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 Author Thread: Heading South
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Heading South
Posted: 6/15/2017 4:43:07 AM
I was referring to "saggin".

Upper left of this page:

Saggin is used by homosexual "bottoms" in prisons to indicate their desire to be sodomized by "tops". The "fashion trend" has expanded outside prison and is regularly seen in public by black homosexuals and the wiggers who copy black behavior.

Saggin is a palindrome. Notice what it spells backwards. Highly appropriate.
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Men height vs women weight
Posted: 6/14/2017 7:02:04 PM
She regularly attacked male posters, trying to bash them by calling them "broke". If anyone was foolish enough to marry her, he would have to be rich or else she wouldn't agree, based on her posts that clearly value people based on income, wealth, material possessions, etc. Because even she called herself ugly, one would think any rich guy could do better in terms of looks, age, fewer offspring, neurotypical (she claimed mental disability), etc.
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FINAL THOUGHTS: Women are just Nuts on POF
Posted: 6/14/2017 4:55:32 PM
The high ratio of men to women is often a myth. Somebody on this thread claimed 5:1. I checked in my region a few years ago and it was about 1.5 to 1. Would guess it's 1:1 for age 50, and a higher ratio of women to men as age surpasses 50.
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Men height vs women weight
Posted: 6/14/2017 4:38:34 PM
What the heck, Maleman and FullMoonGuy are gone!

Looks like I'm not missing anything by not being into the bar scene. And the thread doesn't even mention the beta eunuchs who want to be the rescuer. "Is this guy bothering you?" has to be the worst pickup line of all time. An ideal response: "No, but you are!"

The few times I've been in restaurant bars, it seems nearly 100% married couples, and people keep conversations with those they know, not speaking to any strangers.

Numerical weight doesn't mean much because muscle is denser than fat. My weight has risen to over 180 but people still call me skinny.

I get a negative impression when girls on Tinder and Bumble ask my height, especially when they say "good" or write a smiley after I answer.
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Please review
Posted: 6/14/2017 1:58:41 PM
You don't need to know anyone to have another person take your photo. Ask a stranger. Go to a touristy landmark in your area or somewhere you might go on a first meet. A free outdoor concert is a good place to ask a person nearby to take several photos.

We on the forums can view profiles without showing up on viewed me. Only women will show who are logged on and who have a setting not in stealth mode.
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Heading South
Posted: 6/14/2017 5:09:13 AM

I think they ought to take all of the old statues and put them in a museum. Make it a kind of a "History of the South" thing. Make it factual and informative.

Makes sense.

The Missouri Civil War Museum has offered to take the monument to southern grunt soldiers. The mayor of STL is already getting it dismantled (and they renamed a street called "Confederate").

Unfortunately the liberal loons aren't satisfied with just the monument being dismantled. They're making strict demands *how* the monument gets displayed in its new home. The Missouri Civil War Museum is unbiased, showing historical fact without injecting opinions. To the liberals, anything other than "north good, south bad" is unacceptable.

Even if the monument were pro slavery, I would be opposed to removal based on principle. Giving in to demands of BLM / NAACP will just create more future problems. They'll get bolder and make additional demands with no end.

Now the idiots have a petition to shut down the Ferguson convenience store where their hero Mike Brown committed a vicious strong arm robbery against a diminutive store clerk. (The liberal media understates the attack, saying Brown "brushed" the clerk. Anyone who tries to excuse the attack deserves to be "brushed" in that manner!) The nig-nogs blame the victim, trying to punish the store that got robbed and attacked. The store has been looted at least twice. When the unreliable liberal rag New York Times posted a doctored video of an earlier crime by Mike Brown in the same store, a bloodthirsty black mob attacked the store, shouting hate speech "Ragheads! Go back to Iraq, terrorists!" (The store is run by Muslims / Arabs, but their background is not Iraq).

Alabama did the right thing by trying to introduce a bill to ban removal of statues / monuments. Good job, sweet home Alabama. Unlike wimpy Louisiana, where welfare queens stayed in luxury hotels for a year or more at taxpayer expense following Katrina, choosing to live below sea level in a known storm surge zone, whining about harmless statues.

My opinion of the Confederate flag and those who proudly fly it continues to rise. Last time I had a negative encounter with a Confederate flag flier was 2001 (an idiot neighbor). Since then, the biggest negatives are being passed by aggressive drivers (with rebel flags on their vehicles) who seem to fancy themselves as the Dukes of Hazzard or the Bandit. The white supremacists who carry Confederate flags represent only a tiny percentage.

How can someone be offended by the Confederate flag, but not by flaming homosexuals who walk around in public with their pants down exposing their stinky butt crack or gay fancy drawers?

I still hate Darren Wilson and always will. Before he shot Mike Brown, a citizen (who sounds white in the video) captured video footage of Wilson brutally bullying him.
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A little advice on a couple things I think I might be lacking.
Posted: 6/14/2017 4:47:30 AM
Are you actually looking for profile advice or did you just bump your thread to show up as the most recent poster in *every* forum category! (When I viewed the main forum page early this morning, you were literally the most recent poster in every section).

The time and energy you spend making a zillion posts on the forums, you could easily put on the outfits that show your real self and get the photos you want. Hand your camera / phone to your daughter and ask her to snap photos of you, then post the ones showing you at your best. Apparently you didn't follow through with your Xmas eve plans to get better photos.

Then rewrite your about me, removing the uninspired nonsense about not having the photos you want. Currently your text makes you sound lazy, unfocused and uncaring.

The photo from last August is somewhat blurry; should be able to replace with a better current photo.
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Bill Maher said the N word and appologized
Posted: 6/12/2017 8:40:29 AM
I don't watch the show, but heard about it.

Not offended by his remark, not amused by his attempt at humor, and ideally he and the show won't profit from the increased publicity. Haven't heard what Ice Cube said and don't care..

Is Bill Maher Jewish? The Jews tend to get away with saying whatever they want.

Many people are completely desensitized by the word because so many blacks spew it in public on a regular basis. Until the blacks STFU and quit blabbing their word all over the place, people will just shrug. Some racist white liberals will speak out and make a big deal.

Many black guys let their white female SOs call them the N word. They're whipped (ideally the hypersensitive liberals won't whine about the word "whipped" and complain it's a reference to the slave days). Apparently it's only offensive if the person saying it is a white male (or a white female saying it to a black female).

Another whiteboy who profited from spewing the N word was Quentin Tarantino in Pulp Fiction. Racists love that film because of the language, especially in the context of storing dead people.

Having grown up in the hood, I sound like a brother, so if I shouted the N word, most of the brothers and sisters wouldn't even turn around because they would think a brother said it. I would have to use a fake voice like a black comedian's portrayal of a white guy.

If you don't let us use the word, we will use substitutes and know what we really mean to say. Usually when someone says "African-American", they mean the N word. A coworker at my last job said "Mondays" to mean the N word ("I don't like Mondays"). The job before that, I would say "I'm justified" to mean "It would be justified to call him the N word".

If the people who deserve to be called N don't want to be called N, quit behaving like N.
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FINAL THOUGHTS: Women are just Nuts on POF
Posted: 6/12/2017 8:27:10 AM

If we want to play they 'which gender is craziest on POF' then I'm pretty sure guys won't come out well.

didn't say one was crazier than the other

The top quote implies the male gender is crazier on POF, unless being crazy is considered a good thing and being crazier than the other gender makes them "come out well".

