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How dating should be


While in-person, meet-cute moments sometimes still happen in the modern dating world, more and more connections are being made online. Online dating can help speed up the process of finding your catch by exposing you to a huge network of singles (that you might not otherwise meet in your day-to-day life) and remove some of the pressure and fear of rejection that comes along with IRL dating. While there is a long list of pros, there are some fundamental issues with the current state of online dating. Whether it's creepy messages, misleading profile pics or surface-level convos, we're tackling these common online dating woes with features that make meeting strangers online feel less forced and more natural.

None of the millions of singles that log into POF every day are exactly alike – everyone has their own interests and a favourite way of connecting. We're helping you find exactly what you're looking for by hosting singles with all types of interests, personalities and aspirations. Our communication features were designed to help you get to know other singles in a fun and approachable way. Let's find the feature that works for you!

We're on a mission to bring the fun back to online dating. We welcome singles from all walks of life and offer loads of ways to connect. This is how dating should be.

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Play Cue'd Up

The “Are you sure?” feature will help you avoid those cringey, awkward conversations.

We're making getting to know singles online fun again with our new sassy fill-in-the-blanks game. Remove the pressure and get to know other singles in a relaxed setting before you swipe. Here's how it works:

  • We'll scan your messages for anything potentially offensive – think sexts, suggestive emojis, etc.
  • Check out the responses and show some love to the one that made you snort laugh. Answers that get “likes” get points
  • Swipe right on the player who caught your eye and start a conversation

Say no to message regret

The “Are you sure?” feature will help you avoid those cringey, awkward conversations.

We don't just want to help you avoid sending embarrassing messages, we also want to stop you from getting them. An average of 500 courgette emojis 🍆 are sent on Plenty of Fish every day (gross, we know) and we want to create a community where every conversation is flirty and fun – an online dating world where courgettes are … just courgettes, nothing else. With less dick pics and unsolicited sexts, we're making the online dating space feel safe, inviting and fun.

Here's how it works:

Making better first impressions

Our message length minimum helps you find better dates and have more meaningful convos.

If you're sick of receiving one-word opening messages, you can set a minimum message length! Head to your message preferences, set a minimum length and start getting quality messages that may actually lead to dates.

Here's how it works:

Plenty of Fish has one mission: to connect the most singles by building low-pressure online experiences where the right people take notice. That's why we built our state-of-the-art dating technology; Chemistry Predictor & Personality Test, which is automatically built into the website.

Ready? It's easy peasy

Create a profile

Create a profile

Expert tip: people want to get to know the real you, so go for it and add those extra details into your profile!

Upload quality photo

Upload quality photo

Take the pledge<br />& find dates!

Take the pledge
& find dates!

Expert tip: add your likes & hobbies into your profile headline and/or “About me” sections.

Start a conversation with a Match!

Start a conversation with a Match!

Ready, set, find your match

Use Meet Me to quickly scroll through profiles and find your catch.

Want to liven up the process of finding dates? Our Meet Me feature was made for you.

Choose Meet Me to scroll through profiles of people we think you might want to get to know a little better. Swipe left if you're not into it and right

if you want to start a conversation. If the love is mutual, we'll open up a chat so the banter can begin.

Go Live!

Our message length minimum helps you find better dates and have more meaningful convos.

We initially introduced our Live! feature to give singles a new way to interact during the height of the pandemic. While we aren't socially distancing as much these days, it's still one of our favourite ways to connect and to get to know other singles beyond what you see on their profile.

Alongside the Meet Group, you're able to stream yourself and give other singles a look at the real you. Misleading profiles is one of the number one issues with modern online dating so we wanted to give users an option that made more room for authenticity.

Here's how it works:

POF's take on speed dating

Go Live! and play our virtual speed dating game, NextDate™

Hot tip: Speed Dating on NextDate™ is on video, so make sure you're camera-ready 😎

Finding the one is a big deal, but online dating doesn't have to be so serious. Our speed dating games were designed to turn the intensity down and the fun way up. Let's get into it …

Show the real you

We've banned face filters to make online dating feel more like it does in real life.

While we all know that playing around with filters can be fun, they've shifted the selfie game and 70% of singles say that filters alter profile pics in a deceptive way. In 2019, we implemented a filter ban across the platform to make online dating feel more authentic and create a community where you feel welcome to show up exactly as you are.

Join this wild and wonderful community, have some fun and maybe even meet your person along the way.

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