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 Author Thread: List of Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct
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List of Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct
Posted: 12/12/2017 9:09:25 PM
I agree with Jeff Flake’s tweet: “Decency wins!”

Let's see if this becomes a trend.
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Sitting, kneeling or hiding out in the lockeroom during our anthem
Posted: 9/26/2017 9:11:21 PM
Message 4 ...
Chaeleonf ...
For him, it's just a platform for an agenda like it is for those taking the knee. He's the least patriotic president to date.

He's fund-raising on the whole thing.

We have only had a national anthem (officially) since 1931 so it really is not a "symbol" for the military. We sent plenty of military off to fight without a national anthem and many of them came back in a casket without the national anthem.

We find the American flag on military uniforms ... but the national anthem is not emblazoned on their uniforms.

They are peacefully protesting at a venue that millions of people watch ... in order to draw attention to the plight of many others who would not normally have such a popular venue in order to get anyone's attention.
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Trump is President.
Posted: 8/22/2017 5:27:54 PM
Message 2884 ...
dee ...
Trump supporters got a Supreme Court Justice.

That wasn't Trump supporters ... that was Mitch "Turtle" McConnell.

That was McConnell's way of getting back at President Obama for winning the 1st time ... and then winning again after he swore he was going to make him a 1-term president.

I suspect there are repugnicants in the senate and house who also knew about the Russian collusion that will pull a Chaffetz before this is all over.
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HRC won the popular vote, and sure would do it again today!
Posted: 8/22/2017 7:34:20 AM
If Trump goes out to Arizona where they have asked him to stay away ...

... and pardons that sheriff ...

... I believe it will pretty much solidify what we all know ...

... Trump is a bigot and racist ... among other things.
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hey, c'mon, D is just flighty, that's all :)
Posted: 8/14/2017 10:35:13 AM
Message 3347 ...
yule ...
Bannon will not be happy if Trump alienates these Pple by lashing out at them, and by the same token, Trump cannot fire or piss off Bannon (as he did with Sessions and Spicer) because Bannon likely has too much dirt on Trump.

Yep ... no doubt.

Flynn and Manafort are probably gonna sing and will probably need immunity because I do not foresee them getting any pardons if they blow the whistle on the only guy(s) who can issue a pardon ... eh?

Message 3351 ...
Ilove ...
In Germany, people go to jail for giving the nazi salute.

Found this ...
"Symbols from the Nazi-era, such as the swastika or the "Heil Hitler" salute, are illegal in Germany, but far-right political groups have also been granted equal right to hold demonstrations to air their views. Holocaust denial is punishable by imprisonment, but neo-Nazi parties have been tolerated as long as they draw no explicit links with the Nazi regime.

At the following link, is a list of countries and explanation of how they tolerate use of swastikas which apparently "... pre-dates the German Third Reich by some 3000 years. It is possible to display certain non-Nazi swastikas even in areas where Nazi hakenkreuz swastikas are prohibited."

Excerpts ...
In France, it is illegal to display Nazi flags, uniforms and insignia in public, unless for the purpose of a historical film, show or spectacle.

In April 2000 the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism and Union des étudiants juifs de France (the Union of French Jewish Students) brought a case against Yahoo! which objected to the auctioning of Nazi memorabilia, in France, via Yahoo!'s website on the basis that it contravened Article R645-1. Though a French judge did initially order Yahoo! to take measures to make it impossible for users in France to reach any Nazi memorabilia through the Yahoo! site, in December 2001 the US District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that Yahoo! would be shielded from the judgement of the French court.

Main article: Strafgesetzbuch § 86a

Germany strictly prohibits public display of Nazi symbols, such as the swastika and the SS logo, unless it is for historical purposes.
The use of Nazi symbols is legal in Israel. Legislation regarding such symbols was initiated in early 2012 but no law was passed.

Lebanon has no legislation designed to restrict the ownership, display, purchase, import or export of Nazi flags.

United States
The public display of Nazi flags is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution which guarantees the right to freedom of speech.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 8/10/2017 4:03:37 PM
Message 3313 ...
mungo ...
On the other... They are literally giving Trump's "fire and fury" the finger... VERY publicly and under a magnifying glass... and there is no way for Trump to save face...

It's just two pig-man babies playing "My dick is bigger than yours". Wouldn't happen if a woman was president ... no dick to play with?

LMAO at what David Letterman said ...
"We know there’s something wrong, but what I’m tired of is people, daily, nightly, on all the cable news shows telling us there’s something wrong. I just think we ought to direct our resources and our energies to doing something about it. If the guy was running Dairy Queen, he’d be gone. This guy couldn’t work at the Gap. So why do we have to be victimized by his fecklessness, his ignorance? I feel bad for people who did vote for him, because he promised them things that they really needed. Let’s just stop whining about what a goon he is and figure out a way to take him aside and put him in a home.”
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On Fox News today.....
Posted: 8/10/2017 5:57:15 AM
^^^^ Here, this might help ...

On 08/08/17 at 2:11 PM Hannity posted ...
"In light of dangerous NKorea threat, I'm stopping all petty political disagreements for at least next 12 hours. Let's see what others do."

On 08/08/17 at 10:03 PM Hannity posted ...
"@SenateMajLdr No Senator, YOU are a WEAK, SPINELESS leader who does not keep his word and you need to Retire!"

From a little after 2 PM to a little after 10 PM is about 8 hours.
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Great Job , isreal
Posted: 8/8/2017 7:02:47 PM
If you keep it up, I might get the feeling you don't like me.

Give me a reason to "like" you.

I know you wouldn't want that.

You have to know by now that I really don't care who in here likes or doesn't like me ... it does not affect my life in any way.

I just don't care. I have a job (and my patients love me), I have a roof over my head (that I own), I am loved by family AND friends (many in here) and I have everything I need. So I really don't care if someone in here does not like me.

I have good grounds for the way I feel about our world affairs and I am comfortable posting those views. I do not have to come in here and hide who I am ... my photos are up-to-date and I'm open about how I spend my time in my profile because I have nothing to hide and greet the opportunity to meet fellow POF members. I actually go out with them from time to time and sing with them ... they like the way I sing.

I'm not some 400-pound chunk of lard laying on a bed somewhere and I have great social skills ... sing, dance, ride bike, work in my yard and garden (veggies and flowers) ... interact well with my neighbors.

While POF is dear to me, I am not concerned how random members feel about me, so fire away as you have been for quite some time.

There are really only a few things that I am inflexible on ... and one is zionists killing Palestinians and stealing their land. I'm proud of my Jewish friends who support me being so outspoken about it. I'm proud of my Holocaust patients and their famiies (they are becoming fewer and fewer - sigh) who also support me being so outspoken about it.

Actually, many say that they feel like what they went through was in vain when one sees what is now going on in Israel. The family members are very outspoken about that and openly embrace others who oppose the vile treatment of the Palestinians in the name of Israel.

Those who deny that such people could possibly feel as they do ... cannot really know how the truly Jewish people feel. They are sad that the zionists are promoting such a hateful and despicable movement. They are ashamed of it.
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Great Job , isreal
Posted: 8/8/2017 1:33:53 PM
Message 1519 ...
LOL ...
Are you paying attention?

Apparently it's not ... because it was definitely that new profile that comes in here calling me names ... which is why it's odd that it's so interested.

But, I don't know if it's interested in me because it's a "boy" ... or because it's a "girl" looking for some sort of "girl-girl" hookup because I definitely do not swing that way.