Both of you are correct about the OP.

Plenty of crazy people of any gender on dating sites. Most online dating profiles don't show craziness; they're just boring and forgettable.

The OP posted in the wrong section and was rude by shouting the beginning of the subject.
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How songs provoke our thoughts ....
Posted: 6/11/2017 9:30:46 AM
The most relatable Foreigner song seems to be "Cold As Ice". One lyric is "You're digging for gold", a common complaint.

Satellite radio station 27 played a Deep Purple song with David Copydale this morning. They were better before and after that incarnation of the band.

Whitesnake 1987 was calculated commercial crap. The two ballads from that album get me to change the station. The amazon in the videos is a violent abuser.
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Do you ever become discouraged by the endings of relationships?
Posted: 6/7/2017 7:18:16 PM
Expected things to end better.

We last saw each other over 3 weeks ago. Last communication from her was nearly a week ago (she asked if I wanted to go to dinner in a text; I replied with two texts explaining why not).

She ignored subsequent texts over days.

This morning I called. Went to voice-mail after 3 rings which means she actively swiped to ignore the call.

Messaged her on Facebook this afternoon asking if she's OK. Shortly thereafter, she posted a meme on her Facebook wall "If I nag you, I care. If I ignore you, I'm plotting your death".

I'm in good company. She has said she is waiting for her mom to die, and has said a neighbor across the street would be better off dead.

Was going to ask her if she wanted me to drop off the items of hers currently at my place by her front door. Now if she wants them back, she can let me know whereupon I will take them to a police station for her to get long after I have left the station.

Just changed my Facebook relationship status to single.
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Gold Diggers Easy Search Tool
Posted: 6/7/2017 7:35:59 AM

I'm sure when I filled out the income bit it said no one will be able to see. Did I imagine that????

That's what it said! Not your imagination.

First time I created an account on POF, it said the false promise of nobody being able to see income on a profile.

True, it didn't show income on a person's main profile page, but advanced search allowed filtering by income, so it was easy to find out someone's stated income range.

In 2012 or 2013 POF added a paid feature in which upgraded users could see extended profile settings, especially income! Clearly the original claim that nobody would see your income had become a total lie!

Just did an advanced search with all incomes: 538 results. Checked only the lowest level and got 143 results. It's still there.

The "OK" site removed income a couple years ago. Their bean counters probably determined they would get more revenue if people didn't know income. Gold diggers would go away from anyone making under a certain amount. More $ for the site if they let her imagine he has money and they exchange some messages before she realizes he's a pauper.

Easy to outwit the gold diggers. Sets his income over 100,000, profession doctor, takes a selfie in front of a mansion, another in front of a Rolls Royce, another in front of a yacht. She meets him (too early to go to his mansion or get into his vehicle), he has a one night stand with her, and then he never sees her again. Or perhaps they never meet, but he gets her to send him nude photos because she thinks he's rich.
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unfair advantages with pof rev...
Posted: 6/7/2017 5:23:39 AM

Or don't say ... "I'm an outdoors guy who likes camping and hiking."

All your other examples are obvious in turning off the vast majority of readers, but the one above, regularly criticized by people in profile reviews and "ask a", should not be a problem.

The only reason to remove such a sentence is to put those activities in the interests list and to show them in photos, making it unnecessary / redundant to state in "about me".

If he-man macho outdoor activities are a dealbreaker, it's best to show them in a profile so people who don't want anything to do with such a person can skip the profile. As you implied in your opening post on this thread, if reviewers talk someone into removing elements that showed the real self, the results can be negative. A girl might go out with a guy because of his "Ken Doll" profile, then later she discovers he does something "unacceptable" (camping, fishing, watching sports, etc) and doesn't see him, wasting his time (and his money if he paid money on the first date).

Some examples of polarizing interests people *should* have in their photos are guns and motorcycles. Anyone who hates those interests and doesn't want anything to do with them, best to see the photo and close the profile in disgust. Especially on Tinder where photos have more emphasis.

A high percentage of men who do he-man outdoor stuff have a wife or girlfriend, and she doesn't mind him having those hobbies. While he's out hiking or kayaking, she can stay home and clean the house without him getting in the way, or she can go out with her female friends and do girly stuff he doesn't want to do.

The girl who I mentioned earlier on this thread (who didn't drink, but changed her profile to socially to appeal to the masses) had outdoor adventure photos and wrote about doing fun outdoor stuff. Forumites said (in addition to not drinking) she was ignored because of the outdoor hobbies, that she needed to do social bar scene stuff. I've seen this countless times: people who follow urban/suburban bar scene script try to convert anyone who doesn't follow their conformist lifestyle.

A legit reason many dudes go on these sites is they're *not* into the bar scene.

What I'd say to the hiking dudes in my area is to stand out because so many dudes hike, fish, camp, etc. Have multiple photos in addition to the ones from the outdoor adventures. The photos in civilization are probably typical too: at a baseball game, at a popular park or downtown landmark.

Perhaps even more common than the outdoorsmen are the nerdy guys. They should do something in their profile to stand out from the other nerds, especially because girls seem less likely to be attracted to a nerd than to an outdoorsman, and some girls actually go along on some outdoor trips, whereas they're unlikely to join a guy on a geeky event.

Many girls in my region don't seem to mind guys who dress casual. Some might even find it a turnoff if he dresses too well. Good to take into account the region of the person asking for the profile review.

Two of the most recent girls I met in real life, we encountered each other when I had half week old scraggly facial hair including neck hair. I believe I look worst with that length facial hair (as opposed to under 48 hours or more than a week), and wouldn't want to post a profile photo with that length, but you never know, girls might still accept a confident guy with a bad feature or two. Girls have let me speak to them when I've worn "bad" clothes; they apparently focused on my eyes / facial expression / voice / what I said. Guys shouldn't get psyched out by advice claiming they always need to be immaculately groomed / dressed.
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unfair advantages with pof rev...
Posted: 6/6/2017 4:44:00 AM
Your wording should apply to any gender / orientation.

Have seen it happen a lot in profile reviews and in other threads outside profile reviews. People say "You're not getting responses / dates because of XYZ", then the person in question changes their profile to remove XYZ.

For example, if someone starts out honest about being separated, and the profile review responses say women don't respond because he's married (probably not true considered how many women seem to flock to married men), he changes his profile claiming to be single, an action I consider a lie. They might say "Women don't want you because you're short", to which he might raise his claimed height in his profile.

I believe it's bad to craft a profile to appeal to the masses. Recently a girl started a thread about being ignored. Her profile said she doesn't drink. Responses on the thread said they were ignoring her because she doesn't drink. She changed her profile to socially. I prefer someone who doesn't drink, so people with my preference would prefer her original honest profile over her dull mainstream one.

Sometimes people suggest specific sentences to use in the profile. I believe it's bad to copy someone else's text because it's somebody else's personality / humor. If the copied text succeeds in getting a response, it's indeed a waste of time because they won't continue the writing style without Cyrano feeding them lines.
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This has become pathetic
Posted: 6/5/2017 8:38:50 AM
Star Wars (New Hope) is from 1977. Yes, the special effects of the original 3 Star Wars movies are better. One reason is they built detailed sets and elaborate miniatures, and used analog technology. Now they're lazy and use digital motion capture and shallow CGI.

