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 Author Thread: Study Linking Vaccine To Autism Found Was Fraud
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Study Linking Vaccine To Autism Found Was Fraud
Posted: 5/2/2015 11:18:05 AM
I am allowed to laugh right? People are so crazy. They find ways to explain things they don't understand so they are not afraid of them.

Let me tell you something: Japan banned the use of the MMR vaccine, and the children born after the ban were actually more likely diagnosed, and the rate of children born with it actually increased once it was banned. Taking it away did not fix anything, and it doesn't even need to be fixed.

Asperger's Syndrome and autism, according to the latest research, and as, I myself having been saying this for 10 years now, because I have had all the time in the world to explore my own mind, because I literally had no one until awhile ago, and even now, I still understand my Asperger's Syndrome, because I have it.

As someone right inbetween functioning and completely handicapped, I have an insane amount of grip on reality, and here's why.

There's a theory known as Intense World Theory. Backed by extensive research and data, it serves to show that people with Asperger's Syndrome or Autism, are suffering from, in the simplest terms, 'total information overload'. While someone that is neurologically typical, may have only 10 connections between each neuron on average, someone on the spectrum easily doubles or triples the amount of neural connections that an NT has. This results in superior sensory functions, and an unsurpassed ability to learn, and think. Psychologically, this means that when they are disciplined, it is exponentially more damaging. This was shown on rats using a chemical made recently, to simulate asperger's sensory wise, but without the intelligence. The rat without the chemical when conditioned, easily changed his behavior. When he did something wrong, the loud noise eventually served to condition his behavior. However, the rat with the administered chemical, never even got the chance to perform an action more than once. The bell rang, and he stayed in the corner shaking, cowering in fear from the pain he felt. His behavior was not corrected, it only beat him down.

We are physically clumsy, because as we process an action on a large scale, the rate we are thinking and processing at, increases over time, eventually, we will our muscles to move, faster than the muscle or action can physically be performed, leading there to be a time in which the muscle stalls, or takes the time to re-synch with the brain in simple terms.

If there was a comparison in fiction, it is literally as if they are an evolved human, or even a super-soldier (not soldier, I personally am not able to even harm a fly or mosquito if it is not directly touching me, because I feel guilty and terrible after taking the life of something inferior to me.)

Please understand, that a vaccine by definition, is not capable of altering the brain on that scale in such a short time. There is literally no explanation besides genetics that can be used as a reason for this disorder, because we don't have the technology to genetically alter beings at this level. People wonder why there is no single gene for it, and say it doesn't exist. That is wrong, the reason there is no single gene, is because there are too many genes that are indicating a role in autism, and even then, that means they are not inheritors of a single mutation, or disorder. It is as if they 'are' a mutation.

Just as life was sheer coincidence (there is an extreme, volume of data and evidence that supports the melting pot theory, which I believe is still the most widely accepted and accurate theory.) It is a miracle, that something so profound has taken shape even at this point in the Earth's history.
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