Not sure, but I'm thinking it's that poster that was a girl who even said it lived in israel at one time. Then it came in here acting like a man. Then it came back in here posting to itself as another woman, then it became a man and often posts to the other girl posts that are now just laying there totally abandoned because it keeps getting deleted ... then, well I guess you all know the story.

Not sure how you being crazy is related to anyone emailing anyone, but it does prove my point that you are clearly a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.

That's it! Maybe it invited it's other self to a picnic and they both robbed the picnic basket on the way .. ergo the shortage of sandwiches?

I wonder if that's a viable excuse for the Trump/Nuttinbutayahoo creepy behavior?

Message 1520 ...
mungo ...
Given that... I would watch out... If there is no written, doctor-certified statement of medication compliance... you could be asking for trouble...

Yeah ... thought about that. What if it uses the same kind of doctor notes that Trump provides?
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Great Job , isreal
Posted: 8/8/2017 11:23:16 AM
Message 1491 ...
mungo ...
I'm sure they have programs... to assist you with that... medication compliance... issue...

Speaking of which ... does anyone have any idea who that new profile is? It keeps writing to me and coming on to me! (Oh dear ... please tell me it's not a zionist trying to meet up with me. Of course, I'd feel the same way about a repugnicant trying to meet up with me.)

I was thinking it's "Marilyn" but it says it's a "boy", so now I'm not sure what to think. What's a lady to do if a "girl" who is posing as a "boy" writes and wants to get it on?
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Great Job , isreal
Posted: 8/8/2017 8:51:51 AM
Message 1498 ...
gto ...
Bibi's having his criminality probe moment, too.

Seems Nuttinbutayahoo and his good pal Trump are both not only reading the same book but are on the same page. From the article gto noted ... "His office and his supporters have denounced the investigations as a political witch hunt intended to topple him from power."

And as to his wife and her own "legal" problems ... "Adding to the Nuttinbutayahoo family troubles, the police questioned Mr. Nuttinbutayahoo’s wife, Sara, this past week for a fourth time as part of an investigation into accusations that public funds were misused at the Nuttinbutayahoos’ residences."

LMAO ... one of them has an escort / hooker for a wife and the other has an airline attendant / hooker for a wife and both got involved with them while they were still married to a previous wife.

"From Inauguration Day on Jan. 20 through the end of May, the Trump administration had spent more than twice as much on White House furniture as President Obama did during the same period.

Looks like they also like to use the taxpayer money on their extravagances as well. Sara is being investigated for it and it appears Trump just outright rubs our nose in it. (I wonder if Pence will have similar enough tastes so that we don't have to pay for still another set of furniture for them.)
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 8/6/2017 7:04:23 AM
Message 3246 ...
yule ...
Ahhh, Mueller starting to squeeze some "nuts".

I think we may have to start monitoring the faces of a few more "GOP scum" ... especially when Mueller starts squeezing still more "nuts".

Russian Oligarch Money Flows Freely Into The Upper Reaches Of The GOP

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Senior Republican lawmakers have received millions in contributions from Russian oligarchs connected to Vladimir Putin.

While party loyalty is often seen as why Republicans choose not to overly criticize the President, there is something else that is holding them back as well: Many senior Republicans have unseemly relations with Russian officials too.

“Donald Trump and the political action committees for Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich and John McCain accepted $7.35 million in contributions from a Ukrainian-born oligarch who is the business partner of two of Russian president Vladimir Putin’s favorite oligarchs and a Russian government bank.

During the 2015-2016 election season, Ukrainian-born billionaire Leonid “Len” Blavatnik contributed $6.35 million to leading Republican candidates and incumbent senators. Mitch McConnell was the top recipient of Blavatnik’s donations, collecting $2.5 million for his GOP Senate Leadership Fund under the names of two of Blavatnik’s holding companies, Access Industries, and AI Altep Holdings, according to Federal Election Commission documents and”

Given the role of money in U.S. politics, it is unlikely that Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) or the other Republicans mentioned would necessarily want to bite the hand that feeds them.
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Great Job , isreal
Posted: 8/5/2017 4:36:32 PM
Message 724 / 725 ...

I hate to disillusion you but the "holocaust card" is still being used even today. I know, it's despicable. But they do it all the time. It's used by AIPAC regularly.

... having personally known several holocaust survivors....both Jewish and non Jewish....I find that referring to such a horrific event in such a flippant manner rather offensive.

Actually, that was not "flippant" ... it is the truth. It's what they do.

It is no different, imo, than claiming black people use the slavery card.

Actually, I have worked with black people who do that as well. I get to cut them off though when I tell them that I had nothing to do with it and do not intend to pay any debt they think I might owe them because I'm NOT black. It they got their job on their credentials then I don't care if they're green and from the moon ... they still have to meet the same standards as I do.

Nuttinbutayahoo uses anything he can to push his message of killing Palestinians any way he can so the zionists can steal their land. And our supreme leader likes to think he's Nuttinbutayahoo's best buddy and that his crown prince son-in-law will achieve "world peace" in the Middle East ... just like all the Miss Universe candidates want to achieve "world piece". He has just about as much chance of doing that as they do.

Hint ... you don't send a zionist to to negotiate peace with the Palestinians ... could just send Nuttinbutayahoo ... same difference.

I am sure you did not mean it to come across the way it does.

I usually mean every word I write. I'm not concerned with having to sweeten things up in here for those who read what I write. No one is forcing anyone to read what people write in here.
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Msg: 3533 (view)
There are pills for leftist depression and anger. Obscenity as bravado? Not yet.
Posted: 7/28/2017 12:45:57 PM
Message 3528 ...
dee ...
I actually wrote that when Trump was accused of collusion. He should Stop responding. Let the haters prove it.

They're not "haters" ... and they are in the process of proving it.

Should they start an investigation so that they can find out the truth?

They're in the process of doing that.

Or is there not enough to start an investigation and it would seem like a fishing expedition?

I thought the whole world was aware that they have a Special Counsel Investigation in process ... and it's not a "fishing expedition". They only deal with facts.
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Msg: 2574 (view)
Comrade Trump is the Bully-in-Chief
Posted: 7/27/2017 12:37:44 PM
Message 2560 ...
LOL ...
Just an FYI to those people who are calling transgender people mentally ill.

If you believe an invisible man in the sky loves you unconditionally, but only under certain conditions, you may be the one who is mentally ill.

Actually ... this is mentally ill!

There was some seriously disturbing Trump merchandise at the Ohio rally

Did you guys happen to catch a glimpse at some of the Donald Trump merchandise that was flying around his Ohio rally?

It’s seriously disturbing.
I mean, for the most part you had your ‘MAGA’ golf hats and anti-snowflake T-shirts.

But some of the other merchandise took a questionable twist. Like an aggressive Kim Jong-Un target with the words: ‘There are no Walmarts in North Korea just TARGETS.’

And then a shooting target of Hillary Clinton

Mental illness at it's finest.

Isn't that the same kind of stuff that got Gabrielle Giffords and eighteen others shot in 2011?
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Msg: 2415 (view)
McCain has brain cancer, but at least he has insurance. but hey, we can't afford you to have it
Posted: 7/20/2017 10:00:24 AM
Message 2389 ...
Kj ...
A single payer system? Well....he wouldn't have been scheduled for the craniotomy for six months....likely after he passed away from such condition.

I do not know where or who you are getting your information from but that is not how it worked where I lived with "socialized medicine" (basically single-payer). There is no doubt in my mind that different systems of "socialized medicine" differ in different countries so we probably should resist making our decisions based only on one system we have either experienced or heard about. (I know I need to hold back on judging based alone on the system I lived with.)