The Star Wars universe is the first time I noticed race. Having grown up in the hood, I was accustomed to bring around blacks and was totally color blind. TV shows at the time were diverse: Sesame Street, Electric Company, etc. But in the Star Wars universe, it took until the second half of the second movie before they showed a black character (Lando played by Billy Dee Williams). It was shocking to think, "Hey, he's black!"

Seems strange Star Wars has never had a black female character until a very minor character in Rogue One. Lucas married a sister. Wonder what she thinks of Jar Jar, who speaks and behaves like a blackface minstrel character from a movie from the first half of the 20th century.
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How Many Meet Me Notices Are In Your Mailbox?
Posted: 6/1/2017 4:27:49 PM

Gals must HATE me - I only have 80 or so

Just checked. 39.

All "meet me" notices go to the spam folder of my real email.

When I view the message titles in my spam folder, sometimes the "meet me" and "favorite" notices have similar screen names, an indication spammers create new accounts varying just by a number at the end. POF seems good at deleting such accounts, keeping "meet me" numbers from real users low. My profile is hidden, but I would probably still have fewer than 80 with an active profile.
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talk about continuing to be removed from reality!
Posted: 5/30/2017 4:37:57 AM
Is this the South thread? Vandals struck the memorial to southern grunt soldiers again, this time on Memorial Day! Shameless! Too bad the cops just sat around eating donuts, not setting up cameras or having a policeman in the area at all times.

Does anyone understand gto's writing?

Your question may be rhetorical, but I believe I understand what he's trying to say. I agree with his recent post implying Obama should have been allowed to appoint the new Supreme Court justice.

I am more educated than he is so it is obvious to me that those websites that he relies on are bunk.

People who brag about having more education invariably show themselves ignorant and uneducated in real world matters.

My main measure of success is how early someone retires and how much time they don't work when they're young enough to enjoy the leisure time. Anyone who retires at age 43 must be doing something right! 43 is also the age I last worked for someone else.

The only way to create a job is to remove someone from the workforce. The best way to do this is for people to retire as soon as they can, freeing up a job for someone else (if the employer doesn't eliminate the position out of attrition). About the only other way a job gets freed is if a worker dies.

It's a total myth that Baby Boomers are retiring or dying; the selfish old people continue to work. One reason is the terrible idea of employers providing healthcare. The main reason old people work is to get health care. The ideal health care would be free *basic* health care for anyone who doesn't have a job, paid by sin taxes on cigarettes and taxes on employer-paid health benefits.

Meanwhile, your Pollyanna proclamations about how great things are under Trump are not shared by the 99%. You don't back up your claims with evidence. Your posts are like those of Eric Summit, making dogmatic claims without backing them.

Trump's bread-and-butter voters have already turned on him for breaking promises, for example he's keeping NAFTA so none of these jobless Americans who voted for him can get jobs. Same as Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc, he's letting corporations let in unlimited numbers of H-1B visas to steal jobs from Americans. He lets corporations do business overseas.
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Heading South
Posted: 5/27/2017 1:31:12 PM

So where is this quote?

One place is the New York Time, March 16 2004. Tried to post yesterday but had 2 of the 10 most recent posts.

The article identifies the xenophobe as a Democrat, former governor of Colorado. The racism is typical of a Democrat. He probably thought well of his state's trenchcoat mafia gunloon terrorists who targeted students of color.

Citation needed.

Have witnessed it firsthand numerous times. For example, in college I was in the Environmental Action Group. When the founder resigned, the new "leader" was a hypocrite and was bad for the environment. He said "recycling cans is of no concern to us".

So the industrial revolution did nothing?

Non sequitur. The India deforestation occurred before the industrial revolution.
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Heading South
Posted: 5/26/2017 1:58:51 PM
Actually the leaders of the Sierra Club are xenophobic bigots. One was quoted as saying America shouldn't allow any immigration because she had a grandchild in utero and didn't want the kid to have to share the USA with a billion other people.

She's a hypocrite and not good for the environment because she added to human overpopulation.

I'm a treehugger but most of the top jobs in environmental groups are hijacked by people who are bad for the environment.

Another reason to hate Hindustani is they are bad for the planet. They were the first country to cause climate change (they deforested India, causing warming and drought).
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Taking a bad date to small claim court? He did “win”
Posted: 5/26/2017 7:53:46 AM
"You owe it to me because I spent $XX on you or did XYZ for you" is coercion. Requiring someone to perform sexual acts in exchange for having spent money or doing some service is a form of rape.

I'd rather have someone take me to court to try to get their money back than an alternative of someone trying to commit rape / assault (or shoot the other person dead as someone posted earlier). Best to be proactive and not get into such a position in the first place.
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Heading South
Posted: 5/26/2017 6:59:16 AM
I realize Dee's question was about monuments to Confederate generals / leaders, so my post was somewhat of a tangent as it was about a monument honoring the memories of grunt soldiers who were forced to fight for the south, not to people with power.

As far as the statutes, who cares? They have historical significance and it was actually pretty stupid to spend millions to remove them when schools need ceilings and books and teachers.

The park I mentioned has zero basketball courts. There's a gofundme to remove the monument. Better if they raised money for a basketball court (some people believe the park has zero basketball courts because the powers that be don't want to encourage black youth from hanging out at the park).

The new mayor (a white liberal female) is gung ho about removing the 100+ year old monument. Of course she's just doing it to get black voters to re-elect her in 4 years. She's also trying to appoint a black police chief instead of considering the best candidate of any race. A typical white liberal, she sends her brats to a lily-white rich private school way out in the suburbs to keep they away from the icky poor kids (especially nonwhite ones) in the public school system.

And as you acknowledge that whites run the naacp, are you also saying that the "N" as you used it can apply to anyone of any color, even you?

The rare occasions I say N are never racial. My definition is an especially ignorant person. That definition is fitting for many actions of the (white controlled) NAACP, for example they condone Michael Vick's animal abuse and Michael Brown's strong arm robbery and the resulting rioting / arson / looting.

Having grown up in the hood and attended a ghetto school, am aware many people drop N bombs on a regular basis, sometimes as a term of affection and sometimes as meaningless as just meaning "person". I was called the N word, apparently "That N..." about me meant "That guy..." Thankfully they weren't saying I was especially ignorant.

I posted that the activists spitting on the monument were white to prevent people from assuming the troublemakers were black.

One thing they spraypainted on the monument was "FTP". Old school computer people might think of File Transfer Protocol, but the spraypainted message was "F--- The Police" (one of my favorite songs of all time has that title). I'm disappointed with the police for not arresting any of the vandals.

Thankfully, the vast majority of people in the area seem to favor keeping the monument or relocating it (not with taxpayer money) somewhere it would be appreciated such as a civil war cemetery.

One theory is that some whites are too afraid to deal with the latinos and indians who are taking over many things so they focus on blacks.

Guessing you mean Hindustani (people of India background, "dot", "7-11" Indians), not Native Americans (casino / feather). The government always lets corporations let in unlimited H-1B workers and their huge families from India, Russia, and other countries to steal jobs from Americans. The metro area where I live has terrible job prospects, therefore there is almost no Latino population as they go where the work goes. People often bring in day laborers and groups of Latinos from out of town to do projects for a fraction of what they'd pay a documented citizen. But there isn't enough work for them to live here as a primary residence.

