to know
Tucked in the stars in a gentle stow
Waiting in time for the perfect night
To flow into your eyes a beautiful sight
So sit back and enjoy this desert side bar
It’s closer than you think but never so far
Look to the sky and see into the dark
Streaking the sky a beautiful spark
Traveling through time to your very heart
Patience, curiosity a beautiful start
So sip your drink in this desert side bar
Look to the sky beyond the stars
Wait in patience for your guiding light
And don’t give in without a fight
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Favorite Quotes
Posted: 8/27/2007 9:53:40 PM
Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day....
Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.

Sort of ironic here....

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Bubblez Bubblez...dreaming in time...left in the sands of this gentle grind...
Posted: 7/9/2007 7:19:56 PM
Welcome back LA.....

Cleansed from the sands of time
Brought back from a courageous climb
To a world of something new
Something beautiful and gently true
With each wave that washed the past
Bringing something beautifully vast
Now it’s time to walk this road
To the new life gently stowed
High in the heavens amongst the stars
Tucked far away hidden in the quasars
Waiting for your tender touch
Reaching forward as if to clutch
This new time tender and free
Held in time for all your beauty

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