While I have never been insured in Canada, I DO know about Canadians traveling to the US for surgeries they claim they could not obtain in Canada ... (for whatever reason) eager to bitch about the "socialized medicine" in Canada. Come to find out ... they apparently felt such surgeries were a "necessity" whereas the doctors / insurance company didn't. (I'm thinking "make you pretty again" surgeries should take a back seat to "keep me alive" surgeries?)

Our agency provided service to many of the wealthier Canadians who fell into that category and I can tell you ... their nose jobs and face lifts, liposuctions, breast and butt implant surgeries were probably the least concerns in Canada and so they were shoved to the end of the line ... DUH!!! As well, they told me (often) such surgeries were done out of the country and in out-of-the way places so their friends would not find out about it. I have seen such people promoting the idea that they can't get appropriate surgery in Canada and are put on long waiting lists ... only to find out it was "make me pretty again" surgeries!

Where I lived with "socialized medicine", the triage system was used and those who needed immediate help got it! I can speak for my own experience. That system was similar (from what I understand) to single payer. No one went without insurance ... people paid according to their verifiable income. NO ONE was rejected because of pre-existing conditions and likewise NO ONE paid more because of pre-existing conditions. And yes, the rich CEO did pay more than the fast-food burger slingers they employed.

Adults paid co-pays for medication but there was a cap (limit) on that as well. Adults did not pay co-pays for doctors unless they elected to go out of their area for treatment. The insurance was obligated to make sure there were always enough doctors in any given area to accommodate the population. For example, when the female population spiked in our area, they were obligated to provide an additional OB/GYN (which is actually how I got my dear doctor friend who has been a personal friend since taking me on as a patient back in 1979). When the population in general spiked, they added two additional general practitioners. Children paid no co-pays for any medication or item they needed.

Anyone who wanted more than just basic coverage could purchase supplemental insurance which would cover the cost of a private room (for example) as opposed to sharing a 2 or 3 bed room. If no private rooms were available, regardless of your insurance, you were put in a multiple bed room and you were well attended to. If you had the supplemental insurance you could elect to go out of your area for treatments or consults without paying the extra co-pay you would have incurred if you did not have the supplemental insurance.

Message 2401 ...
dee ...
Single payer with freedom to supplement sounds good. Hopefully they wouldn't outlaw supplementing because the want everyone to have bad healthcare equally.

I seriously doubt they would do that as the insurance companies would make out wonderfully on those purchasing the supplemental policies.

It is really just an extension of medicaid to everyone. Could have been done without all that Obamacare paper and confusion.

We just need Medicare for all and offer the supplemental policies for those who want more. I have Medicare and I also purchase a supplemental insurance which is not cheap. I have a friend who is a millionaire (he worked hard and long for that status) who is 7 years older than me and refuses to pay for any kind of supplemental insurance. To each their own.

And all the windfall to insurance companies.

Again perhaps a misconception ... read the ACA. The reason the insurance companies do not want the ACA is because they can't make the "windfall" they want to make.

I had to self-insure myself for 2 years prior to being eligible for Medicare as the company I worked for did not offer any kind of benefits. It was very expensive but thanks to the ACA, they also had to give me a refund each year ... for over-charging me. You kill the ACA ... and there will be absolutely no limit as to what the insurance companies will charge you.
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Msg: 2803 (view)
Muslim in America
Posted: 7/17/2017 1:16:07 PM
Message 2796 ...

fun ...
you keep getting kicked off this site ...

Yes I got kicked off again. I think one of the problems may be I never give a legitimate email address... and perhaps I get kicked off when the system catches up with me, since it seems to be a regularly scheduled interval. Or Elphaba, Herod, etc. might be working to report me in the background. Who knows.

The poster admits it got kicked off again ... perhaps related to not using legitimate email addresses or whatever, but still turns around and blames it on others who (IMO) could care less what that poster is posting.

This is a poster who has been a woman ... who is posing as a man ... living all over the US ... but has also posed as a zionist ... who lived in Israel (as a woman at that point) ... who openly admits to trolling until it gets thrown off and then brags about having backup profiles in waiting because it knows it will continuously get thrown off.

Oh dear ... do you suppose it is Trump's 600 lb. person laying on a bed somewhere?

(FYI ... according to TV shows my patient has sometimes tuned into ... 600 lb. people are generally unable to get up to go to the bathroom ... usually lay around and dookie in their diapers while they stuff food in their face.)
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Msg: 2790 (view)
Muslim in America
Posted: 7/16/2017 6:16:52 PM
Message 2763 ...
"Marilyn" ... et al his / her other names ...
Elphaba...still full of always...and you hold all Zionists responsible for their efforts of self defense.

Message 2765 ...
"Marilyn" ... et al his/ her other names ...
Not going to argue israel here ...

First she makes a troll post about the zionists to see if she can pry a post out of ... ... I don't know who ... apparently wanting someone to post about the zionists.

Then she posts that she is not going to argue israel here and then goes on in the 2nd line of the same post to start discussing israel.

So which is it ... do you want us posting about the zionists and israel or not?

OR ... are you the only one who gets to post about israel and then tell us you're not going to "argue israel here"?

LMFAO at "Marilyn" ... really can't make it's mind up. Oh dear ... is it a girl or boy ... or what?

Message 2771 ...
"Marilyn" ... et al his / her other names ...
The Jews did not kill anybody because they were religious...

But they do ... they kill Palestinians. Oh wait ... I forgot, the Zionists don't kill Palestinians because they're "Muslim" it's just because they're Palestinian and the Zionists want the Palestinian land.

Yeah ... that's it. Zionists don't kill people because the ones they're killing are religious ... it's because they want the land! (But anyone could have told you that ... pretty much the whole world could have told you that.)

... they were killed because they were religious..killed by atheists.

Atheists? That's odd ... the people who lived in the town I lived in mentioned something about the Catholics preaching about killing the jews at the Catholic church quite a bit. They also told me it's all part of the religious history between the jews and the Catholics. But you'd know about that ... right? That's nothing new to you ... right?

I thought you were not going to "argue israel in here". You apparently changed your mind?
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Msg: 2762 (view)
Muslim in America
Posted: 7/16/2017 8:23:38 AM
Message 2759 ...
dee ...
It goes against their basic PCism to say anything directly against islam or even those who kill people in its name.

Again, I'm not sure what you are talking about but it appears you are saying that someone is against saying something against Islam.

I have seen many in here who are disgusted about the Islam extremist behavior. The Muslims I work with are also disgusted by it. In fact I don't know anyone of any ethnicity or religious belief who hesitate to say they are opposed to anyone killing in the name of Islam.

"It goes against their basic PCism to say anything directly against islam" ... so if a person doesn't directly put Islam down, they are pro ISIS? Is that the meaning of your post?

I have continuously posted that I am against what ISIS does ... but I see no reason to hold all "Muslims" responsible for the behavior of a few. Neither would I hold all "X-tians" responsible for the behavior of a few (for example) "X-tian" rapists or molesters.

My sister and her husband are born again "X-tians" and while I'm not crazy about some of her practices ... she would never support any fellow "X-tian" rapists or molesters!

Why do people believe that all "Muslims" represent "extremist Islam"? Who would be so shallow as to believe all "Muslims" actually support ISIS?
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Msg: 2760 (view)
Muslim in America
Posted: 7/16/2017 7:58:17 AM
Message 2755 ...
dee ...
When they blame religions as the souce of what they consider an ill and it turns out that they are wrong they get all confused.