I don't see anyone focusing on black Christians. The hate and blame tends to be directed at Muslims (many Muslims are black including Somali refugees who are regularly persecuted in liberal Minnesota, the liberal state where police murdered a black man in cold blood last summer). In the mid 20th century they focused their attacks on the "Japanese".
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Taking a bad date to small claim court? He did “win”
Posted: 5/26/2017 4:50:21 AM

He was insulted and stranded. What was his remedy? In times past, it would have been pistols at dawn. Would we prefer he smash her about instead? People have been shot for far less.

Perhaps the three most likely alternatives would be 1) he finds out where she lives and takes some of her items to compensate for the losses he incurred, 2) he says "you owe it to me" and does a coercion rape, 3) he might keep contacting her demanding a refund.

Best if he doesn't spend any money on her. Women shouldn't let men spend money on them.

Men should only go somewhere he would enjoy being alone. Then he can still enjoy himself even if he gets stood up or she spends the entire time texting, or she's 10 years older and 50 pounds heavier than her photo. Don't spend any money you would resent if the date doesn't go well or it doesn't lead to seeing each other again.

The movie was a bad choice. He should wait until it's on Netflix or Redbox and see it on a "chill" date.

Getting a ride from her was an even worse choice. She's a stranger who could desert him at any time. She could be suicidal, about to take him out with her. She might drive them somewhere her friends might rob and/or kill him.
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Msg: 2685 (view)
Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 5/26/2017 4:34:11 AM

And to think that they are criticising an American woman who is a lawyer, graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Law School.

Typical liberal elitism. One reason the Democrats lost is they're aristocratic richest 1% limousine liberals who brag about Ivy League degrees as if they're a good thing. The Republicans are full of losers from the Ivy League too, but they don't flaunt it nearly as much.

The Unabomber went to Harvard.

Lawyers are scum. Lawyer Hillary (from Yale) defended a rapist and viciously bullied the 12 year old victim on the stand, saying the victim wanted it and deserved it.

As long as "affirmative action" exists, any black female college degree or high ranking job placement can be dismissed as undeserved. An Obama daughter got admitted to Harvard from legacy and power influence. Colleges and employers have maximum quotas on white men and on Asians and Arabs; if they enrolled the best candidates, Cal Tech and MIT would be nearly 100% Asian.

Instead of goofing off at Harvard, the Obama daughter should be deployed on the front lines in Afghanistan because Obama is pro-war, extending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq for 8 years, murdering countless civilians. The offspring of pro-war politicians should be in combat. Chelsea should be there because Hillary voted in favor of the war. Jenna Bush and her sister should be there. Ivanka should be there. It was great when Michael Moore asked a pro-war politician why the politician's kid wasn't enlisted.

I would be more impressed with a POTUS / FLOTUS who joined the real world directly out of high school and didn't go to college.

Bernie Sanders isn't nearly as bad as Hillary, but he favored taxing the hell out of the working poor to give free college to the spawn of parents who made over $120,000 a year.

Now is all about dressing pretty and fashionable, such a welcome and refreshing change for our new first lady

Nothing new about the media gushing over the first lady's high maintenance outfits and hairstyles and jewelry. They did it for 8 years with Michelle Obama and her zillion dollar wardrobe. Countless women mindlessly copied her outfits and hair the way mindless people buy books because Oprah tell them to. They're still gushing over Mrs. Obama, praising her for having a strap off on one side of a tank top. She didn't invent it; the mayor in the comic strip Gasoline Alley did that 100 years ago.

The nitpicking over handshakes takes away from serious problems. For example, the left bashed Trump's press secretary for having her feet on a couch, while they ignored a bad operation in which Trump murdered civilians in Yemen (aside: one US military member was also killed) and didn't get the person they were targeting. The left must condone the USA dropping the "mother of all bombs" on Afghan civilians because they keep focusing on Trump's ugly orange hair. The right did the same thing, making a big deal about a mustard stain on Obama's sleeve while not saying anything about Obama murdering babies in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Try focusing on real issues.

Some on the left are already looking ahead: even if Trump resigns or is impeached, they're already complaining about a Pence presidency. They whine about Pence's supposed homophobia. The LGBTQ shouldn't worry: gay men will still be able to have brunch at T G I Fridays, and lesbians will still be able to ride Harleys.
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Will President Elect Donald Trump Last The Full 4 Years?
Posted: 5/25/2017 4:32:03 AM
Not long after the refusal to hold hands incident, Trump's mail order bride let him touch her arse. I would say that "trumps" holding hands.

It should be more important to criticize her for disrespecting Saudi dress codes.

While on the subject of gossip about first ladies, Michelle was not Obama's first choice. He wanted to marry some white gal. Though he realized marrying a white woman might have reduced his chance of achieving his dream of becoming president.

Ideally Trump will resign before the four years are up. Don't expect perfection with Pence.
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Racism is stupid
Posted: 5/24/2017 1:35:57 PM

It apparently doesn't matter how I present myself or how
I raise my children. We're automatically the enemy in a war
we didn't start, can't fight and will never see an end to.
There's a cheery thought.

One cheery / positive way to look at the situation is if you're going to be labelled something no matter what, you have the option to go all out and say/do whatever you want. If they're going to hate us regardless of how we behave, we shouldn't repress ourselves or walk on eggshells.

Imagine being the enemy in every category! I'm not part of any protected class. Straight white male Gentile! Hated by LGBTQ radicals, BLM/NAACP, feminazis and hypersensitive Jews (and various overlaps between those groups). There are only two ways I could become a protected class: 1) live long enough to become elderly, 2) become disabled. Still, I'm better off than many people, as I'm typically not perceived as Muslim, the demographic subject to the most actual oppression.

The straight white male Gentile is the ultimate minority (though society behaves as if we're the majority with all the power). Unable to get a job. Rejected by employers and universities even if we get a perfect score. Blamed for other people's problems. Verbally and physically targeted in public.

One of my Facebook friends shares loads of black radical nonsense. According to the shared articles, white people are racist if they're color blind. White people are racist if they have "white guilt". I unfollowed the friend a long time ago. The friend would be better off picking battles, posting stories of actual injustice such as people being wrongly arrested / convicted, or police getting away with improper behavior.
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Msg: 25 (view)
going down South
Posted: 5/24/2017 4:31:15 AM

Does America put up statues to commemorate people who shot at American troops? I don't remember monuments to the Vietcong or the Imperial Japanese navy anywhere in the south. Do Southerners celebrate people who kill American troops while declaring their support for the troops?

The more people destroy and complain about tasteful monuments to Southern history, the more I side with the South.

Yesterday where I live (St. Louis), vicious mobs showed up at a tasteful monument to grunt Southern soldiers (the flag in the sculpture is not even the X flag hijacked by white supremacists). TV news showed the anti-monument crowd (mostly white liberals) spitting at the pro monument people. The pro monument people were all calm and polite. The anti monument people refused to be interviewed by the press, probably because they know they're in the wrong. The anti monument people hid their faces, something associated with the KKK who hides behind hooded robes. Later some anti monument people vandalized the monument, spraypainting vulgarities and leaving a BLM sign. As usual, police did nothing, not arresting any of the vandals.