What are you talking about? I'm trying to figure out what that sentence means.

Who is"they" and what "ill" are you talking about?
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Msg: 1310 (view)
The biggest threat ever is from Russia because
Posted: 7/14/2017 6:12:10 AM
So how many people were really in that room for that meeting with Donny, Jr.?

Another person in room during Trump Jr. meeting?

An unnamed additional party was in the room during Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer, according to new reporting.

Russian - American lobbyist / former soviet counter intelligence officer suspected to having on-going ties to Russian intelligence was also in the room.

Now they are saying a 6th person was in the room ... wonder if he had "orange hair"?

Does this White House ever tell the truth?
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Msg: 78 (view)
In Canada we stand on guard for thee
Posted: 7/13/2017 9:15:27 PM
^^^^Message 77 ...
Decide for yourself. And BTW, (as many in here) I really don't care what you think ... but I AM interested in getting the truth out there.
Air Force’s mind-boggling violation: Members forced to swear religious allegiance
Why new strains of fundamentalism are said to be gaining ground in the services
"Evangelicalism Is the Official Religion of the Air Force Academy"
"We must continue to hold the Air Force's feet to the fire," said U.S. Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif., following the release of a weak report on the Pentagon investigation into proselytizing and religious intolerance at the Air Force Academy in Colorado. The Pentagon denied a systemic problem, but admitted insensitivity.

Rep. Steve Israel, D-N.Y., joined Capps in calling for stricter Congressional oversight into the military school. The investigation offered excuses, instead of acknowledging the "pervasive and coercive religious environment," Israel said.

The June 21 report was released on the same date that Capt. Melinda Morton announced she was resigning her commission. Morton, a Lutheran and executive chaplain at the Academy, contended she had been fired on May 4 for speaking out against the Academy's religious climate of "strident evangelicalism."

"Evangelicalism is the official religion of the Air Force Academy," she had told USA Today.

"The evangelical tone is pervasive at the Academy," she told The Washington Post, "and it's aimed at converting these young people who are under intense pressure anyway."

Early in my daughter's career she was told she really needed to go to church every week or possibly face some sort of "fragging". With all that's going on in this world, you'd think the last thing a commanding officer has time for is to check up on the enlisted personnel as to whether or not they attend church!

It's actually quite ridiculous ... not to mention sad.
Joined: 10/17/2005
Msg: 76 (view)
In Canada we stand on guard for thee
Posted: 7/13/2017 8:42:43 PM

Does your daughter?

She is not "front line" and only advises military personnel on what kind of weapons they can expect to encounter when out in the field.

She is in "Weapons Intelligence".

BTW ... she has been bullied numerous times in the Air Force for not being "religious". That shouldn't be happening either. She was told to go to church or she might get "fragged". Nothing right about that either ... eh?

Freedom from religion my ass.

If she does something immoral in the name of our country and is taken prisoner ... I expect her to be held responsible for her actions.
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Msg: 74 (view)
In Canada we stand on guard for thee
Posted: 7/13/2017 8:14:34 PM
Message 72 ...
Kj ...
... he believes Omar should give the money to the victims he harmed as evidence of true contrition.

Is that what our country should do when we go in and murder and maim and mutilate innocent civilians ... for no good reason?

Personal responsibility is imperative to personal growth.

Only time will tell if he uses his moral judgement and refuses to do the deeds of our war mongers when they go in and invade sovereign nations.

Only time will tell if he too will choose to murder, maim, mutilate and poison others ... for no damn good reason.
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Msg: 71 (view)
In Canada we stand on guard for thee
Posted: 7/13/2017 7:56:04 PM
The US probably should have paid the money ...

We're the ones who started the illegal war.

We're the ones who sent the American guy over there to dodge grenades.

We're the ones who illegally imprisoned the boy.

We're the ones who illegally tortured the boy.

We're the ones who illegally extracted a confession out of the boy ... under who knows what kind of techniques or circumstances. (I still have to wonder why a parent wasn't allowed to be present.)
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Radical conservatives making stupid great again
Posted: 7/13/2017 9:13:17 AM
Message 3104 ...
LOL ...
Either way, please feel free to point out anything you feel is incorrect, or keep up with the deflections and keep proving that you do not have the first clue what you are rambling on about.

The problem is that the extremely "informative" and "dependable" news sites with "FAKE" blog hosts that he subscribes to don't necessarily give him any tools for defending their garbage propaganda ... they just keep churning it out and pumping peoples' heads full of that shit.

It appears that in the above case ... the shit is sticking in his empty head? (What did you expect with all that space to fill?)

Message 3116 ...
dee ...
The choices were
A leftist supreme court appointee or two making decisions for a (more) degenerate direction nanny state
What we have now.

Actually, the choices are supposed to be to select a person who is exceptionally good at interpreting the Constitution ... helping us to insure that no one is being left out when we apply it to living life in the US.

I always thought it should be about seeing to it that our citizens are assured their rights. For example, I always just thought that religion was supposed to be a personal thing that one practices in private. As I got older, it became more and more apparent to me that we simply can't have a POTUS that might be a non-believer (even though this is not supposed to be a theocracy) and apparently now it's not possible to have a SCOTUS without it either.

ie. while I was growing up, it never occurred to me that "religious" judges might seal and destroy the fate of so many citizens. It saddens me.

Well, you win some, you lose some.

Actually, dee ... I see that as a loss for everyone.

It certainly is not democracy at work when "constitutional judges" can take away the human rights of a select number of citizens in our country. That's not what democracy is about.

Radical conservatives making stupid great again ...
I'd say that's an understatement of what is going on presently.

And we thought the dumbing down of our country was running amuck during the "Dumbya/Dimya" regime. This current ignorance is reaching a new high!
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Pay By Month????
Posted: 7/12/2017 11:08:37 AM
Message 5 ...
acopper ...
Id like to block people that have read my messages and not replied in a normal amount of time, however not block ones who just haven't seen them.

I think you can only block people who have actually written to you. I have never heard that blocking people you write to is an option on this site. I have seen many requests for that though.

In the way you described it, I'm not sure what you'd be blocking ... it would have to be to block your ability to once again approach that person?

blocking is a perfect way to get them off your lists ...

What lists are you referring to?

I mean lets be real here I have a hard time just keeping up with what I said to one person vs another and what I have asked, much less who I have emailed and got ignored on ...

Maybe just create a simple Excel spreadsheet so you can write in the name and date you approached someone and put a column in there for response ... yes / no?

I did that once ... but it was regarding users in my area and whether or not they were interested in participating in a POF event other than just meeting at a bar.

I was emailing participants from a previous POF event and asking what kind of other activities they would be interested in having ... picnic or perhaps bowling or swimming or camping ... and the Excel spread sheet was a life saver.

It sounds like you want the paid option to be more scientific and as I have never been a paid member, I can't say if the paid option will help you with that. Why not write to some of the people who have the "paid dot" on their profiles and ask if it has helped them?
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Msg: 4 (view)
Pay By Month????
Posted: 7/12/2017 9:34:39 AM
OP ...
Save your money.

I have never met anyone here on POF ... and I know a lot of people here related to the fact that I have personally hosted many POF parties and even worked with a forums moderator to do so. I have never met anyone here on POF who felt they got any extra attention from being a paid member ... nor did they state they felt they had any extraordinary advantages of being a paid member ... and so they let that "paid membership" lapse.

Personally, if I get offered some sort of program to make payments and they do not have an option that meets my idea of fair, I wouldn't participate.

I would suggest you look in your area for POF parties ... it's a great way to meet people. If there are none, consider hosting one yourself. It's summer ... host a POF potluck picnic and arrange for people to bring lawn games. We have that going on in our area and it's wonderful. Had over 100 people attend. They held it in a local metro park at a picnic shelter.

Good luck on here ... and I mean that sincerely.

PS ... no answer to a message is also an answer.
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The Democratic Leader
Posted: 7/12/2017 7:51:16 AM
Message 468 ...
Llove ...
Trump Jr: "I never told my father about meeting with Russian lawyer."

They have been lying with each version of this story ... and now they really expect us to believe that no one involved in that meeting ever bothered to tell the candidate about it?


bwhahahaha ...
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The biggest threat ever is from Russia because
Posted: 7/12/2017 7:43:08 AM
Does anyone believe the Russian lawyer and her explanation of the meeting with Trump Jr.?

Just curious.
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Msg: 2720 (view)
and yet HRC won the popular vote, just as predicted
Posted: 7/12/2017 6:50:15 AM
Message 2718 ...
gto ...
how's the GOP health care plan? where's the wall? Who's going to solve North Korea? oh if only we could return to the days of Obama, when instead of insults we saw a president get things done while the GOP Congress fiddled.

None of that stuff is going anywhere fast ... but it is getting to be "popcorn-level" entertainment.

The more that gets revealed about Trump and his ilks' collusion ... the more stock people should be buying in popcorn?

In the meantime, sit back and watch ... we can't say, "Sit back and enjoy" because it's actually a tragedy and all because of a narcissist who just can't bring himself to ever tell the truth and has raised a herd of children to lie as precociously as he does.

Sounds like a bad/sad version of The Wizard of Oz ... eh?

They're following the yellow brick road on their way to impeachment and prison as each little blurb leaks out. At the end of the road is the orange head in the oval office blowing off steam and fuming about how this is all getting exposed ... step by step. Trump looks more like Professor Marvel when Dorothy sees that Oz isn't so great.
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In Canada we reward terrorists
Posted: 7/11/2017 3:36:24 PM
Message 29 ...
LOL ...
Either way, your link says that people are treated equally, but the facts indicate that the statement is a lie.

As is much of the crap one can find at the "jewish virtual library".

The zionists are such good folks ... they'd never bulldoze and burn people alive ... even though there is proof of it all over the Internet.

As said ...
... for further indoctrination on how good the zionists are, read everything you can find in the "jewish virtual library"!

Yeah that's it. Let's all go to the "jewish virtual library" and learn what good ways the zionists treat the Palestinians. Then let's all find the nearest zionist and pat them on the back and tell them what good guys they are.

In the meantime, beware of your zionist neighbor, you could get bulldozed or burned alive ... especially if you're a Muslim or Palestinian.

Terrorism at it's finest!

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Msg: 30 (view)
In Canada we reward terrorists
Posted: 7/11/2017 12:56:31 PM
Message 26 ...

The jewish virtual library is the place to go to find nothing but good things said about the zionists.

Even a first grader could see through that shit.

Who are you trying to fool?

Oh wait, there are people here who would be fooled by that ... so you just keep pounding that out!

LMAO ... for further indoctrination on how good the zionists are, read everything you can find in the "jewish virtual library"! Yeah that's it. Stick your head in the sand and read away.

In the meantime, beware of your zionist neighbor, you could get bulldozed or burned alive ... especially if you're a Muslim or Palestinian.

Terrorism at it's finest!
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In Canada we laugh at people who think all muslims are terrorists
Posted: 7/11/2017 11:00:33 AM
Message 22 ...

Message 19 ...
Seems to me we are in no position to bitch about terrorism when we appear to be the number one terrorists in the world.

From ...
Do you mean the U.S. shouldn't use weapons of mass destruction when invading countries who are rumored to have weapons of mas destruction?

Why are we "invading" ANY country ... much less a country who is merely "rumored" (that is also a key word) ... to have WMD's?

Is the US now obligated to invade any and all countries who may or may not have WMD ... you know, no matter what the hell the rumor is?

If that's the case, why haven't we invaded all the other countries that have nuclear weapons? Or are those not considered WMD's?

I really don't know what point you're trying to make with your question?

For me, the bottom line is that we act like the number one terrorists in the world (based on our actions) ... so we are in no position to bitch about terrorism in any way! What the hell is this? Do as I say, not as I do? Seriously?

We support regimes that bulldoze and burn people alive in their homes and then steal their land and natural resources. We invade sovereign nations murdering their innocent civilians and poisoning their land with our "dirty bombs". Sounds like a pretty pure form of terrorism to me. I know if someone was doing that in my neighborhood I'd feel like we were being terrorized!

Who are we to go around purchasing human beings from other countries and imprisoning them without charging them for decades? What the hell is that all about?

Damn right someone should pay a hefty price for treating people like that.
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Msg: 1264 (view)
The biggest threat ever is from Russia because
Posted: 7/11/2017 10:44:52 AM
Oh dear ... t seems the biggest threat ever might be ... Bannon and Kushner

Look what they have in mind for our tax dollars ...
This Afghan War Plan By The Guy Who Founded Blackwater Should Scare The Hell Out Of You

By Adam Weinstein
on July 11, 2017

In case you thought James Mattis’ job running the Department of Defense wasn’t hard enough, he reportedly had to sit through a presentation — on a Saturday — by two top Beltway bandits, imposed on him by President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and his top propaganda consigliere, on how the Afghanistan war should be run by defense contractors.

Based on that meeting, your forever war could have gotten a bunch longer and a whole lot dumber, according to this new report from the New York Times:

Erik D. Prince, a founder of the private security firm Blackwater Worldwide, and Stephen A. Feinberg, a billionaire financier who owns the giant military contractor DynCorp International, have developed proposals to rely on contractors instead of American troops in Afghanistan at the behest of Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s chief strategist, and Jared Kushner, his senior adviser and son-in-law, according to people briefed on the conversations.

On Saturday morning, Mr. Bannon sought out Defense Secretary Jim Mattis at the Pentagon to try to get a hearing for their ideas, an American official said. Mr. Mattis listened politely but declined to include the outside strategies in a review of Afghanistan policy that he is leading along with the national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster.

Mattis and McMaster have promised to deliver their revised Afghanistan strategy to President Trump this month, and while they’re smart enough to know that not all military contracting is evil, they’re not stupid enough to put stock in Prince, a truly unscrupulous money-eating slug jammed into the cold husk of a crew-cut, flag-pin-flaunting patriot.

OMG ... that would be like turning the Afghan war over to "Beavis and Butt-Head"!

LMAO ... James G. Stavridis (former NATO Supreme Allied Commander) said that would be an idea that falls into the category of "dumb and dumber" ... which reminded me would be at the level of "Beavis and Butt-Head".

Since profiting off of Blackwater’s brutality, Prince has also tried to create a “secret” private army for the United Arab Emirates, militarized crop dusters for use as attack planes by clients in South Sudan, and allegedly helped then-candidate Trump try to set up a backchannel line of communication to the Kremlin through his own sketchy security contacts in the Middle East and the Seychelles.

Prince — who is Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ brother — reportedly coordinated that latter effort with Bannon and Kushner, the same Trump confidants who got Prince his July 8 audience with Mattis. Prince was a popular guest on Bannon’s radio show during the 2016 campaign, specializing in spittle-flecked conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton’s emails, rhetorical broadsides that appear more ironic and hilarious with every passing day.