The authorities should have been proactive and installed cameras to catch anyone who commits the crimes of vandalizing the monument.

The people who oppose the monument must be pro slavery. Forest Park (the park with the monument) also has a statue of Thomas Jefferson, a slaveholder, in a large museum called the Jefferson Memorial.

Forest Park also has a memorial to the Union army. Their commander (Grant) was a slaveholder. The slaves were actually "owned" by his wife, but he's obviously a slaveholder by association. St. Louis also has statues to Henry Shaw, a slaveholder (again, the slaves were officially owned by his wife). When the Underground Railroad led a group of slaves to flee across the Mississippi to Illinois, Shaw was waiting on the other side to recapture his slaves. BLM doesn't deface the Grant or Shaw statues.

BLM obviously doesn't care about black-on-black crime.

No slaveholder fought in combat in the Civil War. All Confederate soldiers were poor white men. Most were drafted, forced to fight under threat of execution. As usual, black groups attack the poorest white men who lack the power to be racist even if we wanted. I shouldn't call the groups black because the NAACP is run by white women.

(NAACP stands for N****** Are Always Causing Problems).

Does America put up statues to commemorate people who shot at American troops?

Yes. Forest Park has a statue to King Louis of France, a crusader who led holy wars against Islam and other non-Judeo-Christian people for centuries. France committed genocide against north Africans, but Americans of African heritage don't seem to care. France was at war with the USA multiple times, and France sided with the Confederates during the Civil War, giving the South aid. France shot at American troops. I would like the city of St. Louis to change their name to whatever the Indians called the area.

Moving to the South was easy for me as I grew up a few miles north of the Mason Dixon line. Now I'm a few miles south of the line and happier. My neighbors, some who fly Confederate flags, are nicer than the white liberal hypocrites I had to live near when younger.

The Jewish Torah, a book of hate and violence, much of it adopted by the Christian Old Testament, has passages condoning the destruction and removal of statues of Gentile cultures. Destroying the other side's culture is typical USA behavior, as shown in 2003 when the USA destroyed museums in Iraq. At one time the Iraq area was the height of human civilization. Iraqis were highly evolved while Europeans were living in filth. The photo taking down the Saddam statue was propaganda, zooming in to simulate support from Iraqis. A photo from farther away showed the "crowd" of Iraqis was tiny!
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Msg: 570 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 5/22/2017 5:52:24 AM

The Four Yorkshiremen? When he lived in a shoebox? Other guy says " luxury"

Yes. Thanks for posting the name of the skit!
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Msg: 560 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 5/21/2017 8:34:21 AM

Is LeBron James 'black culture'?

LeBron is important because he went pro directly from high school instead of being enslaved for 4 years as an unpaid college player. Most football and men's basketball players are exploited by colleges for 4 years. The colleges make literally millions of dollars from each star player. The players don't get paid or compensated in any way; they're not allowed to accept or receive any compensation. LeBron was smart, avoiding the exploitation and getting paid for his work immediately.

The NBA and the NFL are the sports with the highest percentage of black players, and nearly everyone they draft (some people compare the draft and the combine to slave auctions) is a college grad. Some people might argue the black players are exploited more because the two money making sports for colleges are the two with the most blacks. However, non-black players get exploited too. Bird and Nash (white NBA players) were exploited the same as black NBA players. White athletes suffer other injustice associated with black athletes: false accusations of rape, paternity suits, domestic violence, etc.

White men, Hispanic men, Asian men and any other men can identify with LeBron just as black men can.

You don't have to be an athlete either. Tech students get exploited by universities, doing the university's research without being paid (worse: without a scholarship, the victims are PAYING the corporation to exploit them!) I attended a research school and know firsthand the corruption. I remember an online discussion in which someone called student research "slave labor", to which someone responded it's worse than being a slave because slaves were given room and board, whereas the students have to pay the university. It's like the Monty Python skit in which two men tell stories how bad they had it as a kid. In the final story, he worked upteen hours at the mill, and had to pay the miller to work there!
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Msg: 557 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 5/21/2017 7:32:54 AM
Translation: RM cannot find anything wrong with anything I said, so he tries to nitpick on a single term (Indians).

Most likely RM saw there was a new post on this thread. Because RM *wants* conflict, he was disappointed to see my logical anti-racism points and solutions to problems. Being an entitled, spoiled brat, RM lashed out with profanity and ad hominem namecalling, choosing the epithet "retard" (does he also say "gay"? People who mindlessly say "retard" as a generic negative often do the same with the word "gay").

Recently RM said "hahaha" about the likelihood of white people becoming extinct. Given RM's obvious fondness for white women, one would think he'd be disappointed at the disappearance of white women. Also RM should remember this fact: only a white man can create a white woman. Because white genes are recessive, if the father of a female human is not white, the baby has nearly zero chance of being white. The odds are near zero of a mutation occurring resulting in a white baby when both parents are nonwhite. You hit on many white women in the forums. When you say grace tonight, remember to thank their white fathers for creating them. You owe your #1 enjoyment (hitting on white women) to the white man. Don't get me started about the technology created and maintained by white men, East Asians and Muslims who allow you to get online and spew your nonsense posts. Quit biting the hands that feed you!
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Msg: 552 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 5/21/2017 6:24:36 AM
If New York allows Uber and/or Lyft, there's an alternative to racist union cab drivers (aside: unions are racist. They were formed in the late 1800s to prevent freed slaves from getting jobs).

Not being able to hail a cab is nothing compared to actual oppressive practices (often racist) by the powers that be in Hillary's liberal New York. Stop and frisk is a violation of the 2nd and 4th amendments and profiles by gender and race, only stopping men, most of them black. Not just liberal Democrats; Trump favors stop and frisk too. It's easy for a gun maniac to fool the morons of the NYPD. Just put the guns in the purse or bra of a white woman to get past the cops, then she can give you back the gun once you're past the cops. NYPD have a history of murdering innocent people, for example they shot an African man with hundreds of bullets. A racist New York jury acquitted the cop. Most white New Yorkers condone Bernard Goetz shooting into a crowd of young black boys on a subway, killing and paralyzing many of them. Though nowadays, it should be justified to kill anyone who asks for a cigarette or a light, because the knockout game attackers typically ask such questions to their victims (or they ask if he has a phone).

As to reparations, those who profited from slavery should be punished, but giving handouts to the supposed descendents of slaves won't help them and will probably harm them.

The slave ships who brought slaves from Africa to America were owned and run by Jews. Most of the huge plantations with large numbers of slaves were owned by Jews. It's no surprise many blacks have Jewish surnames. Yet most blacks worship their Jewish masters and only attack working class white male Gentiles who had nothing to do with slavery. Blacks focus tons of energy in removing harmless monuments to Confederate soldiers (who were drafted, forced to fight for the Confederacy or else be executed), even though grunt soldiers didn't own slaves. Slaveholders never fought in combat; they sat on the front porch of their plantation mansions sipping tea, watching the Civil War battles as a form of entertainment.

Indians (native Americans) get fat handouts from the government. Reservations have higher rates of crime than the worst black ghettos. The Indians spend their reparation money on alcohol and tobacco. No doubt blacks would squander their reparation money immediately, then ask for more, with no end to the demands for more handouts. Crime would increase as blacks rob each other and fight over the handouts. Look and Michael Brown's mother and grandmother fighting over the revenue from Michael Brown merchandise.