Yep ... and now we see what's coming out about all that.

So what’s Prince’s and Feinberg’s idea for winning Afghanistan? The New York Times’ sources say their spiel mirrored a May Wall Street Journal op-ed by Prince, in which he said “an expensive disaster” could be averted by turning control of the Afghan war over to “one person: an American viceroy who’d lead all coalition efforts.” That man — gosh, who could fill such a crucial role? — would report directly to the president and run the war through “private military units” patterned after the East India Company, because that worked so well in Afghanistan in 1842.

Feinberg’s contribution to the conversation was to propose giving “the C.I.A. control over operations in Afghanistan, which would be carried out by paramilitary units and hence subject to less oversight than the military,” a source told the New York Times. That strategy was being called “the Laos option,” because operating covertly in Laos to win the Vietnam War was a smashing success for the U.S. with no strategic complications or troubling human rights implications whatsoever. But such an option in Afghanistan could be hugely profitable for Dyncorp, and for Feinberg himself, a college ROTC dropout who was rumored to be under consideration for a Trump administration job last year.

OMFG ... what is this 3-ring circus going to come up with next?

Now, imagine again that you’re Mattis, and you’re spending a Saturday “listening politely” to these yahoos beg for complete control over your theater of operations to practice empire for fun and profit, because the president’s pals say you should. It’s a testament to the defense secretary’s integrity that he shot them down. It’s testament to his self-control that he didn’t go HAM on them. Here’s hoping that a Mad Dog can keep the wild hyenas at bay a little longer.

Well I guess only time will tell what "the biggest threat ever" really is.
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Msg: 1256 (view)
The biggest threat ever is from Russia because
Posted: 7/11/2017 7:50:56 AM
Message 1236 ...
From site to sight ...
Trump probably left the table to make business deals with some big shot international businessmen that were there. That has priority over any international politics.

Well, maybe he needed a nap.

Message 1237 ...
Llove ...
Anyone who defends this corrupt administration is also complicit of treason.

That and being a possible pussy-grabber!

Beware of Trump supporters who post pictures of themselves with their hands all over little girls.

Message 1242 ...
Llove ...
Just because you keep ignoring questions posed to you does not mean the Trump administration/Russian interference will go away.

He will not answer questions he is too dumb to answer. And he will also never post a link ... because those are dumb too!

Message 1243 ...
LMFAO! Don't forget he mows lawns for a living. I think he's been sniffing too much on those gas fumes. That'll fry your brain comparable to the way he posts.
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In Canada we reward terrorists
Posted: 7/11/2017 5:48:19 AM
Message 17 ...
forever ...
Sorry but all i get from your posts is that it appears you're pro-trudeau

I don't understand.

What would be wrong with being "pro-Trudeau"?

As for the title of the thread ... Americans go around invading sovereign nations, buying human beings from warring nations and imprisoning the "purchased goods" for years without charging them for any specific crime. I consider that for terrorist behavior.

We support nations that regularly murder citizens from their neighboring country and steal the land from the murdered people, regularly steal that neighboring country's water for their illegal settlements ... which I consider for terrorist behavior.

Who is reaping the rewards for such despicable behavior?

So who are the civilized people here?

Seems to me we are in no position to bitch about terrorism when we appear to be the number one terrorists in the world.
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Msg: 12 (view)
In Canada we reward terrorists
Posted: 7/10/2017 3:56:19 PM
Wow ... what a payout for torturing someone.

It's illegal to torture prisoners. It's also illegal to make children confess to crimes by threatening them with a lifetime of detention without a trial unless they plead guilty. He was held for more than a decade in legal limbo, outside the scope of regular U.S. law in a place where “enhanced interrogation techniques” and outright torture were routine.

He qualified as a child soldier under UN conventions that Canada had pledged to uphold. The government should have done all it could to protect him, not cooperate in his legal persecution.

Message 11 ...
mungo ...
But... it was a classic American effort... to take what "you" don't deserve and isn't "yours" in the first place... wasn't it...?

Yep it sure was!

The US was participating in an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation and they have been illegally holding innocent people for a long time. When are they going to take "Dumbya" and his gang of terrorists to court on war crimes?

That US soldier's wife should be going after the US government for money not to mention that her husband should have refused to go to Afghanistan. It's ignorant to follow orders from people who go around with their heads up their asses. He never should have been in Afghanistan to begin with. More soldiers should have gotten together and refused to follow such ignorant orders. They should have also refused to participate in the illegal purchase of prisoners.

"Captured on the battlefield" my ass. They were purchased by our hard-earned tax dollars. More people should be outraged by that!
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Msg: 2716 (view)
Scum For The Rightist Zombie lord [Trump, of course]
Posted: 7/10/2017 3:24:34 PM
Message 2715 ...

I wonder how much longer Maddow will be hosting a TV show? YIKES!!!

LOL ...
What makes you wonder that?

He has no clue because all he watches is Fox News National Republican Bullshit Network ... and all those other extremely "informative" and "dependable" news sites with "FAKE" blog hosts.

LMAO ... he can't stand it that we're always proving him wrong, but he sets himself up for it every time. He won't post a link and when we find out where he gets his "news" ... it's clear that they are all unreliable sources.

Rachel is one of the most dependable and popular journalist/host on MSNBC ... she's not going anywhere. If anything, the other hosts endeavor to be a good as she is.

But you have to give him credit for dreaming that Rachel will disappear anytime soon ... wishful thinking on the part of Trump supporters I'm sure.
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Msg: 1233 (view)
The biggest threat ever is from Russia because
Posted: 7/10/2017 10:52:26 AM
C'mon ... is it really such a bad idea to share cyber information with Russia?

What can we share with them that they don't already have?
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Msg: 2712 (view)
Scum For The Rightist Zombie lord [Trump, of course]
Posted: 7/10/2017 8:05:17 AM
Message 2695 ...
by Tyler Durden
Not surprisingly, Maddow uses the discovery to imply that someone within the Trump administration is intentionally planting fake information in an attempt to discredit her show. She goes on to imply that similar efforts may have caused the recent firing of 3 'journalists' at CNN who simply couldn't be bothered with verifying the anonymous tip they received.

I saw the show and it is available for review (I'm sure) online ... and I did not hear her ever even imply that someone within the Trump administration is intentionally planting fake information. She DID say that they are looking into where the document may have come from.

So who exactly is this "Tyler Durden" that "YIKES" is placing so much value on? Aparently "Tyler Durden" is some sort of FAKE (or made-up) guy. I found the following:
The real identities of 'Tyler Durden' and Zero Hedge have been revealed

The men behind the legendary finance blog Zero Hedge have been unmasked after one former blogger with the site revealed the identity of his employers.

Speaking with Bloomberg reporters Tracy Alloway and Luke Kawa, Colin Lokey — described as a "political science graduate with an MBA and a Southern twang" — said he was part of a three-man team running Zero Hedge, the blog best known for its sensationalist headlines and bearish outlook on the world.

Lokey, 32, says the other men behind the site are 37-year-old Daniel Ivandjiiski, a Bulgarian former hedge fund analyst, and Tim Backshal, a 45-year-old credit derivatives strategist. Lokey claims to have worked for Zero Hedge for more than a year.