Speaking of the Indians, many Indians held slaves. The Cherokee and other Indian nations had black slaves. Many Indians used their superior tracking skills to capture runaway slaves. Indians also enslaved other Indians. Do blacks want reparations from the Indians who owned slaves? Africans enslaved other Africans for centuries before any European enslaved an African. Do blacks ever resent the Africans who enslaved their ancestors? Many of today's black women enslave their sons, forcing them to do physical chores for single mother neighbors and relatives.
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Msg: 13 (view)
why no interest
Posted: 5/14/2017 3:12:58 PM
You don't need to "act dumber". If your profile and messages have as many errors as your first post on your thread, you already sound plenty dumb.

People who brag about an alleged high IQ are invariably stupid.

Real men appreciate actual intelligence. Your friends are wrong.

An extremely high % of profiles claim they look younger than their age. In reality they do not look younger.
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Msg: 415 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 5/9/2017 6:06:28 AM

I don't have sex

Your words. Again, not saying this is a bad thing. Celibacy is respectable. Some racists imagine black men as sexual beasts, constantly having unprotected sex with many partners, creating offspring they don't support. I'm aware the brothers are just like other men.

Your examples of privilege typically involve white females who are privileged because of their gender, not their race. You might remember I pointed out the vast numbers of white men who get drafted and forced to serve in wars they don't like while chickenhawk women are exempt.

Name a category of oppression and I will point out how white men are much more victimized than black women. For example, civilians murdered by police. Look up how many white men are killed by police and how many black women are murdered by police, and you'll see police misconduct is a crime against the male gender.

A study in 2014 (in the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson) showed police in St. Louis County treat white men worse than they treat black men. I don't know if this is true, but it makes sense that white cops might try to handle black suspects with kid gloves to avoid being perceived as racist. I do know that cops often profile white men in black neighborhoods, assuming they're in the hood to buy drugs, as if it's not possible for a white man to have black friends. In addition to letting blacks off easy, they might also give harsher treatment to white men to try to even the racial crime stats. Judges are notorious for forgiving criminals.

Meanwhile, a black woman got away with driving her car into a crowd in Las Vegas in December 2015, trying to kill as many people as possible. There were at least 38 victims. The cops didn't shoot her on the crime scene. Cops regularly shoot and kill male suspects of all races even if he isn't doing anything threatening. Whenever someone drives a vehicle into a crowd in Europe, the American press screams "terrorism" and tries to associate the attacker with Islam. Obama gave speeches about the vehicle incident in France, but ignored the terror attack in Vegas by a female Christian. This happened less than a week after another Judeo-Christian woman drove a vehicle into a crowd in the USA, trying to kill as many people as possible. Of course the PC media never said anything about the Vegas terrorist's race.

The black man and the white man and the Hispanic man and men of any other races should unite against common enemies instead of battling each other. It's good to go after the richest 1%, but it's senseless to be combative toward the typical working class man.
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Msg: 413 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 5/9/2017 4:45:40 AM

Also....I'm single....maybe he's's Spring.... ;) ;)

Don't get your hopes up. If I remember correctly, he's said he's asexual (not that there's anything wrong with being asexual).
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Msg: 405 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 5/8/2017 6:59:08 PM
I posted arguments to refute the claims of "white privilege", showing how the privilege is only enjoyed by a small percentage.

Has RM been on the forums before in previous incarnations? I remember a confrontational poster with a similar MO, but if I remember correctly, he was from the UK or Europe. He said, "Stay away from our black queens". His account was quickly deleted, probably adding to his persecution complex.
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Msg: 20 (view)
What is it with this site when I have more success with more attractive girls than the rest....
Posted: 5/8/2017 7:31:33 AM
It's not necessarily BS to have better success with attractive gals than with less attractive ones.

I get along better with gals who I consider attractive. Not to be confused with what society tries to ram down our throats (painting on tons of makeup, plastic surgery, implants, androgynous, abnormally tall, wearing expensive outfits, etc).

Attractive gals might have more opportunity and experience handling situations. The least attractive ones might have delusional fantasies from chick flicks and trashy romance books.

Some people imagine the ones with less desirable qualities (overweight, older, ugly, smokers, mothers, etc) should be easier. In reality, they might prefer someone with the same characteristics. For example, a mother might only want a father. An overweight woman might want a man at least as big as she is (it's rare to see a slim guy with a fat gal). A smoker might only want to be with another smoker. The older woman might have a higher sex drive, but she still is likely to focus on someone her own age or older than she is. Ugly is subjective, but shouldn't automatically make someone easy.

The least attractive women probably still get messages. Some horndogs apparently mindlessly message "everyone". A few people have posted in the forums about messaging some less desirable ones after messaging all the better ones. People might assume the attractive profiles are fake or out of their league, so they message an average person instead.
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Msg: 7 (view)
What is wrong with this?
Posted: 5/7/2017 6:21:02 AM
It's terrible to have the word "sphincter" in your profile. Why disrespect their rich history by trying to associate the names of one of their treasures with something disgusting? Your section on travel has multiple "it's". Should be "its".

"Killing" is also a terrible word to have in a profile. A self deprecating sentence or two about your gardening success or lack thereof sounds like a good idea, but the wording could be better.

Too many sentences begin with "I".

The ruins are an interesting background.

Didn't you say in another thread that (travelling far for) coffee would be your worst scenario for a date? Your first date section begins with coffee.
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Msg: 12 (view)
How many guys are you talking to?
Posted: 5/7/2017 6:01:53 AM
Your perception that girls easily find other options is a reason for you to keep conversations going with everyone who interests you. Because the one on whom you'd like to focus could easily "abandon" you at any moment, it makes sense to keep looking and keep things alive with your current contacts.

It seems best to wait until you've done "more than friends" things (or are on the verge of doing such things) before any talk of exclusivity.

If your "standards" are she has to look like Katy Perry, odds are she will get messages from many other guys. Only she knows how many of those guys she's communicating with (unless someone hacked her account). She probably chose to answer the message from the guy who had the cojones to message her first (instead of the behavior claimed in your profile, you waiting for them to message you, you not sending any first contact messages). She might be talking with a macho alpha who likes he-man outdoor activities instead of staying inside at home with cats. The macho alpha plays it cool, saying whatever comes to his mind, not worrying about whether she's talking with other guys. He stands out as the best of the bunch, so she might focus on him and not answer the other guys any more.
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Msg: 5 (view)
In need of a profile review badly... Men and women welcome!
Posted: 5/3/2017 7:42:05 AM
Bad selfies indeed. Two of your photos need cropping because of the symbols. Looks like a screenshot you lifted from another site. It's not good to show the phone in a mirror selfie. Mirror images are bad; at least people know you're backwards because of the writing on your shirt.

Can't completely eliminate people who aren't your type from messaging you. Even if you write "No goth / emo", they might still message you, a main reason being people often just look at photos.

Perhaps the goth / emo people prefer to be cooped up inside, or they're most active at night? Maybe if you have a daytime outdoor hobby, upload photos of you outside when it's light, a possible turnoff to the goth / emo while being more appealing to the girls you like. If you have normal hair, perhaps photos without a hat will make you less appealing if the goths like dyed hair and unusual hairstyle.

Having wrong information in your profile, people distrust the rest of your profile.

An 8 or 9? I wouldn't try to guess what college age girls find appealing, but if you're actually viewed as an 8 or 9, you should be able to do well on Tinder and have a lot more contacts than on this site. As already said, you should try to find girls in real life.
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Msg: 198 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 4/29/2017 5:46:37 PM
Finland got attacked by both sides in WWII (the Soviets and the Nazis, not at the exact same time).

The most undefeatable nation is Afghanistan. They resisted the Roman Empire, the British Empire, the USSR, and have been kicking the USA prior to the USA's inevitable brown trousered retreat.
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Msg: 189 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 4/29/2017 2:05:21 PM
Malcolm X was Muslim. Kareem Abdul Jabar is. Renaissance Child hates all Muslims including millions of black Muslims. He probably doesn't want Canada to let in any Somali refugees. Ren sounds like Trump.

Thanks for proving my point about many black Christians being anti Islam.

One of the worst terrorist acts on US soil occurred in Vegas in early 2016 when a black female Christian drove a car into a large crowd, trying to kill as many people as possible. Most actual terrorists are Judeo-Christian.

My Alma Mater is Ivy League caliber. Shows Ren is wrong with his ASSumptions.
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Msg: 168 (view)
Racism is not sexy
Posted: 4/27/2017 11:13:09 AM

'Black Studies' or 'Women/Gender Studies', the two most worthless degrees ever created.

I took two Afro-American Studies courses as electives in college (I was at the Engineering school, but had to take 6 electives from the liberal arts department). Having grown up in the hood and being down with the brothers, AFAS seemed like the best choice (the other liberal arts courses I took were in philosophy and economics).

The first was mostly history. I liked learning facts largely ignored by Eurocentric "world history" courses. Having gone to a mostly black public school, history often shoved down our throats how terrible the "white people" were and how oppressed the black people were. The black history college course would have been great if it were my only course that semester and I had the resources to allocate. The instructor was brand new, a grad student who should have realized form her own recent coursework that students typically take four other classes!

The second course was mostly sociology. Many facts in the course were useful. Some bordered on the whiny liberal propaganda so common in today's ivory towers. The instructor made us write letters to the department of education demanding the government increase scholarships and aid to black students. Even back then, there was already a backlash against "Affirmative Action". For the final exam, the black female TA couldn't do the simple math to grade my exam properly, costing me points, reinforcing the stereotype blacks are bad at basic math, English, etc.

The instructor, Connie, was often immature. This was a research school, so they had her use students as guinea pigs for her research. We had to take her nonsense sociology surveys. She asked questions such as what type of condoms we use (glow-in-the-dark was an example). Sociology is a more worthless subject than black studies in my opinion. Other worse ones include English literature (reading books, and the professor tries to tell people what the author really meant). She also used us as an emotional outlet for her various problems (many older teachers do this too). She gave us bonus points for paying to attend a black performance at the college auditorium, a combination of song and dance.

In 9th grade we read Maya Angelou's autobiography. I'll be the kid in the Emperor's New Clothes. Why is Angelou such a saint? She got herself knocked up in high school, walking up to an athlete, inviting him to have unprotected sex with her. She bashes "po white trash" (I will give her credit for providing examples of bad behavior by some poor whites), judging people by skin color and economic status. MLK was a big exception in judging people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. Blacks seem to be some of the most judgmental people by skin color. They don't get along with white men (but seem to worship white women), they don't get along with Hispanics, they don't get along with Asians, and they especially attack Muslims. For example, when the New York Times (a paper with zero credibility) tried to doctor a security tape of Michael Brown trying to buy items with marijuana instead of money at the convenience store he later robbed, a bloodthirsty black mob stormed the store, calling the owners "towel heads" and shouting "Go back to Iraq". If a mob of whites stormed a black owned business, called the owners N, and said "Go back to Africa", all the whites would be in prison for life for committing "hate crimes".

Black men should realize liberals will always side with the white female over the black male, as shown by the countless innocent black men falsely convicted of "raping" white females. An extremely high percentage of police attacks on black male suspects are a result of white females calling 911 about the "suspicious person". For example, a white Jewish woman at Harvard called 911 on Henry Louis Gates for breaking into his own home. Don't blame the "white man" for attacks instigated by white women.

Anyone who speaks of "white male privilege" has zero credibility. Only the richest 1%, most of them being Jewish, have privilege. Most white men are not rich. White men get drafted and killed in wars, for example the hundreds of thousands of white Union soldiers who died to free blacks from slavery (you're welcome). White men work harder and get less because employers and colleges give preferential treatment to blacks and females. I consider East Asians my peers because they also work the hardest, get the highest test scores and grades, and are usually bypassed by apparent maximum quotas. Muslims are also discriminated against, even more than white men and east Asians because they get profiled and attacked in hate crimes (infinitely more than blacks do. The vast majority of actual hate crimes are committed against Muslims, not blacks unless the Muslim is also black).

Black men often have it tough, but it's because they're men, not because they're black. A black man's worst enemy is not the white man, but other blacks. Jesse Jackson correctly said he's most scared to see a black person, not a white one.

As the "knockout game" kills and maims victims daily, and the NAACP condones horrible crimes committed by blacks (such as Mike Brown's strong arm robbery and Michael Vick's dogfighting), one by one, whites who used to be sympathetic to blacks realize the truth. It's common for white men to say, "I never thought I would say this, but..." to begin their current stance on blacks.

Pull up your pants! Quit saying the N word. Quit littering. Most importantly, quit having **stard children you don't support, creating an endless cycle.
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Msg: 9 (view)
When do men decide its a relationship
Posted: 4/26/2017 6:05:06 AM

Yes I have spent the night both weekends. I do think he is interested but not understanding what his delay is :-) I have even gone as far as to make us a few meals, (which in hindsight I wish I wouldn't have).....think I am putting in to much for what I am receiving. I am certain he is still checking his POF messages, which as this point bothers me.

You shouldn't regret making the meals. If he's at your place so long, it's natural to stay in at mealtime and you two can share what you likely would have made if you were by yourself at home. Guessing you didn't go out of your way to buy special ingredients and perform elaborate baking with extra dishes to wash. If you had stayed at his place, he probably would have shared his meals.

He could have conversations with other girls on POF and gone online to tell them he found someone promising (you) and that he's focusing on you for now.

The phone app shows people as online even when they're not.

In another active thread, at least two women have posted that the men are the ones who want to have a relationship too soon while she doesn't want one. When men want commitment first, they often get bashed for being needy / clingy.

I agree with Igor: if I have someone over three weekends in a row, I consider things serious.

Many men (myself included) are evasive of relationships / commitment and of advancing the official seriousness of a relationship. I might "delay" getting closer even if someone seems perfect.

Have you discussed his night shift and whether he likes those hours or if he would rather have a more typical schedule? Different work / sleep schedules is an important issue. Sleep deprivation might repress the chemicals that allow him to feel he's in love.
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Msg: 2 (view)
When do men decide its a relationship
Posted: 4/26/2017 4:07:45 AM
When you say you have been to his house for the two weekends, do you mean you spent a night there and spent a lot of time with each other? If so, sounds like a relationship more than if you were just at his house for a short amount of time.