The identity of the bloggers running Zero Hedge has long been the subject of speculation in the financial community, with Ivandjiiski often cited as the likely source of much of the site's content. As early as 2009, speculation that Ivandjiiski could be behind the blog appeared in US media, with a New York Post article titled "BLOGGER MAY HAVE A PAST" speculating that he was in fact behind Zero Hedge.

Ivandjiiski worked in a hedge fund before being kicked out of the securities industry during the height of the financial crisis in 2008 for insider trading, the report says.

Backshall frequently tweets under the handle @credittrader and has made appearances on CNBC. In 2012, for example, Backshall appeared on CNBC by phone to discuss the credit default swap market. The screenshot below is taken from that appearance.

So the main "guy" involved in that site (where YIKES got his information) is an insider trading criminal ... FAKE ... sitting around reporting that Rachel Maddow did something she actually DID NOT do!

LMFAO ... apparently this guy has influenced YIKES into believing that Rachel Maddow somehow owes someone an apology.

A FAKE is where YIKES gets his news? Nothing new.

Message 2710 ...
LOL ...
... Glenn has admitted he screwed up.

Sooooo ... once again, Rachel owes no one an apology ... and "YIKES" continues to be the laughing stock!

Yep ... that's what I thought.
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Msg: 2693 (view)
Muslim in America
Posted: 7/9/2017 3:41:58 PM
Message 2691 ...

Msg: 2690
YIKES^^^^^^^^ Waiting for Maddow to apologize for her mistake. Again, a perfect example of BS.....YIKES!!!

You see, you are the undisputed deflection King!

Talk about "deflection" ... he can't even understand a post.

LMFAO ... what does Rachel Maddow have to apologize for? She never broadcasted any wrong news!

Too fvcking funny ... johnny can't even read a post and get the correct information out of it. Even if he had googled what I wrote he would have found no article that said Rachel ever broadcast anything but that someone has been sending her "carefully forged documents to try to discredit news agencies reporting on the Russian attack on our election!

She never once reported what was on the "forged documents" ... just exposed the fact that now news agencies are receiving "fraudulent National Security Agency documents" ... not just MSNBC ... but others as well.

OMFG ... how dumb can a person be? He thinks Rachel needs to apologize for trying to warn other news agencies about what is going on?

And what about that is "BS"? He thinks it's "BS" that Rachel Maddow is now warning other news agencies to be aware of "fraudulent National Security Agency documents"?

Too fvcking funny ... Rachel is trying to help other news agencies and he thinks it's "BS" and she should have to apologize!

Okay ... I am now laughing so much I have to catch my breath.

Bwahahahahaha ...

I wonder if any of his friends will venture in to tell him he's a fool ... or that he even mistakenly posted that Rachel needs to apologize?

OMG ... Now he posted it twice and still doesn't realize Rachel Maddow has nothing to apologize for ... she never broadcasted what was on the "fraudulent National Security Agency documents"!

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Msg: 2689 (view)
Muslim in America
Posted: 7/9/2017 1:39:23 PM
Message 2683 ...

Msg: 2678
Llove ... do you ever wonder what their story will be when the experts prove the collusion?

They'll probably deflect, and pivot to attack Hillary/Obama.

Yeah ... they will say that Hillary and President Obama "colluded" to get Trump elected so they could humiliate him. You know ... set up everything to make it look like Trump and his cohorts colluded with the Russians (even though there is proof they were dumb enough to pull that off on their own).

They are beginning to find fake documents being sent to trustworthy news broadcasters with the idea that they (the news broadcasters) will broadcast the "fake" information as "breaking news". Rachel Maddow was sent a false NSA document so that she could discredit herself by reporting it.

Maddow reported:
"We believe now that the story we have stumbled upon here is that somebody out there is shopping carefully forged documents to try to discredit news agencies reporting on the Russian attack on our election and, specifically, on the possibility that the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russians in mounting that attack,.” Maddow concluded.

In the words of Amy Siskind, the President and Co-Founder of The New Agenda, “this is a very well orchestrated effort to hurt our media and dull their voice.

"BuzzFeed News was sent fraudulent National Security Agency documents alleging collusion between a member of the Trump campaign and the Russian government, making it the second news outlet to reveal that it was the apparent target of a hoax attempt.

BuzzFeed’s Chris McDaniel said that his outlet received a fake NSA report that appeared to be the same as one sent to MSNBC host Rachel Maddow last month

I think they already know Trump is going to be found guilty and so they're already trying to set up trustworthy news broadcasters and associations to appear untrustworthy. Rachel is very busy trying to find out who sent it ... wonder if they will be able to link it to the Trump organization as well.
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Msg: 2678 (view)
Muslim in America
Posted: 7/8/2017 5:46:31 PM
Message 2668 ...

Trump collusion with russia didn't work either but you sure do try and find something else.

Hahahaha .....

Llove ... do you ever wonder what their story will be when the experts prove the collusion?

Will they come in here (or anywhere else for that matter) and admit they were wrong ... or even come close to admitting their hero is a criminal? (He's been a criminal for some time now ... they just haven't charged him yet.)

I'm thinking Mueller will have more information than they can ever fathom. Imagine ... Trump is getting "briefings" but he doesn't get any briefings on what Mueller is turning up. I can't wait to see Trump's head explode when they read the results. If the top campaign advisers were colluding. I think it's fair to consider that Trump knew about it and approved it.

I think his real fear is that Mueller will find out about his financial hook-ups with the Russians ... and Mueller is getting close (if he's not already there).
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Msg: 9 (view)
a millenial makes a request
Posted: 7/6/2017 8:01:49 AM
I have seen young workers (I do not refer to them as "millenials") enter the work place and within a short time, they are making demands for benefits that long-time employees struggled to get and received only after time investment and actual long-time devotion and dedication to the employer.

I'm concerned that the "instant gratification" attitude of the most recent generation rubs off on their attitudes about keeping a job long enough to realize benefits that long-year employees have earned through dedication and hard work. It appears that it is no longer considered an attribute to be dedicated to a job long enough to even qualify for your first-year anniversary and the possibility of getting some vacation time.

I honestly believe that's why "paid vacation" has evolved into "paid personal days" because people no longer stay on a job long enough to earn any accruable "vacation time". They live one day at a time and use their "paid personal days" in the same way.

Related to their need for instant gratification, they often do not appear to be able to look or think past the end of their nose ... as is evidenced by the things they sometimes do to sabotage another employee in order to get ahead. They do not appear to understand "consequences" of their actions ... what happens if I do this or that? In my field that can be deadly. ie sabotaging another nurse's work in order to move from night shift to day shift doesn't appear to be a concern.

They don't appear to be able to understand that putting a patient's life in danger is a high price to pay in order to get someone fired so you can have their job. Their focus is that they get the day shift ... not how it will affect those who are put in danger in order for that to happen. They don't appear to be able to think far enough ahead to see how it affects not only the patient but the nurse they want to get out of their way. It could ruin that person's career and their life.

I like a worker with drive and as well good work should be rewarded. Paying a bonus for good work is often the most desirable as then the worker can choose the reward they want. If they want to reward themselves with a new piece of furniture or make a few additional house payments or make an added payment on their student loan ... that's what they can do. If the goal of a worker is more money ... what better way to reward good work?

Additionally, their hard work gets an added reward ... because that person becomes known to management for having accomplished that $$$ reward ... possible picture posted as employee of the month ... special parking spot.

I have no need for an employer who promises huge promotions for "hard work". That just puts others at risk as employers walk all over their co-workers (and in my case, endanger their patients) to scramble to the top.
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Msg: 1340 (view)
Great job Israel
Posted: 7/2/2017 4:01:13 PM
trib / Jo ... Message 1338 / 1339 ...