You can hide your profiles on dating sites at any time. Don't wait for him. Because men send most first messages (except on Bumble), a man can usually keep his profile without being contacted. If you're getting any messages, hide your profile.

Bring a toothbrush this weekend and bring up the idea of keeping it at his place. Leaving stuff at the other person's place indicates a relationship. If he's a player with booty calls with multiple girls, marking your territory would let other girls know about you. Do some thorough cleaning at his place (disclaimer: I am not trying to say all men are slobs or that it's not manly to have a clean house).
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Msg: 64 (view)
more like a preyer player
Posted: 4/20/2017 8:54:42 AM

Hard to imagine the OP having the guts to manspread on the subway.

I don't believe "manspreading" is gutsy behavior. It's immature, most likely from displacement from being dominated elsewhere, most likely by the spreader's mother.

Most people outgrow trying to dominate seat territory as young children, as it's most common in car seats: "Mommy, my brother has an arm on my side!"

In September 2009 a high school bus camera in Belleville Illinois captured footage of a punk black kid trying to take up an entire seat by putting his backpack on the aisle side. The driver demanded a thin male student (who happened to be white) sit down. Nobody would let the white kid sit in their seat. When the white kid cautiously approached the seat with the one kid, the backpack kid and another black kid viciously beat the white kid for a long time while a bloodthirsty mob of other black students cheered on the attack. It's quite possible the backpack kid would have done the same to any male student who tried to sit by him regardless of race. I initially thought the backpack kid was from a fatherless household, but then the news interviewed the backpack kid's father, who is minister / preacher at a church. The father condoned the attack. Perhaps the father beat the son on a regular basis and the son took out his frustration on smaller kids at school.

Many people have bad experiences involving people who try to hog space. Seeing a spreader might bring back bad memories, and the current spreader is associated with multiple previous bullies.

It's also a bad choice of terms, as is "mansplaining". Notice how the feminists who complain about terms with specific genders never say anything about negative terms with "man" or similar male terms in the name.
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Msg: 6 (view)
How often does going on more than 3 dates turn into a relationship for you?
Posted: 4/18/2017 8:42:32 AM
Currently in a relationship. By the time we had our 3rd date, we already had two or more things planned after the 3rd.

The previous girl I dated, we had a 3rd date that went well. She cancelled the 4th without doing anything to encourage seeing each other again. She apparently wasn't ready for a relationship.

Before that, there were two girls who were essentially friends. One we saw each other 4 times, had to cancel the 5th, then she eventually dated someone else and did not keep in touch. The other we saw each other countless times, but "nothing" happened and we're still friends.

The last official relationship before that, the relationship was clear before the 3rd date. She insisted I delete my POF profile (she kept hers).

One girl seemed promising and we quickly had 7 dates, but it was painfully obvious she couldn't focus on me. Not over her ex, was still in communication with him, she continued to chat with new fellas.

One gal we might as well have not seen each other after the 3rd date. It was mostly great but we didn't do as much as expected, and she was cold afterward, like a zombie on our 4th and final date.

Another we met in real life, saw each other on scheduled "dates" 3 times, then didn't communicate for over a year, then ran into each other: she married, still in touch as friends.

One we saw each other many times and didn't "talk about the relationship", but it was implied, and we dated about once a week until she went cold.

Looks like 3 out of 6 in recent history not counting the three friends. Of course there were many who didn't reach 3 dates. About half of those we saw each other twice, the other half only once. Then there were the scheduled meets that never occurred. Would guess this experience is typical for someone in search of LTR.
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Msg: 3 (view)
Advanced search
Posted: 4/17/2017 3:48:10 AM
For advanced search features they removed from the webpage, you might be able to filter your search by manually modifying the URL of your search results.

For attributes where they make you choose one value instead of multiselect, I don't know whether the and / or logic is in server code or within the URL text.

My strategy when I was looking was to create several different advanced search bookmarks.

Distance is way too inclusive. If you want within 100 miles, put 50.
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Dial 520 - Pray
Posted: 4/15/2017 3:29:14 AM
Gals in the USA wear bikinis (or more modest swimming suits) in hot tubs. Perhaps they're topless in Canada and European countries, but most of the USA has a sharia law. An outdoor hot tub might be viewable by neighbors such as jealous wives who don't want her husband to see the babe in the tub. The girls themselves might not want to be seen by a creepy neighbor or a stranger operating a camera drone.

I remember hanging out with friends who had a big hot tub in their backyard. One gal wore a swimming suit that looked like what women wore to the beach in the first half of the 20th century. I found the outfit endearing.

As to girls sending a private bikini photo to a stranger with her number as a first message, it's stupid to give your number so soon. The photo might be fake. The OP has made posts suggesting he knows people lie about age, so he should know the bikini girls might be fake. She shouldn't message him like that because he might be fake.
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A woman invites you to her home - what it is meant to indicate and how do you react to it?
Posted: 4/7/2017 9:07:51 AM
Be prepared to go all the way if you want to go all the way. Bring a condom. Take a shower just before going to her place (unless you believe you have better luck with pheromones from not having bathed immediately before).

Even if she wants to do it, she might not make it obvious (might be obvious to players who can read subtle clues).

She might have a ritual for getting herself in the mood. Might involve alcohol.

A small percentage of girls actually communicate their desires. They might wait, then reluctantly make the move herself after you took too long not to make the move.

One possible outcome: she wants it, but doesn't do anything obvious to show it. You don't make a move. You go home that evening after watching TV on the couch or whatever. It seemed pleasant, but she wanted stuff to happen without telling you she wanted it. She doesn't return your calls, and if she does, she's "busy" or says the dreaded word "friend".

Of course it doesn't have to be all or none. Maybe you'll make it to second base. Again, she might want to go all the way, you might think it would be nice to wait until next time, then she loses interest and there is no next time.

She lives by herself? If so, great! Often she lives with her mom who is typically there 24/7. She might have kids. Might have a roommate. Naturally things are less likely to happen if ****blockers are at her place.
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Not ready to meet someone new right now
Posted: 4/7/2017 3:02:37 AM
Don't spend any money on her, in the unlikely event you actually meet.
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Need help with a woman on pof
Posted: 4/2/2017 6:34:01 PM
Forget about the chemistry test. Not good at identifying matches or compatibility. Garbage in, garbage out. People are often on the fence on a question. "Nobody" reads test results.

As already said, do not take 3 days to send someone a message. Write a message as soon as you see a profile you think you like. You could take 3 _minutes_ to walk away and reread the message to make sure you don't have typos or say something that could be interpreted as taking things too seriously. The proper strategy is _not_ to think about anyone you messaged. Walk on. Waiting can cause a person to build up a fantasy, unrealistic expectations.

Your message probably wasn't the dealbreaker. Something in your profile probably got her to choose not to reply. Could be the looking for a serious relationship headline. Could be you did nothing wrong, but also did nothing to get her to prefer you over the other guys who messaged her. Could be shallow and she only would be interested in someone with particular bone structure or over a certain height or following a specific fashion trend or resembling a celebrity or reminding her of her father. Just about nothing you could do now to get a response from her.

She's just a screen. She's not worth chasing or obsessing. Just remember who she is so you don't accidentally write her again.

Good luck with future messages. As said, next time, message her right away. Don't worry about what you write in the message.
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