1) The Jews are such successful warriors

It seems they are only "successful"[sic] when their opponents are unarmed, and the USA gives them $3 billion in weapons, every year.

If Israel is so successful, why do they need our $3 billion every year? Besides, what kind of weapons do they need when the people they are murdering are basically throwing rocks at bulldozers and tanks?

I don't see murder as "success".

Well, you wouldn't ... you're not a zionist.

2) They have reclaimed their homeland.

Their homelands were the countries where they lived before they decided to create a religious theme-park, in somebody else's country.
I.e., where most of the "Jews" in the world still live, and practice their silly superstitions, unimpeded, and safely.

They pay people to immigrate to Israel ... give them fully furnished places to live and set them up in close proximity in order to murder Palestinians and steal their land and water. Hmmmm ... paid assassins.

3) They have built one of the most advanced nations on earth out of a desert.

They came from the advanced nations, and took their customs, educations, and technology with them,
As immigrants, they should have "assimilated".

So if they have built such an advanced nation, why are they still so dependent on money from the US? Why can't they take care of themselves?

4) They are stronger than ever.

Well, they couldn't possibly be any weaker than they were in 1940.
The world is waking up to their lies and deceit.

They have pulled the wool over the eyes of the world long enough ... time for people to sit up and take note.

Religious belief is in decline, the latest survey here shows that only 28% of people believe in a "God", down 4% in a year.

Well, one thing we do know is that the zionists are ashamed to admit exactly what the may believe. I have friends who abhor what the zionists are doing ... and they proudly claim to be jews.

The atheists have never been stronger.

Shhh ... stop saying that! Trump will really come after us if he finds out! He wants to bring praying back into the schools ... don'tcha know!

"Israel" has no long-term future, because it's based on the ignorant, primitive mythology of the Stone Age.
Don't blame me, blame truth.

LMFAO ... they can't handle the truth. If everything the zionists write in here were so true, the zionists would not need so much funding from the US ... eh?

5) all his hatred. His batching. His whining. His complaining. He can do nothing about it.

Oh I "do something about it", every time I disprove your propaganda.
If I make just one person have a look at wiki, they tell someone else, and so the truth spreads.
Not just me, there are millions more, just like me.
The internet empowers us.
You can't suppress the truth.


6) so sad.

That's not really something I "can't stand"
What's really sad, is all those lives wasted in senseless wars.
And all the time wasted by reliotards, memorizing fairy-stories, mumbling primitive "incantations", and nodding at walls.
What really makes me sad, is that they'll live their whole lives, without the joy of bacon.

LMFAO ... you would have to bring that up!

7) Roflmao as Herod the wicked and godless cries like a little girl.

"Herod" was allegedly the "jewish king" who built the "second temple", which all the religiotards nod at, and shove little letters into.
You might want to reconsider that.
But that's all you've ever had: name-calling.

This just in ...
"Many notable Jewish and non-Jewish sources take the view that anti-Zionism has become a cover for modern-day antisemitism, a position that critics have challenged as A TACTIC TO SILENCE CRITICISM of Israeli policies. Others, such as Steven M. Cohen and Todd Gitlin, see no correlation between the two."

Yep ... I'd say that about sums it up in here with the zionists all the time screaming "anti-Semite" ... when they know damn well what murderers the zionists are and people all over the world have a moral right to be anti-zionist.

I personally consider it an honor when "spy and "cong" and other such ilk come in here and call me names when I expose what the zionists are doing. When they do that ... it draws attention to my posts and hopefully more people will read them and look up the links I post.

That's because you're just too dim, to be able to discuss anything in a civilized fashion.(no offense )
Don't feel bad, it's genetic, you can't help it.

Sigh ... they will never get it.

100 years from now, "Israel", like religion in general, will be just another dark stain on the history of the world.
Some things are inevitable.
You don't need to be clever to see that.

Yep ... more and more are seeing it and it will have to stop.
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Msg: 2588 (view)
Muslim in America
Posted: 7/1/2017 7:55:10 PM
Message 2585 ...
LOL ...
So, why are you pretending not to be a jew?

I don't think that profile is pretending not to be a jew. It is a zionist.

Zionists assume all Jews are zionists, but I have Jewish friends who find the zionists despicable ... and they believe the zionists are making a bad name for the Jews.

Are you that ashamed that you will not even admit it on a troll profile?

There are several on here doing the same ... refuse to write it on their profiles ... don't want anyone to really know. .

They write that they are "Catholic" ... some just write they are "non-religious" ... others write they are "X-tian other".

One guy actually stated that he doesn't write "jewish" on his profile even though he IS jewish because he said he discovered women don't want to date him because he's a jew. Kinda makes you wonder at what point he breaks the news to them ... LMAO. Oh, oh ... I know! It's when he breaks the glass and yells "Mazel tov"! Yeah that's it. On the other hand, he's also a zionist ... so maybe it's that aspect of it that he's ashamed of.

It's kind of rough to have to admit that your hobby is killing Palestinians and stealing their land ... in the name of your religion ... eh?
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Muslim in America
Posted: 6/30/2017 4:15:26 PM
Message 2559 ...
dee ...
Condescending. Not listening. Self aggrandizing.

Huh ... really? There's someone here in the forums doing that? (I have to agree with "dee" on that one.) Yep ... that certainly hit the nail on the head.

Message 2568 ...
Jo ...
The truth leaks.
The truth will always emerge, even though people try to suprpress it.

Yep ... that's what I've been saying when I write that the world is watching.

"Israel" is a demented religious fantasy.
Another fact.

People keep saying it's a "democracy" but it's really a "theocracy". Israel doesn't want any new immigrants that aren't supposedly "jewish" or at least "zionsts" willing to kill Palestinians and steal their land and water.

Religions seem to cause people to behave like arseholes.

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Muslim in America
Posted: 6/29/2017 9:02:07 AM
Message 2536 ...
Jo ...
I think Marilyn's close to another meltdown...
Any day now.

I didn't realize Marilyn was back! Is it a boy or girl this time?

Message 2537 ...
LOL ...
Either way, it looks like you do not care about the US Constitution.

Zionists don't give a crap about anything but killing Muslims ... mostly Palestinians, stealing their land and water, burning and bulldozing their homes ...

Message 2541 ...
Jo ...
It's obvious from your writing style that you're a female, of sorts.......

Of sorts ... remember, it could just be an "it".

My guess is never married, no kids, bitter and fugly.

Pitiful ... eh? Not even a child to love it back. Maybe it has a cat or dog?
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Great job Israel
Posted: 6/26/2017 1:35:31 PM
Message 1325 ...
dee ...
Actually the settlements are stealing land and generally involve bulldozing existing homes of nonjews.

And they force the residents to remain in the home as they are bulldozing it. Well, that or shoot them as they flee it. Nice ... eh?

Israelis can say that they are protecting themselves.
I get that.

I don't. How does stealing land and killing the owners equal protecting one's self? That would be as if you stole your neighbors' property on all sides and killing the rightful owners as well and then declaring you did it for protection. Yeah that's it ... we'll just go for that. You killed people and stole their property and you just did it for protection. Okay.

But don't deny that it happens.

Seriously? That'll be the day when the Zionists stop denying that they are killing people and stealing their land.

I will check back later for namecalling
(Very israeli. You ever read comments by israelis in news sites? Camel this and camel that)

They will deny that as well.
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